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19 February 2020

Beer Blogs
  • Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya in Shibuya, Tokyo
    19 February 2020
    Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya The Bottom Line Like it’s older sibling in Tachinomi Beer Boy in Naka-Meguro, Tachinomi Beer Boy Shibuya tweaks the tried-and-tested idea of Craft Beer Market to create something different, and it works. The casual atmosphere of being able to pop in for a quick beer, without the hassle of waiting for a seat, or having even to...
  • World’s Top 10 Beer Drinking Countries
    19 February 2020
    Credit: We are Promotional Products

    Research conducted in 2016 by the Japanese Company; Kirin found that the people of the Czech Republic consume the most amount of beer per person per year. The Czechs have cemented themselves as the world’s biggest beer drinkers for 24 years consecutively. And the Czech’s are not alone among their European brethren in terms of beer drinking prowess: Eight out of the top 10 beer drinking countries in the world are in Europe.

    The research was conducted in 2017 and the infographic below was made by promotional products company We Are Promotional Products.

    Key findings from the research:

    • China is the largest beer drinking country globally, based on total volume of beer consumed, and has remained so since 2003.
    • India showed the highest growth with an increase of 9.9%
    • The continent that consumes the most amount of beer, based on total volume, is Asia and has been for 9 years consecutively
    • Beer consumption increased in Africa for the 6th consecutive year.
    • The United Kingdom came in at 25th for beer consumed per capita and the United States at 21st.

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    Credit: We are Promotional Products
  • Oregon Brewers Guild hands out Six Lifetime Achievement Awards
    19 February 2020

    The Oregon Beer Awards were not the only awards being announced today, the Oregon Brewers Guild held their first inaugural industry awards last night at the annual meeting. The OBG committee honored six Oregon beer legends with Lifetime Achievement Awards.

    The award recipients pioneered craft beer in Oregon in the early 1980s, and include Fred Bowman of Portland Brewing Co., Art Larrance of Portland Brewing Co. and Cascade Brewing, Brian and Mike McMenamin, founders of McMenamins, and Kurt and Rob Widmer, founders of Widmer Bros. Brewing.

    “We’re here today, doing the jobs we love, because of them,” said OBG Board member Graham Brogan, who is head of brewery operations at McMenamins.

    All six of the brewers honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award were active in lobbying the Oregon legislature to pass the state’s brewpub law in 1984, allowing beer to be made and sold on the same property, thus launching Oregon’s world-renowned beer scene.All nominees were selected by Oregon brewers. Winners were selected by the Oregon Brewers Guild Board of Directors.

    Fred BowmanBowman started homebrewing with guidance from a how-to book in his Hillboro basement, with friends Jim Goodwin and Art Larrance, in the late 1970s. They eventually agreed to a consulting contract with Bert Grant of Grant’s Brewery Pub in Yakima, Wash. Grant taught them how to make beer, and licensed the rights to make his beer in Oregon. Portland Brewing opened its doors in 1984, and Bowman worked for the company for more than 20 years before entering into a role as an industry consultant. Bowman is also responsible for the Fred Bowman Papers, a collection of photos and documents chronicling Oregon’s brewing history between 1983-2010. 

    Art Larrance accepts his Lifetime Achievement Award

    Art Larrance

    After starting Portland Brewing Co. with Bowman and Goodwin, Larrance made another enduring mark on the Oregon beer scene when he launched the Oregon Brewers Festival in 1988. OBF is Oregon’s biggest beer fest, and has become a mainstay on Portland’s waterfront every July, bringing in brewers and tourists from around the world.

    In 1998, Larrance opened the Racoon Lodge in southwest Portland. While searching for new ways to compete with Oregon’s larger breweries, Larrance and brewmaster Ron Gansberg launched Cascade Brewery, starting a sour beer revolution that altered the American craft beer industry with its innovative beers.

    Brian McMenamin takes the stage to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award

    Brian and Mike McMenamin

    In 1985, Brian and Mike McMenamin opened Oregon’s first brewpub in Hillsdale. Over the past 35 years, they’ve built an eclectic and beloved empire of breweries – 27 and counting – hotels and venues across the Pacific Northwest. While they’ll always be known for their beer, the brothers have also made a lasting impact with the commitment to preserving Northwest history. Several of their locations are on the National Register of Historic places, and each highlights the history of the local community. 

    Kurt Widmer accepts his Lifetime Achievement Award from Marcus Reed

    Kurt and Rob Widmer

    In 1984, Kurt and Rob Widmer quit their corporate jobs, converted a dairy tank into a mash tun and a shrimp cooker into a whirlpool, and started making beer in Portland, delivering it in their father’s 1970s era Datsun pickup truck. Their pioneering brewery was one of the first to offer rotating seasonal beers, now a beer industry staple, and their iconic hefeweizen served as a launching point for craft beer drinkers across the Pacific Northwest. Before bottling their beer in 1996, they had become the largest draft-only brewery in the Western Hemisphere. They have also been tireless supporters of Oregon craft beer, often helping new brewers find their way in the industry.   

    Marcus Reed toasts the Widmer Brothers with a Hefe

    “There are so many Oregon brewing legends deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award. But these six were truly foundational to the Oregon – and American – craft beer scene,” says Oregon Brewers Guild Executive Director Tony Roberts.

    Ben Edmunds presented the Innovator of the Year award to Von Ebert Brewing and owner Tom Cook and brewmaster Sean Burke took the stage

    Other winners

    Other award winners included Baerlic Brewing Co. for Best Branding; Von Ebert for Innovator of the Year; Christian Ettinger of Hopworks Urban Brewery for Sustainability Hero; and Widmer Bros. Brewing for Community Hero. The awards ceremony was held during the Brewers Guild’s Annual Meeting at the Crystal Ballroom.

  • Beer In Ads #3263: Adelshoffen La Bière Fine d’Alsace
    19 February 2020
    Tuesday’s ad is for Adelshoffen La Bière Fine d’Alsace, from the early 20th century. From the late 1800s until the 1980s, poster art really came into its own, and in Europe a lot of really cool posters, many of them for breweries, were produced. I’ve been posting vintage European...
    [[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]
  • More lying nonsense from the anti-alcohol wowsers
    19 February 2020

    If I took £18 from your pocket but told you that you were now actually better off as a result of my relieving you of your money, because I was giving £34 to the local hospital, you would, I think, decide I was either an idiot or a not very good conman.

    This, however, is the sleight of hand being attempted by the militant anti-drink campaigners at the deliberately blandly named Institute of Alcohol Studies in its nonsensical report, published today, insisting that raising alcohol taxes would not “disproportionally” affect the poor, because of the “potential additional funds generated for the NHS”.

    The IAS wants higher taxes on alcohol because it believes (or claims to believe) this will help solve “problem” drinking, though in fact there is no evidence this is true. It admits that higher taxes on alcohol “may” hit the poor proportionally harder than the rich (for “may” read “will”’ of course). It has obviously struggled to justify this disproportionate impact, and has decided to pretend that while poorer households would lose £18 a year through higher alcohol taxes, they would gain because there would be £34 per poorer household for the NHS, the extra money made available from higher taxes and, presumably, what it hopes will be less demand on the NHS because of lower alcohol consumption.

    It does not explain how it knows this extra money will be there to boost the health service – instead of, as is more likely under the current government, being used to cut corporation tax and/or income tax for higher earners. If it existed at all.

    The facts are that the UK already pays some of the highest alcohol taxes in Europe, that alcohol consumption in this country has been falling for many years, that most countries in Europe drink more alcohol than we do, and that alcohol remains a net contributor to national happiness, something that the wowsers of the IAS cannot accept.

    The Guardian, of course, printed the IAS press release without challenging either the assumptions or the conclusions, and without pointing out that the IAS is fundamentally a temperance organisation, directly descended from 19th century temperance campaigning groups.

    Nor did it quote anybody putting forward a dissenting point of view or commenting on the extremely dodgy assumptions behind the IAS’s calculations, such as the utterly evidence-free idea that if you lower total alcohol consumption, “problematic” alcohol consumption will fall as well.

    It would be good to hold a proper debate on alcohol consumption in this country, and put to death the many myths that hamper reporting on the subject. Unfortunately the IAS certainly isn’t interested, and neither, it appears, is the Guardian.

  • Brewery sought for The Sheds at Brendale
    19 February 2020

    Excitement is brewing in Brendale

    The Sheds at Brendale is the place to be and excitement is brewing.

    This new urban light commercial precinct is due to open around June/ July 2020 and will be a unique and welcoming destination for families, visitors and passing travellers and tradesmen – to eat, drink and browse numerous artisan outlets.

    We want to create a place which reflects a true sense of community, and provides visitors with an authentic experience.

    This is why we’re partnering with artisan bakers, roasters, brewers and makers of all kinds to make our 713 sqm space a vibrant place to be.

    Are you our craft brewing company?

    Our new commercial space is seeking a family friendly, craft micro brewery or distillery to complement our growing list of like-minded tenants.

    The successful brewery, will not only provide a quality product, but also offer a drawcard tasting experience and a cool ambience that matches our design vision for the site.

    Rest assured, there will be a constant flow of people to The Sheds every day from early morning until evening.

    We already have a builder’s warehouse on site plus interest from other high value prospective tenants (for example a 24/7 gym) and a range of artisan offerings.

    Your lease with The Sheds includes marketing too – it’s a win/win for all our tenants and the precinct itself.

    If you love your craft of brewing beer, believe in building your local community, and want to share your passion, you may be the one for us.

    Brendale is the place to be

    Brendale is one of Brisbane’s fast growing northern suburbs – sitting at the gateway to the Sunshine Coast and within an easy commute to the CBD, the Port of Brisbane and nearby airport.

    The Sheds is located on South Pine Road (a main thoroughfare), right next door to the well-patronised Freddie’s Fishing World.

    With its prime location, accessibility and plenty of parking, and general industry zoning, the Sheds will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a truly vibrant, distinctive mixed use precinct.

    There’s plenty of scope in this beautifully designed space with its 185sqm alfresco area, comprising landscaped surrounding gardens and grassed areas for events – drawing the local community into the precinct as a vibrant, friendly social place.

    The Sheds – a welcoming destination. Your opportunity.

    Our vision for The Sheds is to create a sanctuary for every day, a welcoming destination for Brisbane’s northern suburbs’ diverse and growing community.

    We want to create a space where people can meet and share in life’s pleasures, whether it’s a short visit to pick up some brilliant food to-go, or a leisurely afternoon dining experience on the grassy lawn for young families and friends.

    Brendale. The Sheds. Your opportunity to be part of a unique commercial development. It really is the place to be.

    Are you interested? Contact

    Richard Blanch
    FAL Property Group
    T  07 3720 9090   M  0403 093 122
    Emaill This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Florida Originals: Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale
    19 February 2020

    One of Florida’s original Belgian-inspired beers, Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale is our next honoree for Flagship February. Inlet Brewing Company is a contract brewery (one where the beer is brewed onsite at another brewery), and one of Florida’s …

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  • Sydney brewhouse is sold
    19 February 2020

    The Signature Hospitality Group has acquired Sydney’s All Hands Brewing House on King St Wharf in Darling Harbour.

    The brewhouse was sold for $20 million by Red Rock Leisure Group to the hospitality group, whose brands include The Sporting Globe and TGI Fridays.

    The deal was brokered by JLL Hotels and Hospitality’s national director John Musca. Musca also brokered last year’s sale of the Australian Hotel and Brewery in Rouse Hill for $50 million to the Redcape Hotel Group.

    “A microbrewery has been on the site since 2004 and it underwent a major rebuild in 2017 to become the highly desirable site it is today,” comments Musca.

    “Craft breweries are rapidly becoming an essential part of, if not expanding, the Australian hospitality experience with the intensified merger and acquisition activity testimony to the increased capital drawn to the space. The breweries are driving a new level of beverage engagement, building brand stories and customer relationships that create a dedicated following.”

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  • North American Guild of Beer Writers Announces 2020 Diversity in Beer Writing Grant Recipients
    19 February 2020

    The North American Guild of Beer Writers, along with support from, a website for beer lovers published by the Brewers Association, has selected four submissions to receive the 2020 Diversity in Beer Writing Grant.

    After receiving a collection of strong entries, the Guild and will work with four journalists to tell several important stories:

    Alessandra Bergamin will chronicle a cross-border collaboration between California’s Dos California’s Brewsters, SouthNorte Beer Co., and Tijuana, Mexico’s Lúdica Artesenal Cerveceria. The story will follow female brewers making a beer that will help fund scholarships for female peers in Mexico.

    Stephanie Grant plans to report about the safety of women who work in the beer industry from a variety of roles and perspectives. Industry professionals will share stories and insight on the challenges they face at events, traveling, and more, as a way to give context to their experiences.

    Louis Livingston-Garcia will tell the story of the leaders behind Minnesota’s Brewing Change Collaborative, a group made up of people of color and the LGBTQ+ community working to share beer with minority communities and support those who are trying to break into beer.

    Jen Blair will connect plant-based food and beer to write about how these dietary options can work together to create a more inclusive environment at events and among those who love beer, especially among African-Americans, who have the highest percentage of vegans among all demographics in the U.S.

    As winners of the grant, all four will receive a cash stipend for completed work. The final stories will be published on

    The goal of NAGBW’s Diversity in Beer Writing Grant is to highlight the value of stories that can showcase diversity and inclusion – in all its forms and challenges – within beer. In addition to these projects, NAGBW and will select additional recipients later this year.

    Additional underwriting for the 2020 Diversity in Beer Writing Grant comes from Allagash Brewing Company.

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  • Von Ebert Brewing Releases Never Tell Imperial IPA in Cans
    19 February 2020
    Von Ebert Brewing will release Never Tell Imperial IPA in cans later this week at both Von Ebert locations in the Pearl and at Glendoveer. Never Tell will be Von Ebert’s first taproom-only limited can release and will be available beginning on Thursday, February 20th. Never Tell was brewed with Yakima-grown Mosaic and Simcoe hops […]
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