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Staying Healthy On A Weight Loss Diet (while everyone around you is eating chocolate) Featured

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Here are a few simple rules to help you stay healthy on a weight loss diet. The temptation might be there, but is is preferable if you can stay away from the chocolate.


Staying Healthy On A Weight Loss Diet (while everyone around you is eating chocolate).






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To be honest, chocolate contains a lot of calories. And when you take in these calories, the results are very obvious. You’re going to add some kilos. When everyone around you is eating chocolate, it might be really difficult to resist the temptation. Most of the time you’ll find yourself falling for the trap and therefore betraying your weight loss diet. If you had set some weight loss targets, the results are definitely going to be opposite. So here is how you can stay on a healthy weight loss diet.



  1. Take low carb foods.

Low carb foods basically mean foods that have lesser amounts of starches and sugars. These sugars are the main causes of weight gain among most people. Therefore by choosing foods that are low in carbs would be a perfect weight loss diet. You can replace the high carb foods with foods that are rich in quality fats or even proteins. However, you need to be careful as not all fats are healthy.



  1. What should you avoid?

Sugars. Always check the foods you eat for the levels of added sugars. Research has proven that added sugar is the number one cause of obesity and other complications like diabetes. This is why you should kick chocolate away if you really want to have some smooth weight loss experience.

Avoid grains. These include foods such as pasta. Gluten grains such as barley and wheat would not form a very good component of a weight loss diet.

Avoid some vegetable oils. As I said before, you need to be careful with fats. Not all fats are healthy. Corn oil has very high amounts of fatty acids like omega-6. These are not really harmful, but they will be slowing weight loss if you make them part of your diet.

Avoid most processed foods. These foods have very minimal nutrients and at the same time contain some chemicals that would not be very healthy if taken. Some processed foods also have very outsized quantities of supplementary sugar which contains a lot of calories which take a big role in weight gain.





  1. Which are the beat healthy foods?

Eggs would be a very awesome part of the diet. They are very nutritious. Take some eggs, most preferably during breakfast.

Fruits. Everyone loves some fruits. They taste really good, they are refreshing and they bring along a very important vitamin C and a lot of fibers as well.





  1. What to drink to stay healthy

Coffee. It contains some antioxidants that perform very important roles in fat burning. However, it’s advisable to avoid coffee if you’re a caffeine addict.

Drink lots of clean water. Water boosts the body’s metabolism which speeds up fat burning and eventually weight loss. Make sure that in a day, you take about 8 glasses of water, and not just water but clean water. Tea is healthy as well. It contains important antioxidants and of course lesser quantities of caffeine compared to coffee.

The bottom line to keeping a healthy diet during weight loss is basically eating healthy. Stay focused on your diet goals and avoid binge eating. Eventually, even if everyone else is eating chocolate, you’ll pull through. Remember to choose food wisely and if possible, do some work outs.

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