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21 October 2020

Business Blogs
  • Cisco Partner Port 53 Helps Small Businesses Stay Safe with Cloud-Based Security
    21 October 2020

    The global pandemic has spurred an onslaught of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents. It’s not a surprise because hackers, fraudsters, and scammers have always been opportunistic. And disruptive events have always created opportunities for malfeasance.

    According to the FBI, the volume of cyberattacks has increased by 400 percent since the beginning of the pandemic, with upwards of 4,000 incidents being reported every day. And certain tactics like ransomware attacks are up 800 percent.1

    Unfortunately, small businesses are a common target.

    Without the resources and expertise to have a comprehensive cybersecurity program, many small businesses are unprepared to identify and mitigate an attack. Even with firewalls and basic security solutions in place, protecting users, applications, and data can be extremely difficult. And it has become even more difficult with more employees working beyond the firewall and more applications hosted in the cloud.

    The perils of DIY security

    While a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach can be tremendously risky for small businesses, a managed security service (MSS) can be prohibitively expensive, particularly when cash flow is critical to survival. That’s why many small businesses are choosing a blended option: cloud-based, self-managed security with upfront consultation and implementation assistance.

    “Companies with one or two IT people typically can’t afford a dedicated cybersecurity specialist and many can’t afford a full-blown managed service,” says Omar Zarabi, founder and CEO of Port53 Technologies. The San Francisco-based company is a Cisco partner that focuses on helping small businesses deploy enterprise-grade, cloud-delivered security solutions.

    Zarabi says, “Fortunately, cloud-based solutions like Cisco Umbrella are easy to deploy and simple to manage. They don’t require coding, security expertise, or continuous monitoring. So we help our clients get the right solutions in place and then we pass the baton.”

    Pandemic validates IT modernization

    According to Zarabi, the pandemic revealed a clear delineation between the companies that have modernized their IT infrastructure and those that continue to rely on older systems.

    “We support a wide range of customers and verticals,” he says. “Across the board, their ability to adapt was directly tied to their stage of digital transformation.”

    The companies that had cloud-based solutions like Cisco Umbrella, Cisco AMP for Endpoints, Cisco Meraki, Cisco Email Security, Duo Security, and Cisco Cloudlock were able to make the shift to remote work and extend their security capabilities beyond the firewall in a matter of days. Conversely, those that had security software and file servers on legacy systems faced a much more difficult, multi-week transition.

    “It didn’t matter what industry they were in or how big they were,” Zarabi says. “What mattered was how far they were with infrastructure modernization, cloud utilization, and the alignment between the two.”

    For small businesses wanting enterprise-grade security and seeking a middle ground between DIY and MSS approaches, Zarabi suggests a free trial of Cisco Umbrella.

    “Cisco, through Port53, extends full-access trials of their cloud-security portfolio, which allows companies to get familiar with the platforms, as well as to see the security solutions live in their environment.” he says. “We can help with implementation, integration, and training. And if you decide to buy, Cisco Capital has financing options for small businesses that align with cash flow realities and minimize upfront costs.”

    It’s a low-cost, low-risk way to evaluate the latest security solutions, protect a small business, and weather the current storm.

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  • Benzinga's Top Upgrades, Downgrades For October 21, 2020
    21 October 2020

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  • Recap: Middlefield Banc Q3 Earnings
    21 October 2020

    Shares of Middlefield Banc (NASDAQ:MBCN) were falt in pre-market trading after the company reported Q3 results.

    Quarterly Results

    Earnings per share decreased 71.29% year over year to $0.29, which missed the estimate of $0.40.

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  • Papa John's Founder Is Bearish On His Former Company
    21 October 2020

    Papa John's International, Inc's (NASDAQ: PZZA) founder and former CEO Papa John Schnatter is bearish on the company he founded and thinks it is overvalued at 56 times earnings.

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  • Jim Cramer Thinks Buyers Will Come Back To Netflix Stock
    21 October 2020

    On Wednesday morning, Jim Cramer shared his thoughts on Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) earnings, whichreported Tuesday after the market closed.

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  • QQQ Minor League ETF Has Major League Potential Of Its Own
    21 October 2020

    The $138.78 billion Invesco QQQ (NASDAQ: QQQ) is a rock star among exchange-traded funds, being one of the largest and frequently notching returns in excess of other broad market funds.

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  • Kristen Bell Launches Happy Dance CBD Skincare Brand
    21 October 2020

    Cronos Group Inc.(NASDAQ: CRON) and actress Kristen Bell have partnered to launch Happy Dance, a CBD skincare brand.

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  • Federal Judge Stops Trump From Cutting Food Stamps for 700,000 Americans
    21 October 2020

    A federal judge shot down a Trump administration rule reducing the food stamp benefits to nearly 700,000 Americans during a worldwide pandemic.

    U.S. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell ruled Sunday that implementing Trump’s rule would “radically and abruptly alter decades of regulatory practice, leaving States scrambling and exponentially increasing food insecurity for tens of thousands of Americans.”

    In December, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) formalized a proposal that would limit a state’s ability to grant waivers to qualify for food stamps in areas with high unemployment. The rule would affect people between the ages of 18 and 49 who are childless and not disabled.

    “We’re taking action to reform our SNAP program in order to restore the dignity of work to a sizable segment of our population and be respectful of the taxpayers who fund the program,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said at the time. “Americans are generous people who believe it is their responsibility to help their fellow citizens when they encounter a difficult stretch. That’s the commitment behind SNAP, but, like other welfare programs, it was never intended to be a way of life.”

    However, Howell said Sunday the USDA has been “icily silent” on the number of people who would be affected by its proposed changes to food stamp waivers. Howell noted a May 2020 estimate found “SNAP rosters have grown by over 17 percent with over 6 million new enrollees.”

    This is not the first time Howell has blocked the proposal cutting waivers on food stamps. In March, the judge issued a preliminary injunction against the rule referring to the food insecurity across the country as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Since March, the pandemic has only gotten worse, especially since the benefits of the first coronavirus stimulus package ran out in July. According to The New York Times, almost 2 million people in the city cannot afford food currently and are forced to wait in increasingly long lines at food pantries.

    The Association of American Medical Colleges reported 54 million Americans are dealing with food insecurity due to the pandemic and if things don’t change soon, the number could be larger by 2021.

  • Pepsi Commits $2.5 Million To Create More Black Franchise Owners
    21 October 2020

    According to a survey conducted by the International Franchise Association, Black franchise owners only account for 8% of the total market. To create more generational wealth and economic opportunities for those within the Black community, Pepsi has committed $2.5 million to establish a new wave of Black franchise owners across the country.

    The Pathways to Black Franchise Ownership program was created in partnership with Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) and 4thMVMT, an organization dedicated to advancing social change for Black and Latinx people within the U.S. based in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, Pepsi announced they would be committing $400 million to the Black community.

    “The foodservice industry is one of most diverse, made up of so many cultures and backgrounds, but that diversity isn’t reflected in business ownership,” said Scott Finlow, Global CMO of PepsiCo Food Service, to BLACK ENTERPRISE via email. “Franchises are a growing segment of the restaurant industry so we think it’s important to address this space as well as independently owned restaurants.”

    He went on the say that the reason behind forming the new program was to “create more opportunities for franchise ownership, which can ultimately lead to positive impact for Black individuals, families, and communities.”

    Finlow went on to explain that a number of franchises have already expressed interest in the program and says that the company hopes “to build and sustain the program will catalyze positive change, motivate others to join us in reaching our goal of creating 100 Black-owned franchise businesses by the end of 2022 – and continue growing that number.”

    Potential applicants can apply for the new program starting in early 2021.

  • Learn How to Grow Your Site Traffic With SEO for Just $15
    21 October 2020
    Invest time in unpaid marketing strategies to boost your business.
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