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Cat Blogs

03 April 2020

Cat Blogs
    03 April 2020

    BEST CAT MEMES COMPILATION OF 2020 (FUNNY CATS VIDEOS) Subscribe channel: cat memes,funny cats,cat videos,funny cat videos,cat memes compilation,cats,cat,pet ninja,funny cats compilation,cats compilation,cats 2019,cats 2020,new cat memes,funny cat memes,cute cats,cute cat videos,cute kittens,funny cat videos 2020,cat videos funny,cat memes funny,cat videos cute,cute and funny animals,cute and funny cats,funny and cute cats,animals,funny animals,animal videos,funny animal videos,pets,funny […]

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  • Baby Cats 2020- Cute and Funny Cat Videos Compilation #27 |
    03 April 2020

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    Het bericht Baby Cats 2020- Cute and Funny Cat Videos Compilation #27 | verscheen eerst op The Cat Site.

  • Foster a Homeless Pet, Save a Life and Your Sanity!
    02 April 2020

    #STAYHOMEANDFOSTER movement enlivens social distancing while helping homeless pets and shelters. Here’s how to get involved. 

    A new movement aims to gets shelter pets into temporary homes during the pandemic. 

    If you’re looking for a distraction from the anxiety-inducing headlines and an opportunity to be of service while social distancing, why not foster a pet? Fostering not only saves a life, it also decreases stress for both the pet and the person/family stuck at home during this challenging time. 

    #StayHomeAndFoster is a national movement to provide a solution to the countless homeless pets at risk of being euthanized due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. For individuals who are able to welcome a shelter animal into their home while they are social distancing, there has never been a better time to foster a pet.

    Many animal shelters are having to close their doors or reduce hours to appointment only due to the ongoing health crisis. Making matters worse, we are entering kitten and puppy season, during which animal intake numbers increase exponentially. The greatest fear for most open-intake animal shelters is having to close their doors while not being allowed to adopt out animals, resulting in being immediately above capacity and unable to help incoming pets who need them most.

    “The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented animal sheltering crisis in the United States and homeless pets with nowhere to go are at risk of being euthanized,” said Liz Baker, CEO of “Fostering a pet is the solution, and makes it easy by connecting potential pet foster parents with animal shelters in their local communities.”  provides those interested in fostering a pet with a universal national form where they can easily register and be connected by with one of the thousands of animal shelters across the U.S.  Many of the animal shelters offer foster pet delivery or low contact pet pick up. Fosters are needed for dogs and cats nationwide for two to six weeks.

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  • Funny TIK TOK March 2020 (Part 3) NEW Clean TikTok
    02 April 2020

    New Tik Toks with the Best Clean TikToks of March 2020 SUBSCRIBE To CooL TikTok ► source Rate this post

    Het bericht Funny TIK TOK March 2020 (Part 3) NEW Clean TikTok verscheen eerst op The Cat Site.

  • Where To Buy Pretty Litter
    02 April 2020

    A cat litter that can detect any early sign if your cat is not healthy

    That’s pretty awesome

    So where can you buy pretty litter from?

    You’ll find out in this article

    Where To Buy Pretty Litter?

    You can’t buy pretty litter from any pet stores

    Pretty can only be bought online

    Now you must be thinking why you can’t buy it at any stores?

    What if you run out?

    But here’s the best part

    Pretty litter gets delivered to you every month

    You just pay $22 on a monthly basis and you never have to worry about cat litter again

    You can just sit back and relax

    Cat litter will get delivered to you

    How Much Is Delivery?

    Delivery is FREE of charge!

    That’s right

    You don’t have to pay for shipping

    I love free delivery

    I’m sure you do too

    But Will Pretty Litter Last For a Month?

    You must thinking what if you run out of litter before the end of the month

    Then that could be a problem right?

    Not really

    It will last the whole month!

    But some cat parents have said that it didn’t

    But every cat is different right

    The fact that you can detect a early sign of any health problem within your cat beats everything

    There will always be pros and cons about any product

    The best thing to do would be to test it out

    You may end up liking it

    And if you don’t like it for whatever reason then you can cancel at any time

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The price is not too bad

    It may be slightly more expensive than other cat litter but you can’t put a price on your cats health

    With Pretty litter you can detect if your cat has a health problem early

    This could potentially save your cats life

    And also save you money on vet bills

    Because if you leave it too late then a trip to the vets to get your cat healthy is NOT something that will be cheap

    So in the long run you’re potentially saving money

    The price is $22 a month

    That’s it

    You don’t have to carry bags of litter from the store to your car trunk and into your house

    Forget all that hassle

    Let it get delivered to you

    There’s a promo code that you can use to get 20% off your first purchase

    The discount code is AFFTOY20

    Click here to see if this discount code is still working

    You might want to act quick because I don’t know how long this promo will last!

    If you want to learn more about  Pretty Litter then check out my in-depth review

    Pretty Litter Review With a Discount Code 


    What’s your cats health worth to you?

    It’s invaluable

    So if you can save your cat from getting sick

    Or if you could detect any sign of a unhealthy cat then that would be awesome

    With Pretty Litter it doesn’t get any more easier

    Just a normal routine trip to the litter box will tell you everything

    I’m surprised at how a cat litter could do that

    As a cat parent

    It would be heart breaking to realize your cat was not feeling well for a long time and you had no idea

    Cats are very good at hiding their pain

    It’s something cats do

    So if your cat is suffering you may not even know!

    That’s where Pretty Litter comes in

    You don’t have to go to the stores

    So now you know where to buy Pretty Litter

    Order one today In the comfort of your own home

    Before you order make sure to use the discount code AFFTOY20

    Click here to get your Pretty Litter and look after your cats health! 

    The post Where To Buy Pretty Litter appeared first on Cat Lover Here .

  • Pretty Litter Review With a Discount Code
    02 April 2020
    My Pretty Litter Review (With a Discount Code) – Who Else Wants To Literally Save Their Cats Life

    What if I told you, you can be the reason to save your cats life

    By just looking at your cats litter

    That’s right

    You can potentially save your cats life by detecting any problem when he uses the litter box

    Let me explain

    Because you’re going to be blown away with this litter

    Cats are very subtle animals

    That means, if your cat is in pain then they are good at hiding it

    The worst part?

    By the time you realize it could be too late!

    You don’t want that right?

    No cat parent wants that

    You see, the most common problem that you may have face with your cat is the avoidance of the litter box

    You just don’t know why your furbaby has stopped using the litter box

    You’ve tried everything

    Adding another litter box


    But nothing seems to work

    So you’re out of ideas

    But the problem is right in front of you

    You just can’t see it

    Your cat could be suffering from a health condition

    But my cat is playing, walking, eating normally

    That’s why they are so good at hiding their pain

    You wouldn’t realize that your cat is not using the litter box because of a underlying health problem

    Such as kidney stones, UTI, bladder disease

    I don’t wish none of that for any cats (I’m a cat parent myself)

    Isn’t it important that you can detect this?

    Save your cat from pain

    And discomfort

    Potentially save his life

    Our cats are our babies

    And you don’t want to see them sick or anything

    If you do see they are unwell, then you want to get them treated right away!

    It’s a concern when you notice something different in your cat

    When you see something is not right

    But what if you couldn’t see it along and by the time you did, things got worse

    So what has cat litter got to do with all this you may ask

    I’ll explain

    This cat litter that I’m going to reveal to you is something you’ve never used before and probably have never heard of!

    If you’re interested then can carry on reading

    If you think you got it all covered and know when your cat is sick (even though they can hide it very well) then you can click the back button

    Still here?


    I’m happy you want to be the best cat parent out there!

    So let me explain what this cat litter does and how it’s going to help you keep on top of your cats health

    This cat litter detects any health problems with your cat


    When your cat uses the litter box

    And your cat has UTI

    The litter color will actually change!

    I’m not joking

    Which Cat litter I’m I talking about

    It’s a brand called Pretty Litter

    What does Pretty Litter Detect?

    It detects four main things in the urine which causes the litter color to change

    1. Bilirubin (This may indicate cancer, pancreatitis, metabolic disease)
    2. Red Blood Cells (Bladder inflammation, kidney stones, UTI)
    3. Alkaline Urine (Lead to UTI, stress related bladder inflammation)
    4. Acidic Urine (Lead to Kidney Tubular Acidosis, Metabolic Acidosis)

    So you could know ALL this instantly just by a normal routine trip to the litter box

    As a Cat parent myself

    I know it would be heartbreaking to realize too late that my cat was suffering from a disease that I had no idea about

    I’m sure you would too

    You would be confused to understand how you didn’t even know because your cat was being normal all that time even though they were in pain

    You then blame yourself for not acting quick enough but could you really blame yourself because your cat was just as good at hiding it

    But now that could all change

    You can act quick which is invaluable to your cats health

    I mean it couldn’t get any easier to detect a problem with your cats health

    They just got to use the litter box and you will have a idea straight away!

    I know money is not important as your cats health but imagine how much money you’ll save if you take your cat to the vets as soon as you realize somethings wrong

    You can save a lot of money because a trip to the vets is not something that is cheap

    And with that money you can spoil your cat (maybe get a cat tree or a heated cat bed for the winter)

    So let’s look at the features of Pretty Litter and what you get

    What’s So Great About Pretty Litter Over Other Litter

    Well I mentioned the main thing which was it changes color to detect any health problems with your cat

    But it doesn’t end there

    There’s more

    Use Less Litter So Less Scooping

    Are you lazy like me?

    There’s no choice in cleaning the litter box because you have to clean it (Unless you have a self cleaning litter box)

    When you use pretty litter then that means you use less litter

    Which mean less scoop

    Which means you won’t have to keep buying litter

    Saving money

    Another awesome feature

    Let me ask you a question

    Do you hate it when the litter box stinks up the whole house?

    Well guess what

    Pretty Litter Has The Best Odor Control Litter

    The worst thing is

    When you have guests come over

    And your house doesn’t smell like the scented candles you used

    But it smells like a litter box full of cat urine and cat poo!

    I’m sure you don’t want your house to smell like that

    Well you won’t have to worry with using Pretty Litter


    Because Pretty litter effectively traps the odor and then eliminates leaving your house smelling fresh and beautiful

    80% Lighter

    If you have multiple cats then you are probably using around 20 to 30 pounds of cat litter each month

    So you are buying in bulk (Which can be expensive) or taking multiple trips to the pet store

    But with Pretty Litter you get a month supply of cat litter

    Do you want to know how much this weighs?

    10 pounds?


    4 – 6 pounds! How light is that?!

    The revolutionary crystals are 80% lighter than normal litter

    So that means you will use far less than you would for normal litter

    Instead of going multiple times to the pet stores

    Or ordering bulks of litter

    Sign up to Pretty Litter and you’ll get a months supple every month

    Delivered to your door

    Which leads me to the next feature

    FREE Delivery

    Who doesn’t love free delivery

    You don’t have to worry about buying litter again. Ever. 

    Delivered to your door for free

    So sit at home and let the cat litter come to you

    Safe For The Family

    Pretty Litter is safe for the family

    Normal cat litter contains two ingredients which can be dangerous to people and pets

    And that is

    Sodium Bentonite


    Crystalline Silica Dust

    These two ingredients are found in normal cat litter

    I know you don’t want to purchase something that can be harmful to your family and pets

    But with Pretty Litter is all good

    Non toxic and safe for people and pets!

    Saves You Money

    I know with health you can’t put a price tag on it

    But if you could save money, would you say no?

    With Pretty Litter you’re actually saving money


    You pay a whole month supply for $22 which is less than a average one cat family that would spend litter in the stores

    And another way you’re saving money is by reducing the cost of vet bills

    Because of early detection in potential health problems

    You will be able to get your cat seen before it gets worse

    So with that money you’ve saved you can buy your cat something nice maybe? Or treat yourself!

    Who doesn’t love to save money

    Here’s How You Could Get Your Pretty Litter With a Discount Code!

    I love a discount

    How about you?

    I know you do too

    Well, here’s how you could get your hands on some pretty litter for a discount

    They have a promotion going on

    You can get 20% OFF from your first order 

    A small bonus too which is your furbaby gets a toy too which is cute

    The code to use to get the 20% off is AFFTOY20 which you use at checkout

    >Click here to see if this discount code is still working<

    Make sure to use the code AFFTOY20 

    Not bad right

    I would recommend checking it out because if it is still working I got no idea how long this discount code will stay

    So you might want to act quick!

    Conclusion – Pretty Litter Is The Real Deal

    Overall, I think pretty litter should be used by every cat parent

    Your cats health is valuable and it’s important to make sure they are healthy

    As a cat parent, I know it’s heartbreaking when you find out that my cat was suffering all that time and I had no idea

    Cats are very intelligent animals and subtle too

    Don’t let your cat hide their pain and illness from you

    Let’s win the battle – It’s a good battle because we making sure we are looking after them

    After all this is the best way to look after a cat

    Shower them with love and affection

    And making sure they are healthy and happy

    That’s what it’s all about

    A litter that detects early signs of an illness in your cat

    It can’t get better than that

    Don’t forget to check and see if the 20% off discount is still available 

    The code is AFFTOY20

    So tell me,

    Would you use a product that can detect an early illness for your pet?

    Let me know in the comments below!

    Thanks for reading my review and I hope I have answered all your questions and most importantly recommended the tool to potentially save your cat from being unhealthy and sick


    The post Pretty Litter Review With a Discount Code appeared first on Cat Lover Here .

  • Do Cats Like Clean Litter Boxes?
    02 April 2020

    Litter boxes are very important to your cats

    It’s where they do their business

    And sometimes your cat won’t use the litter box

    There could be a number of reasons for that

    One of the reasons is the state of the litter box

    Do Cats Like Clean Litter Boxes?


    Your cat likes clean litter boxes and will expect it to be clean

    Let me ask you a question

    If you had to use the washroom and found it in a dirty state

    Would you use it?

    Would you want it to be clean?

    The same goes for your cat

    They won’t want to use a litter box that is dirty

    It is important to clean the litter box regularly

    At least twice a day

    Do Cats Hate Dirty Litter Boxes

    Just as your cat would want a clean litter box

    Your cat would hate a dirty litter box

    They want to relieve themselves and to find it dirty is something that is not appealing to them

    This is how litter box avoidance happens

    If the litter box is dirty your cat will go and pee or poo elsewhere

    And that could be on your expensive carpet

    Or on your bathroom rug

    I’m sure you would not want that to happen right?

    That is why cleaning the litter box is important 

    How Many Litter Boxes Should I Have?

    The general rule is to have one litter box per cat plus one

    So you have a extra litter box

    The reason for this is some cats like to pee in one and poo in another

    It gives them a option

    Also, having two litter boxes allows you to put them in different locations

    So if your cat is upstairs and you only have one litter box that is downstairs then this could be a problem for your cat if he needs to go real bad!

    It just makes it easier for your cat to have access to a litter box

    I go more in depth in my article how many litter boxes for one cat 

    What To Use To Clean The Litter Box

    Use a scoop to scoop out any clumps and litter

    You should do this twice a day

    The more the better

    As long as the litter box is clean

    Dispose it in a plastic bag and throw it away

    To make sure everything is clean tip the litter box at an angle to make sure you have scooped up everything

    Add more litter if you need to

    And about once a week

    Clean the whole litter box

    Get rid of any litter and clean the whole litter box with warm water and maybe something like dish soap

    Don’t use anything strong because this can be dangerous for your cat

    Whatever you do, don’t use bleach or any toxic stuff

    Before adding litter make sure the litter box is completely dry

    Otherwise litter will get stuck to the side

    Some experts say to add baking soda a thin layer, at the bottom of the box before you add litter

    Apparently, this helps absorb the smell and may also help absorb some of the urine

    I have not tried this but this is from research

    Have you tried adding a thin layer of baking soda?

    Does it reduce the smell of a stinky cat litter box?

    Let me know in the comments!

    There you have it

    A clean litter box

    I know it can be hard work and can be time consuming too

    But you don’t want your cat to stop using the litter box if it is dirty

    I’m sure you don’t want your house to smell like cat urine and cat poop!

    I Don’t Have Time To Clean a Litter Box Everyday!

    Life can be very busy

    And sometimes it is hard to find the time to clean the litter box

    Especially if you’re working full time

    You just want to come home and relax!

    Put your feet up and have some coffee because the day has been so long!

    Then you realize you still got to clean the litter box!

    So you force yourself to clean it

    But what if you didn’t have to clean it?

    And it was done by itself?

    Because you can actually get a litter box that cleans itself

    They’re called self cleaning litter box

    Imagine, you never have to clean it

    Here’s a really awesome self cleaning litter box

    PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

    It pretty much cleans the litter box itself

    The best part?

    Removes the smell of urine and dehydrating solid waste!

    That means no more litter box smell engulfing your house

    Here’s a video of the litter box in action

    The price is not too bad

    You can check it out by clicking the link below

    Check Price On Amazon


    Litter boxes are very important to cats

    And if they are dirty then be prepared to find puddle of urine all over your house and cat poo

    How do you make sure they use the litter box?

    Clean the litter box!

    A clean litter box will ensure your cat uses it

    It should be cleaned regularly

    And if you are too busy to clean the litter box everyday and don’t want your cat to avoid the litter box because it’s dirty then I would recommend you getting a self cleaning litter box

    It will save you time

    A clean litter box

    And a house that does not smell like a litter box!


    The post Do Cats Like Clean Litter Boxes? appeared first on Cat Lover Here .

  • Can You Kennel a Cat At Night
    02 April 2020

    In this article you’re going to learn if you can kennel a cat at night

    You’ll learn if you should do this

    If you don’t want to then this article will also talk about how to keep your cat busy during the night

    You’ll learn how to get your cat to sleep through the night

    So if you’re tired of your cat waking you up at 4am every night then you’re going to love this article!

    Sound good?

    Let’s get started

    Can You Kennel a Cat At Night

    You can kennel a cat at night

    But it’s best not to

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t because sometimes our little furbabies can give us trouble

    But it should be the very last option

    What you should do is try to figure out why your cat is misbehaving and then tackling it

    For example if your cat is meowing at night constantly then there is a reason why your cat is doing this

    Does he want attention?

    Is he hungry?

    Is he bored?

    These are all things you need to look at

    Sometimes it’s just a simple solution

    If your cat is meowing at night and you want the solution to stopping this problem

    Check out my article

    How to stop a cat meowing at night 

    Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up At Night

    There are many reasons why your cat is waking you up at night

    So before we can look at how to stop your cat waking you up at night

    Let’s look at the reasons

    This will make us understand our little feline friend

    • Your Cat Is Bored
    • Your Cat is hungry
    • Your Cat is lonely

    So let’s look at the first point


    Cats can get bored

    It’s in a cats nature to stay awake during the night and sleep during the day

    After all they are predators and they hunt at night

    If your cat won’s sleep at night then try to keep them entertained when you’ve gone to sleep

    Keep Your Cat Entertained During The Night

    How Do I Keep My Cat Entertained When I’m Sleeping?

    Good question

    Your Cat needs you to play with him right?

    Not necessarily

    You can put out toys for your cat to play with

    Or maybe get a cat tree

    Cats love cat trees

    They can have lots of fun in them and it will sure keep your cat busy

    If you don’t have one then I would recommend getting one

    It’s a must!

    I’d recommend getting Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

    This cat tree is awesome and will keep your cat entertained during the night

    It has really good reviews and is popular among cat parents

    You can check out my in depth review by clicking the link below

    Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

    You can keep your cat busy with toys too

    Self interactive cat toys

    You don’t have to be there

    They can play with the toy themselves

    I would recommend checking out

    k-berho Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Toys for Indoor with Feather,Ball,Mouse

    This toy is awesome

    Your cat will love it

    And it will keep them busy whilst you’re getting your beauty sleep!

    Check out the video below to see it in action

    The price is not too bad too

    Click Here To Find Out More

    If you think your cat is lonely at night then I have written a article on this where I go into more depth on making sure they are busy and not bored and lonely

    Check it out by clicking the link below

    Do cats get lonely at night

    Okay so we have tackled 2 points

    Cats being bored

    If your cat is lonely

    What about if your cat is hungry?

    To tackle this

    Make sure you give your cat a full meal just before you go to bed

    And then keep out dry food for him so at night he can just snack on them

    But I already do this

    No problem

    Then you should keep out wet food because this will keep him more full

    The problem with this is, what if the wet food goes bad or dries up right?

    There’s a solution to this too!

    You should get your cat a automatic cat feeder

    This way your is fed when you’re sleeping

    Now which automatic cat feeder can take wet food because most of them are just for dry food

    But not this one

    Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats 

    This cat feeder is awesome

    You set a timer and your cat is fed!

    Check out the video

    You can find out more about this by clicking the link below

    Discover More

    If you work during the day this comes in handy too

    Because you can feed your cat even while you’re away 

    It’s a good investment and very ideal for your cat too

    At least you can go do your errands without worrying if your baby is hungry

    Get Your Cat To Sleep Through The Night

    That would be awesome right?

    Getting your cat to sleep through the night

    It can be done?

    The best part?

    You could make it into a routine!

    How do you do this

    It’s pretty simple

    You just have to make sure your get your cat tired during the day

    Or at least before you go bed

    During the day play with your cat as much as you can

    Keep them entertained

    You can do so much

    Here’s a article I wrote about fun things to do with your cat 

    Especially during this period where we have to stay at home you could play with your cat more now

    This will hopefully get your cat tired and she will sleep through the night

    An hour before you go bed

    Play with your cat as much as you can

    Get them tired

    Make them run by getting them to chase the toy string (My cat loves that!)

    This will get your cat tired and hopefully will sleep

    It’s a win win because you get to spend some good quality time with your furbaby

    Another point I want to mention is sometimes your cat may scratch the side of your bed or even the bedroom door

    This can be frustrating!

    So how do you stop this?

    Have a read of my article

    Stop your cat scratching the bed at night

    There’s always a way of stopping your cat disturbing during the night

    But if worst comes to worst and you need to keep your cat in a kennel

    Then sometimes you don’t have a choice

    The best thing you could do is get something that is very spacious

    Something like this

    Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Pet Playpen Cat Crate Kennels 67″ Height Kitten House 

    This is something very spacious and it’s not something you may feel guilty about

    You could use this for as long as you think it’s appropriate but then as soon as you have figured out how to solve the problem then let your cat be free


    So the answer to the question can you kennel a cat at night is yes you can

    But it’s best if you can use this as the last very option

    There’s always a solution to a problem

    You just have to figure your cat out and see what they want and the tackle it like this

    Cats love routine

    So once you get your cat into a routine of sleeping during the night everything should be okay

    I know it’s easier said than done

    But try playing with your cat before you go bed

    Get your cat tired

    And take it from there

    It’s not a one day fix

    It may take time but consistency is key here

    Follow the advice in this article and hopefully your cat won’t wake you up at 3am in the morning for whatever reason!

    If it comes to a point where you have to put your cat in a kennel then make sure you have one that is spacious so your cat don’t feel trapped

    The one I have recommended is perfect!

    Remember, always show your cat love and affection

    Even if it can be frustrating because they’re getting you up in the middle of the night

    Shouting at them won’t do any good

    With time, your cat won’t disturb you at night or better, they’ll sleep with you during the night




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  • What Do Indoor Cats Need
    02 April 2020

    In this article you’re going to learn about what do indoor cats need to be happy

    You’ll learn how you can ensure your cat is happy

    How you can keep them entertained and be a cat at home

    So if you want a happy and healthy cat then you’re going to love this article

    Let’s get started!

    What Do Indoor Cats Need

    They need everything!

    Just kidding

    A indoor cat needs love and affection

    That is one of the most important aspect of keeping a indoor cat happy

    This means if you have a cat or even thinking about adopting one then you need to make sure you have time 

    Time for your cat

    Because they need it

    There’s a myth about cats

    Which goes like

    They are independent

    They don’t need our love and affection

    They pretty much don’t need us as much as dogs need their owners

    But this is not true at all

    Cats need us as much as we need them

    They love our attention and the love and affection we give them

    If you don’t do this then your cat can become depressed

    Before we look at how you can keep your indoor cat happy

    Let’s answer the question if it’s cruel to keep cats indoor

    Is It Cruel To Keep Cats Indoor?

    No it’s not cruel to keep a cat indoor


    Because a outdoor cat are more likely to face danger

    Such as cars, Foxes, getting into fights

    Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t let your cat outdoors

    That’s entirely up to the cat parent

    But keeping them indoors is not cruel

    This is providing that you keep them happy

    Which is the main point of this article

    You can make sure your cat can be a cat indoors too

    How do you do this?

    Carry on reading on how to keep your indoor cat happy

    How Do I Keep My Indoor Cat Happy

    There are many ways to keep your indoor cat happy

    The first and one of the most important thing is to show them love and affection

    Spend some time with your furbaby

    Tell your cat you love them

    I know we can be busy with work and family

    But at least spare some time out during the day where it’s just you and your cat

    Fix a time

    And keep it as a routine because cats love routine too

    You can also communicate with your cat

    Yep, talk to them

    They understand us

    More than you think!

    You can find out more in my article How to talk to your cat 

    Showing your cat love and affection is a great way of keeping your cat happy

    That’s the emotional part

    Now you have to catify your house

    This means make your house more cat furniture like

    For example

    Get your cat a cat tree

    Cats love them

    And it allows them to basically be a cat

    Your cat can play on it

    Cat trees have scratching posts too which is important for cats and for you because you don’t want your walls and carpet being torn apart right!

    I would recommend getting your cat the Armarkat Cat Tree

    One of the best out there and very popular among cat parents

    Very ideal for your cat

    This is how it looks like

    Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

    Looks pretty awesome

    I love that little hammock

    Your cat would love to sleep in that for sure!

    There are so many different levels to allow your cat to jump from one to another

    It’s tall and cats love heights so perfect for your cat to sit at the top and have a good view of their territory (Your house)

    Brilliant cat tree

    I actually wrote a in depth review which you can check out

    Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

    You could also get some single scratching posts for your cat

    And put them in different rooms

    Trust me

    You don’t want your cat tearing up your couch

    It happened to me!

    Cats need a scratching post 

    If your cat is scratching up your wall or furniture then you can stop this and divert their attention to their scratching post or even to the cat tree

    Check out my article

    How do you keep a cat from scratching up your furniture 

    Other things you can get for your cat is wall benches

    You stick them on the wall and your cat can jump from one to another

    Another great place for your cat to just chill and see their territory

    Cats feel safe when they are high up so that’s why cat trees and cat wall benches are perfect for this

    It will keep them happy

    Make sure you feed your cat on time and give them the highest quality of food

    Food that has high nutrients

    This is a great way of making sure your cat is healthy

    A healthy cat is a happy cat

    Now I know sometimes you have to pop out or you are at work

    So feeding your cat can be difficult

    But there’s always a way of feeding your cat when you’re not at home

    Want to know how?

    Check out my article

    How to feed cat wet food while away

    Cats love treats too!

    So make sure you give your cat some

    My cat lurrrves it!

    He begs for it and if we don’t give in

    He know how to manipulate us into giving him

    Let’s just say it involves slow blinking (you can’t say no to that!)

    Play with your cat

    Cats are hunters and they need to practice hunting and catching prey

    So you should buy one of those toys that are string with a toy mouse at the end

    And play with your cat

    Your cat will love it

    My cat does!

    It’s his favorite game

    You could also get those self interactive games

    So if you’re tired or not at home

    This self interactive game is something your cat can play with when you’re not there

    Here’s a really cool self interactive toy

    k-berho Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Toys for Indoor with Feather,Ball,Mouse

    Your cat will have fun with this toy!

    You can check it out by clicking the link below

    Click Here To Find Out More

    Wrapping It Up

    Indoor cats can be happy

    It’s just how you make them happy

    You should give them love and affection and spend quality time with your cat

    This is what they need the most

    Of course feeding them too

    Try and give them the highest quality of food because that will give them good nutrients

    You want your cat to be healthy because that will keep them happy

    Also, take your cat to the vets every 6 months to make sure they are all good and nothing is up with them

    Cats are very good at hiding pain so taking them to the vets is very important

    Make your house suitable for your cat by adding cat furniture such as cat trees, cat benches and scratching posts

    Have a variety of toys for your cat to play with

    That’s about it!

    Your cat will be happy indoors for sure



    The post What Do Indoor Cats Need appeared first on Cat Lover Here .

  • How Many Litter Boxes For One Cat
    02 April 2020

    In this article you’re going to learn how many litter boxes you need for one cat

    Litter boxes are very important to cats because they use it to relieve themselves

    It’s basically a toilet for them

    When a cat starts to avoid using the litter box

    The root of the problem can sometimes be the number of litter boxes your cat has

    Carry on reading to know what the rule is for how many litter boxes for one cat

    How Many Litter Boxes For One Cat

    Have you ever gone out of the house only to return to see your cat has made a mess in the room?

    Your cat did not use the litter box and now you have pee on your beautiful carpet!

    The worst part?

    Smell of cat urine making your house stink!

    And it doesn’t matter what product you use

    The smell just does not go away

    If your cat has peed on your carpet then check out my article

    What gets cat pee smell out of carpet 

    There could be many reasons why your cat has not used the litter box

    I won’t go into much detail about the different reasons

    Although if you are interested then you should read my article

    Stop cat peeing outside the litter box 

    One of the reasons why your cat has not used the litter box is because you only have one litter box

    You see, some cats like two litter boxes


    Because some cats like to do pee in one and poo in another

    Which is why you need another litter box for your cat

    The general rule usually is

    One litter box per cat + 1

    Have a extra litter box

    That way if your cat has peed in one at least they have another fresh clean litter box to do poo

    A question might arise here

    Do you really need 2 litter boxes?

    Do You Really Need 2 Litter Boxes?

    You don’t need two litter boxes

    Some cats are fine with just the one

    Provided they are cleaned regularly

    A cat will not use a dirty litter box just as how we wouldn’t want to use a washroom that is dirty

    There are some advantages of having 2 litter boxes

    • With 2 litter boxes you can place one downstairs and one upstairs. Basically you can put them in different locations. This reduces the chances of your cat leaving a accident for you to clean up! Win win for you
    • If your cat is upstairs and you usually have the litter box downstairs, your cat would have to come downstairs to use the litter box but if you have two, you can have one upstairs so your cat can use it straight away
    • Your cat can pee in one and poo in another
    • You don’t have to clean as often. What I mean by this is, if you have been busy and could not clean one litter box at least the other litter box will be clean

    There you have it

    The advantages of having 2 litter boxes

    It really is a no brainer

    Your cat will definitely appreciate it

    I think having one upstairs and one downstairs really helps your cat

    Can I Put Two Litter Boxes Next To Each Other

    Location is very important when it comes to litter box

    You want the litter box to be available to your cat and easily accessible

    Now having two litter boxes next to each other does not make sense right?

    I know some cats want to pee in one and poo in another but this will only happen if you don’t clean the litter box as much as you should do

    Check out this article to find out How often you should clean the litter box? 

    Having the litter box in different locations makes it easier for your cat

    As I mentioned earlier

    To have one litter box upstairs and one downstairs

    That way your cat can relieve themselves if they’re upstairs

    And if they are downstairs same thing

    This is especially helpful especially if your cat is old

    Makes things easier for them

    Another thing that could be a problem is space

    Now if you live in a small apartment then it can be difficult

    Take a look at my article where to put cat litter box in a small apartment

    Do Cats Automatically Use The Litter Box?

    Cats will normally use the litter box on their own

    They do this by instinct

    You see, cats like to bury their waste

    So hopefully the only place in your house is the litter box

    Big cats in the wild would bury their waste to avoid being seen or sensed

    Domestic cats are part of the family

    So even if they are not in the wild they still have this survival instinct within them so it doesn’t matter if they are outdoors or indoors they will still do the same

    As every cat parent can relate

    Sometimes your cat will not use the litter box

    And this can happen all of a sudden

    But this is not to get you angry or they just decided to stop using the litter box

    If this does happen then the first thing to do is take your cat to the vets

    If everything is healthy then there are a number of reasons

    I won’t go into detail in this article but you could check it out in my article

    Why is my cat peeing everywhere all of a sudden 

    Do Cats Prefer Open Or Closed Litter Boxes

    Cats don’t mind either to be honest

    A actual study was published by Veterinary Medical School Of Ross University to see which litter boxes did cats preferred

    The results was published in April 2013 in the Journal Of Feline Medicine And Surgery 

    According to the findings, 70% of the study cats had no preference

    As long as they were clean and fresh then it did not matter

    So you can get a open litter box or closed one

    Of course there are benefits and cons for covered litter boxes

    With open litter boxes it’s pretty simple and easy to use

    If you’re thinking about getting a covered litter box then here’s some advantages and disadvantages

    Benefits of Covered/Closed Litter Box 

    • Great to use for small apartments
    • It will prevent dogs using it or having any access to it (If you have a dog)
    • Great at hiding litter away in the box
    • You can’t see the litter or any feces so compliments your home decor
    Disadvantages Of Covered/Closed Litter Box

    • It can be uncomfortable for your furbaby
    • They can feel trapped in them
    • There is no emergency exit for your cat
    • The box can be too small

    These are some points to look at if you are interested in buying one

    If you do end up deciding to buy a covered litter box

    Then which one is the best?

    I would recommend

    ecoFLEX Cat Litter Loo Cover/End Table

    You can’t even tell that is a litter box!

    It’s pretty awesome right?

    If you have guest over

    They will never be able to tell that you have a litter box

    It’s very ideal for those who love their home decor

    Oh, and it comes in different colors

    This is a cover for a litter box

    So it basically covers the litter box

    Still pretty cool thought right?

    You can find out the price and more detail by clicking the link below

    Check Today’s Price

    Wrapping It Up

    How many litter box for one cat?

    You can have just the one

    But it’s better to have two

    With one litter box it can be difficult for your cat

    And for you too because you’re going to have to make sure it’s cleaned regularly

    I’m not saying it’s impossible for your cat to have one litter box

    Some cat parents just have the one litter box

    But having two is better

    You can put them in different places so if your cat is upstairs you can have one for both floors

    Makes it easier for your cat

    Some cats prefer to do poo in one and pee in another

    I would recommend having a extra litter box for your cat

    This can also reduce the chance of your cat doing their business outside the litter box


    The post How Many Litter Boxes For One Cat appeared first on Cat Lover Here .

Cat Food Blogs

03 April 2020

Cat Food Blogs

Cat Rescue Blogs

03 April 2020

Cat Rescue Blogs
  • In Memory of Izzy
    02 April 2020

    Donation made by Jill Sherwood in memory of Izzy. So sorry you are gone. RIP little Izzy.

  • Stray Cat Waits Outside the Perfect Home for Help
    02 April 2020

    A stray cat wandered to the perfect home when he needed help.

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal

    Stephanie, an animal rescuer from Montreal, Canada, keeps a couple of cat shelters in her backyard for local strays every winter.

    Right before the cold weather hit the area, a neighborhood cat showed up and sauntered into her yard. He discovered the cat houses and decided to hunker down in one.

    Stephanie left food outside for the feline every day. She began asking around to see if someone was missing a cat, but no one came to claim him.

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal

    As the tabby became more comfortable with his food provider, he started to approach her doorstep, getting closer each day. Stephanie would see him waiting for her outside on the porch at meal time.

    When the weather got colder and the cat became bolder, she decided it was time to bring him inside.

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal

    She opened the door wide to let the cat in. He was a bit hesitant at first, but after a few minutes of probing around, the tabby started to get more acclimated to being indoors.

    Stephanie has cats of her own, so she placed him in a separate room to help him settle in for the night. That evening, the kitty let out his first purr in front of his rescuer. He was still a bit shy but couldn't resist all the attention and love. (Scroll down for video)

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local rescue, was contacted, and immediately offered to help.

    The cat whom they named Teddy, received medical attention and was treated for parasites, mites and ticks. The sweet feline was so happy to be cared for that he purred and chirped in pure bliss.

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal

    He's equipped with a loud purr motor. Nothing makes him happier than getting some pets and snuggles.

    Watch Teddy and hear his chirpy purrs in this cute video:

    Teddy the cat

    "Teddy is very sweet and friendly. He is a big teddy bear, always looking for attention and hugs," Celine Crom of the rescue shared with Love Meow.

    "He will ask for cuddles and head scratches, and will roll on his back when he wants his belly rubbed."

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal

    At around three years old, Teddy is still a kitten at heart. When he demands attention from his humans, he will meow and look them in the eyes.

    "After a rough life on the streets, all he wants now is love," Celine said.

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal

    The tabby cat walked up to the perfect home for help, and is now living the VIP life as an indoor cat.

    "He is ready to find a place of his own and forever humans to share cuddles with."

    Chatons Orphelins Montréal

    Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on Teddy and Chatons Orphelins Montréal on Facebook.

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  • Kitten With Rare Condition Gets Her Fluff Back After She Finds Family of Her Dreams
    31 March 2020

    A kitten with a rare condition found a family that she always wanted.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    Elise Hall, a veterinarian from Illinois, came across a special kitten named Appa through a support page for animals with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic fragile skin condition.

    "We were members of the group due to our experience with Porg, a cat whom we loved and cared for that also had Ehlers Danlos," Elise told Love Meow.

    Porg sadly passed away last year, but his story inspired Elise and her partner to help others who also care for animals with EDS. A few months later, they found Appa, a Selkirk Rex, and fell instantly head over heels for her.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    "We immediately felt a connection, like we did with Porg, and knew we could provide her with the life-long medical care and love every animal deserves," Elise said.

    Appa quickly crawled her way into their hearts. "Meeting her in person for the first time was just magical — she fit in right away!"

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    Soon after arrival, the kitten was diagnosed with ringworm and a heart murmur. They immediately started her on treatment.

    The 3-month-old kitten had lost most of her long hair but still had some resilient tufts on her lower back. They gave her a little scarf around her neck to keep her from scratching her scars.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    They kept her nails trimmed regularly and examined her skin every day. Sometimes, they would clothe her with a protective suit to prevent further injury.

    "Ehlers Danlos syndrome is a rare genetic disorder of connective tissues. Appa's symptoms seem more mild than Porg's, but she does have thin, elastic and fragile skin," Elise added.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    Over the next couple of months, the kitten really blossomed. Her wounds healed up nicely, and her curly, soft fur started to sprout.

    The sweet kitty doesn't know anything different about her, and just lives her life to the fullest without a worry in the world.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    She is always happy, cheerful, and equipped with a big purr motor that revs up every time she cuddles.

    Watch Appa and her journey in this cute video:

    Appa the kitten

    "Appa has an outgoing, confident and playful personality. She is very intelligent and likes getting into mischief, as do most young cats," Elise told Love Meow.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    She knows exactly how to tug on her humans' heartstrings when she wants something.

    Appa likes to offer "help" whenever her humans are doing chores. "She gently reminds me that she is the cutest in the land," Elise added.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    If she spots her favorite cat treats, she will stand on her hind paws like a meerkat, begging for a snack.

    The smart girl won't take no for an answer.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    "She enjoys playfully picking on her big (canine) brother Mowgli, exploring the backyard in her harness, and snacking," Elise told Love Meow.

    "When she is feeling cuddly, she also loves belly and foot rubs."

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    Appa has transformed into a gorgeous, fluffy cat with a larger-than-life personality.

    She adores her loving humans and canine buddy, and is always on the lookout for treats, pets and cuddles.

    Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

    Share this story with your friends. Follow Appa and her adventures on Instagram.

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  • Monday, March 30, 2020
    30 March 2020
    Good morning, friends.  I know this coronavirus is amongst all of us. What a huge change in all of our lives.  Each of us have had hardships in dealing with it. But.......please..........keep that socialization distance upfront.  It's very important.  We've been asked to make changes in our lives and we CAN do this.  It's also the best protection we can give to others.

    And it's ok to talk about it.  There's several things I find hard----not hugging.  I, along with many of us, is a "huggy" person.  Somehow elbow bumps don't quite cut it.  But, it's a must. I also miss not taking in kittens and cats during this time.  But, I keep reminding myself....if at sometime we have to cut back further on our volunteers, than we can't be too overloaded that it's too hard to take care of every cat and kitten here at FFRC.  And I miss the visitors......this place LOVES visitors. But, that too is important to be closed to public. My biggest concern is to keep the volunteers safe, here at FFRC. And it hurts deeply that we have no spay/neuter programs going on right now, except for a few here at FFRC.  But, once again, when we are able to, we will be full speed ahead!

    I've heard again from Tuffy's new mom. All is fine. They are becoming good friends. Tuffy is eating good too!

    And we've had 3 adoptions!
    Giovannah and Alyssndra were adopted together on 3/29. Yeah--the "sisters" got to go together.  I checked in last night with the family and both cats were sound asleep on the couch.

    Panthy was also adopted yesterday. Her new family had been waiting quite a while for her. She is going into a home with 4 other cat friends. Her mama has today off too so Panthy will have time to adjust with her being there.

    We had our FFRC surgery day on Saturday. Where we are use to very full schedules, we only had 5 kittens to do. We had made the decision that we could not do the public cats in order of safety and health for everyone.
    Spayed were: Kiowa and Panthy
    Neutered were: Pinkerton, Zyny and Zyvan
    I want to thank GUsti for providing drinks for our surgery day and to Joyce D for providing our lunch!
    The 3 siamese sisters were not of weight yet which was a disappointment. I've contacted all of those new families and they are all very willing to wait for them to be spayed. They still want them!  And that is good. Better to be safe than to hurry the process. In the meantime, we get to enjoy them longer!

    We have now done 291 surgeries for 2020.  160 females and 131 males.

    We do have some kitten adoptions that will happen sometime soon. Possibly Kiowa too. But, as with everything else, adoptions are handled very differently now--much reduced interaction.

    Dr. Darcy was able to do some physicals on Saturday:
    Alma, Camvi, Derecho, my Bonnie, Vernon, Zelda--all good. Extra diagnosis of being sweet!

    Asha--we have always had to help keep her eyes clean. This time, Dr. Darcy noticed that her meibomian glands were irritated. Diagnosis--Meibomitis. These are special secreting glands at the edge of the eyelids on dogs and cats.  Now we know how to treat them. In the past, antibiotic ointments never really helped. Now, she will be getting anti-inflammatory drops.

    Cutie--we love our girl so much. We all know that Cutie is very very thin. Her appetite is light although she is still eating. We need to treasure this precious girl as her time with us may be short.  She truly has been given the most loving soul.  Her greatest joy we can give her is simple...a lap.

    Minerva---her physical was not so good. And I need to let you know that Minerva passed away Sunday, yesterday. Her respiratory issues was overwhelming. Dr. Darcy felt strongly that cancer was the problem. The slightest exertion caused her to have great difficulty breathing. It became extremely hard for her to get back to that good feeling of having enough air. And that's not a good feeling. It was decided to help her pass on to Kitty Heaven to relieve her of the stress.  She was onlyhere a short time but she was so loved and comfortable. I don't know what her life was before coming but I do know she was distressed upon arrival. I feel we gave her a few weeks of comfort and love.

    We have thanks to give:
    Janet K--donation for FFRC
    Michelle U--donation to FFRC, in memory of her Mr. G, a cat she rescued in AZ in 2017.
    Janet M--donation to FFRC
    MLS--10 cases of baby food!
    Anna A from VA--chickie for Ramsay and donation for all the cats
    CyllW--donation for all the cats and kittens
    Gail W--donation to FFRC for the fur babies
    Chiefted & Jennifer D--donation to use where needed
    BillieK--donation in memory of PawPaw & for the care of the kitties
    Brian B from NY--donation for FFRC
    Colleen P--donation to FFRC
    Stephanie M--donation for FFRC
    Davszy--donation to use where needed--well wishes to family, mods and kitties
    Cait KOT--donation for BD--to use for kitties

    Kiowa is doing wonderful. Such a pretty girl.  She is relaxing and learning that people are full of giving pets! Such a beauty.

    We took on another mama cat and kittens.  This is a cat that I had talked to the person close to my vacation and had promised her a spot here at FFRC. We just took her in on 3/26.  Her name is Basani--pronounced Buh-sani. She's all white except for a grey forehead.  She came with 3 kittens. Their birthday is 3/16/20 (just a day difference than Kimmie's).  Basani's birthday is 12/14/18. Here's the kittens info:
    Cobo--male--brown tiger 8 ounces
    Dalia--female--white with grey forehead (mama's twin!)  9 ounces
    Dreamy--female, brown tiger with just a sprinkle of tortiness 7 ounces
    These are all Name a Cat names.  They are in the back Thumper's Room. Today, we will put one of the giant beds on the floor for Basani to be able to stretch and walk about in the room. One day hers and Kimmie's kitties will be friends.

    I think we are all caught up. This week will be the mod's Trivia, Billypogo's storytime (Weds at 9 pm), BOXES (to be announced) and a storytime by me (to be announced).

    Because I feel strongly we should not do a fun-raiser at this time, you will see a few FB flash sales that we will do.  These flash sales are a "for sure thing" whereas the fun-raisers ae a chance.  We need to be conservative with our asking for help and not it be a chance "thing".  Hope that makes sense!  We still have bills to pay but these FB flash sales will help. 

    You all take great care. FFRC cares about each of you. Stay healthy. Help our new folks out on the chat--make them feel welcome! Have fun on the fb pages--a great way to stay connected. Above all, wash your hands often and watch the social distancing. It's truly important.

    You can still enjoy this Stay at Home time--exercise, read books, have family movie time (with popcorn), explore your backyard and look for the signs of spring, play tic tac toe, learn a new craft, color your sidewalk/driveway with art designs, play game/card games, watch the Zoo cameras, watch those FFRC cats!!, go for a walk, cook a new meal, have legos--build some designs!  There's fun things to do!  This will all be over at some point. In the meantime, the cats are wishing you a good safe, healthy day.
  • Furry Friends Fur-Ever: Jasper and the Emerts
    29 March 2020

    “Jasper, formerly Rascal (we wanted a name with a similar sound), is the most recent in a long line of kitties in our lives,” Mary says. “My kitty soul mate, Kisa, passed away a few years ago. She was a beautiful Russian Blue, and my husband, Eric, also had gray cats he’d loved in the past. So when we saw Jasper at PetSmart and he immediately started purring and rubbing on the glass, we knew that he was the one.

    “He acclimated to his surroundings immediately, and he is such a lover that he enjoys the attention of everyone he meets. He’s just a big lap cat! He continues to make an effort to be friends with our tortoiseshell female, Honey West, but she’s a little bit of a hard nut to crack. I still hold out hope for their eventual friendship, but at least most of the time they tolerate their cohabitation.

    “Jasper loves to play, especially with our multi-tiered ball tray toy. He’s a ‘licker’ and he’ll literally lick anything and anyone. When we were gone one day recently, he managed to get his claws stuck in something and pulled one of them out completely. It was really difficult for him to be in a cone for two weeks. He couldn’t lick anything except the inside of the cone, poor little guy.

    “Thankfully, he’s fully healed and back in action. We’re both crazy about him and so happy that we brought him into our lives!”


    Furry Friends Fur-Ever Stories are compiled and written by Nomi Berger who is the bestselling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She is a volunteer writer for Furry Friends in Vancouver, WA and also volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA. She lives with her adopted Maltese named Mini.

    The post Furry Friends Fur-Ever: Jasper and the Emerts appeared first on Furry Friends.

  • WFH? WTF! (1)
    29 March 2020

    Whilst many of our canine friends have been overjoyed to have their beloved humans working from home, spare a thought for the poor felines who suddenly find themselves with no peace and unable to get on with anything because there is a human lumbering around in their space.


    And if you have a second thought to spare … spare one for me, living under the disapproving gaze of 18 feline eyes.  I see them chuntering to each other, looking at me, looking at the clock.  I’m aware I’m cramping their style and feel guilty taking up so much space in their home.


    It’s been a steep learning curve these last couple of weeks.   We have a whole new vocabulary: self isolating, social distancing, Zoom, mircosoft teams, Tesco delivery.  Terms never previously uttered but now part of every day conversations.  Tricky for all of us to realise that I can’t simply be sent to the shop when we run out of chicken.  I have asthma and need to try to play this one safe.

    I’m heartbroken, if I give myself chance to think about it, that we’ve had to close to admissions and adoptions.  It’s been my life for the past (almost) 10 years.  Pretty much every non-work day had an admission, homecheck, potential adopters visiting, taking cats to their new homes – often multiples of these.   Work days ended with a vet run usually once or twice a week.  Then of course there’s all the admin, messages, accounts, ordering, advertising.  It’s a shock for it to end so suddenly … or “be put on pause” as I see it in my more positive moments.

    Henderson & Rowan

    We still have rescue cats here.  We have our own four resident cats, plus Henderson who is long term foster (please don’t anyone mention that to him … he believes he’s a resident and we want to keep it that way).   Plus Kevin & Dasher, who were taking some time to find a home due to their shyness around others.   Then on Saturday 14 March,  anticipating changes due to COVID-19, Rolo & Rowan returned to us from foster care.  We also have Howard and Oscar in long term foster care placements.   So nine cats in this household, plus two in foster placements.

    We took Rolo & Rowan in, and  put them in the back bedroom where they’d lived with their family when they first arrived last summer.

    Squig with all the kits


    We thought it would be a good plan to let them have a bit of time to settle back in here before re introducing to the other residents.   Unfortunately only a couple of days later, by the Monday morning I was having to turf them out to make their bedroom into my office.    That room used to be my study … and in some of the more grouchy moments over the last few years I’ve fantasised about reclaiming it.  I never in a million years expected the process to happen so suddenly, in the space of half an hour following a text message from my manager.   Our team were WFH .. sort it.

    Thankfully they’re sweet kits, and accepted sharing space quite readily and soon got to know their pals in the rest of the house again.

    One thing I’ve given thanks for is that this dreadful situation didn’t hit when these two arrived, with their two mums and 7 siblings, and their aunty who gave birth to 5 more kittens.  On top of our 5 residents, plus Kevin and Dasher, I don’t know what on earth we would have done.  It was chaos even then, but at least more or less manageable chaos as  the rest of them were adopted.

    Imagine lockdown in a small house with 20+ cats and growing kittens, and trying to WFH! I’ve heard mixed reports of whether vets are able to offer routine neuter ops at the moment …  I’m so anxious about how that  will impact on this year’s kitten season … though completely understand the issues.

    It’s not been easy just with the 9 of us … and I’ll tell you more about that in the next blog ….  then again it’s not been easy for anyone!

    Stay Safe .. Stay Sane x


  • A creep on YouTube whose channel is called "Rescue Kitty"
    29 March 2020

    I came across this guy's channel by accident over the last few months. The first video I saw of his, I, and other people that watched it, very much suspected that he made the cat being rescued by him gravely ill deliberately. It seemed pretty obvious to us. Well, since then, he's continued posting rescue videos that are also suspicious, and apparently he didn't like people calling him on what seemed like intentional animal abuse setups, so he's shut off the comments on all his videos. So how does one report a creepo like this guy, and to whom?

    YouTube needs to be made aware of what this guy is doing.

    submitted by /u/StarFuryG7
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  • Compassion in a time of crisis
    29 March 2020
    This #GivingTuesday, help save 100 lives by donating to the Toronto Cat Rescue.
  • COVID – 19 Update: Mar 25th
    29 March 2020

    As an animal rescue organisation, Toronto Cat Rescue has been included as an essential service in the current State of Emergency:

    71. Businesses that provide for the health and welfare of animals, including veterinarians, farms, boarding kennels, stables, animal shelters, zoos, aquariums, research facilities and other service providers.

    So we have made plans for how we can keep moving forward in the new normal. We know how important our companion animals can be to our mental health, especially when isolated, so we will be moving forward with limited adoptions while adhering to very strict procedures for the health and safety of everyone. Please watch the video below from our Executive Director to learn more.

  • Some more cat facts!
    28 March 2020
    Some more cat facts!

    1.) A cats nose has catnip receptors! 

    Have you ever wondered why cat nip lulls felines into a trance? Catnip contains several chemical compounds, including one called nepetalactone, this is the chemical that your kitty detects with receptors in their mouth and nose! 

    2.) If you love cats, you're an ailurophile

    Looking to elevate your vocabulary? Try using the word ailurophile in a casual conversation. It’s a fancy word for "cat lover," and it’s derived from the Greek word for cat, ailouros, and the suffix -phile, meaning "lover." Conversely, the word ailurophobe—a combination of ailouros plus phobe—describes someone who hates cats.

    3.) Cats might be marking you as territory when they massage you

    Experts haven’t figured out why cats like to knead, but they’ve come up with several possible explanations, one being that your kitty is trying to mark their "territory" (that’s you!) with the scent glands in their paws. And since kittens knead their mama’s belly to stimulate milk production, there’s also a chance that they carry this behavior into adulthood—a phenomenon known as a "neotenic behavior."

    4.) There is a cat painting worth close to $1 Million! 

    In 2015, a 6-by-8.5-foot oil painting billed as the "world’s largest cat painting" sold at auction for more than $820,000. It’s called My Wife's Lovers, and it once belonged to a wealthy philanthropist named Kate Birdsall Johnson. She loved felines so much that she owned dozens (some even say hundreds) of kitties, and commissioned a painter to capture her Turkish Angoras and Persians in their natural element.
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