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05 July 2020

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  • Top 40 Sexy Bob Hairstyles For Black Women
    05 July 2020

    Bobs are one of the best short hairstyles for black women who love to hustle. It’s for all those who want something low-maintenance yet stylish. A perfect bob flatters your face and emphasizes every feature of your face so that you look your best. And the best part of these hairstyles is that if you don’t want to commit to short hair or fear if you would get it right or not, you can use a weave, without touching your natural hair.

    However, there are a lot of great bob hairstyles for black women and it might be quite confusing to choose one. So, in this article we have listed the top 40 sexy bob hairstyles for black women that might provide you inspiration for your next trip to salon.

    1. Short Feminine Bob

    Bob hairstyles for black women are one of the smartest hairstyle choices you can opt which is easy to maintain yet fashion-forward. With ends cut neatly and laid edges, you can hardly go wrong with bob haircuts.

    2. Caramel highlighted black bob

    The caramel color is one of the perfect options for darker hair. If you get the highlights right, you are gonna look extremely stylish. And, if you get it once, you would want to come back to it again and again.

    3. Black Bob With Feathered Bangs

    Bob haircuts are flattering for most women. This blunt cut consists of a lot of feathery layers at the top along with blunt out edges at the bottom. Sleek and stylish, this bob haircut for black women has everything needed to give you a well groomed appearance.

    4. Asymmetrical Bob

    Bobs need not be simple all the time. For an edgier look, you can go for this hairstyle which features an angular cut with layered and wavy hair falling on one side and straight locks on the other. If you are confused whether you want a straight or messy hair, this haircut is a superb way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    5. Short Layered Bob With Thick Bangs

    Adding layers to your hair provides you the much needed sass which makes your appearance eye-catching and attractive. The thick bangs add volume to your hair and provide movement which when paired with subtle highlights, gives you a polished look.

    6. Inverted Bob For Black Hair

    The inverted bob is one of the sexiest bob haircuts for black women. This hairstyle features a short inverted cut with a side-part that looks stylish and flattering. The side-swept bangs contain a lot of layers and the back features inverted tapers towards the neck that gives a unique rounded look. To get a bolder finish, you can add violet-blue highlights like in this picture or any other color of your choice.

    7. Textured Bob With Caramel Balayage

    The balayage is a popular way of adding extra dimensions to your hair. This caramel balayage with layers looks especially eye-catching when the wind blows through your silky-tresses giving them a naturally wavy look.

    8. Curly Bob Hairstyle For Black air

    If you have naturally-curly hair, why not embrace it with this bob hairstyle. This lively hairdo features silky curly locks that are cut in a slightly angular fashion and fall naturally. The overall simplicity of this style makes it one of the best short hairstyles for women who are not into frequent maintenance of their hair.

    9. Vintage Bob Haircut

    The chin-length bob is the most classic short bob hairstyles for black women. It’s timeless hairstyle choice which suits every girl. And the best part of this hairstyle is that you let it grow quite a few inches till your next salon visit and it will still look equally stylish and attractive.

    10. Angular Bob

    An angular asymmetrical bob looks flattering for both straight and curly hair. Go for a shoulder-length haircut to make the angle look sharper and dramatic. The wavy texture will give more shape and fullness to the style.

    11. Layered Pixie Bob

    Sometimes it seems intimidating to go for a big chop, but for hair damaged due to heat, you must get your unhealthy ends chopped. However, you don’t need to go for a super-short pixie! A neck length one will give provide ample style and also the necessary length to play with.

    12. Glossy Angled Bob

    You can try a long bob with shoulder-length layers towards the front and neck-length layers near the back. The A-line cut is completely alluring and you can also go for a weave, if not your natural hair. In that way, you would protect your natural locks without anyone really noticing.

    13. Short Thick Stacked Bob

    If you have thick and healthy locks, embrace them with this stacked bob which further enhances the body of the cut. These swoopy layers are refined enough for your office days but equally chic for a party weekend. Make sure you keep the split ends trimmed to allow your hair to grow long and full.

    14.Braided Bob For Black Women

    Short braided bob looks as stylish as those long and thick braids while being much lighter and easier to carry. If you are looking for a major transformation in your hairstyle then these mini, chin-length feed-in braids can prove to be your best friend. Low-maintenance and easy to style, this hairstyle worth being tried by every black girl at least once in their lifetime.

    15. Chic Layered Bob

    The addition of layers to this cut gives it a graceful silhouette making it one of the best bob hairstyles for black women. The artful stacking of layers almost creates a shag that looks sexy and playful.

    16. Middle Parted Shoulder Length Bob

    This middle parted layered bob is simple yet chic. The locks fall freely, symmetrically along both sides and act as a beautiful frame for the face. You can keep your hair straight or use a curler for a messier look.

    17. Short Curly Bob
  • Updated! 26 Ways To Rock Cobalt Blue Like A Style Star | #SRCOTD
    05 July 2020

    A Style Rave Originated Content. Visit for more rave-worthy fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture news.

    Blue, in general, is a calming color that symbolizes depth, stability, confidence, intelligence, loyalty, and strength. One of its shades,… This is a premium content, log in or registerto get unlimited access to exclusive content and more.

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  • Malia Obama Turns 22 + A Look At Her Laid-back Style
    05 July 2020

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    The first daughter of Barrack Obama, the first Black President of the United States, Malia Obama celebrates her birthday, which she shares with America, as she turns 22 today. Boyfriend Born Malia Ann Obama on July 4, 1998, Malia has come a long way over the years. She was only 10 years old when her…

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  • Chanel Haute Couture Autunno Inverno 2020 2021: la collezione sarà presentata il 7 luglio
    05 July 2020

    La collezione Haute Couture Autunno Inverno 2020 2021 di Chanel sarà svelata martedì 7 luglio alle 12:00 (ora di Parigi) su e su tutti i social media del brand. Lo ha annunciato la maison anticipando alcuni dettagli delle spettacolari creazioni che saranno protagoniste della presentazione digitale.

    Ad aprire le porte degli atelier di 31 rue Cambon è un video realizzato dal filmmaker Loïc Prigent che mostra le “petites mains” mentre apportano gli ultimi ritocchi agli abiti disegnati dal direttore creativo di Chanel, Virginie Viard. Immagini di backstage che svelano la vera magia dell'alta moda.

  • 6 Motivational Instagram Accounts to Follow
    05 July 2020

    Since we can all use more inspiration in our lives right now, I’m making this week’s Things I’m Loving Right now all about motivational quotes. These are 6 motivational Instagram accounts I follow that always inspire me:


    Christie is a graphic designer, who creates beautiful images of inspiring quotes. She always credits the author of each quote and has multiple color options if you want to repost her imagery. She even has a tech accessory collection with Casetify!


    Created by a wellness coach, this account is full of Instagram posts that help your wellbeing. I especially love reading the thought provoking captions.


    My friend Candice always posts affirmations on her personal account. She always has an account full dedicated to affirmations and helpful wellness tips. Any time I’m having a bad day, I scroll through for a reminder that I am more than enough, and everything will be ok.


    Vienna Pharaon is a marriage and family therapist in New York. Even though I don’t have a partner, I still find her Instagram extremely helpful in reminding myself of my self worth.


    I recently started following Candace’s account, and my only regret is that I did not find it sooner! I love her straightforward way of empowering women.

    As a small business owner, I find Boss Babe to be extra helpful. Their feed is a constant reminder that I can do anything I put my mind to.

    motivational read

    I post inspirational quotes on my Insta Stories every morning. I get most of them from two books: Everyday Mindfulness and Everyday Happiness. I love both equally. Sometimes they both have such amazing quotes on a specific day that I have to post two!

    There are other books in the series, too, like Everyday Kindness and Everyday Courage. I haven’t seen them in person but if they’re anything like the two I own, I can confidently say they’re extremely helpful for wellbeing.


    I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the places that I find my wellness inspiration. If you have any motivational Instagram accounts that you like, I’d love to hear about them! We’re also sharing inspirational quotes on the @shopsydnesummer Instagram page if you want to be friends there, too!

  • Hollywood Bar & Club Scene on Verge of Collapse After New Closure
    05 July 2020

    California’s nightlife is going back into lockdown amid renewed spikes of coronavirus cases — something the L.A. bar and club scene might not be able to survive … TMZ has learned. If you live in the Golden State, you probably heard about Gov.…

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    The post Hollywood Bar & Club Scene on Verge of Collapse After New Closure appeared first on Digital Online Fashion Magazine | Free Fashion Magazine | Fashion Magazine Online.

  • Yes, “Maskne” Is Now a Real Skin Issue: How to Prevent and Treat Face Mask-Related Breakouts
    05 July 2020

    “Botched” Dr. Paul Nassif’s Summer Skincare Tips

    We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

    As if 2020 wasn’t difficult enough, we have a new skin issue to possibly contend with: “maskne.”

    A combination of masks and acne, some are finding themselves dealing with breakouts caused by wearing face masks and protective coverings when they go out in public spaces amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to protect themselves and others. And if you have to travel, you could be covering your face for hours at a time, which yes, can totally wreak havoc on your skin.

    To help better understand what is causing these new breakouts, and, more importantly, how to treat and prevent them, we spoke to Olga Lorencin, a celebrity esthetician who counts Halle Berry, Zoe Kravitz, Emily Blunt and Eva Mendes among her star clients, about “maskne.”

    The good news? Breakouts caused by the masks are no different than any other flare-ups you may experience, with Lorencin assuring us, “A breakout is a breakout! I don’t think they are particularly different than any other breakout one would have.”

    Still, there are measures one can take to avoid dealing with any skin issues caused by facial coverings. 

    “If possible, try not wearing foundation underneath your mask,” Lorencin advises, also adding to bring toner or a stringent with you “so that you can wipe underneath your mask anytime you feel like you’re sweating” or if you will be wearing a mask for a long period of time. 

    Getty Images

    “The less product you wear underneath your mask,

     Â» Read Full Article

    The post Yes, “Maskne” Is Now a Real Skin Issue: How to Prevent and Treat Face Mask-Related Breakouts appeared first on Digital Online Fashion Magazine | Free Fashion Magazine | Fashion Magazine Online.

  • Kanye West Tweets He’s Running For President On July 4th — See Tweet
    05 July 2020

    Happy Birthday, America, from Kanye West. Your present? A vow from the rapper that he’s running for President in 2020.

    Well, apparently someone couldn’t wait until 2024! Kanye West created his own fireworks on America’s birthday when he tweeted unexpectedly that he’s running for President in the 2020 general election. The July 4th tweet was sent out shortly after President Trumpcelebrated the Fourth of July with a “Salute to America” on the White House South Lawn, where he vowed to defeat “the radical left”.

    We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States ! #2020VISION

    — ye (@kanyewest) July 5, 2020

    “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” Kanye tweeted on July 4th. “I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.” Shortly after tweeting the announcement, the hashtag #Kanye2020 started trending HARD, with fans around the nation throwing their support behind Kim Kardashian‘s hubby. One of his biggest? Elon Musk, who almost immediately put his support behind Kanye on Twitter.

    You have my full support!

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 5, 2020

    Of course, this isn’t the first time Kanye has spoken about running for the highest office in the land. Last fall, ‘Ye spoke in front of surprised crowd at the Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, where he announced his intentions of running in 2024. “When I run for president in 2024, we would’ve created so many jobs that I’m not going to run, I’m going to walk.”

    Kanye offered no further details on his campaign,

     Â» Read Full Article

    The post Kanye West Tweets He’s Running For President On July 4th — See Tweet appeared first on Digital Online Fashion Magazine | Free Fashion Magazine | Fashion Magazine Online.

  • ‘Costco Karen’ Throws Tantrum When Asked To Follow Rule
    05 July 2020

    Published 7 hours ago

    It seems like a day doesn’t go by without another Karen losing her cool over something minute. This time, it was at a Costco, and once again, the tantrum was over wearing a face mask.

    Video of the incident shows the woman throwing hissy fit before petulantly dropping to the ground.

    “I just need you to put that on for now while you’re in the building. That’s all,” an employee is heard telling the woman, referring to a face mask dangling from her ear. “Just temporarily while you’re in here, and then you can take it right back off.”

    “I will not!” the woman replies, before going on to say the mask requirement is “your problem.”

    Even as cases of and deaths from the coronavirus pandemic continue to rise, it seems that a minor inconvenience is too much for some. As the employee attempts to escort the woman outside to speak with a manager, she decides to protest by sitting on the ground, blocking the store’s exit.

    “Can I get you a chair? Outside? There’s a place to sit,” the employee asks.

    “I am an American,” she says back. “I have Constitutional rights.”

    It isn’t clear what Costco location the incident happened at and the identity of the woman is currently unknown.

    New ‘Costco Karen’ Sighting —throws 3-yr-old type tantrum— sits on the floor and won’t leave because “this is America..” —tries to lie about medical condition then changes her mind

    — ONLY iN LVNV ➐ (@OnlyInLVNV) July 2, 2020

    Similar to other Karens we’ve featured, this one makes wearing a mask a political issue rather than simply putting one on,

     Â» Read Full Article

    The post ‘Costco Karen’ Throws Tantrum When Asked To Follow Rule appeared first on Digital Online Fashion Magazine | Free Fashion Magazine | Fashion Magazine Online.

  • Costumi donna estate 2020 che cosa indossare in spiaggia
    05 July 2020

    Costumi donna estate 2020 che cosa indossare in spiaggia per essere sempre perfette e a proprio agio, come una fotomodella, ma più felice Costumi donna estate 2020 per una vacanza al mare all’insegna della libertà. Finalmente al sole, con il profumo del mare e la sabbia sui capelli, come essere felici in spiaggia in costume.…

    L'articolo Costumi donna estate 2020 che cosa indossare in spiaggia sembra essere il primo su Fiammisday Blog Come Vestire i Bambini.

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