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30 March 2020

Fashion blogs
  • My 6 Essentials For Working From Home
    30 March 2020


    Working from home… it can be one of those grass is greener situations, am I right? People who work from home sometimes miss the social aspect of working in an office whereas people who work in an office wish they had the flexibility of working remotely. Whatever your typical setup, I think we all agree home life has changed substantially over the last couple weeks. Whether you are starting to work from home due to Covid19 – or are looking for ways to be productive around the house, here are some of my essentials for working from home!

    1. Coffeemaker: First things first, coffee. I used to look forward to stopping and grabbing my cup of coffee with Beckam before I dropped him off at school, but I’ve never been more grateful for a coffeemaker until now. This one is best for easy quick coffee. My dad surprised us with this high tech one and it can make espressos, coffee, mochas, everything, it is pricier but so yummy if your an avid coffee drinker. It’s like having Starbucks in your house ;).  Just add a cute mug to start the morning off on the right foot. (Have you guys seen these? So cute!)

    2. A Notepad: Although everything I do basically begins and ends with all things digital, sometimes the best way to wrap your head around something is to write it out with good old fashioned pen and paper. I love this cute notepad to keep your week organized (seemingly more impossible now than ever haha) and this desktop calendar (also perfect for putting together a weekly schedule for the kids!).

    3. Airpods: Honestly, these are worth every penny. I still haven’t made the transition to the Airpods Pro, although I’ve heard amazing reviews for the noice cancelling affect, but the standard version is amazing. I can’t imagine working from home without them now! Add Siri and ‘Talk to text” and it brings a whole new meaning to handsfree.

    4. A dedicated workspace: With a laptop, it’s easy to roam the house and end up working from anywhere you can find a flat surface and quiet space for moment. I’ve found it’s always best to have a dedicated work space to help get you in that working mentality every time you sit down. If that’s not an option, instead focus on dedicated non-working zones. Working from bed might sound like heaven, but it’s best to keep that space dedicated to rest and relaxation so you don’t start to associate the two.

    5. Blue-Light Blocking Glasses: If you aren’t used to starting at a screen 40+ hours a week, then let me introduce you to blue-light blocking glasses! Trust me on these – your eyes will thank you. (Another hack to avoid headaches – focus on your posture! Especially with laptops, you usually tend to look down at your screen. Try to find a set up that elevates your computer so your neck isn’t bent all day.)

    6. A good candle: If you’re going to be indoors for most of the day, find joy in the simple things! Whether it’s a pretty bunch of blooms or lighting up your favorite candle, adding something a little luxurious to your workday will make it all the more bearable.

    Also wanted to mention a few of my favorite apps for working from home! If you have any others to add to the list, comment below for other people to download!

    • Swipes – This is the best app for your to do list! Just swipe to cross something off your list – so rewarding!
    • Google Calendar – I live by my calendar! I am always most efficient when I am time-blocking. Just set aside 30 minutes to focus on a single task, and work on it without distraction until the 30 minutes is up. Multitasking is actually less efficient, because your brain has to adjust when you switch back and forth between tasks, so time-blocking is a must, especially when you are dealing with so many potential interruptions during the day.

    Below are some other office additions to brighten up your home workspace. You can also read more about the truth about balancing mom and work life and other lessons I’ve learned about working from home here and here.

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    XX, Christine

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  • Doc Antle Apparently Wrangled a Tiger During Britney Spears's 2001 VMAs Performance
    30 March 2020
  • <i>Kinfolk</i> Began as a Labor of Love, But Didn’t Turn Out as Planned
    30 March 2020

    The magazine’s co-founder Katie Searle on loss, grief, and building a beautifully imperfect life from scratch.

  • Best Conditioner for Dry Hair
    30 March 2020

    The 7 best conditioners for dry hair don’t leave a heavy residue but moisturize the scalp and make hair to feel fuller.

    What’s Inside

    The best conditioner depends on your taste. The conditioners below solve dry hair problems.

    1. Pura D’or Healing Argan Oil
    2. Maple Holistics Silk 18 Natural
    3. Argan’s Oil Hair Mask
    4. Joico Moisture Recovery
    5. Biolage Ultra Conditioning Balm
    6. Pure Biology Premium Hair Growth
    7. Ethique Eco-Friendly Super Hydrating Bar
    1. Pura D’or Healing Argan Oil Conditioner
    • It makes hair healthier and thicker. Using it with the shampoo will make your hair seem healthier and thicker. After shampooing your hair will feel dry but this conditioner soaks right in.
    • The smell is fantastic. Leaves hair fuller. Pura D’or Healing Conditioner is so nice together with the Pura D’or Scalp Therapy Shampoo. The products give aromatherapy and natural hair therapy for healthy hair and organic experience.
    • This conditioner is so rich and thick. It doesn’t leave hair greasy. You only need a small amount, so the bottle lasts a long time. The only thing that should change is the pump, which is a little too short to reach the bottom of the bottle but quite a good conditioner!
    • It doesn’t leave a heavy residue. It’s not easy to find a good conditioner for long hair that leaves a heavy residue but this doesn’t.
    • Easy to run a comb. This is an amazing product that leaves hair feeling very soft and smelling great. Having the argon oil is a plus for those with fine hair. After washing it out, it’s very easy to run a comb through the hair no matter how knotted it was prior.
    • Thick and not watered down. Maybe you have been using every cleansing conditioner out there but know that this one is quite good! It will make your hair to be so soft and shiny. The product is thick and not watered down some like other products. You will love the pump and the big size of the bottle because especially if you have thick super long hair. The price is unbeatable and the quality even beats much more expensive brands.
    2. Maple Holistics Silk 18 Natural Conditioner for Women and Men
    • It makes combing easier. You will be able to brush hair more easily than usual. This conditioner and the shampoo makes hair feel so silky and healthy without weighing it down! This conditioner has great slip, leaves hair feeling really soft. It defines curls yet leaves them soft and touchable, unlike gel. It definitely leaves hair feeling silky and shiny but it doesn’t weigh down the hair at all. Know that Maple Holistics line is natural and sulfate-free.
    • Solves thick, coarse, frizzy hair. This shampoo does a great job taking the frizz out of hair and helps it lay down smoothly. It also smells magnificent but the scent doesn’t stick out after you get out of the shower.
    • It can be used daily. If you have thick, stiff, wavy hair that’s prone to frizzing then this conditioner cuts down on both problems without nasty buildup or other fuss. It rinses out cleanly but the effect remains. The scent mostly is vanilla and quite pleasant. No perfume or other heavy, strong, offensive scents. The scent does not linger significantly. If you are allergic to orris root, something found in many fragrances, you will have no problem with this product.
    3. Argan’s Oil Hair Mask Deep Conditioner
    • Reduces Shredding. You may have tried putting highlights in your hair and got a Brazilian blowout. Shortly after, you noticed your hair shedding tremendously, like chunks and chunks of hair falling out. Then you look for a deep treatment but a few days later, the problem came back. Then you tried Argan’s Oil Conditioner to help strengthen your hair back. After two times of using this product, you notice the shedding cut down tremendously. After continued use after every wash, your hair gets back to normal. Only normal to no shedding occurs.
    • This hair mask makes hair as soft as it looks. You will love that you can condition your hair with this product and not have to blow-dry it. This conditioner tames naturally fried hair giving you the confidence to be able to walk out the door.
    • Complex combo dry hair. If your dry hair has constant coloring and very oily roots then this would make your hair to sustain a good clean look for more than a day. But with this mask, you will be able to wash your hair less, 2 to 3 times a week depending on how you style it. You may use the mask every 2 to 3 days for 3 to 5 minutes on at a time, as an extra conditioning treatment and 1 to 2 every two weeks as deep conditioning where you leave it on overnight.
    • Manageable hair. If your natural hair is dry, curly, gets overheated with styling tools almost daily, is super damaged and highlighted too, then this product will solve the problem. Makes hair manageable, soft, healthy, shiny, and brushable.
    • Miracle mask. Cures hair that has been bleached, highlighted, and tortured by your hairdryer. The conditioner leaves hair so clean, light, soft, full of body and shine. This is a miracle mask and is better than other reconstructing treatments.

    Visit: Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair

    4. Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner
    • Feel the difference significantly after using Joico for 2 days. Dry and brittle tangled hair can look like a bird’s nest. But this product makes hair manageable without snagging. You won’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to get knots out of the hair in the morning anymore.
    • Works for a short amount of time. The shampoo cleans without stripping the hair. The conditioner works in a short amount of time. The conditioner can be used as a deep condition (under the dryer for 15 minutes) and as a five-minute condition while in the shower.
    • Amazing moisture recovery system. Keeps hair healthy and soft. Roots tend to oil up in 2 days while the ends are dry, frizzed and wirey. But the conditioner solves the problem due to its amazing moisture recovery system.
    • Protects hair also in dry winter conditions. Solves static-y, brittle hair. The conditioner is not heavy on the hair. After the first use, your hair will be significantly smoother and more manageable.
    5. Biolage Ultra Conditioning Balm
    • It provides a good level of moisture. You will love everything about this conditioner. Works perfectly for long thick hair. It has good texture, density and will make your hair look, smell, and feel fabulous. It is super moisturizing without being too heavy. It provides a good level of moisture for the scalp and does not leave any greasy residue after rinsing.
    • It can be used as a leave-in conditioner. Those with very thick, frizzy, long, dry hair and live in the dessert can use it as a leave-in conditioner. A few times a year you can use it for deep conditioning by applying gobs of it after shampooing, leaving in for an hour then rinsing. Then applying the regular amount and leave in till the next rinse.
    • Solves greasy hair. If your hair tends toward greasy, some moisturizing shampoos and conditioners will be a no go for you. But Biolage works wonders on greasy hair. The scent is not overwhelming and doesn’t smell like perfumes. During very hot and humid conditions, your hair will always stay soft when outside in the heat.
    6. Pure Biology Premium Hair Growth Conditioner
    • Post-menopausal hair. This product has many great qualities. First, this adds incredible moisture and bounce to post-menopausal hair. This product gives a nice loose, volume producing curl. Next, this product does seem to add thickness to the hair strand without that typical drying quality of products that aim to thicken, too. No gluey, sticky residue that makes you regret using a product at all. Premium Hair Grower Conditioner keeps hair feels smooth, more elastic and softer. Speaking of, the softness isn’t so that your hair won’t hold style. It holds styling effects very well.
    • Has great slip. Another great aspect: Since this product does not leave a gooey residue, it has a great slip. You will run a round brush dryer through layers with ease. And conversely, this product doesn’t make styling tools fall right through layers. Again, not with this conditioner. The slip is absolutely perfect.
    • Moisturizes scalp and makes hair feel fuller. The scent of this hair conditioner is not overpowering. Your hair will smell fresh soon as it dries. This hair conditioner has the same scent as Pure Biology’s facial cleanser. More of a lemongrass scent. Moisturizes dry scalp, therefore, preventing dandruff.
    • Not noticed new hair growth yet. This hair conditioner says it’s designed for growth stimulation and deep moisture. It also claims to reduce hair loss. But those using the product say they haven’t noticed new hair growth or reduction on hair loss.
    • Pricey. The bottle is small considering the price.
    7. Ethique Eco-Friendly Super Hydrating Conditioner Bar
    • Easy to use despite being a bar. It’s a great price for how long it lasts. It’s easy to use despite being a bar. Not crumbly and doesn’t melt. Nourishes your dry brittle ends without being greasy or oily.
    • Improves hair texture. Many ladies have dry ends because of coloring their hairs and also have a fairly greasy scalp. This conditioner makes hair so soft without exacerbating the oil issue. Your hairdresser will immediately notice a difference in the texture of your hair and remark on how healthy it feels and looks.
    • Solves itchy scalp. Ethique’s products offer many..
  • Gli ingegneri della Formula 1 Mercedes progettano respiratori a tempo record
    30 March 2020

    Non è solo la moda a mobilitarsi per la produzione di mascherine e camici, e a donare per la lotta al coronavirus. Anche il mondo della Formula 1 scende in campo, adesso che il mondiale è fermo.  Il team Mercedes di Formula 1  - quello di Lewis Hamilton - ha collaborato con medici e ingegneri inglesi dell'University College di Londra (UCL ) per la messa a punto di un dispositivo di respirazione per i pazienti affetti da coronavirus. Il nuovo apparecchio CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) è stato progettato da un apparecchio esistente in meno di 100 ore e può essere rapidamente prodotto in serie, contribuendo a ridurre il fabbisogno di ventilatori.

    I dispositivi CPAP vengono utilizzati per curare le infezioni da coronavirus e spesso servono a evitare che i pazienti debbano essere intubati. Un vantaggio enorme per gli ospedali che devono quotidianamente affrontare la carenza di ventilatori.

    "Questi dispositivi aiuteranno a salvare vite umane garantendo che i ventilatori, una risorsa limitata, vengano utilizzati solo per i malati più gravi", ha affermato il professor Mervyn Singer, consulente di terapia intensiva presso l'University College London Hospitals (UCLH). Le macchine CPAP aiutano a mantenere aperte le vie respiratorie dei pazienti e aumentano la quantità di ossigeno che entra nei polmoni spingendo aria e ossigeno nella bocca e nel naso a una velocità continua. 

    Cento dei nuovi dispositivi saranno sottoposti a sperimentazioni cliniche presso l'UCLH, per poi essere rapidamente distribuiti negli ospedali britannici. Un processo che può richiedere anni è stato ridotto a pochi giorni, il team ha lavorato giorno e notte per disassemblare e analizzare un dispositivo esistente per poi lavorare con simulazioni al computer. Adesso il team Mercedes è impegnato per produrre e consegnare i nuovi respiratori più velocemente possibile.

  • Da Jacquemus a Tim Walker, i corsi online gratuiti con i big del fashion system: per studiare moda ai tempi del coronavirus
    30 March 2020

     Jacquemus,Tim Walker, Molly Goddard e Thom Browne: sono le voci che da oggi potremo seguire dal divano di casa nostra, grazie alla formazione online pensata per questo periodo di coronavirus e #iorestoacasa. 

    Quanto e come sarà cambiato il fashion system, una volta superata l’emergenza pandemia? Questa è una delle domande più ricorrenti del periodo attuale, che non trova, tuttavia, solo supposizioni negative: anche, e forse soprattutto, dalle crisi peggiori nascono le migliori iniziative creative e i cambi di paradigma più rivoluzionari. E in un momento storico così delicato, in cui il tempo e la produttività acquisiscono nuovo valore e significato, non c’è niente di meglio che piantare i semi di un futuro migliore, a partire dall’educazione. Assieme alle accademie e alle scuole di moda, che si sono trovate a gestire i propri corsi attraverso le piattaforme online, in questi giorni sono tantissimi i protagonisti del settore, dai designer più quotati ai creativi più iconici, che terranno delle lezioni online per studenti e appassionati, dando ulteriore valore, per l’appunto, al tempo di cui approfittare durante questa quarantena.

    Tra le scuole che hanno avviato gli insegnamenti virtuali per le proprie classi troviamo l’Institut Français de la Mode, che inoltre ha lanciato proprio oggi, 30 marzo, un esclusivo corso online di quattro settimane che chiunque potrà seguire da ogni angolo del pianeta: intitolato “Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture" è diretto dal professore Benjamin Simmenauer e presentato in inglese con varie opzioni di sottotitolazione. Con un focus trasversale, che esplora il fashion system sia come fenomeno culturale che come industria creativa, vede tra i suoi protagonisti nientemeno che lo stilista Simone Porte Jacquemus e Paul Smith, trattando argomenti che spaziano dalla decodifica delle tendenze al rapporto tra stampa e moda, sino alle rappresentazioni di genere e alle questioni sociali e subculturali. Il corso è disponibile gratuitamente sulla piattaforma FutureLearn.

    Anche la Sarabande Foundation di Alexander McQueen, ente di beneficenza artistica fondato nel 2007, ha appena lanciato una serie di conferenze gratuite su arte e moda, intitolate The Sarabande Sessions: le lezioni online, anche queste rigorosamente gratuite, si tengono ogni giorno alle ore 17, dal 27 marzo sino al 9 aprile, e vedranno come protagonisti alcune delle personalità britanniche più iconiche del mondo della moda, dall’avanguardista designer Molly Goddard al leggendario fotografo Tim Walker, passando per Thom Browne e Samuel Ross di A-COLD-WALL *. Una selezione di talk che mirano a ispirare i nuovi talenti della moda e offrire a chiunque l'opportunità di ottenere una visione d'insieme dell’universo fashion e di quello artistico, al di là dei labili confini tra ambiti creativi.

    Infine, nella giornata di oggi anche il Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) di New York ha lanciato un corso gratuito sulla piattaforma Coursera, dal titolo “Fashion As Design”, pensato per fornire le basi per comprendere la moda, nonché gli strumenti fondamentali per apprezzare e contestualizzare il design dei capi d’abbigliamento, dal Ready to Wear alla Haute Couture. Concepito dall’autrice e curatrice del Dipartimento di Architettura e Design del MoMa, Paola Antonelli, il corso offre una prospettiva più universale sull’abito come oggetto di design, tra forma e funzione, automazione e artigianalità, standardizzazione e personalizzazione, concentrandosi su una selezione di oltre 70 capi e accessori provenienti da tutto il mondo: attraverso ognuno di essi, gli studenti esamineremo da vicino ciò indossiamo ogni giorno, perché lo facciamo, come viene realizzato e cosa significa, con il contributo di designer, produttori, storici e altre figure professionali che lavorano con l'abbigliamento e, in alcuni casi, ne reinventano la concezione.

    Ecco qui gli open day delle scuole di moda più importanti in Italia, diventati online e virtuali per colpa del coronavirus

  • Moda 2020: gli abiti di pizzo Alexander McQueen
    30 March 2020
    Il pizzo di Alexander McQueen per la primavera 2020

    Tra i protagonisti della collezione Alexander McQueen primavera estate 2020 c'è il pizzo, materiale tipicamente femminile, romantico ed emotivamente risonante amatissimo da tutte le donne. Il pizzo, infatti, riporta subito alla mente un'immaginario antico e regale, ma anche lavorazioni artigianali preziose. Non certo è un caso, quindi, se Sarah Burton, direttore creativo della maison, ha scelto di puntare proprio su queste caratteristiche, lavorando su abiti e bustier con tecniche diverse: dal pizzo guipure all'uncinetto lavorato secondo il metodo irlandese, fino al pizzo lichene e al pizzo su lino damascato di Thomas Ferguson, riconosciuto come il migliore tessitore di lino damascato del mondo. Il risultato è una collezione poetica e delicata, dove il fascino del pizzo è esaltato da silhouette leggere ed eleganti dando vita a capi già iconici, come la camicia in popeline di cotone con pizzo triangolare e l'abito in pelle nera con corsetto rivestito in pizzo floreale. 

    LIAM LESLIE 3 - AMQ_SS20_LOWRES-6608436.jpg Liam LeslieLIAM LESLIE 6 - AMQ_SS20_LOWRES-6608210.jpg Liam LeslieLIAM LESLIE 5 - AMQ_SS20_LOWRES-6608321.jpg Liam LeslieLIAM LESLIE 2 - AMQ_SS20_LOWRES-13414380.jpg Liam LeslieLIAM LESLIE 4 - AMQ_SS20_LOWRES-6608216.jpg Liam LeslieLIAM LESLIE 1 - AMQ_SS20_LOWRES-14030100.jpg Liam LeslieDON MCCULLIN 1 - 113A2881 1.jpg Don McCullin_ALE0066_20191001062006.jpg Gorunway_ALE0046_20191001061908.jpg GorunwayDON MCCULLIN 2 - 113A2487.jpg Don McCullin_ALE0077_20191001061918.jpg GorunwayDON MCCULLIN 1 - 113A2552.jpg Liam Leslie_ALE0168_20191001061937.jpg Gorunway_ALE0063_20191001062057.jpg Gorunway_ALE0191_20191001062115.jpg Gorunway
  • Maintaining Physical Wellbeing From Home: The Home Workout
    30 March 2020

    Following the advice of health experts during the period of COVID-19 isolation, many are replacing their usual gym session or weekly spin class with home workouts. Instagram fitness influencers have been quick to fill...

    The post Maintaining Physical Wellbeing From Home: The Home Workout appeared first on Pynck.

  • How to Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety
    30 March 2020

    The last few weeks have been anxious for everyone, as the new realities of social isolation and potential economic collapse set in. For the three million plus Canadians who live with anxiety disorders, the mental health implications are especially, well, stressful. So how best to cope? We spoke with Christine Korol, a registered psychologist at the Vancouver Anxiety Centre about coping with the uncertainty, how to be mindful while washing the dishes—and whether it’s okay to ditch your bra.

    First things first: How are you doing?

    I’m doing pretty well. I do deal with anxiety, but for whatever reason it hasn’t really acted up during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s the thing about anxiety—it’s not necessarily predictable. I was totally fine during the SARS outbreak and then for whatever reason H1N1 really freaked me out.

    Are you doing anything to stay mentally healthy?

    I try to follow the same advice that I would give a client, which is to set aside time to just relax and unwind. After doing back-to-back virtual therapy sessions all week I took the weekend off. My kid is really into RuPaul’s Drag Race, so I watched that for the first time. And I exercised. I’m lucky to have treated myself to a Peleton last summer. Talk about good timing.

    Read this next: How to WFH When You Live With a Roommate or Partner

    How important is getting exercise when you’re feeling anxious?

    Very. Physical activity releases stress and all that pent-up energy we have from being cooped up. It’s also a way to be in your body, in the moment, which is a good way to combat the hamster-wheel-brain thing. As far as I know it’s still okay to get out for a walk or a run, as long as you’re practicing social distancing. [Editor’s note: This applies to those who are symptom free and haven’t travelled or been in contact with anyone with COVID-19, read more about getting outdoor exercise safely during a time of social distancing here.] You can also get creative: do yoga on your patio, even run up and down the stairs. You also want to take care of your body in terms of eating well. Anxiety can be an appetite suppressant but brains don’t like being starved and a brain under stress can be more anxious.

    Being cooped up and alone can’t be good for anxiety levels?

    Definitely there are mental health consequences that come with isolation and social distancing. It’s why you are seeing this movement to refer to it as “physical distancing,” meaning there are ways for people to connect socially using virtual tools. That’s really important. It’s been amazing to see the way people are hanging out and spending time with loved ones on video chat platforms like Zoom and Facetime. It’s a good idea to schedule these “dates” the way you would in the physical world so that you feel committed to having that social time. One of the things with anxiety and depression that comes with being alone is you might start to feel like you don’t want to be with other people, but it’s important to push past that to experience the positive results.

    So [safe] social interaction is an anxiety buster?

    Connection is really important. And then the other thing in terms of this kind of widespread crisis is that it can be helpful to understand that you are not alone. To feel yourself as a part of history and a collective effort. You think about previous generations where people were going off to war and we got through that. I’ve heard from people who have started journaling while they’re stuck at home. Taking the time to record your experience, to acknowledge that things are hard, but also that this is a moment in time. That it is not forever.

    Read this next: We Should All Be Following the NYC Coronavirus Guide to Safe Sex

    What about the anxiety caused by others? Most of my COVID-related stress has been around seeing people ignore the rules.

    This is definitely a tough one. With anxiety in general it’s best to distinguish between the things you can control and the things you can’t. And then focusing on the second group. You can stay up all night fuming about people still going to the beach, but what is that going to accomplish? Instead, focus on something you can do that might actually make a difference. Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbour. Check in with a friend or family member who’s having a tough time. The other thing to keep in mind about the way other people are behaving is that you don’t live in their head and you don’t necessarily know why they are acting the way they’re acting. Maybe they have a hard time watching the news and keeping up with best practices, so their ignorance is a coping mechanism.

    Meanwhile so many of us can’t look away from the local news, CNN, Twitter. How does the 24/7 news stream affect anxiety?

    Again, watching news, knowing about every single new study or statistic, every person who’s died in Italy. That can also be a way of coping, but it’s not good for you. The news, even during a global health crisis, is still designed to hook you. You are going to hear about one death rather than all the people who survived, and so on. I think it’s a good idea to choose a few sources that you feel are reliable, rather than just taking in everything that’s on the internet. And then set limits. Maybe you check once in the morning and once at the end of the day.

    Mindfulness is something we’re hearing a lot about in response to mental health challenges around COVID-19. Can you explain how it works?

    There are a lot of different ways to be mindful. Some people practice mindful meditation, where you are sitting, doing nothing but focusing your thoughts. But really you can be mindful while working on a puzzle, while baking, while cleaning the dishes. The point is that you are actively directing your focus to whatever it is you’re doing. Even if it’s I am turning on the tap, I am putting the dish in the dish washer. It’s a way of combatting that hamster wheel where your brain is running a mile a minute.

    Read this next: My Mental Health Issues Are Helping Me Through Self-Isolation

    Can you be mindful while binging on endless hours of Netflix?

    No. Even if you are really into whatever you are watching it’s still a passive brain activity, so it doesn’t have the same benefits. I’m not saying don’t watch movies or TV. Just that you aren’t going to see those mood benefits.

    What about “I am pouring a glass of wine…I am taking a sip…”

    Ha. Right. I get that people are using alcohol to help them unwind, but I would be careful with that. Drinking alcohol interferes with your sleep. Even if you are sleeping through the night you’re not getting a deep sleep, so that’s going to impair your ability to manage stress and reduce your resilience.

    There is some debate about quarantine wardrobe. Some people are getting dressed as they normally would while others are enjoying this time of bra-lessness and PJs.

    If you’re having trouble adjusting to working from home, it’s a good idea to dress for the day and to do whatever else you can to instill a routine and make distinctions between day and night. Try not to work in your bedroom and if you are working in your bedroom, set up a workspace that isn’t your bed. Otherwise, your brain is going to get confused and have trouble powering down when you want to go to sleep at night. On the other hand, it’s okay to recognize that we’re in special circumstances and give yourself a break. If that means not wearing a bra, go ahead.

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  • Ganni blue dress
    30 March 2020

    The post Ganni blue dress appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

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