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28 September 2021

Stock Blogs
  • The Tell: Could China’s energy crisis could prove bigger than Evergrande? Goldman joins Nomura in cutting growth forecasts
    28 September 2021
    News that factories have been shut in parts of China are sending a chill up Wall Street's spine, driving concerns that the country's economic growth is going to struggle.
  • Mansion Global: You could buy NFL legend Emmitt Smith’s Dallas mansion for $2.2 million — and get a private dinner with him
    28 September 2021
    NFL great Emmitt Smith is selling his longtime home in Dallas for $2.2 million, a number chosen in honor of the number he wore during his Hall of Fame career.
  • Why Kirkland Lake Gold (TSX:KL) Tanked Over 10% Today
    28 September 2021

    What happened?

    The shares of Canadian gold miner Kirkland Lake Gold (TSX:KL)(NYSE:KL) tanked by about 10% this morning. This massive selloff in KL stock came after it revealed Tuesday morning that its home market rival Agnico Eagle Mines (TSX:AEM)(NYSE:AEM) has agreed to buy the company in a deal worth about $13.5 billion. After the news came out, Agnico Eagle’s share price also tumbled by nearly 2% in the opening of the Canadian market.

    So what?

    Kirkland Lake Gold and Agnico Eagle Mines are both Toronto-based gold mining companies. Currently, Kirkland has a market cap of about $14.9 billion, which is slightly lower than Agnico Eagle’s $15.6 billion. After shareholders’ approval, each Kirkland share will be converted into 0.7935 of an Agnico Eagle common share.

    Both the gold mining companies’ financials hugely benefited from the pandemic-driven sharp rally in gold prices last year. By comparison, Kirkland’s adjusted net profit jumped by nearly 60% YoY (year over year) in 2020, Agnico Eagle registered even a stronger 97% increase in its bottom line. However, Kirkland Lake’s overall business is far more profitable than Agnico’s business operations. To give you an idea, Kirkland reported an adjusted net profit margin of 37.5% last year, more than double compared to Agnico’s 14.4%. This could be one of the reasons why Kirkland investors seemingly didn’t like the news of its merger with Agnico Eagle, triggering a sharp selloff in KL stock today.

    Now what?

    In a joint press release, both the gold miners termed the deal as “a merger of equals.” While investors might have reacted negatively to the merger news today, I find it a positive development for their long-term growth prospects. The deal will help the combined gold mining company drive synergies, enhance profitability, and strengthen overall business operations in the long run. That’s why long-term investors may want to take advantage of the ongoing selloff in their shares and buy these fundamentally strong Canadian dividend stocks cheap.

    The post Why Kirkland Lake Gold (TSX:KL) Tanked Over 10% Today appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

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    The Motley Fool has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Fool contributor Jitendra Parashar has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

  • 5 Top-Rallying TSX Stocks That Soared Up to 330% This Year
    28 September 2021

    Canadian markets have been in great shape this year and have soared almost 15% so far. By all accounts, that’s undoubtedly a stellar run with pandemic-related uncertainties looming. However, some TSX stocks went through the roof this year, absolutely thrashing broader markets. So, here are Canada’s five top-performing stocks from the S&P/TSX Composite Index so far this year.

    #5 Converge Technology Solutions

    Converge Technology Solutions (TSX:CTS) seems like a perfect growth stock in the making. It is up 125% so far this year and still seems to have steam left.

    It is a software solutions provider that operates in various domains like cybersecurity, advanced analytics, and the cloud. Along with organic growth, Converge has been aggressive on the acquisition front as well.

    Since Q4 2017, the company has completed 23 acquisitions. Its solid balance sheet discounted valuation, and appetite for inorganic growth make it an appealing bet for long-term investors.

    #4 Enerplus

    The energy sector notably outran broader markets this year. Enerplus (TSX:ERF)(NYSE:ERF) is a $2.6 billion oil and gas production company whose stock has soared almost 145% so far this year.

    Improving demand and higher energy commodity prices notably boosted the energy company’s financials this year. Enerplus reported a massive 230% surge in revenues compared to the same quarter last year in the latest reported quarter.

    The company has already increased shareholder payouts twice this year, driven by improving financials. ERF currently yields 1.7%, lower than TSX stocks at large.

    #3 Tourmaline Oil

    Canada’s leading natural gas producer stock Tourmaline Oil (TSX:TOU) is up almost 155% this year. Rallying gas prices have notably boosted its financials this year. Driven by superior performance, Tourmaline Oil has increased its quarterly dividends twice this year and has also announced a special dividend.

    Flush with excess cash, Tourmaline Oil might raise its dividends further. In addition, its improving operational efficiency, rising profit margins, and solid free cash flow growth could drive the stock further higher.

    Tourmaline Oil stock has returned almost 500% since the pandemic crash last year.

    #2 Birchcliff Energy

    Small-cap stocks generally outperform their larger counterparts in bull markets. That’s why while Canadian energy giants have almost doubled this year, small-cap stocks like Birchcliff Energy (TSX:BIR) have been up almost 290%.

    Re-opening hopes boosted energy commodity prices, which ultimately aided energy-producing companies. In addition, Birchcliff Energy released upbeat guidance for 2021 this August, which provided another important nudge to the stock.

    Interestingly, higher production, coupled with higher oil and gas prices, make a strong case for energy companies like Birchcliff.

    #1 Bombardier

    Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) stock takes the throne among the TSX Composite with its 330% surge so far this year. Moreover, it has rallied more than 600% since late October 2020.

    Bombardier’s huge debt burden led to offloading most of its business. That’s why the stock has been in a long-term downtrend for decades. However, the year 2021 brought some hopes with the company repaying a portion of debt and new investments in capital projects.

    Bombardier now makes business jets, which saw encouraging revenue growth in the latest reported quarter. The turnaround is still underway, so the stock could continue to rally considering its yearlong downtrend.

    The post 5 Top-Rallying TSX Stocks That Soared Up to 330% This Year appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

    5 Canadian Growth Stocks Under $5

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    The Motley Fool has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Fool contributor Vineet Kulkarni has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

  • 1 Deeply Discounted TSX Stock for Value Investors
    28 September 2021

    Deeply discounted TSX stocks are out there, even in a so-called expensive market. The thing is, you need to act as true contrarians to unlock some of the deepest value. Undoubtedly, there are far easier ways to make money, especially for beginners who don’t want to have to jump into the deep end, with falling knives or firms that may or may not be value traps.

    Deep-value stocks need extra homework, but if you’re willing to put in the analysis and zig as others zag on any given name, it is possible to get a little something for free with every investment dollar. By “free,” I mean margin of safety. Some stocks have larger margins of safety than others, and many have zero margin, making it tougher on investors who’ve made an error in their analysis.

    Deep-value investing for beginners

    In a way, a margin of safety can act as an added safety measure. And whenever you’ve found a stock trading at a remarkably wide margin of safety, there’s no shame in being an aggressive buyer, even as sell-side analysts on Bay and Wall Street couldn’t hate a given name more.

    At the end of the day, market-beating performance is closer to the reach of independent contrarians who conduct their own analysis. While it’s fine to solidify one’s long-term investment thesis with others’ analysis, one must be a true believer, because if a stock under question tumbles by double-digit percentage points in a hurry, you’ve got to know what to do. One who hasn’t done their own homework could be quick to sell.

    Piggybacking off the ideas of others can backfire once volatility sets in. The real question is whether a selloff is warranted and the thesis has changed for the worse or if a selloff is completely unwarranted or due to broader market jitters. Of course, systematic shocks to markets could also impact a thesis. But at the end of the day, investors should conduct their analysis from the ground up, as macroeconomic trends tend to be tricky to get a grasp of before other investors. Odds are, by the time you’ve heard of a potential shock event, such as Evergrande, the odds are, the market has already baked in the potential risks.

    Deep value on the TSX

    Without further ado, consider Canadian Tire (TSX:CTC.A), one deep-value stock that looks to have a pretty wide margin of safety after more than correcting off its all-time high of around $210 and change.

    Canadian Tire isn’t the sexiest name out there. But for some reason or another, investors seem to be quick to move on from the name in spite of continued performance. Why? Brick-and-mortar retail is simply not where people want to be these days. High-quality retailers such as Canadian Tire have done extraordinarily well with e-commerce. Still, Canadian Tire has a dominant physical presence across Canada. And for that reason, many value investors may be unsure as to how the firm can appropriately leverage such an advantage in the digital age.

    Undoubtedly, the pandemic has accelerated adoption of online sales channels. Still, if you believe the future (post-pandemic) lies in the omnichannel, Canadian Tire could prove to be severely undervalued, and its multiple could shed its hefty discount.

    Canadian Tire had already proven itself as a resilient retailer last year. Moving into 2022, I think the company is in a great position to build on its strength. The stock trades at 10 times trailing earnings, implying that investors don’t think the iconic retailer can continue performing well. I think the market is mistaken and would treat the recent plunge as a buying opportunity for long-term investors who could use a fast-growing dividend yielding 2.5%.

    The post 1 Deeply Discounted TSX Stock for Value Investors appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

    5 Canadian Growth Stocks Under $5

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    Fool contributor Joey Frenette has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

  • 2 Undervalued Canadian Stocks to Buy Before it’s Too Late
    28 September 2021

    It’s been a great year for Canadian investors so far. The S&P/TSX Composite Index is nearing a 20% gain and doesn’t seem to be slowing down just yet.  

    The Canadian stock market has been riding this incredible bull run since the market crash in early 2020. Since then, it’s been a steady trend upward for most of those invested in Canadian stocks. 

    I’m as bullish as the next investor in the long-term growth of the stock market, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely ignoring the market’s valuation today. It’s no secret that the TSX is full of high-priced growth stocks trading at sky-high valuations. 

    Just because the market as a whole seems overpriced doesn’t mean you need to be sitting on the sidelines, though. I’ve reviewed two top Canadian stocks that are trading at very attractive prices right now. 

    Brookfield Renewable Partners

    If you were thinking of increasing your exposure to the renewable energy sector, now’s the time. Many of the top green energy stocks on the TSX are trading below all-time highs, as the sector as a whole has been going through a selloff in recent months. 

    Brookfield Renewable Partners (TSX:BEP.UN)(NYSE:BEP) would be my pick if I had to own only one renewable energy stock. The company provides its shareholders with broad diversification to the growing sector, market-beating growth potential, and an impressive dividend yield

    Shares are down 20% from all-time highs, but the stock is still up a market-beating 125% over the past five years. And that’s not even including the Canadian stock’s very respectable 3% dividend yield.  

    From a valuation perspective, Brookfield Renewable Partners isn’t exactly a cheap stock. But considering the growth that it has put up in recent years and what it is expected to deliver over the next decade, this is a dip that I’d strongly encourage long-term investors to take advantage of.

    Air Canada

    My opinion on Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada (TSX:AC), has changed this year. I was originally bearish — not specifically on Air Canada but on the entire air travel industry. 

    The Canadian stock lost 70% of its value in barely over a month during the COVID-19 market crash. The uncertainty in the future of air travel was the main reason why I wasn’t interested in Air Canada. But as we’re slowly understanding how to live alongside the COVID-19 virus, the air travel experience doesn’t look all that different. 

    The airline industry hasn’t historically been the most-rewarding area of the market for North American investors. Air Canada has been somewhat of an exception to that. 

    Even with a massive drop in 2020, Air Canada stock has still more than doubled the returns of the Canadian market over the past five years. It’s also more than a 10-bagger going back a decade. There aren’t many Canadian stocks on the TSX that can compete with that type of growth.

    Air Canada is still trading 50% below all-time highs, even after its impressive run since early 2020. We’re already witnessing a return to air travel in Canada so I don’t think it will be long before the Canadian stock is back to all-time highs.

    The post 2 Undervalued Canadian Stocks to Buy Before it’s Too Late appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

    5 Canadian Growth Stocks Under $5

    Limited Time Only: Get 5 of Our Top Growth Stocks for FREE.

    We are giving away a FREE copy of our “5 Small-Cap Canadian Growth Stocks Under $5” report. These are 5 Canadian stocks that we think are screaming buys today.

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    Fool contributor Nicholas Dobroruka owns shares of Brookfield Renewable Partners. The Motley Fool has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

  • 3 Stocks That Will Help You Avoid the 15% OAS Clawback
    28 September 2021

    Canadians have a love-hate relationship with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). While tax breaks, tax credits, and tax deductions are most welcome, tax burdens aren’t. The 15% Old Age Security (OAS) clawback for retirees is the most dreadful every tax season. Many seniors look for ways to reduce the recovery tax or minimize the impact on OAS benefits.

    One of the proven and effective schemes is to use the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). Remember that interest, gains, and income within a TFSA don’t count as taxable income. The CRA will only intervene and levy taxes when a user over-contributes, derives dividends from foreign assets, or carries on a business (buying and selling stocks).

    Savvy seniors buy high-yield dividend stocks to hold in their TFSAs. The dividend income can offset the OAS clawback or avoid it altogether. Two royalty companies and one provider of senior living residences are ideal investments in a TFSA.

    Over the hump

    Diversified Royalty (TSX:DIV) trades at only $2.81 per share but pays an ultra-high 7.47% dividend. Assuming you own $6,000 worth of shares (2021 TFSA annual contribution limit) in your tax-advantaged account, the tax-exempt dividend income is $448.20.

    The $341.56 million multi-royalty company owns the trademarks to six ongoing business concerns. Diversified receive royalties from the sales of Air Miles, Mr. Mikes, Mr. Lube, Nurse Next Door, Oxford Learning Center, and Sutton. Canadians are familiar with these royalty partners.

    It appears the companies in the royalty poor are over the hump. Diversified’s losses in the first half of 2020 reached $8.9 million. In the six months ended June 30, 2021, management reported $5.2 million in net income.

    Positive momentum

    Another great source of recurring income streams is Pizza Pizza Royalty (TSX:PZA). At $11.47 per share, the dividend offer is a generous 6.28% dividend. Pizza lovers in Canada are familiar with the Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 brands. This $369.07 royalty company owns the trademarks to both.

    The COVID-induced shutdowns continue to impact operations and profitability. But despite the challenging economic backdrop, management announced a 9% increase in dividends in Q2 2021. Pizza Pizza CEO Paul Goddard welcomes the positive momentum due to the lifting of restrictions. He expects business performance to improve in the back half of 2021 vastly.

    The best part of owning this royalty stock in a TFSA is that the payouts are monthly, not quarterly. Pizza Pizza’s practice has been to distribute all available cash to maximize shareholder returns.

    Continuing recovery

    Sienna Senior Living (TSX:SIA) is a top-notch investment for retirees. At $14.98 per share, investors can partake of the lucrative 6.22% dividend. The $1 billion company is well known in the medical care facilities industry. Its retirement and long-term care (LTC) segments offer a range of seniors’ living options.

    Like Diversified and Pizza Pizza, Sienna is slowly recovering from the pandemic’s fallout. Its strong foundation and fundamentals are why the business endured the health crisis. While revenue in the first half of 2021 versus the same period in 2020 dropped 1.4%, the company reported profits ($11.46 million) instead of a loss ($9.27 million).

    Retirees are not helpless

    Canadian retirees aren’t helpless against the 15% OAS clawback. They can be free of a nuisance every tax season by maximizing their TFSAs to create tax-free income. Holding high-yield stocks, in particular, can do the trick.

    The post 3 Stocks That Will Help You Avoid the 15% OAS Clawback appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

    5 Canadian Growth Stocks Under $5

    Limited Time Only: Get 5 of Our Top Growth Stocks for FREE.

    We are giving away a FREE copy of our “5 Small-Cap Canadian Growth Stocks Under $5” report. These are 5 Canadian stocks that we think are screaming buys today.

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    Fool contributor Christopher Liew has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends PIZZA PIZZA ROYALTY CORP.

  • No Savings? 2 Stocks That Will Get You Started
    28 September 2021

    BNN Bloomberg reported that Canadians are boosting their finances instead of spending during the pandemic. According to the Nanos Research Group’s poll results, paying down debt and retaining an elevated level of savings were the priorities of three in four Canadians.

    About 13% of poll respondents want to invest in the stock market. Based on data from Statistics Canada, the household savings rate in the second quarter rose to 14.2% from 13.1% in the previous quarter. However, the rate forecast for the third quarter is lower at 7.9%.

    For those with no savings, it’s not too late to build funds for emergency use or the future. Two high-yield stocks can get you started. Apart from the high yield, Pembina Pipeline (TSX:PPL)(NYSE:PBA) and Exchange (TSX:EIF) pays monthly dividends. You can reinvest the dividends 12 times a year, not four, for faster compounding of your money.

    Future growth paths

    Pembina Pipeline has grown to a formidable $21.9 billion enterprise since starting with only a single pipeline in 1954. The company has increased its dividends every year, beginning in 1998. Today, the energy stock is a core holding of many income investors because of its Dividend Aristocrat status.

    With its 6.33 % dividend, any investment amount will double in less than 11.5 years. Pembina currently trades at $39.79 per share, a year-to-date gain of 38.97%. The operations didn’t suffer as much in the COVID year and until the present. In the first half of 2021, net earnings dipped slightly (0.5%) versus the same period in 2020. However, revenue growth was 36.1%.

    Pembina lost a monster deal recently but successfully cornered three transformational partnerships that assure future growth paths. Momentum is on the side of the pipeline operator, given the rising volumes and project reactivations. It also boasts over $5 billion in a development portfolio that consists of high economic growth projects.

    Adequate diversification

    Exchange Income (EIC) is a monthly income stock like Pembina Pipeline. At $44.75 per share, the industrial stock pays a 5.09% dividend. EIC has rewarded investors with a total return of 3,053.77% (20.29% compound annual growth rate) in the 18.68 years regarding the historical stock performance. Its year-to-date gain is 26.89%.

    The $1.7 billion company operates in the aviation industry, although it’s more acquisition-oriented. Its two business segments, aerospace & aviation and manufacturing, lend adequate diversification. The company has 11 income contributors, so EIC has the strength to overcome economic cycles.

    In the aviation industry, it offers scheduled passenger services, cargo handling, fire suppression & evacuation services, and medevac transportation. The remaining seven are in the maritime, communications, and manufacturing sectors. The business is slowly returning to normal in 2021.

    EIC reported net earnings of $23.6 million in the first half of 2021 versus the $2.67 net loss a year ago. Similarly, revenue and free cash flow increased 13.1% and 22.1%, respectively. According to CEO Mark Pile, maintaining a strong, liquid balance sheet that will help EIC move quickly on opportunities is the hallmark of management’s strategy.

    Save consistently

    Canadians with little or no savings shouldn’t be discouraged. Play catch-up by freeing as much cash whenever possible. Use the money to accumulate shares of monthly income stocks slowly. Your money could grow or even double in time if you save and invest consistently.

    The post No Savings? 2 Stocks That Will Get You Started appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

    5 Canadian Growth Stocks Under $5

    Limited Time Only: Get 5 of Our Top Growth Stocks for FREE.

    We are giving away a FREE copy of our “5 Small-Cap Canadian Growth Stocks Under $5” report. These are 5 Canadian stocks that we think are screaming buys today.

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    Fool contributor Christopher Liew has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends PEMBINA PIPELINE CORPORATION.

  • Facebook asks Oversight Board for guidance on 'cross-check' system
    28 September 2021
  • U.S. SEC names new general counsel to begin role on November 1
    28 September 2021

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28 September 2021

Personal Finance Blogs
  • 4 Reasons to Skip Marriott Bonvoy
    28 September 2021

    Joining a hotel loyalty program is a great way to increase your elite status tier with a specific chain as well as rack up enough rewards for a free stay. The program you ultimately pick is going to vary based on your travel patterns. Whether you go for Hilton Honors, IHG Rewards Club, Marriott Bonvoy...

    Anya Kartashova writes for NerdWallet. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    The article 4 Reasons to Skip Marriott Bonvoy originally appeared on NerdWallet.

  • Mission 2030 Guest Post: Stephanie Ziegmont Turned a Half-Credit Personal Finance Class into a Full-Credit Graduation Requirement
    28 September 2021

    The following post is one in a series of inspiring stories from NGPF's Gold Standard Challenge Grant Program which incentivizes high schools and districts to commit to ALL students taking personal finance courses before graduation. Learn more, and apply for your $2,500 to $30,000 Gold Standard Challenge Grant before the August 31, 2022 deadline here.

    About Today's Guest Author

    Stephanie Ziegmont is an educator at Southern Columbia High School in Catawissa, Pennsylvania. Their school is the 97th recipient of the Gold Standard Challenge grant. Here is Stephanie describing Southern Columbia's journey to the Gold Standard!

    Describe a rough timeline for how you and/or your colleagues were able to advocate for personal finance to become a graduation requirement in your school/district. How long did it take? What were the major progress milestones?

    The school district started last school year to offer personal finance. We required it last year as a half-credit 3 days of the 6-day cycle. We talked with the school board and they were 100% behind the idea to move it to a full year, full credit, and a graduation requirement.

    What challenges did you encounter in your efforts to make personal finance a graduation requirement, and what solutions did you find for these challenges?

    The only challenge we faced was the schedule. We only have two business teachers, so we had to figure out a way to work around the schedule. We combined some other courses to open up space in their schedule. This was an easy fix knowing that our students will have a lifetime of personal finance knowledge.

    What/who were the "catalysts for change" that allowed your efforts to be successful?

    The "catalysts for change" at our school were the school board and superintendent, which both agreed with the curriculum director that personal finance is a non-negotiable course that all students need to have. This was the push that was needed to ensure we were successful in our efforts to make personal finance a graduation requirement.

    Which stakeholders (students, parents, admin, business leaders, school board, etc) were helpful partners in your quest to make the graduation requirement happen?

    The stakeholders that were important were the administration (superintendent, curriculum, director, and principal), school board, and the business leaders via the Chamber of Commerce of the county. This would not be possible without their help.

  • How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Recruiting?
    28 September 2021

    Artificial Intelligence has something of a muddled reputation. Popular culture has painted it as something negative, out to take away people’s jobs and control our actions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. AI is here to help and one of the fields where it is making great strides is that of recruitment. Let’s take a look:

    AI Saves Time

    Each recruiter will be able to spend, on average, only about 13 hours on each position that they must fill. This means finding the best and most streamlined way to sort through all the hopeful applicants’ details and come up with a shortlist ready for the interview process to get underway.

    AI Has a Wider Reach

    Human recruiters must rely on that pool of candidates that they have access to: this usually means people who have signed onto the agency’s books, people who respond to job advertisements and so on. AI has the ability to scan much more widely, scouring employment databases, sites like LinkedIn and even employee lists in large institutions, such as universities, multi-national companies and charitable organisations. From this enormous pool, AI can produce a longlist of more suitable candidates than a human recruiter could possibly amass on their shortlist!

    AI Identifies Passive Candidates

    Following on from the above point, AI will identify a wide pool of passive candidates: those who are settled in employment and not actively looking, but who might be persuaded to accept a position for which they are completely – and possibly uniquely – qualified. Seventy percent of successful workforces credit such employees with bringing a fresh approach to work and a strong measure of success along with it, making them a highly valued commodity to any company.

    AI Strips Out Unconscious Bias

    Even the most socially aware person has preferences and biases, some of which they are unaware. This can result in people with ‘foreign’ names being left off short-lists, for example. Many recruiters, such as Eagle Headhunters, have taken steps to reduce these biases by using AI systems to strip out any such signifiers and assess people purely on their merits, experience and qualifications. However, generally speaking skilled headhunters continue to rely on a scrutinous selection process over AI. Whilst recruiters can cast a wide net, headhunters are generally approaching passive candidates, making the need for human experience much greater. 

    However, any company using AI would do well to monitor the system: Twitter recently apologised for an issue with their supposedly unbiased photograph algorithm which had displayed a subtle but noticeable ‘preference’ for people with lighter skins and would actually ‘ignore’ photos showing darker skinned people. This was not intentional, being based almost entirely on photography exposure levels that had unwittingly been set to too narrow a range; but it certainly seemed offensive to those who were most affected by it!

    AI Speeds Up the Process

    AI questionnaires can give human recruiters a tremendous boost, by answering questions, gathering candidate data and creating a shortlist that contains only those people whose skills and experience are exactly what the position requires. This process takes mere minutes, compared with human recruiters trying to winnow through the plentiful details, looking for the required keywords and experiences.

    AI has already become invaluable in the recruitment industry, and it is almost certainly here to stay.

  • My Classroom Podcast: How Family and Consumer Science Teachers Approach Personal Finance
    28 September 2021

    My Classroom is a short NGPF podcast series devoted to supporting the efforts of teachers. Every couple of weeks we speak with different teachers who share timely tips, resources, and teaching strategies that can be implemented immediately into the classroom.

    This week, we welcome Lois Stoll, Mary Jean Gosnell, and Alaina Tharp. They will share the approach they take and the approach of other family and consumer science educators, when teaching personal finance. Here are their favorite NGPF lessons and activities:

    Lois Stoll retired in the spring of 2021 from Benjamin Logan High School. She is a past President of Ohio Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences, served on the Ohio Department of Education Financial Literacy Academic Content Standards Writing Team, and co-authored the Ohio Department of Education Model Curriculum.

    Mary Jean Gosnell is the current president of the Ohio Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences. Mary Jean is a 30 year veteran educator who currently teaches at Northeastern High School. She recently provided proponent testimony for Ohio SB1. 

    Alaina Tharp is a family and consumer science teacher. Sher serves on the FCCLA National Consultant Team, and the Ohio Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Science (OATFACS). She was the OATFACS New Career Tech Educator of the Year 2019 and recently provided proponent testimony for Ohio SB1. 


    Did you find this podcast motivational? If you want to advocate to increase access to financial education at your school, we can help. NGPF’s advocacy resources can help you achieve Gold Standard or Mission 2025 Challenge Grants of $1,000 to $30,000 (see steps #2 and #4 for details about these grant programs).


    Click here to subscribe to our blog and receive each podcast, as well as our Questions of the Day, FinCap Friday, Interactive Wednesdays, and much more.

  • Ibotta Review: Is It Actually Worth It? ($20 Referral Code)
    28 September 2021

    We love Ibotta because it is super easy to use and allows for multiple ways to save money.

    In 2019, Ibotta reported they had given users over $500 million in cash and goodies!

    If you are like me and do the majority of the shopping for your household, you are going to want to download Ibotta before your next shopping trip. 

    It’s the perfect way to earn money on what you already need and want!

    Ibotta is offering a HUGE $10 cash-back bonus for new users, so take advantage!

    You can get cash back through your PayPal account or snag a gift card to your favorite restaurant, so what do you have to lose?

    After reading this Ibotta app review, you’ll learn how to use Ibotta and I’m convinced you’ll want to sign up. 

    Our In-Depth Ibotta Review

     If you’re reading this article, you probably have already heard of what Ibotta is, but if not, no worries. This Ibotta review will take you from not knowing how Ibotta works to understanding how to implement it in your daily life. 

    What is Ibotta? Our first Ibotta payout!

    The FREE app that rewards you for shopping for brands you already purchase.

    One way Ibotta separates itself from other money-saving apps and competitors is that they let you earn cash back.

    There is no point system for rewards where you are waiting for your points to add up so you can claim your reward.

    If you’re a savvy shopper like I am, you go where the best deals are. Well, Ibotta can help by providing you with an updated list of the best deals around. In our household, normally off-brand products are the savvy way to go.

    However, Ibotta provides us with cash back on name-brand products that make them the same price as off-brand products.

    Plus, we’re still earning cash back on items belonging to any type of brand.

    Done are the days of clipping out coupons! Those “coupons” are now available through the app with no cutting or storing of the coupon.

    The Ibotta app is seriously gold when it comes to saving money.

    They also have team rebates where you work together to earn cash back.

    For example, let’s say you’re on a team.

    If your team earns $10 in a month, and you earned $5, Ibotta will give you a bonus of $2! The more your team works together to earn cash back, the more you are going to earn through the bonus tiers.

    Join the Savvy Spenders Team to start earning some serious cash back!

    How Does Ibotta Work? Found on Google Play Store

    Signing up for Ibotta is super simple:

    1. Open the Ibotta app
    2. Click the plus sign on the products you plan on purchasing from the store
    3. Buy the products at the participating store
    4. Make sure you keep your printed store receipt and upload it to the app

    Ibotta will take care of the rest! They will match what you have purchased to the receipt you have uploaded and boom! In less than 48 hours you will have the money in your account.

    Seriously….it’s that simple!

    When your account reaches $20, you will be able to withdraw your money. If you open an Ibotta account using our exclusive link, then you will already be halfway thanks to our $10 sign-up bonus.

    Getting your money has never been more simple. If you use companies like PayPal or Venmo, you can just link your already existing accounts.

    This is my preferred method because you get cash back within 24 hours.

    If you do not have either of those services, you can get your money transferred into gift cards.

    You can get a gift card for some of my favorite places like Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, iTunes, and Sephora.

    How to Earn With Ibotta

    Uploading your store receipt is not the only way gotta will help you earn cash back and savings.

    There are two more ways this Ibotta app review will clue you into:

    • Loyalty Account Cards
    • Mobile Shopping

    I have a loyalty account cards at all the places I shop at, it just makes sense to double up on my savings wherever possible. By linking your loyalty card to one of the matching stores on Ibotta, you will earn even more.

    You use the same process mentioned above.

    However, at the end, when you go to finish your purchase, you’ll be prompted to add your card by scanning it or adding the phone number linked to the account.

    The last way to earn is one of my favorites because we’re big fans of shopping online.

    Ibotta partners with tons of retailers from grocery and convenience stores to movie theaters and pharmacies.

    Not only that but they also partner with mobile apps including Amazon, Groupon,, and more to offer cash back on your entire order!

    Simply find the app you want to use in the “Mobile Shopping” section and select “Shop.” Then, you’ll make a purchase like normal.

    Ibotta will notify you of your pending rebate credit. This easy way to save on mobile purchases is a real game-changer!

    Ibotta Pros and Cons for Moms

    You’re probably wondering if Ibotta is the right fit for you, so I wanted to dedicate an entire section to you! As a new mom myself, Ibotta has been amazing, but I also want to discuss some of the negatives. 

    Ibotta Pros

    Here are some of the pros I’ve noticed:

    • You get an immediate sign-up bonus because Ibotta is so confident you’ll enjoy the app
    • Ibotta allows you to submit multiple coupons at once where a supermarket may not
    • You can get rebates on the more expensive items, like organic food and other healthy treats
    • It’s a very passive way for earning cash back
    • You can even get rebates on alcohol (but don’t use it around the kids)
    • There are hundreds of retailers on Ibotta 
    • Ibotta is easy to integrate into your daily life

    Ibotta Cons

    Here are some of the cons I’ve noticed: 

    • Ibotta doesn’t always read the receipts properly
    • The product details aren’t as clear as they could be
    • You don’t get your cash back on shopping if you don’t actually have the receipts

    Here’s a quick Ibotta hack to fix #1: if you put an arrow next to an item that’s eligible to get the rebate, it helps the processing program pick up the item better, which means you get some money back.

    Ibotta Referral Code

    Sign up using this link and use the Ibotta referral code (VKOVMQV) to get your free $20 welcome bonus.

    It’s seriously such a savvy deal. You literally just have to buy your usual groceries or do a bit of online shopping on Amazon. Then use the Ibotta app and immediately start watching my cashback start adding up. 

    It’s that easy to claim your Ibotta referral code. Free cash in hand for savvy shopping! 

    Ibotta FAQs

    I’m sure you have questions and I’d be surprised if you didn’t. 

    Hopefully, I can answer all of them, but if not, leave them in the comments below. 

    How Does Ibotta Make Money?

    For Ibotta to make money, they include advertisements and videos in between you uploading different items to get the rebates.

    Each video is about 15 to 20 seconds, but the whole process for about 15 items shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

    They also get paid by the companies for referring you to use the app. 

    But, more important than those two ways is realizing that none of those ways above impact your ability to earn money with Ibotta.

    How Much Will I Save?

    In a week, you can expect to save about $5 to $10. 

    While that doesn’t seem like that much, remember that you can also combine it with your couponing efforts to maximize your savings. This is an easy way to save money every week

    Not to mention, if you use consistently use Ibotta, it certainly adds up. If you earn back the savings above, you could get rebates for upwards of $260 to $520!

    That’s a whole lot more than you had before with only a few minutes of extra work. 


    That’s not it!

    If you pay for your grocery items with a cash-back credit card, you’re saving money on top of your savings. Talk about a win-win situation. 

    You can also combine Ibotta with several of our other 100+ ways to save money to really maximize your savings. 

    How do I use Ibotta?

    I mentioned the process earlier, but it’s so simple that I’ll repeat it:

    1. Sign up here for your FREE $10 sign up bonus
    2. Open the Ibotta app
    3. Click that plus sign for the products you plan on purchasing from the store
    4. Buy the products at the participating store
    5. Make sure you keep your printed store receipt and upload it to the app

    When you save money, you can work more healthy foods into your grocery budget

    Ibotta vs. Rakuten: Which is Better?

    Both are great cash back apps!

    In fact, we have a whole Rakuten review you can read to get the full scoop.

    Basically, Ibotta is focused on grocery shopping while Rakuten is focused on retail outlets and clothing shopping.

    But, just because Ibotta started out in the grocery industry doesn’t mean they’re limited to it. They’re constantly adding new partners such as Groupon and hotel companies.

    We honestly recommend using both, and Rakuten has a signup bonus for a free Walmart gift card or bonus money on your Rakuten account.

    Both can be integrated into your daily shopping life and both are money-making apps for the go.   

    How do I get Paid?

    Ibotta will pay you once you reach the $20 threshold. That should be within a month if you use it every week. 

    But, if you sign up for Ibotta with our special deal, you’ll instantly get $10 toward that threshold. 

    Once you get there, they will pay you by PayPal or Venmo (and you probably already have one or both of those). All you have to do is link up your account and the payment can be sent your way. 

    I typically get mine in about 24 hours, which is a great turnaround for cash-back companies. 

    If you do not have either of those services, you can get your money transferred into gift cards.

    Some of my favorite places like Target, Walmart, iTunes, and Sephora have gift cards available.

    What is Pay with Ibotta?

    Pay with Ibotta is a new feature that allows you to earn cash back in real-time. Simply connect your debit or credit card and shop from one of the 50+ partners to earn rewards instantly.

    Is Pay with Ibotta Safe?

    Yes, it is safe!

    We wouldn’t use it either if it wasn’t, and it has this Savvy Mom’s seal of approval!

    Your financial information is secured using 256-bit bank-level encryption. Earn cash back instantly while safely making purchases and keeping your privacy every step of the way. 

    Is Ibotta Only for Grocery Stores?

    Nope! You can do a lot more than just grocery stores, which is awesome!

    While that’s how they started, they do more than just supermarkets now. 

    You can earn extra cash back on companies like Groupon, hotels, and even liquor brands. They’re constantly adding new partners, so make sure you sign up to find out about the latest additions. 

    Is Ibotta Legit?

    It’s common for people to ask “Is Ibotta safe to use” or “Will I really get paid” – and the answer is absolutely! If you read ours or any of the other Ibotta reviews online, you will see very quickly that this is not a scam.

    I use it all the time to save money on groceries. I would never recommend anything unsafe. 

    Aside from an occasional instance of being locked out of your Ibotta account, most people (including me) enjoy the app and consider it to be a legitimate way to make money online. 

    Are There Dangers of Ibotta?

    Nope, not really. 

    You may be tempted by all the coupons and deals you see, so the only danger is controlling yourself. 

    Just because you can get cash back on an item doesn’t mean that you have to purchase it. 

    Stick to your grocery budget and if you don’t have one, we can show you how to budget

    Is Ibotta User-Friendly?

    Yes, I certainly think so. 

    I’m not always the most technologically adept, but I think it’s super easy to use the platform. In fact, it’s one of the better-designed cash-back apps out there. 

    Using Ibotta on the go is very simple and you won’t have to fret about searching your wallet for all your coupons. 

    How do I Sign up for Ibotta?

    Simply click this link, you’ll be directed to a page that should look like the following. 


    Once you fill out this page, you’ll be good to go!

    Make sure you download the Ibotta app on your mobile device to use in the supermarket or store. 

    Do you Have an Ibotta Referral/Promo Code?

    Yes, we do!

    Glad you asked. You can sign up for Ibotta and earn $10 cash back immediately

    It’s a great way to get started!

    Refer Friends Too!

    Not only can you do that, but you can actually make extra money doing so! 

    For every 5 friends, you can get to sign up for your team, you’ll get $25. This is perfect for your whole family to partake in, or you can even start a team for your friends. 

    You can also receive a teamwork bonus if you save enough. 

    Our Final Thoughts on Ibotta

    There are many cash-back apps out there but we have found Ibotta is the most versatile. Its user interface and simplicity make earning cash back easier than it’s ever been.

    If you have not downloaded the Ibotta app yet, what you are waiting for!?

    Use the Ibotta app is great for quick cash back on purchases you are making already. Connect with other Ibotta users and join their team to earn even more. There is nothing like saving money with your friends and family!

    In just a day, you can have more money in your bank account just for shopping online like usual. 

    Did I convince you? 

    Sign up for Ibotta today and let me know how much you like it! I also want to hear how much money you’ve saved on groceries through using it. 

  • 40 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Teen
    28 September 2021

    If you’re a teen interested in earning some extra money, you’re not alone. To make it easy, we have reviewed hundreds of options to bring some of the best ways to make money as a teen. Benefits of Making Money as a Teen When you are a teen, there are several benefits to making your […]

    The post 40 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Teen appeared first on Well Kept Wallet.

  • How to Save $10,000 in a Year
    28 September 2021

    Saving $10,000 in one year may seem like a daunting challenge. You may think it’s near impossible. But imagine how beneficial it could be!

    You wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough money in case of an emergency. You could take that luxurious vacation you’ve been dreaming about. You’d be so much closer to reaching your biggest financial goals.

    With the right game plan and discipline, saving $10,000 in a year can be possible. We’ll walk you through how to go about making it happen.

    A Realistic Approach to Saving $10K in One Year

    Ten thousand dollars is a big number to think about, so let’s break it down into more digestible chunks.

    If you want to save $10,000 in a year, you’ll need to save $833.33 each month.

    That’s still a pretty big number to work with, so let’s break it down even further. You’d need to save $192.31 each week or $27.40 every day to reach your $10,000 savings goal.

    Here’s another way to look at it: If you get paid every two weeks, you’d need to put aside $384.62 each time you get paid.

    If you’re going after this savings goal with a spouse or partner, you can divide those amounts by two. You’d each need to save $416.67 each month, $192.31 biweekly, $96.15 weekly or $13.70 each day to reach a collective $10,000 in a year.

    Keep Your ‘Why’ In Mind

    Before you go about attempting this saving goal, it’s important to know the reason why you want to save $10,000 in one year.

    Reflecting on why you want to save up $10,000 in extra cash will help you keep pushing when you just want to stop being disciplined with your money and blow it all on a shopping spree.

    An extra $10,000 in your bank account can be helpful in so many ways. Maybe your emergency fund is low, and you want a bigger financial cushion to be able to fall back on. Or maybe you want to use the money to pay off credit card debt or student loans so you can be debt free.

    Perhaps you need seed money to start a business, or you want to quit your job and travel around the world. This pot of savings could be your down payment.

    A lump sum of $10,000 can go toward an actual down payment for a home, a fabulous wedding or a new car. You can use it to complete a big home improvement project.

    If you’re expanding your family, you could use that money for baby expenses — or fertility or adoption costs. Or if you already have kids, $10,000 could go toward their college fund.

    Maybe you want to add an extra $10,000 to your investment accounts or retirement savings. Really, the options are endless.

    What’s important is that you have a specific reason why you want to save $10,000 in a year, and that you reflect on that reason throughout your savings journey.

    16 Ways to Save $10,000 in a Year

    Now that you understand how to break up this financial goal and you have a firm reason for why you’re saving in the first place, it’s time to dig into all the steps that’ll help you save $10,000 in a year.

    1. Use a Budget

    To achieve an ambitious goal like saving $10,000 in one year, first you need full awareness of how much money you have coming in and how much you have going out.

    Now is the perfect time to start a budget, if you don’t already have one. After you total up your monthly income, subtract all your monthly bills and expenses. Hopefully, you’re left with a positive number and not a negative one. That means you already have room in your monthly budget for saving money without taking any extra action.

    However, if that number is low (or is negative) that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to meet your savings goal. The tips in this list will help you find ways to cut expenses, spend less and earn more, so you’ll have more money available to save.

    Pro Tip

    Coupling a zero-based budget with the cash envelope method can prevent overspending and keep you on track to save $10,000.

    2. Pay Yourself First

    Too often, we save money by putting aside whatever money we have left over at the end of the month or pay period. To truly win at saving, you have to prioritize it up front and pay yourself first.

    Treat your savings mission like an important monthly bill you need to pay. At the beginning of the month or whenever you get paid, transfer money into your savings account before you have a chance to spend the money. Better yet, set up an automated transfer so you don’t have to even think about it.

    Remember, the goal is to be able to deposit $833.33 into your savings account each month, but if you don’t currently have room to do that with your current financial situation, don’t worry. Our tips on slashing your spending and boosting your income can help.

    3. Use a Separate High-Interest Savings Account

    To avoid tapping into your rainy day fund and derailing your goal, it’s best to put your savings in a separate account that you don’t regularly access.

    A high-yield savings account is an account where you’ll earn interest on the money you save — typically at a higher rate than regular savings accounts or checking accounts.

    Other options to earn interest on your savings are opening a money market account or a certificate of deposit (CD) for a 12 month period.

    4. Adjust Your Tax Withholdings

    If you typically get a large tax refund when you file your annual tax return, you’re withholding an excess of money from your paychecks. Some people refer to this as giving the government an interest-free loan.

    By adjusting your tax withholdings, you can increase the amount of money in your paychecks — though you’ll no longer see those big tax refunds. Instead, you’ll be able to save that extra money each pay period to go toward your $10,000 goal.

    5. Track Your Spending

    As you’re on this financial journey, it’s important to track your spending on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t wait until the end of the month to look at your checking account and discover you’re overspending.

    By tracking your spending with a budgeting app, a budget binder or a budget calendar, you will always be on top of where your money is going.

    6. Reduce Your Biggest Expenses

    Cutting back on your biggest living expenses can have a significant impact on your savings goal. Housing, transportation and food typically make up the bulk of monthly expenses for the average household.

    Save Money on Housing

    Downsizing or moving to a cheaper place is a drastic move, but big moves produce big results. If you want to cut down on housing costs without changing your current address, think about taking in a roommate, renting out space in your home on Airbnb, negotiating with your landlord or refinancing your mortgage to take advantage of lower interest rates.

    Save Money on Transportation

    Going from a two-car family to a one-car family can save you a few hundred dollars each month. Refinancing your car payment or trading in your set of wheels for a less expensive ride can also save you a significant amount of money.

    You can also save money on transportation by doing your own car maintenance and using these tips to save on gas.

    Save Money on Food

    Yes, you’ve got to eat, but chances are you could adjust your spending habits around food.

    If you eat out a lot, start meal planning so you have food available when you don’t feel like cooking. Instead of going to restaurants with friends, host potlucks at your house. Look up copycat recipes to make similar dishes to the ones from your favorite restaurants.

    There are oodles of ways you can save money on groceries. Using coupons and cashback apps, taking advantage of sales, buying in bulk, buying generic brands instead of name brand food and sticking to a list are a few options to try.

    7. Lower Other Recurring Bills

    Reducing additional recurring bills will help you funnel money towards savings. Here’s how you can in everyday life on things like utilities, cell phone, cable, internet and gym membership.

    Save Money on Utility Bills

    Cut the costs of your energy bills by adjusting your thermostat, changing filters regularly and sealing drafty doors and windows. Taking shorter showers, using water-saving faucets and running the dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand can help lower your water bill.

    See this story for more tips to save money on utilities.

    Save Money on Cell Phone

    No more paying over $100 for your cell phone bill. Switch to a discount cell phone carrier, like Tello, Cricket Wireless or Boost Mobile, to save money.

    Save Money on Cable

    Cut the cord to eliminate costly cable bills. With certain streaming services, you don’t have to miss out on live TV or NFL games.

    These free TV apps let you watch shows and movies at no cost. Or visit your local library to check out DVDs of your favorite films or television series.

    Save Money on Internet Service

    Switching to a lower-tiered plan is one way to cut costs on internet service, but maybe you don’t want to sacrifice your internet speed. Check out the deals competitors are offering and consider switching to a different internet provider. Sometimes just calling your current company and letting them know you plan to switch may sway them into offering you a nice discount.

    Save Money on Gym Memberships

    Gym memberships can get pricey — especially if you find you’re not going to the gym that often. Consider setting up a workout space at home or using free equipment at local parks to save money.

    8. Find Free Ways to Entertain Yourself

    Reduce your entertainment costs and fill up your free time with free things to do. Spend time outdoors. Attend free events or festivals in your city. Explore a part of town you don’t often visit. Host a movie marathon or karaoke night with your friends at home. There are plenty of things you can do without spending money.

    9. Barter for Goods and Services

    Rather than paying for things you want or need, consider bartering. For example, you can stop paying to get your grass cut and ask a neighbor to do it in exchange for free babysitting.

    If you think creatively, you might be surprised at what you can barter. Go beyond your immediate social circle and arrange a bartering exchange with people on NextDoor or a local Facebook neighborhood group.

    10. Join a Buy Nothing Group

    Buy Nothing Groups are another way to get free items you need or want — without having to engage in any kind of exchange. Everything is offered as a gift or charitable donation.

    Craigslist and NextDoor are other platforms where local people offer up free items to their neighbors.

    Before buying something new, check if you can get it for free first. Sometimes you’ll find items in great condition.

    11. Make Saving Money Fun With a Savings Challenge

    Increase your savings by participating in one of these challenges:

    • No-Spend Challenge: Ban all wasteful spending and don’t buy anything for a month (or more) unless it is essential. Or you could choose to focus your spending freeze on a particular shopping weakness — like not buying any new makeup or new video games for the next 90 days.
    • Five Dollar Challenge: Anytime you receive cash back from a purchase, put any five dollar bills you receive into savings. If you tend to swipe your debit card rather than pay with cash, you could transfer $5 from your checking account to your savings account each time you use your debit card.
    • Pantry Challenge: Skip your regular grocery shopping trip and challenge yourself to make meals with whatever’s in your pantry, cupboards and freezer. You might have to get creative!
    12. Save Any Financial Windfalls

    On your journey to save $10,000, you ought to save any unexpected sum of cash that comes your way. If you get a bonus at work, a nice tax refund or $20 from a scratch-off lotto ticket, put that money right into your savings.

    13. Enlist an Accountability Partner to Keep You on Track

    Having an accountability partner — someone who knows your savings goal and your reason for saving $10K — can help you stick to saving money. Choose a friend, family member or even an online buddy from The Penny Hoarder Community who will check in on your progress regularly and will send you words of encouragement so you’ll stay motivated.

    14. Celebrate Your Wins

    Saving $10,000 in a year is a big goal. You deserve to reward yourself as you make progress toward financial success.

    Perhaps you want to celebrate your savings progress every month or whenever you reach a milestone, like when you’ve saved $2,500, then $5,000 and then $7,500.

    Just make sure however you choose to celebrate doesn’t derail your goal of saving money. Having a glass of champagne or a spa day at home are nice treats that aren’t expensive.

    15. Bring in Extra Income

    Sometimes cutting costs isn’t enough to meet a savings goal. Making extra money is another way to get you to the $10,000 mountaintop.

    A combination of reducing expenses and earning more money will make this savings challenge much easier. Just think: Instead of needing to save $833.33 each month, you could plan to save only $400 and challenge yourself to earn an extra $433.33 each month.

    Pick up Extra Hours at Work

    If you work an hourly shift, ask your manager if you can be scheduled for more hours. Ask co-workers to call you to pick up their shifts on days when they’re unavailable to work.

    If you’re a salaried employee, ask your manager about taking on more responsibilities for a pay bump.

    Ask for a Raise

    If you have a great track record at work, now might be a good time to ask your employer for a raise. Not sure how to start that conversation? Read our guide on how to ask for a raise.

    Get a Better Paying Job

    Sometimes the best opportunity to boost your salary is by getting a new job. Check out this story about a woman whose salary jumped 39% in a little over a year due to job hopping.

    You can even use a job offer from another company to get your current employer to counteroffer with a higher salary.

    Take on a Side Hustle

    You can earn several hundred dollars a month picking up a side hustle in addition to your main source of employment. Scan this list of the best side gigs to find your next money-making endeavor.

    Earn Passive Income

    Passive income is money you make without having to put in much effort or time aside from what it initially takes to set up the income stream. You can literally earn money while you’re sleeping.

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  • The five players your team can least afford to lose: GWS Giants
    28 September 2021

    The Greater Western Sydney Giants finished seventh in 2021, with 11 wins, one draw and ten losses, although they are effectively sixth for the purpose of this exercise, due to their semi-final performances against higher-rated teams.

    They had six debutants, while only four players featured in every game: Callan Ward, Harry Himmelberg, Tim Taranto and Isaac Cumming.

    Here are the five players and an honourable mention that the Giants could least afford to lose based.

    Honourable mention: Sam Taylor
    Taylor featured in 17 of 22 games, the Giants winning two, losing two and getting a draw when Taylor was unavailable through injury.

    He averaged the fourth most intercepts of any player in the AFL, an average of 8.47 per game, and averaged the third-most contested marks of any Giants player.

    5. Josh Kelly
    Kelly was extremely consistent in 2021 and was rewarded with a new contract. He averaged the most metres gained in the club, with an average of 454.17. He also averaged the second-most score involvements, with an average of 5.96 per game, as well as the most tackles, an average of 5.61 per game.

    His versatility was a strength as he could play in the midfield or on the wing.

    Last but not least, he led by example.

    4. Jacob Hopper
    Hopper was in the All Australian squad, had at least 21 disposals and only missed one game, which was through injury.

    He averaged the third-most inside 50s of any of GWS player, with an average of 4.30, and the most contested possessions, with an average of 12.04.

    3. Toby Greene
    Greene featured in 18 games, including the elimination final win over the Swans and was named in the All Australian forward pocket.

    He averaged the second-most score involvements of any player in the competition, with an average of 8.28, and kicked at least one goal in every game!

    (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

    2. Lachie Whitfield
    Whitfield was unavailable for the opening six games, and the club lost five of the seven games he didn’t play. Along with that, in Round 17 he was subbed out after accumulating just three disposals and the team lost to the Suns by one point!

    He averaged the third-most metres, with an average of 437.65 per game, and 4.53 score involvements per game – remarkable for a player who played predominantly on a half back flank.

    1. Tim Taranto
    Taranto was a revelation, featuring in all 24 games that they played, averaging the most disposals and the most inside 50s at the club.

    He also averaged 5.42 score involvements per game and had the second-most tackles – with an average of 5.33 tackles per game – which shows he worked hard defensively.

  • Coaching great tipping sustained success for Melbourne following drought-breaking premiership
    28 September 2021

    Coaching great Leigh Matthews believes Melbourne is well set for sustained success in the coming years.

    On the back of Simon Goodwin’s side winning the premiership on Saturday night – Melbourne’s first in 57 years – Matthews says the club’s list profile and talent across the park means they are as “well equipped as any premiership team in recent times” to continue their dominance this season for years to come.

    “If you’re talking about Melbourne, they have good big defenders and good medium smalls,” he said on Sportsday.

    “They have a fantastic one-two ruck combination (with Max Gawn and Luke Jackson) and they have (Clayton) Oliver, (Christian) Petracca, (Jack) Viney,(James) Harmes, (Angus) Brayshaw and (Ed) Langdon, that’s a fantastic midfielder group.

    “If you want to be honest, (Ben) Brown and (Tom) McDonald are OK forwards… (Bayley) Fritsch looks to be a pretty solid third tall so he’s very good.

    “Between them it’s pretty good, I think it’s reasonable to say that Melbourne is well equipped as any premiership team in recent times to be a good team for a long time.”

    The Demons will depart Perth in recent days, following a successful premiership campaign which saw them largely base themselves out west in the lead up to the Grand Final.

  • “Bottom of the ladder for facilities”: Melbourne CEO speaks on plans for new club base
    28 September 2021

    Melbourne CEO Gary Pert believes the Demons are on the “bottom of the ladder for facilities” in the AFL.

    Multiple club departments are currently situated across different locations, and the Demons are looking to harmonise all operations under the one roof.

    The club has been working on a design for a new base near AAMI park in Gosch’s paddock, which is set to be funded by a joint venture between Melbourne, the AFL, and the Victorian Government.

    Speaking to SEN’s Dwayne’s World, Pert said the club’s dire situation in terms of training facilities is recognised by the AFL.

    “If (the state government) fast tracked it, I’d be more than happy, I’ve been working on it for three years now,” he said.

    “We’ve won the premiership this year and we’re acknowledged at a government level and by the AFL that we’re clearly on the bottom of the ladder for facilities.”

    “If I was to talk to anyone at the AFL and say, ‘I’ll meet you tomorrow at the Melbourne footy club,’ basically you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about because we’re in three, four, five different locations.”

    The fact of Melbourne’s poor facilities makes the Demons triumph in Saturday’s AFL Grand Final “even more amazing,” according to Pert.

    “It’s started, we’re starting the redevelopment of our oval, we’ve had a junior-sized oval that we’ve been training on for the last 10 years and in the next few weeks that’s going to be resurfaced and enlarged to an MCG length and Marvel (stadium) width oval, so that’s a really big step for us,” he said.

    “Right at the moment, we don’t even have the facilities of a community club, which makes the performance of the players even more amazing.”

    The Demons will return home to Melbourne from Perth in the coming days after breaking the longest premiership drought in the AFL with their win over the Bulldogs.

  • Suns list boss trade update on top 10 draft trio, Brodie, Dunstan and more
    28 September 2021

    Gold Coast list boss Craig Cameron has provided an update on numerous dealings for the club during the upcoming AFL trade period, including a trio of young stars set to come out of contract in 2022.

    The Suns followed a familiar path in 2021, starting fairly before fading in the back half of the season.

    However, important wins over Richmond and the GWS Giants late in the season, coupled with the likely return of numerous injured key players next season, has given the club hope for 2022.

    2018 top 10 draft picks Ben King, Jack Lukosius and Izak Rankine are all out of contract at the end of next season and will face the pull of clubs from their home states.

    When asked about the trio, Cameron told AFL Trade Radio’s The Late Trade the Suns are confident the young guns are invested in the team’s success and hoped they might be able to complete signings over the break.

    “We’d be hopeful we can do some signings this off-season before we get into next year,” he said.

    “Our young blokes are really invested, part of our strategy from the get-go was to bring a bunch of talented young guys together, and they’ve really bonded.

    “They’ve got good hope for the future, but on-field we’ve got to show it.”

    Cameron also commented on the futures of Will Brodie and Darcy Macpherson.

    The pair are in a similar boat, both 23-years old but have struggled to cement their places in the Suns best 22.

    Brodie especially has struggled up north, playing just 24 games in five years after being drafted with pick nine in the 2016 AFL draft.

    “Will’s going into his sixth year next year, and he quite rightly wants to explore his options elsewhere and we’re happy to facilitate that if we can find something for him, we’ll work to that through the trade period,” Cameron said.

    “Darcy is a little bit the same, but he hasn’t been quite as vehement in talking to us around wanting to find another home, but if he did and found something that works for us, then we’d look at that.”

    The Suns have some work to do if they are to bring in any trade targets this off-season with all list spots currently filled and signed for next season, however, it hasn’t stopped Cameron and his team from showing interest in delisted Saint Luke Dunstan.

    “We’ll have to wait until we get through the trade period to see where everything sits, but Luke’s a good player and he played some good games this season so we’d be crazy not to look at a player of his talent if he’s available to rookie list, it just depends what happens through the trade period as to how many rookie selections we have,” Cameron said.

    2022 shapes as a big year for the Suns, with numerous signings still to be completed and coach Stuart Dew out of contract.

  • Melbourne man under investigation for attending Perth AFL grand final allegedly in breach of COVID rules
    28 September 2021
    Police in Western Australia are investigating whether a Melbourne man who may have attended the AFL grand final on Saturday is in breach of a COVID-19 quarantine direction.
  • Dermott Brereton's top AFL commentators, experts and host
    28 September 2021

    If you could put together a commentary team made of all available media talent to call a game of footy, who would you select?

    Dermott Brereton has put together who he believes are the best in the business in terms of hosting a broadcast, calling the game and providing expert commentary.

    He has gone with one host, two callers and two experts.

    See Brereton’s call team below:

    Host: Eddie McGuire

    “Eddie McGuire’s the best host. I declare my interests: he’s a great mate, but really if anyone says they’re as good a host as Eddie, it’s chalk and cheese, he’s the best host we’ve got,” Brereton told SEN’s Bob and Andy.

    Callers: Anthony Hudson and Dwayne Russell

    “Anthony Hudson and I love the way Dwayne Russell calls,” he said.

    Subscribe to the SEN YouTube channel for the latest videos!

    Experts: Jimmy Bartel and Nick Riewoldt

    “I learn the most off Jimmy Bartel listening to him. Jimmy tells me the most of what I want to know when I’m watching a game off-screen that I can’t see and is able to tell me how things have happened in a certain way,” he said.

    “I’ve got him first, he’s clearly the best in my view. I can’t work out why Channel 7 don’t use him more.

    “I love seeing how Nick (Riewoldt) pulls it apart and shows where players are from, how they’ve got there and shows how things have transpired to get there.

    “They’re the two current best at telling me something that I want to know.”

  • Melbourne CEO reveals club's Adam Cerra trade ambitions
    28 September 2021

    Melbourne CEO Gary Pert has spoken on the speculation surrounding the Demons throwing their hat in the ring for Fremantle young gun Adam Cerra, who has requested a trade home to Victoria.

    Cerra still appears to be destined to nominate Carlton in the coming days, however, Melbourne has emerged as another club interested in the 21-year old.

    Speaking on SEN’s Dwayne World, Pert believes the club’s list is in a great spot, featuring plenty of depth.

    “I’m part of all the conversations the list management group is having with all the players and all managers,” he said.

    “We’ve got a list that’s pretty strong, there’s going to be a bit of pressure on us from a salary cap point of view.

    “But I think not only have we got a talented list, but anyone who was looking at the players who ran onto the ground after the Grand Final, there were quite a few of them who deserved to be playing at the highest level.

    “We’ve got a highly talented group, but again we’ll explore all options.”

    It’s unclear how Pert and his list management team would be able to secure Cerra, considering the club has just one pick in the first two rounds at number 33.

    On the specifics of a deal for Cerra, Melbourne’s CEO confirmed they were interested in the star Docker but refused to elaborate on how it would happen.

    “All clubs are going to be talking to the representatives of a young star player like that,” Pert said.

    “Whether you can have the room or be able to pull off the deal, I’d say the majority of clubs are exploring it, but until we think anything’s going to happen with any player, we keep all those conversations highly confidential.”

    The Demons have an extremely young list, seven of their 23 players on Saturday night 21 years old or younger.

  • Grand finals don't reward season's best team, AFLW star Ebony Marinoff says
    28 September 2021
    After a mixed record in do-or-die grand finals, Adelaide Crows AFLW star Ebony Marinoff says it is a shame that one "really bad day" should cost a team a title.
  • Silvagni explains AFL draft points system, how Dogs will land Sam Darcy
    28 September 2021

    Stephen Silvagni has explained the intricacies of the points system in the AFL draft and how the Western Bulldogs will be able to secure Sam Darcy in the 2021 draft.

    Silvagni has worked as a list manager at both GWS and Carlton and has drafted many players under the current, albeit sometimes confusing rules of the draft.

    Darcy, son of Bulldogs legend Luke, is one of the most talented of his draft class, the tall forward rocketing in to pick one calculations with a six-goal haul for the Vic Metro’s under-19’s trial match in June.

    As a father-son prospect, the Bulldogs have the option to match any bid for the 18-year old.

    Silvagni explained exactly how the Dogs will look to land their prized draftee.

    “They can go into points deficit, but they will try and find the picks,” Silvagni told SEN Breakfast.

    “Each pick has a value, if he goes at pick two, that pick’s worth 2,500 points, plus a 20% discount for father-son or NGAs (Next Generation Academies).

    “So, they’ve got to make up those points within that draft.

    “They’ve got to find 2000 points, so all their picks in the draft have to add up to 2000 points, and they all go (if they match the bid).”

    However, he says that’s not the be-all and end-all, using Fremantle as a past example.

    “If they don’t have enough points with those picks in this year’s draft, the points will come off their first pick in next year’s draft, that’s called going into deficit,” Silvagni said.

    “It’s happened to Fremantle. Fremantle, last year or the year before, there was a bid on one of their NGA players, and they were in deficit in their first-round, so their first pick actually slipped back a couple of spots last year.”

    The Bulldogs first pick currently sits at number 17 in the 2021 AFL draft, meaning they will likely face bids from rival clubs on Darcy.

    The former Carlton list manager says clubs will bid if they think it can benefit them down the track.

    “Ultimately, by me bidding, (you have to ask yourself) ‘Is it going to help me out or is it going to help other picks come in for you, do I really value that player and are we a chance to get him?’” Silvagni said.

    “If you value the player, sure (bid), within reason.

    “I always said that if you value that player and it’s going to help you get that player or it's going to help you get something further down the line, then bid.”

    A club whose bid is matched on a player will then collect the draft picks and points the rival club used to match the original bid.

    Collingwood father-son prospect Nick Daicos and South Australian Jason Horne-Francis are the other two who appear a possibility to be the number one draft pick in 2021.

  • International Cup locked in for 2023
    28 September 2021
    Due to ongoing international border closures impacting travel to and from Australia, the AFL has announced that the next AFL International Cup is scheduled for 2023.

    The event was originally scheduled to be held on the Sunshine Coast in 2020 but was postponed until 2021, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

    AFL Executive General Manager Game Development, Andrew Dillon, said it was important to provide certainty for international participants and stakeholders.

    “Given the challenges around the re-opening of borders, and the need for international teams and organisers to proceed with planning the International Cup, we have made the decision that 2023 is the ideal year in which to next host the event.”

    “The International Cup remains a key aspect of the games growth overseas and the scheduling of the event in 2023 returns us to our original three-year schedule. We know that is has been frustrating for teams to prepare for the event alongside Covid and the appreciate the the patienceshown by all of our international players.”

    New Zealand will field both a Men’s and Women’s team for the first time in the competitions history.

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