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09 July 2020

Fitness Blogs
  • The Science Behind Post-workout Recovery (Part 2)
    09 July 2020

    Hey there we just published something. Wanna check out?

    In our previous blog we discussed the science behind movement. This blog will explain the science behind recovery after we have done our workout. Post workout recovery is the most important aspect of exercise performance since the results you get from training depends on how you allow your body to recover. Appropriate recovery from training allows you to train at higher volume & intensities and overcome injury & overtraining. Let us discuss how our genes are involved in recovery.

    Things like lowering/regulating your heart rate, breathing frequency & body temperature are short term recovery measures. However there are many invisible & slow processes taking place within the body post exercise. These include replenishing energy stores, repairing muscle damage & removing metabolic waste. Many hormonal & immunological processes which have a key role to play in post workout recovery are impacted by our genetics. Let us discuss this in detail:

    1. Hormonal responses: Exercise also induces hormonal responses to assist in recovery. Hormones are small molecules that control cellular functions such as energy metabolism, growth & protein synthesis vs breakdown. The main hormones that are important for post workout recovery include testosterone, insulin & insulin like growth factor.
      • Testosterone: Testosterone regulates muscle mass by stimulating protein synthesis (anabolism) & preventing breakdown (catabolism). The concentration of this androgenic-anabolic hormone fluctuates throughout the day but also during exercise. Although excessive exercise impacts it negatively. Your body fat, fitness level & genes together impact your testosterone levels. We use ACTN3 genotype to evaluate your testosterone.
      • Insulin: Insulin has anti-catabolic effect by increasing the rate of some amino acids while increasing protein synthesis & reducing protein breakdown. It also replenishes energy sources by transporting glucose from the muscle & subsequent synthesis & storage of glycogen. Having good insulin functions improves recovery.
      • Insulin like growth factor: This supports the function of human growth hormone to repair protein that has been damaged during workout & hence impacts muscle growth. There are two variants of IGF 1 gene which codes for the same protein but have slightly different effects on protein function.
    1. Immunological responses: Besides having negative responses such as infection, immunological responses also have health responses to physical stress such as exercise. Interleukins are important molecules for this response since they play an important role in regulating growth as well as facilitating communication between cells. IL-6 is an important interleukin that is produced in large amount in both muscle & fat tissues in response to activity such as exercise. It facilitates muscle repair, hypotrophy & is said to be involved in glucose & fat metabolism. Your IL-6 genotype is associated with the expression of IL-6 in your body.  The frequency of G variant is higher in power athletes which explains why it protects muscle damage even with high muscle contractions.

    One of great ways for optimal post workout recovery is to do workout at the right time consistently & to ensure you have the right macronutrient profile that optimises your fuel. However if you feel you have not recovered properly, consider skipping training, resting or doing workout at low intensity. 

    Want to learn how your testosterone level, insulin function & IGF-1 impacts your post workout recovery. Unlock your DNA with Passion for fitness’s unique genomics powered fitness program.

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    The post The Science Behind Post-workout Recovery (Part 2) appeared first on Sushant Kumar Ventures.

  • This MBTI Type Is Most Likely To Include It In Their Dating Profile
    09 July 2020
    What you include in your bio says a lot about you.
  • You Might Want To Think Twice Before Making A DIY Pore Strip, Experts Say
    09 July 2020
    Thank us later.
  • What Not to Do When Shopping for a Surfboard
    09 July 2020

    It’s called “kicking the tires.”

    It generally means checking something out before you buy it. It’s a very superficial kind of research, specifically if you don’t know exactly what you’re researching.

    Surf shop owners and employees see it all the time: Surf consumers who drive them crazy while shopping for boards.

    In general, shop managers, owners and employees want to set you in the right direction, no matter what your ability is. And with the shrinking retail landscape, they’re happy to talk with any customers who still visit a brick-and-mortar business.

    But just for fun, we chatted with a few of these retail workers from all over the country to pinpoint the most annoying things browsers and shoppers do. This is the stuff that they see over and over again. These are the guys you don’t want to be.

  • A Simple Mediterranean Chicken Burger You Can Make Without A Grill
    09 July 2020
    Take the Mediterranean diet for a spin for dinner.
  • Anvarol Crazybulk | Anavar alternative- Is It A Scam
    08 July 2020

    This Anvarol review will explain to you the side effects, dosage, how to use, and why it's a great Anavar alternative and where anvarol is for sale.

    The post Anvarol Crazybulk | Anavar alternative- Is It A Scam appeared first on Truism Fitness.

  • PainKillers
    08 July 2020
    Have you ever had a tooth pulled?

    I experienced that for the first time recently. It's no fun though the tooth needed to come out, so I'm glad that it did. What was worse was the pain that preceded it. If you've ever had the sharp pain that shoots up through your head from a toothache, then you know the exact feeling.

    In life we all have experienced pain. We have these particular pain-points, and we do or purchase different things to get rid of the pain..

    ​We buy certain products or subscribe to services because they help us solve a problem. We may have a Netflix subscription because of the low-cost price and it serves our entertainment needs. We may subscribe to a service that delivers us meals or groceries on a weekly basis to save us the pain of going to the store or because we don't have the time to go shopping. 

    We workout because we want to solve multiple pain-points: feeling better about ourselves, improving our health, training for a specific event, just to name a few. 

    Makes sense? We have a certain pain and our solution to the pain is a painkiller (not the kind you may be know those at the pharmacy....don't get any ideas).

    The problem we have a lot of times is that we aren't able to identify these particular pain-points. We know that there is a pain that needs to be addressed, but we don't know exactly what it is. If we don't know what it is, then we aren't able to know what will kill that pain. 

    You know that exercising is good for you, but why exactly are you exercising? Your reason for exercising may be completely different than those in your household. You need to know what your exact pain-point is so that you know the specific painkiller(s) needed to destroy that pain once and for all. 

    Need to know what your painkiller is for your pain-point? Do you need help finding out what that pain-point is? 

    Let's chat. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and simply reply with "What's my painkiller?"

    Like me on Facebook at Vanbar Fitness and follow on Instagram @vanbarfitness. 
  • 7 Socially Distant Weekend Getaways for New York City Urbanites
    08 July 2020

    It’s safe to say that New Yorkers are desperate for an escape. After months of isolating in shoebox-sized studios and cramped apartments, nothing sounds more appealing than socially distant weekend getaways near New York City.

    Now that summer has officially started, it’s especially hard not to spend our days fantasizing about the far-flung destinations topping our bucket lists. But with COVID-19 still clocking record-breaking cases in some parts of the country, it’ll most likely take some time before people feel comfortable boarding a plane. But don’t fret—there’s still plenty of time to salvage your grand summer vacation plans.

    Even though pandemic-related travel restrictions are still in effect across the globe, road trips are queued up to become the hottest travel trend this summer. Luckily for New Yorkers, there’s no shortage of close-to-home destinations that are well worth checking out. From quiet coastal escapes to epic outdoor excursions, New York City is conveniently situated to loads of hidden gems.

    So whether you’re pining for a hassle-free day trip, an overnight change of scenery, or an extended weekend retreat, we’ve got you covered. Here, we highlight some of our favorite socially distant weekend getaways near New York City. Before planning a trip, be sure to review the CDC Travelers’ Health page for alerts and updates. Happy road tripping!

    Lancaster Central Market Courtesy Image7 Socially Distant Weekend Getaways Near New York City 1. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    When people think of Lancaster, pastoral images of expansive cornfields, rolling hills, and windmill-dotted horizons come to mind. There’s no denying that any road trip to this region of Pennsylvania is bound to include a handful of horse and buggy sightings. But aside from its prevalent Amish and Mennonite communities, there’s a whole lot more to discover during a weekend visit. Founded in 1729, the city of Lancaster is one of the oldest inland towns in the United States. Today, it’s an eclectic melting pot, effortlessly blending old-world charm and modern amenities. Best of all, it’s less than a three-hour drive from New York City. The downtown district boasts plenty of posh properties, like the whimsical Lancaster Arts Hotel and the Cork Factory Hotel. But for an unforgettable (and private) stay, turn to one of the city’s unique Airbnb rentals, like The Getaway, imagined by Lancaster-based Flawless Façade Designs. While in town, be sure to peruse the country’s oldest continuously operated public farmers’ market; grab a nitro cold brew from Café One Eight (which rivals any trendy Brooklyn coffeehouse); or soak in the open-air, 360-degree views from The Exchange rooftop bar and lounge.

    2. Concord, New Hampshire

    Capital cities often get a bad rap for being too buttoned up or just flat-out boring. But Concord, the capital of New Hampshire, is anything but dull. Located approximately four hours from Manhattan, this quintessential New England retreat is in the midst of a vibrant renaissance. Prior to COVID-19, Main Street regularly saw specialty shops and locally owned restaurants opening their doors (thanks in part to a recent $14 million renovation project). With a thriving art scene, the creative set is particularly drawn to the destination. People flock to see permanent and revolving art exhibits and attend the ever-changing calendar of events that take place year-round. Set in the heart of the state, visitors can also venture minutes beyond Downtown Concord to access extensive hiking trails, sparkling lakes, and the great outdoors. For a special treat, plan a trip in September when the trees explode in a jaw-dropping display of autumnal foliage.

    Rock Hall North Point Marina Courtesy of Maryland Office of Tourism3. Rock Hall, Maryland

    With 18 themed, scenic byways, Maryland makes for a truly solid road trip destination. The small town of Rock Hall is part of the state’s Great Chesapeake Loop. Known as “The Pearl of the Chesapeake,” this waterfront getaway boasts 15 marinas, making it alluring toaquatic adventurers. Visitors can experience Eastern Shore heritage through sailing excursions, boat tours, and fishing charters. For landlubbers, the area is also popular with cyclists and hunters in search of deer, ducks, and geese. Stop by the Waterman’s Heritage Museum to learn how to tong for oysters and pull crab pots; relax on the soothing shores of Rock Hall’s family-friendly beach; or explore the nearby Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge. For an authentic crab feast, snag an outdoor table at one of the local hot spots, like Waterman’s Crab House, a former seafood market turned award-winning restaurant that overlooks the Chesapeake Bay.

    Mayflower Inn & Spa Courtesy Image4. Washington, Connecticut

    If you’re in need of a luxurious getaway after months of being cooped up inside, look no further than Washington, Connecticut. Comprising five picturesque villages, Washington is jam-packed with scenic panoramas, charming attractions, and plenty of space to breathe. Just two hours from NYC, the cozy small town is nestled at the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. The destination has lured artists, musicians, and writers for decades and is a time-honored hideaway for New Yorkers looking to escape the concrete jungle. Book a stay at the Mayflower Inn & Spa, where guests can unwind with outdoor pursuits like fly-fishing, archery, tennis, croquet, guided hikes, and more. Set to debut a Fall 2020 reimagination by acclaimed designer Celerie Kemble—just in time for its 100th anniversary—the property also offers a chance to recharge with their wellness programming, including open-air massage treatments, Ayurveda consultations, nutrition consulting, reiki sessions, and guided meditation. As far as weekend getaways near New York City goes, this is one of the best.

    Boating on Lake Canandaigua Chris Churchill5. Finger Lakes, New York

    New York’s Finger Lakes region is famous for its serene waterfalls, riesling wineries, and idyllic summer landscapes—so it should come as no surprise that Lake Canandaigua (one of the area’s 11 lakes) translates to “the chosen spot” in Algonquin. With an emphasis on outdoor activities, the destination has tons of safe experiences to entertain weekend visitors. Enjoy a challenging trek through the region’s numerous state parks; take an open-air stroll through early 19th- and 18th-century local towns; or plan a romantic lakeside picnic. Once the sun sets, catch a screening at the drive-in movie theater in Corning’s Gaffer District. And for the ultimate socially distanced bucket-list item, arrange for a private hot air balloon excursion over the glittering lakes below. Tastemakers have likely already bookmarked the destination thanks to the upcoming August debut of The Lake House on Canandaigua (one of the county’s most anticipated hotel openings). As an alternative to a good old-fashioned road trip, the hotel will soon offer seaplane trips from the NYC area for anyone looking to arrive in style.

    6. Manchester, Vermont

    Looking for a rustic retreat that’ll keep you immersed in Mother Nature? The small town of Manchester is snuggly seated between the Taconic Mountain Range and the Green Mountains of Vermont. It’s the perfect place to unplug, restore, and clear your mind. Stroll along the town’s marble sidewalks while shopping locally crafted wares and savoring the farm-fresh flavors served up by quirky eateries. Whether you’re river rafting during the summer months or scheming a ski trip in the winter, there’s always something to get your heart racing in Manchester. Some other beloved attractions include the Northshire Bookstore (often called the state’s best); the Orvis Manchester Fly-Fishing School; and the Southern Vermont Arts Center. Spend the night at The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa, the Kimpton Taconic Hotel, or the Inn at Manchester.

    7. Kennebunk, Maine

    Reclaim your summer with a refreshing getaway to Kennebunk, Maine. This year-round vacation destination may be under the radar compared to it’s more popular neighbor, Kennebunkport, but in-the-know travelers head to Kennebunk for its uncrowded beaches and quiet appeal. The quaint coastal getaway teems with historic intrigue marked by impressive architecture and plenty of local lore. Drive past the waterfront mansions or arrange a private walking tour through town to soak in its natural beauty. Avid golfers can be found teeing off at the Webhanet Golf Club or perfecting their swing at the Hillcrest Golf driving range. For a rejuvenating jaunt, plan a stay at the recently updated White Barn Inn. A New England icon for more than 150 years, the 27-room property exudes charisma and is known for its culinary concepts. Little Barn is their newest endeavor. The casual restaurant offers poolside dining and brings local Maine farmstead and fishery staples to the table, like lobster rolls and blueberry crumbles.

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  • This Is Why New Zealand Is a Mountain Biker's Paradise
    08 July 2020

    “Ride with the Swedes video series is back for its second season. This time Swedish MTB all-rounder Martin Söderström teamed up with his fellow countryman & Slopestyle superstar Emil Johansson. The Scandinavian MTB dream team are on a quest to hit & ride the best of what their home country and the world have to offer, having as much fun as they possibly can on the way.

    In episode 1 Emil and Martin warm up on their home trails, pack their bags & fly to the the mountain bike paradise of Queenstown, New Zealand. Being injured, Emil switches his bike for a camera and ups his photography game, while Martin has to send it for both of them.” – Red Bull Bike

    This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

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