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Skin Care Top 100 Blogs

03 April 2020

Skin Care Top 100 Blogs
  • What’s the Deal With Pore Strips?
    03 April 2020

    Even if you’ve never used a pore strip before, chances are you’re familiar with them. They’re extremely popular with teens but have really expanded their reach with the internet’s pimple and pore extraction craze. However, do they really work? Are they even good for your skin? Our Estheticians weigh in on the subject.

    How Pore Strips (Are Supposed To) Work:

    Nose strips or pore strips remove top layers of dead skin cells and blackheads by using a strong adhesive. Similar to Band-Aids, nose strips will extract anything on the surface of your nose – including hair, dirt, and oil. However, these strips won’t do anything to prevent the buildup of oil and blackheads from occurring in the first place.

    Do They Actually Remove Blackheads?

    In terms of their effectiveness, this varies by person and how they are used. For instance, if the person doesn’t wet their nose with warm water or fails to ensure the strip sticks to all the creases of the nose, they likely won’t get great results. Additionally, for people with very small pores or dehydrated skin, pore strips are probably not for them. When used properly, the most nose strip will clear the pores temporarily.

    The Risks?

    While pore strips seem to be a harmless quick blackhead fix, they can actually be pretty bad for your skin. The strips use a strong adhesive to pull all the gunk out. Therefore, when pulling this adhesive off, your skin can be left looking flaky, red and inflamed. Pore strips can also cause spider veins and broken capillaries on areas with thinner skin around the nose. On top of all this, people love overusing pore strips. If at all, pore strips should be used only once a week. However, a lot of people think the more the better and use them all the time. This overuse strips our skin of our skins natural oils. These natural oils are essential to keep your skin healthy and balanced. Not to mention the sensitivity and irritation that comes along with the harsh frequent use of these strips.

    With that all being said, pore strips aren’t the worse thing in the world. If you absolutely want to use them, make sure you are doing it properly. Of course we always recommend leaving those pesky blackheads to the professionals for safe and effective pore extraction. Coming in for a professional facial treatment regularly can keep those pores clearer longer. ZONA includes steam and extractions in every facial service!

    For More Information:

    For more information please contact us at ZONA Med Spa. Or book a consultation online by clicking here.

    The post What’s the Deal With Pore Strips? appeared first on ZONA Med Spa.

  • Why do I need toner?
    02 April 2020


    I think it is important to wash your face at least twice a day and also use a toner. When I created it, I wanted to make a toner that doubled as a gentle exfoliant without using abrasive materials that might harm delicate skin. I had normal to oily skin in mind. Individuals with acne also find this toner helpful because it helps sooth as well as tone the skin without stripping it.

    Our Fruit Acid Toner uses alpha hydroxy acids mostly from fruit. People have been using alpha hydroxy acids for centuries to improve skin. Cleopatra used sour milk, French women used old wine and people from all over the world have used fruit, honey and yogurt as well.

    Alpha hydroxy acids do a few things. They dissolve the skin's natural glue that holds dead cells and new cells together. Our toner helps gently remove dead cells. They can also help with skin cell turnover and stimulate new cell growth. Removing the dead cells and stimulating new ones can increase flexibility in skin. Alpha hydroxy acids also act as a humectant, that draw moisture to the skin. This helps hydrate skin, leaving it softer and more flexible.

    Our formula uses alpha hydroxy acids mostly from fruit extracts including apple, bilberry, lemon peel, orange peel and papaya leaf. We also use organic calendula and cucumber extracts for soothing and witch hazel for toning.

    This toner is strong. I recommend using it once a day, every other day to start. When you start using it, put a little on a cotton ball or pad and dilute it with water until your skin gets used to it. If you have sensitive skin, please make sure you really dilute it until your skin adjusts. When your skin adjusts, you can dilute it less and less until you don't have to dilute it anymore. You can use it everyday once your skin adjusts to it.

  • The Surprising Truth About Inflammation and Your Skin
    02 April 2020

    Curious? We thought so! Here at SkinScience Clinic in downtown Calgary, it’s our aim to both educate and deliver above-and-beyond results. And what’s one of the most common misconceptions we hear from clients here in the clinic? That inflammation is an inherently bad thing.

    As a Microbiology and Immunology major of the University of Montreal, SkinScience Clinic’s founder, Marie Bertrand, knows a thing or two about inflammation… and that, despite common belief, inflammation can actually be a good thing.

    “Inflammation? A Good Thing?”

    While inconvenient, inflammation can actually be beneficial: after all, inflammation is the body’s natural protective response to injury and pathogens (such as bacteria or viruses). Because our bodies are so intelligently wired, they automatically know what to do when there is a disruption of the natural balance within your body; we can also commonly feel when our body may be inflamed, such as after too much alcohol or unhealthy foods.

    When an inflammation trigger is registered by our body, our body’s defense systems initiate a flood of molecular action— multitudes of cells rush to the offending area to see what needs to be protected against. Once the trigger is determined, inflammatory mediators—known as “bradykinins” and “histamines”— cause blood vessels to open in order for an increased flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area.

    Puffy cheeks post-wisdom teeth removal or a swollen wrist after a fracture are just two examples of our body’s protective responses firing correctly. So when can inflammation turn sour? Well, when our body is incapable or slow at cleaning up the residue of this inflammatory response we enter the drawbacks of inflammation: negative inflammation.

    Chronic Inflammation and its Impact On Your Skin (and Overall Well-Being!)

    Chronic inflammation—also referred to as long-term inflammation—is classified as inflammation that lasts for a long period of time (months or, in extreme cases, years). Chronic inflammation’s impact is so severe, in fact, that it is ranked by the World Heath Organization as “the greatest threat to human health”.

    Telltale signs of chronic inflammation include:

    ·        High blood pressure

    ·        Eczema or psoriasis

    ·        Acne

    ·        Food allergies

    ·        Diabetes

    ·        Heart disease

    ·        Arthritis

    ·        Fatigue

    ·        Digestive problems

    ·        Unexplained weight gain and/or stubborn visceral fat

    These conditions are serious not just due to their potential severity, but also because they can remain undetected in the body for long periods of time before being successfully diagnosed.

    “I Think That I Have Chronic Inflammation! How Can I Mitigate It?”

    While it may be tempting to sit and despondently ponder how your chronic inflammation came to be (genetics? Environmental factors? Poor nutrition choices? Stress? A sedentary lifestyle? Plain bad luck?) we here at SkinScience Clinic believe in solutions—especially for something such as chronic inflammation, which can be reversed.

    We here at SkinScience Clinic advocate for the following in order to reduce and control chronic inflammation:

    ·        Making nutritious food choices (especially limiting the intake of sugar and refined carbs)

    ·        Taking a daily probiotic to balance your gut flora

    ·        Staying hydrated

    ·        Eliminating or reducing dairy, which, due to the hormones it contains, can cause inflammation

    ·        Improving your sleep schedule

    ·        Limiting your alcohol consumption

    ·        Getting active

    ·        Managing stress

    While these may seem like large lifestyle changes when facing them head-on, educating yourself on your chronic inflammation triggers and slowly making healthy lifestyle adjustments to reduce its effects can eliminate chronic inflammation over time without medical intervention.

    Are you struggling with chronic inflammation and its impact on your body and skin? Reach out today to learn how one of our skin specialists can provide you with customized home care and in-clinic treatments to rid you of chronic inflammation for good.

  • A message from the co-founders of Hunter Lab
    02 April 2020

    To the Hunter Lab Community,

    First and foremost, we want to offer our sincerest apologies to our community if there has been any misinterpretation of our communication around the launch yesterday of our 24 Hour Hand Sanitiser

    We are a brand who prides itself on integrity, authenticity and transparency in the natural skin health space, so ambiguity does not sit well with us

    We have been working on this formula for over 6 months, and accelerated its development to help us play a part in our community through a challenging time. We were incredibly excited to share  all our hard work with our community this week

    Yesterday, we launched the 24 Hour Hand Sanitiser. This product is innovative and unique in the hand sanitiser space because it does not include alcohol. It uses naturally derived technology to kill 99.99% of bacteria, with lasting skin protection for up to 24 hours. Bacteria like Salmonella, Enterococcus and Staphylococcus to name a few harmful strains. If the bacteria is not killed completely, which is often the case when quickly washing your hands, it will start to propagate and grow again on the skin. This formula stops the propagation in its tracks, for up to 24 hours

    To be clear, this product is not approved by the TGA, nor endorsed by the WHO, to destroy the current Covid-19 virus. Whilst we have never said that it does, it is clear this has been the outtake from a small section of the online community.  It was never our intention to cause confusion; to support our community of natural skin care users, we used our resources as a skin health brand to create a hand sanitiser which protects against harmful bacteria

    To be clear, the current gold standard advice for hand hygiene across the whole world to help stop the spread of Covid-19 is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20-seconds for every wash. We have shared this information already across our channels as many of you may already use our Hand & Body Wash, and we felt it important to reiterate this advice

    However, if soap and water is not available, it is currently recommended to use a hand sanitiser of 60-70% alcohol to help reduce the spread of the virus

    Hunter Lab is a skin health brand. We create the very best natural skin and hair care products to help improve the health of our skin and hair. Our focus is on creating highly effective natural formulas which avoid synthetic ingredients; we look to offer alternatives to the chemically laden products on the market.  Alcohol is one such ingredient we try to avoid in our formulas due to the harsh effects it has on the skin

    We have used an ingredient within this technology which some have suggested has been found to cause skin irritation. This ingredient has in some studies been shown to do so at incredibly high levels, upwards of 10% of the formula. We use this ingredient at 0.4%, which is enough to kill 99,99% of bacteria. It is approved for use by the TGA and FDA. Everything we have been advised, read, and from the testing we have done, makes it clear that at this percentage this ingredient is absolutely harmless to our skin. It is significantly less harmful than the known skin irritant; alcohol

    The integrity of this product as it is marketed is proven and factual. It will kill 99.99% of bacteria. This formula is hospital-grade; it is used in the medical and the education sectors in Australia and across the world. We are currently one of only a handful of consumer brands with access to this technology, and we are very fortunate to be able to bring it to our community

    The product has been tested and meets with BSEN-1276, which is the gold standard test for this claim. It demonstrates biocidal efficacy in suspension, and this report supports our claim of 99.99% bactericidal efficacy. It also tested and passed at 100% against the AOAC Hard Surface Carrier Test

    We have not made these results available for public consumption because they contain sensitive intellectual property purporting to the patented technology. They are also incredibly technical and hard to understand without a science background. It is also not a requirement to make these available as a cosmetic hand sanitiser. However, as we are a brand who prides itself of transparency, we are happy to make these available for review. Please contact us if you’d like to review

    As an Australian brand we have a responsibility to help our community in this unprecedented time however we can. We have used our resources to get access to this innovative and effective formula to help play an important role in keeping hands free from harmful living microorganisms. We could have created an alcohol hand sanitiser, but this goes against our ethos as a natural brand. We’ve donated over 10,000 units to our community to date, and will be donating many more across these times

    We believe in offering consumers choice in the ingredients and the products they choose to use on their skin. There are many products that achieve the same result through a different mode of action. For example, an oil based cleanser and a foaming cleanser will both clean your face, however they achieve this in different ways. You as the consumer are free to choose what you believe is the best option for your skin health

    If you have an ongoing daily concern about your skin hygiene and keeping bacteria at bay, and are looking for a product which does not contain alcohol, which offers 99.99% microbial protection, and is incredibly safe on the skin, then this product may be for you

    Remember, if you want to effectively stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, please follow the advice from the WHO – wash your hands with soap and water as often as you can throughout the day

    Please stay healthy through these unprecedented times, and stay connected to and help support your community however you can

    All the best in these challenging times,

    Susie and Elliot

    Hunter Lab Co-Founders


    The post A message from the co-founders of Hunter Lab appeared first on Hunter Lab.

  • how to take care of tb patient at home
    02 April 2020
    Tuberculosis Remedy 2020- Continuous                                               treatment to eliminate TB

    Hello friends, how is TB brought to you today and how can she be finished from root.

      Reason for TB

    Every year 6 to 7 crore people in the world suffer from this disease. Every year 25 to 30 lakh people die due to this disease. TB is getting depleted every 3 minutes in the country. Every day 40 thousand people get infection. TB is a serious illness.

    It is very important for us to know what causes TB first. TB is also called caries. TB is caused by the genus Bacterium tuberculosis Bacteria. TB affects the lungs: Lung tuberculosis is called pulmonary tuberculosis. More people have this tuberculosis. 85% of the TB of the lungs and 15% of the outer part of the lungs, such as a woman who has TB of the uterus, may have TB in the stomach, in the intestine, in the brain, in the kidney, in the mouth, in the nose, etc.

    Bacterium tuberculosis bacteria is found in dried water or washed water. This bacteria is disturbed due to eating disturbances or food intake. The particles of dull meat go into the body due to inhalation. On the other hand, the risk of TB increases. In the same way, infections are caused by unsupervised water or improper eating. If the body's immunity is low then Number Teriyaki O come increases quickly is the disease.

    If the immune system is more in the body then there will be no loss due to this bacteria, what is this immune system ?? Immune system has the ability to fight against diseases, that ability is called Immune system. Diseases are caused quickly only when the immunity power is low. Most of the weak people become the victims of TB because their immune power is low.

    If someone smokes excessively, there may be a possibility of lung tuberculosis or cancer.

    Treatment of TB

     Now we need to keep in mind the treatment of TB and Keen Keen talk. For a TB patient, cow urine not less than how Honeydew. Tuberculosis causes decay of asthma or TB KC disease is eradicated from the roots.Hearing the name of cow urine The nose of the nose may have gone, but I will tell you what is written in the texts of Ayurveda.cow urine contains many nutrients such as nitrogen, copper, phosphate, uric acid, potassium, organic acid, lactose sugar, chloride sulfur, iron, calcium, sodium. Even if Jesus does not believe, he can get a laboratory test done for cow urine.

    Now let's see how you should use cow urine when you have TB. If someone is taking medicines, then taking either medicine or even  cow urine together will double the strength of the medicine and the results will be amazing if taken together, then the TB patient has to take medicine for six months. If you take it with cow urine then TB can be cured in two months. If someone uses only cow urine then get rid of TB in three months. Will also be finished with root.

    How to consume cow urine?

    cow urine means the straight face of a native from the native cow, but the jersey cow's mother is of no use. If the cow is lying down, keep in mind that if the cow is black then it is better. After taking the cow urine, sieve eight layers of cotton cloth and filter it in the morning and eat half a cup of it, so in this way you can consume cow urine.

    If you want to cure TB in 5 to 6 weeks, then take cow urine in this way, take cow urine ten times each time, by spooning it every time, doing so will improve your 21st day TB and TB in 4 to 5 weeks Will disappear

    Treatment to eliminate TB

    (1) For this treatment, some ingredients were brought from the market like Ficus religiosa 5 g, Peepalam 5 g, Dhania 4 g, Parsley 5 g, Parsley 50 g, Pomegranate 25 g, Black pepper 5 g, Bansulochan g, Cinnamon 2 g, Bay leaf. Grind 8 to 10 leaves of these and become churned and if you do not take honey with honey, you can eat it with goat or cow's milk.

    (2) Drinking lime water in milk will cure TB disease.

    (3) Milk 250 grams of goat and cook 10 grams of coconut powder and 6 grams of garlic and then eat it in the morning and evening, the disease ends. Use this medicine daily.

    (4) Garlic has sulfuric acid which kills the tuberculosis, increase the quantity of garlic with food and take eight ten buds of garlic and drink it in milk and drink it.

    (5) Drinking the drumstick leaves with water also provides relief in TB.

    (6) Drinking orange juice also improves TB.

    Things to keep in mind and TB Precaution

    The TB patient should consume raw onion daily, always put salt on the onion, by doing so, the germ of TB is destroyed.
     Eat or drink 25 grams of a day a woman's ear, and germs die due to which the power in the lungs increases and the disease is easily cured.
    Now, see what to take in food and if you use green vegetables, pepper spices, sour things, began, take special care of this matter.

    If someone has TB, the patient's dog food, the dog's food by sleeping around it or by staying near or by his clothes, the bacteria easily get washed in the body and others are also likely to get the disease.

    If a TB patient shrinks or spits, then the bacteria in TB fail in the air, which remain in the air for 45 minutes, which fumes in the body when other people breathe, so which hospital or where there is more traffic. While going, wear a handkerchief or mask on your turn. Otherwise, if the Immune power of Casey will decrease then the chances of getting this disease increases.

    If someone has TB in or around your house, keep aside its food and food, and keep aside from it, because if someone gets TB like this, then pay special attention to these things.
    Use soya been instead of ghee butter to get vitamins or take the multi vitamin pill given by the doctor.

     If you smoke, stop today or else it is not good for your health.e
  • #122 Wim Hof’s Corona Survival Guide
    01 April 2020

    This week on Under The Skin we have a returning guest, the incredible Wim Hof aka The Iceman. In this episode Wim talks about how his breathing techniques can be used to increase our immunity, our personal respiratory power, our health and our safety as well as, of course, having a huge spiritual dimension. It’s a brilliant episode, you’re going to love it!

    Check out Wim’s app and courses online at

    Instagram: @iceman_hof

    Twitter: @Iceman_Hof

    This is the link to the Charles Eisenstein article mentioned in the podcast:

  • DIY Facial Wash Vs Homemade Face Cleanser
    01 April 2020

    In this post we will briefly learn why cleaning your skin with mild, gentle cleansers if very important.  And then explore recipes of several DIY face cleansers. Washing your face might seem like a very simple procedure: just apply some soap, rub it in, rinse it off.  Done! Right? Wrong! Cleaning and washing your skin […]

    The post DIY Facial Wash Vs Homemade Face Cleanser appeared first on Modern Vintage Ville.

  • Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune Enzyme Cleansing Powder Review
    01 April 2020

    Welcome, Skintellectuals!

    I always love finding new and innovative products that I haven’t seen before. Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune Cleansing Enzyme Powder is definitely one of those products! I have to admit that I’m a little behind on the whole “kbeauty” thing but from what I’ve tried I’m pretty impressed overall.

    What is it?

    Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune Cleansing Powder is an enzyme cleansing powder, mixing the ability of...

    Read the whole entry... »

  • Microdermabrasion vs Micro-needling: What’s the difference?
    01 April 2020
  • April Specials
    01 April 2020
    Remember, you can purchase now but our specials can always be used at a later date. CoolSculpting Special

    The addition of our two NEW CoolSculpting Machines makes Greenspring Medical Aesthetics the ONLY provider in Tucson with FOUR CoolSculpting machines!

    Buy 3 Cycles, Get 1 FREE Cycle!
    Why CoolSculpting® at Greenspring?
    26 years in Tucson
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    $125 per FTZ (Reg. $200)
    UltraShape® is a painless non-surgical procedure that permanently destroys unwanted body fat! Truly sculpted results without irregularities or lumpiness.
    Free consultation required.

    WarmSculpting with SculpSure®

    $200 per click (minimum of 5 clicks)
    SculpSure’s latest version is even more effective!
    WarmSculpting with SculpSure® is the very first FDA cleared, non-invasive laser device to permanently reduce fat. It’s non-invasive, relatively painless, safe and, most importantly, effective with no downtime. The SculpSure body sculpting procedure can treat multiple areas in just 25 minutes!
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    Liposonix® GREAT PRICE!
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    Featuring Greenspring’s low-pain technique. Site size is 4.5cm x 4.5cm.
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    Venus Freeze®
    Upper Face, Lower Face or Neck: $99 (Reg. $199)
    Arms – $1,100 for 10 treatments

    Fat, wrinkle and cellulite reduction, skin tightening, collagen stimulation, treats stretch marks, non-invasive, pain-free, face/neck/body contouring. We recommend a full series of at least six treatments for the face and at least eight to ten treatments on the body.

    $750 off customized Cellfina Treatment     
    Smooth that Lasts®
    Get the only long-lasting, minimally invasive cellulite solution proven to smooth away dimples for at least three years in a single treatment.
    Free consultation required. Financing Available.
    * Guaranteed results for cellulite dimples marked for treatment. Call for details.

    Full Syringe $595 (Reg. $799)*

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    Say Goodbye to your Double Chin with FDA approved KYBELLA®
    $175 per cc**
    $350 per vial**

    **Complimentary consultations recommended. Initial treatment usually requires 2 vials; subsequent treatments may require only 1 vial. Several treatments may be required depending on the patient.

    * These rates do not apply for Dr. Alex Cadoux or Dr. Kathy Nichols.

    PLUS receive $20 for each syringe in Brilliant Distinctions® towards any Allergan product (JUVÉDERM®, Botox®, KYBELLA®, CoolSculpting®, SkinMedica®, LATISSE®). Must be a member of the Brilliant Distinctions® program.

    Full Syringe $629 (Reg. $799)*    

    Full Syringe $479 (Reg. $599)   

    Full Syringe $449 (Reg. $549)*

    Small Syringe – .55cc $329 (Reg. $349)*
    Large Syringe – 1.0cc $479 (Reg. $599)*  

    PLUS receive $20 for each syringe in Brilliant Distinctions® towards any Allergan product (JUVÉDERM®, Botox®, KYBELLA®, CoolSculpting®, SkinMedica®, LATISSE®). Must be a member of the Brilliant Distinctions® program.

    1.55cc $499 (Reg. $599)

    BELLAFILL® also referred to as ARTEFILL®
    Special Price $975 (Reg. $1,200)  
    Bellafill® (also referred to as Artefill®) is a dual-acting wrinkle filler. Once it’s injected into the deep portion of the skin under the wrinkle, the collagen in Bellafill® visibly improves wrinkles and is replaced by your body’s own collagen over time. Lasts up to five years. Long lasting, dual acting.

    Say Goodbye to your Double Chin with FDA approved KYBELLA®
    $185 per cc**
    $370 per vial**

    **Complimentary consultations recommended. Initial treatment usually requires 2 vials; subsequent treatments may require only 1 vial. Several treatments may be required depending on the patient.

    $210 per area


    $189 per area (Reg. $240)
    20 units per area, which comes out to only $9.45 per unit!!
    Have one of our master injectors help you turn
    back the hands of time at these great prices.
    * These rates do not apply for Dr. Alex Cadoux or Dr. Kathy Nichols.

    For patients new to BOTOX® at Greenspring:
    $179 for the first 20 units  (Reg. $240)*
    *Only for patients who have NOT had BOTOX at
    Greenspring (Oasis or Rejuvenation) Medical Aesthetics previously.
    * These rates do not apply for Dr. Alex Cadoux or Dr. Kathy Nichols.

    PLUS receive $20 for each syringe in Brilliant Distinctions® towards any Allergan product (JUVÉDERM®, Botox®, KYBELLA®, CoolSculpting®, SkinMedica®, LATISSE®). Must be a member of the Brilliant Distinctions® program.

                                                 Package of 5 B12 Shots for $115 (Reg. $125)
                                               Package of 5 B12 Lipo Shots for $140 (Reg. $150)

    Ultherapy® Amplify
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    Crows Feet $299 per tx (Reg. $420)
    Under Eyes $249 per tx (Reg. $360)

    Glabella $149 per tx (Reg. $210)
    Lips $249 per tx (Reg. $360)

    Depigmenting Photofacial
    Face $125 per tx (Reg. $299)
    Neck $99 per tx (Reg. $125)
    Chest $149 per tx (Reg. $225)

    MaxG or M22 Photofacial
    Face $235 per tx (Reg. $399)

    Clear & Brilliant
    Face $265 per tx (Reg. $399)
    Face Package $749 for 3 treatments (Reg. $1,197)

    Venus Viva
    Face $265 per tx (Reg. $399)
    Face Package $749 for 3 treatments (Reg. $1,197)

    Exciting technology that tightens skin & improves stretch marks & acne scars.

    Photo Fractional
    Face Package $999 for 3 treatments (Reg. $1,275)
    Highly effective combination of IPL and Venus Viva that optimizes skin clarity, tone, texture and tightening.


    Micro Needling w/Anti-Aging Mask $210 (Reg. $299)

    Greenspring Rejuvenation:
    Buy 3 Micro Needling TXs for $750 AND…
    Receive 1 FREE SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum!!! (Reg. $1,162)

    Greenspring Oasis:
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    Receive 1 FREE Skin Ceuticals Metacell Renewal B3!!! (Reg. $1,162)

    Customized Facial $85 (Reg. $100)
    Customized Facial w/Free Add-on Mask or Peel $100 (Reg. $115)

    Dermaplaning $75 (Reg. $100)

    Dermal Infusion $175 (Reg. $199)
    Dermal Infusion combines exfoliation with the infusion of specific skin serums to improve and revitalize the skin. It also is designed to exfoliate, extract and infuse all at once.

    Vi Precision Plus Peel®: $210 (Reg.$299)
    VI Purify Peel for Acne®: $155 (Reg.$165)

                                                                   Laser Hair Removal
                                              Buy 2 treatments and receive the third area free!*

    *All areas must be the same (for example, buy 2 areas of bikini and receive a third area of bikini free).

    Prices good until April 30, 2020.

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