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Embed Google Map into Content

  1. Select the content that you wish to embed a map into   You may embed maps in to articles. A map is also created for you on your profile which may be modified by you, (visible on the Contact tab - and editable in the "City" field of Contact Information).
  2. To embed a Google Map in an article, place the cursor in the location at which the map should appear
  3. For a simple map of an address, enclose the address, in the following format exanple: 1 street name, suburb name, post/zip code, state (don't forget the commas), and then enclose the address between the word "google_map" enclosed by {} at start and {/} at end, ie {/google_map} ie. use curly brackets.
  4. There is no necessity to include the entire address, if you wish you may simple use a suburb, city, state or country if you wish.
  5. If your article is about a place of interest that may not be identified by an address, eg. a state park etc, there are more precise ways to include the location ie. you may  substitute the address with: 


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