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Dogs in Lockdown

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Dogs in Lockdown

Dogs in lockdown

Don't forget about your pets during lockdown, particualry dogs and their pre-lock down routines that have been turned upside down by us working from home and being at home 24/7.

Our dog's daily routine consisted of having an undisturbed sleep on our bed in quiet isolation and eating the cat food without fear of getting busted.  Now with us working from home, we have messed up their set routine, so they're also feeling people stress, but from their perspective in having us at home all the time.

I don't think our dog really cares though, because now we take it out twice every day, once for a walk and once for ball throws.  It's all about the dog even more so now.  

And our cats, ...they never had it better during lockdown .  They never had much of a routine but now, they demand to be let in and out 10 times a day and meow for something different to eat each time they enter.  This lockdown suits them nicely.

Sometimes I think that our dog secretly wishes that covid19 goes away soon so they can go back to a "normal" lazy daytime routine without the stressful people and their work from home jobs.
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