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Try Out These De-Stress Tips

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I'm not sure about you, but there's nothing like exercise to help one de-stress. There are so many exercise websites out there, but in my opinion, there is an exceptional one, which I feel - it would be unfair not to tell you about, if you are trying to get through a lockdown.



In lockdown, as we are here in Melbourne--('m guessing it's a lot tougher than yours, as we even have an 8pm curfew at the moment), there are both the good days--and the bad days. On the good days you think "this is ok, it won't take too long.....and then we'll get to "the other side of this", and all will be ok. On the other days,  the 'bad days', there's - from what I'm starting to recognise - all of the signs of grief . If you look at sites that have outlined these stages: ie 

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

(Source:  5 Stages of Grief






So if it looks like you are moving through these stages - 'grief'  at the loss of  your former 'free life', you may start to feel really down - and it looks like there is absolutely no one who isn't experiencing some form of this, the way(s) in which I personally have coped with this is 1) to get on  my bike and just ride....and 2) use the website Les Mills On Demand. Ok so you might think, oh..just another workout site, well maybe it is, but it's the site that provides the worrkouts for the classes in many of the major gyms in Australia.  So anyway, try this.. if you aren't feeeling that great, try one of the "Grit" workouts on Les Mills. If you have some weights in the house, try Grit Strength, if you don't, try Grit Cardio or Grit Plyo. I'm so will forget what you were thinking before you started the workout. (:



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