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This is Victoria Today - Goodbye Melbourne - (which was once "Most Liveable City')

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There is currently a stage 4 lockdown in Victoria (Australia), which is not only strict, and long winded, but is pushing many Australians over the edge.

In Victorian (Australia), there was the first wave, well that didn't go too badly, and comminity transmission of Covid-19 was at quite low levels, at least until the 'Hotel Quarantine' bungle Victorian Hotel Quarantine Inquiry. Following that, Victoria, specifically Melbourne, had a second wave, and the state of Victoria entered a draconian series of lockdowns. Bearing in mind, that there was only a brief reprieve between the first and second waves, Melbourne feels like it has been in lockdown since March 2020.


The result is....people are at boiling point


The result is...businesses are at boiling point



In case you are from outside of Australia, gone is the warm fuzzy feeling of an Australia with koalas and easy going people.....



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