Why create a buzzmyid id? 


In the past few years it has become apparent that social media is not only a source of entertainment, a souce of communication between friends, peers and colleagues, but also a source of information regarding one's personality by prospective employers, and possibly others one seeks to engage with, (see the article By 


Despite the obvious alarming idea that one is no longer judged by what one voluntarily puts forward, eg. a resume, one's dress sense and so forth, another possible alarming idea is that one may be mistaken for someone else, whilst being searched online - and subsequently judged.


Additional to the issue of what one may have posted on social media in the past, is the possibility that one may be searched for, and then incorrectly found, and judged - by someone else's personality (and appearance). 


When you consider that even with an uncommon name, there will be at least a few instances in the world. Look for example on this Facebook search for my name (Eva Busby), which I would not regard as a 'common' name Facebook Search for Eva BusbyWhen you see the search results, you can see that there are at least 16 people on Facebook with my name. I must add, I am actually not any one of them. 


One could argue that - 'all you need to do is check the location', and while this may be possible in some cases, you can see from the search that quite a number of social profiles keep location hidden.


If 'Eva Busby' applied for a job, and the job search recruiter decided to check the social profiles, exactly which profile would be chosen as the correct one? Since it is not given practice to show one's date of birth on your resume, this makes the social profile search even more obscure.


If the issue of correct profile, article, blog, forum, youTube channel or any other online material identification  is that difficult for an uncommon name, just imagine the problems someone may have if they have a more common, or especially very common name. A google search of 'common surnames in the world' returned the following results:



"According to http://forebears.io, the top 10 most common surnames on Earth in 2014 are:
  • Wang(76m)
  • Devi(69m)
  • Zhang(68m)
  • Li(57m)
  • Liu(52m)
  • Singh(37m)
  • Yang(32m)
  • Kumar(32m)"

Should someone attempt to locate social media profiles of people with such surnames, the probability of mis-locating a correct profile would be quite high.


In order to greatly reduce the chances of being mis-identified online, the idea of a buzzmyid id, is to give yourself a unique id, and the list all of the links which you wish to be visible to the public on your profile. This includes articles, blog posts, YouTube channel addresses in addition to social profile links, and then give out the id to the prospective employer, friend. peer, colleague, business associate or the like. The benefits would be two-fold.

  1. The person seeking information will save time and effort seeking for correct information- (This is important as there are now at least 60 social media platforms for them to check)
  2. The person giving out the buzzmyid 'id' can link all information they wish to make public, ie. links to relevant social media, which will give 'peace of mind' that they are being correctly evaluated.

One might still argue that it is possible to have one unique username, and use it consistently across all of the platforms. While this may be so in the ideal world, unfortunately it may not always work, as it is impossible to stop others choosing a username one had previously chosen for use in existing profiles. 

My choice of username had previously been 'evabuz' - which appears unique enough - Not So!!! This username has been used by others in other platforms, and this could arguably easily lead to mis-identification.



I have put my case forward for an id to hand out to the public, with information linked in the profile, which one would like the public to see, and profiles correctly owned by the id holder.


The buzzmyid id could be published in other online posts and articles, and could be printed on business cards for distribution.
























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