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Travel Blogs

19 February 2020

Travel Blogs
  • 10 Best RV Windshield Covers: 2020 Reviews
    19 February 2020

    After purchasing your RV you might think you’re ready to take it out for your first trip. However, there are a few accessories that you’ll want to purchase before... Read more

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  • An alternative travel guide to the Algarve
    19 February 2020

    If you’re looking for travel experiences which are slightly different from the usual, here is an alternative guide to visiting the Algarve. Check our tips on what to do, where to stay and what to eat!...

    O post An alternative travel guide to the Algarve aparece primeiro no SeaBookings.

  • Gatlinburg: The Las Vegas of the Smoky Mountains
    19 February 2020

    'After driving across Tennessee in the glorious autumn sunshine, we rocked up to Gatlinburg. I can safely say it is NOT what we expected..'

    Sightseeingshoes - the home of two flat shoe wearing, independent travellers in their 40's

  • Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Cost & What You Need To Know Before You Ride!
    19 February 2020
    How much will a Cappadocia hot air balloon cost you? In this post, we answer that and other frequently asked questions about Cappadocia.
  • Croatia: Road Trip Itinerary: Trogir To Dubrovnik
    19 February 2020
    Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to road trip. Here is how to get from Trogir To Dubrovnik by car - with suggested stops along the way.
  • Things To Do In Orebić: The Secret Destination In Croatia
    19 February 2020
    I want to tell you two why this romantic little town captured our hearts, and about all of the things you can do in Orebic.
  • Gadget Review: JOYROOM JR-TL1 Mini Portable TWS Earphones
    19 February 2020

    Out of Town Blog
    Gadget Review: JOYROOM JR-TL1 Mini Portable TWS Earphones

    JOYROOM JR-TL1 TWS Bluetooth Earphones Review Manila, Philippines — Another go-to earbud from Joyroom will surely delight travelers and tech-geeks out there! Our newest discovery the JOYROOM JR-TL1 Mini Portable TWS headphone is packed with amazing features and we can’t get enough of it. This one stands out from the rest of the product line […]

    Gadget Review: JOYROOM JR-TL1 Mini Portable TWS Earphones
    Melo Villareal

  • Moroccan Food: 11 Morocco Dishes to Satisfy Your Cravings
    19 February 2020

    When traveling to other countries, it is important to consider their national dishes. And Morocco is not an exemption. Morocco dishes are one of the things that you should definitely try and would absolutely enjoy while you’re here. Morocco is known as a culinary tourism paradise years ago. It’s located...

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  • It’s Time For Siesta – 10 Best Spanish Cities to Find a Spirit of Freedom
    19 February 2020

    Spain is a firm favorite with vacationers around the world, and it’s an ideal destination choice whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore a new city. Fantastic beaches, wonderful weather and excellent cuisine abound, but there’s so much more to Europe’s top travel destination than lounging around...

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  • AirAsia Unveils New Network in the Southern Philippines with new flight to General Santos City
    19 February 2020

    AirAsia expands its network in the Southern PH with General Santos

    Manila, Philippines — If you are mulling to visit General Santos, the so-called “Tuna Capital of the Philippines,” here is good news for you. AirAsia has recently announced its newest destination in this beautiful destination in the Southern Philippines.

    Guests can start flying from Clark and Cebu to General Santos Starting starting March 29 this year.

    AirAsia Unveils New Network in the Southern Philippines with new flight to General Santos City

    “We are pleased to announce our new domestic destination for the year, General Santos,” said Ricky Isla, the CEO of AirAsia Philippines. “Our General Santos flights will provide access to Mindanao, a beautiful region rich in culture and history.”

    The CEO added that he is confident that the announcement of these new flights will be of big help to boost the local economy and tourism.

    Initially, the company is dishing out all-in promo fares from Clark to General Santos from P1,090 if you are a BIG Loyalty Member and P1,157 if you are not yet a member.

    Fresh Tuna at the General Santos Fishport Complex photo by Andy Maluche via Flickr CC

    Fares from Cebu to General Santos, in the meantime, is priced as low as P990 for members and P1,057 for non-members.

    It is worth mentioning that it is easy and free to become a BIG member in order to enjoy the lowest possible fares from AirAsia. All you have to do is to head on over to and click “BIG Log in / Sign up.”

    Isla further added that the airline company is committed to boosting the domestic connectivity within the year.

    “You can expect more exciting destinations to be announced later,” said Isla.

    For those who are not that familiar with General Santos City, it is the southernmost city in the Philippines. It is good to note that the city is located outside the typhoon belt of the country.

    On top of that, the city also touts a high export rate of different crops to various parts of the globe.

    If you wish to know more about AirAsia’s latest news and promotions, follow the company on Twitter (AirAsia), Facebook (AirAsia), and Instagram (@AirAsiaFilipino).

    Searching for the best hotels and affordable flights? Check out our complete list of affordable hotels and resorts via Agoda or you may also see available Airbnb properties in the city.

    Want more Travel related news updates? Please follow #TeamOutofTown, on Facebook, and TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest for more travel ideas.

    Also read: Ultimate List Of The Best Hotels In General Santos City

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Luxury Travel Blogs

19 February 2020

Luxury Travel Blogs
  • The Importance Of Sustainable Energy
    19 February 2020
    We all know that sustainable energy is important for the future of the planet but why exactly is it important and why should we consider sustainable energy for our home needs? Let's find out. This is an advertorial.

    What is sustainable energy?

    Traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and gas have been shown to emit harmful 'greenhouse gases' that contribute to global warming. These fossil fuels are also limited in quantity and are not infinite. We will run out of these fossil fuels one day.

    Sustainable energy is renewable energy that does not emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. It is renewable as it harnesses the power of the planet, meaning we will not run out of these natural sources of energy in the future.

    Types of sustainable energy

    There are a number of sustainable energy sources that work in harmony with the planet. These include wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower. Let's have a look at some of these.


    Wind energy is a sustainable form of energy that harnesses the power of the wind. As with solar power, this natural resource is free which makes it cost-effective, wind companies, however, need to invest in the windmills and the energy centres to process the resource. 

    A disadvantage of wind energy is that it is weather dependent so will not work in areas that aren't windy. There is a low-level noise associated with wind farms which may affect you if you live close.


    In the simplest terms, solar power converts sunlight to energy. This is done by the use of solar panels, either on the roof of a building or as a stand-alone unit in a field, sometimes with the use of mirrors directing and focusing the light and heat. 

    Solar energy is pollution and noise-free however it does not work at night and on cloudy days so it will not be reliable in certain countries without abundant sunlight.

    Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal energy is a form of energy that comes from beneath the earth. A Geothermal power plant taps into the steam and hot water reservoirs which in turn powers a generator to make the electricity. Geothermal energy is always available unlike wind and solar energy. A disadvantage is the smell of the gasses emitted.


    Hydropower plants use the forces of water flowing to produce energy. It's one of the oldest sources of energy, used for years in milling and pumping. Today Hydropower systems convert this potential energy into kinetic energy in a turbine, which drives a generator to produce electricity.  

    Hydropower is controversial as dams can have an environmental impact, due to interventions in damming of the water, however tidal and wave energy projects can be more sustainable and less damaging to the environment. Hydropower can also be expensive to put into place.


    Building an energy plant for sustainable energy isn't a simple thing to do but it is essential for the future of our planet. For new sustainable energy businesses, it's incredibly important to think of the environmental impact that this business will create too, you need to consider the environment so a company like Douglas Healey that specialises in environmental law and natural resources will be your first port of call after you establish a site for the plant. 

    We are running out of fossil fuels so we need to utilise sustainable energy resources. As a consumer, we should be considering a renewable energy supplier for our energy needs to protect our planet. 


  • 12 Things to do in Mendoza – That People Actually Do!
    19 February 2020

    Travelling King
    © 2019 Samantha Firth/Travelling King, All rights reserved

    The picturesque Mendoza, Argentina is both a city and a province, known for being the largest wine region in South America. Greater Mendoza is home to countless vineyards and grows about 75% of Argentina’s signature Malbec grape. Although most tourists come for the amazing wine, there are other things to see and do around the […]

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  • What Your Sleeping Position Says About You
    19 February 2020

    Body language speaks volumes—even when you're asleep. According to the Better Sleep Council, your sleep position offers clues on how you conduct your life while awake.

    Have you heard of sleep positions like the starfish, log, soldier, or yearner? At the very least, you've definitely heard of the fetal position.

    It is one of the most popular sleep positions among men and women. But every sleep position says something about you. Find out more about yours below.

    What Does Your Side Sleeping Position Say About You?

    Side sleepers have the lowest incidence of insomnia or sleep deprivation. It's also the most recommended position for back and hip pain sufferers as well as pregnant women.

    Sleeping on your side helps align your spine. But how you sleep on your side can offer insights into your personality.

    Does Your Sleep Position Affect Your Body Shape?
    Your sleep position could have long-term effects on your body shape. If you sleep hunched over, with a misaligned spine, or with your neck overextended, it puts pressure on your spine, neck, and muscles.

    This can cause you to walk differently over time as a way of compensating for the pain caused by your sleep position. On the other hand, if you sleep with a properly aligned spine and in a position that allows for proper circulation, you may find that you stand taller and walk straighter.

    Fetal Position
    About 54% of women and 39% of men sleep in the fetal position, according to the Better Sleep Council. This could be due to the sense of safety it offers, the same one we felt in our mother's womb.

    Fetal position sleepers tend to be quieter or even a little shy. Some may seem "tough" on the outside, but have a soft interior.

    If you put your arms at your side while sleeping on your side, then you literally "sleep like a log." Just like logs roll, you probably do that too. Or at least that's what your sleep position suggests.

    In general, log sleepers are carefree, friendly, and able to talk to just about anyone. According to the Better Sleep Council, log sleepers also view themselves as significantly healthy.

    The Yearner
    Side sleepers who sleep with arms outstretched are "yearners." This suggests that you are constantly yearning for answers. Your arms are outstretched as if the answers you desire are within reach.

    People who sleep in this position tend to be slow decision-makers, because they always need concrete answers before moving forward.

    Is it bad to sleep with your arms under your pillow?
    Sleeping with your arms under your pillow can cause your shoulder to feel pinched. This can lead to shoulder pain while you are sleeping AND awake. If you sleep on your stomach or side, the best place to put your arms is down at your side.
    What Does Your Stomach Sleeping Position Say About You?

    Stomach sleeping isn't necessarily the best position for your body. If you don't have a mattress that supports your spine, you may knock it out of alignment sleeping that way.

    You also put your neck at risk of spasms and pain, especially if you don't move positions all night.

    But stomach sleeping says a lot about you, including that you are adventurous and open minded.

    The Freefall Position
    Less than 10% of people sleep in the freefall position, which means sleeping on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow. People in this position tend to be bold and brave.

    But don't let that braveness fool you; many freefall sleepers have very little tolerance for criticism and they often fall to pieces under stress.

    What is the healthiest sleep position?
    The healthiest sleep position is one that keeps your spine aligned or in a neutral position. For most people, this means sleeping on your back. This allows your head, neck, and back to stay aligned. With the same amount of pressure on each area, you have a lower risk of suffering from neck, back, or hip pain.
    What Does Your Back Sleeping Position Say About You?

    Back sleepers tend to suffer from back pain and bouts of sleep apnea. However, there are a few variations of back sleeping that don't have as many risks. They also say quite a bit about you.

    If you sleep on your back with your arms and legs sprawled all over the bed, you are a starfish. People who sleep in this position are often givers and great at relationships. Starfish sleepers tend to be good listeners, but they also have the highest likelihood of sleepwalking.

    Soldier sleepers fall asleep on their back with their arms at their sides. Many soldier sleepers remain in this position all night with very little tossing and turning.

    Soldier sleepers tend to have great self-confidence and hold themselves to the highest standards. This sleep position does have the largest risk of snoring, which can lead to other health problems, including heart issues and sleep apnea.

    What Does Your Sleep Position as a Couple Say About You?

    Bringing two people together with two different sleep positions in one bed can be a challenge, especially at first. Subconsciously, most couples assume the sleeping position that best portrays their relationship.

    Only about 13% of couples cuddle close, while the remainder slightly touch or not at all.

    Probably the most commonly known couples sleeping position is spooning. But it's not the most commonly used, with less than 20% of couples assuming this position.

    The spooning position tends to give a feeling of protection and comfort within the couple. There is typically a "dominant" partner or protector who does the "spooning" and a submissive "little spoon."

    Loose Spoon
    The loose spoon is what most spooning couples eventually work up to in their relationship. It signifies that you trust one another and are confident in your relationship.

    This security in your feelings means you don't need to sleep so close, since you aren't worried about losing one another.

    Chasing Spoon
    The name says it all. One person, the spooner, chases the other partner down. You'll typically find the person being chased clearly on one side of the bed. The spooner follows, keeping the partner in a protective cuddle. This typically suggests that the person being chased would prefer a little space.

    Liberty Lovers
    Once you are secure in your relationship, you may find yourselves sleeping back to back without touching. Despite how it looks, this sleep position actually shows that trust in one another and the relationship.

    You feel secure in your independence as well as in your relationship and sharing a bed with one another.

    Back Kissers
    Back kissers are confident enough in their relationship that they can sleep back to back, giving each other space. The fact that your spine and/or butts still touch shows a level of intimacy. It suggests a desire to be close while honoring one another's need for space.

    Leg Hug
    You can sleep in a leg hug two ways. If one person does the "hugging," it's almost as if that person is reaching out for attention or reassurance. If you both hug legs, you are equally invested in the relationship and want to touch one another.

    Bottom Line

    What does your sleep position say about you? Does your typical position ring true in your personality? It will certainly have you thinking next time you find yourself in the fetal position or spooning your significant other.

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  • How This Life Insurance Company Inspires Young Adults
    19 February 2020

    When an insurance company believes more in its cause than its profits, you know they are out to do good in the world. At National Life, the mission is "Do good. Be good. Make good." They use this slogan not to recruit young adults to make the company profits, but to inspire them to want to do good in the world.

    National Life has a 165-year history that includes insuring Titanic passengers and the influenza epidemic victims of 1918–19. As a pioneer in the insurance industry starting one of the first mutual life insurance companies, National Life set out to make a difference in the world from day one, and they continue to do so today.

    National Life offers a variety of financial services, including life insurance, retirement plans, and business solutions, throughout the United States. Despite their tremendous growth, though, National Life remains true to its cause, doing good in the world.

    A Company With Values

    Many companies have values and use them to promote themselves in the community. National Life takes it one step further, though. They not only serve their communities the financial services products necessary to have financial peace, they also (literally) serve the community. They find joy in serving others and as a bonus, they pay their employees for 40 hours of charity work per year.

    National Life believes that by doing good in the world, young adults will naturally be good representatives to help others create a financially peaceful life too. The financial products they sell serve as the backbone of the company, but it's not the forefront of what they promote. First, they promote community wellness and then they promote their own products. National Life promotes doing good out on the streets as well as for their own clients.

    Recruiting Young Adults

    When National Life executives recruit new agents, they do the opposite of what most companies do. They focus on the cause rather than the products they sell. They share their story—but not in a "hey, look at me way." They do it to help the greater good of the community, with the benefit of also selling valuable products that help instill financial success.

    They want smart, enabled young adults who not only understand financial products, but who understand the importance of serving the community in a way that helps the greater good of everyone.

    National Life doesn't pound their chest and convince young adults to come work for them for financial security. Instead, they appeal to the side of millennials who want to do good in the world. They give young adults the vehicle to be a change in the world while instilling a desire to promote financial products to create well-rounded individuals. This method helps young adults start shaping the world one day at a time right out of college, rather than waiting until they are established in life and able to "share the wealth."

    At National Life, the culture inspires others to do good too. They encourage the following tenets:

    • Do your best
    • Show respect
    • Help others make good decisions
    • Hold one another accountable
    • Make smart decisions
    • Be a leader

    Insurance companies typically have the mission to beat the competition or come out on top. Nowhere in National Life's mission or values will you see anything about them being better than anyone else—they promote the greater good of the community, letting business succeed naturally in the hopes of creating a culture of young, caring adults.

    Ways National Life Serves the Community

    National Life strives to make more than financial profits—they want to make emotional profits too. Their purpose-driven mission is the basis of the best-selling book CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness. In the book, authors Jackie and Kevin Freiberg talk about National Life's mission to stick to their roots and define their purpose by doing good in the world.

    One of National Life's largest contributions to the community is through the National Life Group Foundation. The National Life Group Foundation is the basis of the greater good that National Life offers the community. With a $2,000,000 annual budget, National Life offers grants to established programs with a focus on children or families. They also consider programs that help the environment, schools, the arts, and health and human services.

    In addition to the grants and scholarships, National Life hosts a Do Good Fest annually. This free concert benefits the Branches of Hope, a foundation supporting cancer patients with their expenses. National Life brings in numerous bands, food trucks, kids' entertainment, and fireworks for this charity event. Since 2014, the Do Good Fest raised $135,000 for Branches of Hope.

    National Life's Social Responsibility

    In addition to the community work National Life does, they also promote a strong social responsibility, which they pass along to their employees. They encourage living a sustainable and environmentally friendly life with the following within their own company:

    • Recycling
    • Energy efficiency
    • Using alternate transportation
    • Growing and sharing the produce of a community garden

    Working in a socially responsible company helps inspire young adults to do the same at home, helping to further the sustainability that National Life promotes.

    National Life Products

    National Life offers life insurance, retirement plans, and business products throughout the United States. Their product offerings include:

    • Whole life insurance
    • Universal life insurance (variable and indexed)
    • Term life insurance
    • Living benefits
    • Annuities
    • Mutual funds
    • IRA
    • 403(b)
    • 457(b)
    • 401(k) plans
    • Profit sharing plans
    Bottom Line

    National Life believes in their cause as much as they do their own financial products. Recruiting young adults around the country, they try to appeal to their desire to do good in the world too. National Life strives to make the world a better place by inspiring others, providing an environmentally sustainable environment, and encouraging everyone to join their cause.

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  • 25 Epic & Best Places To Visit in Southeast Asia
    19 February 2020

    After spending more than 10 months in total exploring this incredible region, we’ve put together the best places to visit in Southeast Asia and you better believe this includes our favorites too! As one of the World’s top places to visit, Southeast Asia, is a treasure trove of experiences for the avid traveler. From ancient […]

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  • Wowed by WITS: Recapping The Women In Travel Summit in Portland, Maine
    19 February 2020
    Where we’re at: I’m recapping my travels in 2019, including this trip to Portland, Maine in May for the Women in Travel Summit. Use alex35 to get 35% off at their next one! I have to admit, I did a double take when the invitation arrived in my inbox.  Sit on a keynote panel? At the […]
  • Photograph of the week: Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea
    19 February 2020

    Soaring 123 floors into the Seoul sky, the Lotte World Tower in South Korea may not be the tallest building in the world (it comes in as the world’s fifth tallest for the record), but it can boast three other, possibly even more impressive, ‘world records’. One: it is home to the world’s highest glass-bottomed […]

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  • The World’s Greatest Cruise Ship Thrills
    19 February 2020

    Think large ship cruises are a snooze? You haven’t sailed lately on the world’s most exciting mega-ships. Each one is virtually a floating city with a world of attractions, activities, Broadway-style shows, luxury spas, shopping, specialty restaurants, and even on-ship breweries. The biggest ships are now raising the bar to one-up one another to offer […]

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  • The Resurrection of Hawaii’s Iconic Mauna Lani Bay Hotel
    19 February 2020

      One of Hawaii’s premier oceanfront resorts has reopened following a beautiful $200 million redesign, and its devotees couldn’t be more pleased. A favorite of celebrities and power players, the tropical Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows sits on 32 acres along Hawaii Island’s famed Kohala Coast and is the first Auberge Resorts Collection property […]

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  • Private Jet Charter from Larnarca (LCA) to Tel Aviv (TLV)
    19 February 2020

    FLIGHT DATE: 27/02/2020

    AIRCRAFT: Citation X (2002)

    SEATS: 8

    Looking for something else? Search every available private jet below.

    See more empty legs

    Villiers Private Jet Charter

Australia Travel Blog

19 February 2020

Australia Travel Blog
  • 10 Best Sushi Trains in Melbourne
    19 February 2020

    Visiting a sushi train with kids is a fun – and efficient! – way to combine entertainment with a family-friendly meal out. It’s the buffet that comes to you!

    I think the biggest drawcard of a sushi train is that you can typically get food promptly for hungry bellies. Lady AB and Baby 2.0 particularly enjoy the challenge of targeting and picking up their little plates…then dipping everything in soy sauce!

    Japanese cuisine tends to have many healthy options too – lots of fish, seaweed and vegetables – and I find that the novelty of the train means that it’s easier to encourage kids to try new things. 

    When choosing a sushi train I look for places with a high turnover of customers and food.  That way you can be more certain that the food is fresh. Note that most sushi train restaurants are small and may not fit a pram easily, nor do they often provide high chairs as you’re sitting on high stools. As such, it may be better for kids 4+ years who do not need a pram and are able to sit independently.

    Here are my recommendations for the best sushi trains in Melbourne CBD, in no specific order. 


    1. Chocolate Buddha

    Chocolate Buddha at Federation Square has recently been refurbished and now offers a sushi train as well as an a la carte menu.

    The highlight is a bullet train that delivers the food that you order on a tablet, directly to you! You can order hot and cold food via shinkansen.

    The quality of the food and the presentation are outstanding, which is reflected in the higher prices than the usual $3.80 per dish places. The electronic ordering can make kids trigger-happy too, so don’t freak out when the bill is bigger than you expect! It’s all in the name of good food and good fun. 

    Chocolate Buddha, Federation Square, Cnr Swanston & Flinders Street Melbourne


    2. Sushi Boto

    Sushi Boto is located in St Collins Lane, tucked in the back of the food court on level 2.  Not only is there a sushi train, but a sushi canal with little sushi boats travelling at a significant speed too!

    Plates are $3.80 each, and there is also an a la carte menu delivered to your table by waiters.

    This is a fun dining option (or without) kids, and you can be in and out quickly if necessary. I have written a full review of Sushi Boto if you want to know more. 

    Sushi Boto, St Collins Lane, 260 Collins Street Melbourne


    3. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin is a restaurant located on Level 4 of Emporium, and offers sushi train, Japanese BBQ and a bar area.

    The sushi train area is bright with décor inspired by trains and stations; subway tiles, neon rings suspended from sleek rails attached to the ceiling. You can sit around the train, or order a la carte from the iPads located on each table.

    In the centre, chefs prepare food and remove any food from the sushi train that is no longer fresh.

    The BBQ area is darker with large scale graphic artworks on the wall and individual BBQ plates set into each table. 

    Tetsujin, Level 4 Emporium Melbourne, 295 Lonsdale Street Melbourne


    4. Sushi Hotaru

    Known for its food and atmosphere rather than its décor, Sushi Hotaru offers a quality selection at a lower price point.

    It is a small squeezy space on the second level of MidCity Arcade, and is not as kid-friendly as some other locations though they do have booths if you can’t sit on a high stool next to the train. 

    You often have to line up (a good sign), although the line does progress quickly. They now take bookings Monday to Friday from 4pm. 

    Sushi Hotaru, MidCity Arcade, 118/200 Bourke Street Melbourne


    5. Sakura Kaiten & Sakura Kaiten II

    Sakura means ‘cherry blossom’ in Japanese and at Sakura Kaiten you’ll notice its namesake cherry blossom inspired décor. At the sister restaurant, Sakura Kaiten II there are no cherry blossoms – just Dragonball Z influences!

    Both restaurants still employ the pricing schedule for sushi train denoted by different coloured plates. Both locations also offer an iPad for ordering plates for express delivery. 

    The food at Sakura Kaiten II is less traditional than Sakura Kaiten, and both offer extremely fresh quality food at economical prices.

    Sakura Kaiten and Sakura Kaiten II are busy and may provide sushi train newcomers with a steep learning curve, but a labelling system means that you know what you are eating.

    Sakura Kaiten, 61 Little Collins Street Melbourne

    Sakura Kaiten II, 282 Lonsdale Street Melbourne


    6. Sushi & Nori

    Sushi & Nori is located in Emporium’s food court, listed in my 26 Best Family Friendly Cafes & Restaurants in Melbourne CBD.

    Although it’s a little more expensive than some other sushi trains, the location is exceptionally convenient, especially for families with a parents room close by.

    Sushi & Nori can get busy at peak times, but there are also bento-style boxes and hand rolls available if you are in a rush or eating with others who want to choose a different cuisine.

    Sushi & Nori also have sushi trains at Collins Square and Docklands

    Sushi & Nori, Level 3 Emporium Melbourne, 295 Lonsdale Street Melbourne


    7. Sushi Jiro

    Sushi Jiro is another $3.80 per plate sushi train, located at QV. They offer a great selection at an affordable price and I really love the classy marble decor with options to sit at the train or on lower tables. 

    Sushi Jiro also have sushi trains in Westfield Knox, Chadstone, Victoria Gardens, The Glen and Box Hill Central. 

    Sushi Jiro, QV Cnr Lonsdale Street and Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000 03 9663 3936


    8. Sushi Club

    Sushi Club is another venture from the Sushi Jiro crew, located in Melbourne Central’s ELLA (Elizabeth and Latrobe) food precinct.

    It’s hipper, darker, and more nightclubby than the bright white decor of Sushi Jiro’s brand. You can even watch mesmerising projections while you eat! Again it’s $3.80 for every plate. 

    Sushi Club, ELLA Cnr Elizabeth and Latrobe Streets Melbourne


    9. Oda Sushi

    Oda Sushi is hidden away in Flinders Lane and is part of the Shuji Sushi franchise. The restaurant, and in particular the sushi train, is small, so it may not be the best option for prams and small kids – but its main drawcard is that its close to Flinders Street station. 

    Oda Sushi, 238 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


    10. Makoto 

    Melbourne Central might not come to mind as a dining destination when you’re heading to the train station or the movies – but check out Makoto if you’re wielding a pram and in need of a sushi train fix. You’ll find the spacious restaurant behind a glowing white neon sign.

    The food comes out on a winding train plus there are touch screen menus if you can’t wait to order. Prices are a little on the higher side averaging $4.20 per plate, with speciality items made to order upwards of $7. 

    Makoto, Melbourne Central, Level 2, Corner of Swanston Street and La Trobe Street

    Best family-friendly restaurants in Melbourne CBD Best things to do in Melbourne with kids

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  • Australia Travel Tips – Things to Know Before you Go
    18 February 2020

    Travel Tips to know before you go to Australia This year is shaping up as a bumper year to visit Australia but, before you go there’s a few Aussie travel tips you should know before you go. Planning a trip to Australia can be incredibly exciting and yet, sometimes overwhelming.  Most people want to include […]

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  • HOT: Thornbury Picture House, Thornbury
    18 February 2020

    Do you love going to the movies? Do you find that you don’t have the time to see a film since bubs came along? Then check out “Babes in Arms”, “Prams at the Pix”, “Bring Your Baby”, “BYO Baby” and even “Bambini Session” sessions at your local cinema! It’s that weekly well-deserved movie break for parents (or any adult carer) with a mini kid (or two) tagging along! 

    At Thornbury Picture House, this is called the “Cry Baby Session” (oh, how aptly named) and runs every Wednesday during school terms generally. A Cry Baby Session ticket is a whopping bargain for $12 for an adult and child/ren under 18 months! 

    The magnificently furnished indie cinema located at Melbourne’s inner north sets itself apart from its rivals with its quirky fixtures, attentive services and extra care. 

    I step into this artistically renovated cinema on a Wednesday morning slightly before the start of the session at 11 am. Quite a few mummas and grannies walk in pushing/strapping/carrying/ cradling their tiny bubs. We exchange knowing glances, nods and smiles. Already, a small community is formed without the need for a word. 

    The building is difficult to miss. Conspicuously located at the corner of the main commercial area of High Street Thornbury, its white-washed walls and the signs for “Motor Service Station” immediately capture the attention of curious passers-by.

    Thornbury Picture House is stylishly converted, with a large sheltered outdoor area (previously a driveway) complete with vintage furnishings and remnants (including one antique petrol bowser), reminding us of its former status as one of Melbourne very first drive-in petrol stations in the 1910s. 

    The selection of movies is an interesting mix of latest releases, documentaries, classics, film festival specials, and independently-made films. They do not necessarily screen G or PG-rated films suitable for children as the expectation is that the audience is adults who have babes in arms. 

    Before the movie starts I order my coffee from the bar. I’m delighted that it comes in proper cafe-styled porcelain cup and saucer and is kindly brought all the way into the cinema room and placed nicely on the table-tray of my chosen seat. Note there is no allocated seating for Cry Baby sessions – for general sessions seats are reserved. 

    If you prefer something more ‘punchy’, there is also local craft beer, fancy cocktails and gin & tonic on the menu. The menu also includes a reasonably good selection of food, including classic cinema snacks such as popcorns and choc top ice-creams! 

    For Cry Baby Sessions prams are allowed access into the theatre or there is secure pram parking in the foyer.

    The sound volume is soft enough for Little Missy to continue her sleep without stirring but loud enough for the adults to enjoy the film. Lights are slightly dim for a ‘true’ cinematic experience but bright enough for an emergency nappy change without interrupting any thrilling scenes!

    Note there is a proper change table in the toilet outside the cinema room, but I wish a few more are provided as there is quite a queue right after the movie.

    The babies are incredibly well-behaved and any occasional crying sound seems to just blend in without causing any disturbance.

    I really enjoy my morning at Thornbury Picture House‘s Cry Baby Session. I love the cinema’s pram-friendly ramp, the Art Nouveau interior, the old-glamorous Hollywood touches, and the personable service of a small-sized, independently-run cinema.

    Thornbury Picture House is a quiet gem in Melbourne for anyone who prefers a non-mainstream cinema experience. And I am proud all of the other super adults who can get themselves and their baby ready for a movie outing! 

    Best cinemas in Melbourne for kids Things to do with babies and toddlers in Melbourne

    Tips for Thornbury Picture House:

    • Cry Babies Session is on each Wednesday, 11 am  during school terms generally;
    • Tickets for Cry Baby Sessions are $12 per adult;
    • No allocated seating;
    • Films are not necessarily suitable for children;
    • Sound volume is lowered and lights are slightly dimmed;
    • Easy pram access with ramp at the entrance;
    • Prams are allowed into the cinema room;
    • One change table in the toilet outside the cinema room;
    • Drinks and snacks available – drinks can be delivered into the cinema for you;
    • parking is in nearby streets. There is ample of parking on High St but please beware of the clearways at peak times. Sometimes you can find a park in the Aldi car park off Dundas st after 7pm; and
    • Thornbury Picture House is walkable from the Thornbury train station or Stop 41 of the 86 Tram.

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  • Rental Car Rundown – Rent, Ride or Share
    17 February 2020

    We often get asked, ‘when is the best time to rent a car when travelling, compared to utilising Uber type services, taxis, car share or public transport?’ The answer is, it depends.

    Things like cost, convenience, time, where you’re travelling to, how many trips you need to make, how much luggage you have, how many people are with you and what type of trip it is, all need to be taken into account.

    For holiday travel with family, nothing beats renting for convenience, cost and freedom. Choose a vehicle with enough space for your luggage by checking the Thrifty website which details the capacity of each vehicle, and if you need it- request a baby or booster seat instead of waiting hours for ride services that have this fitted.

    Nervous about finding your way? Book a GPS unit which will guide you safely through city freeways as well as remote and regional areas. Don’t forget that all Auto Club members (RACQ, RACV, AANT, RAC, RAA, NRMA and RACT) get 15% off our best daily rate, discounted protection and a free additional driver.

    For business travel there is even more to consider, and the key consideration here is location.

    Travelling to Sydney for work 

    If you’re flying into Sydney for work and staying in the CBD, utilising the train service from Sydney airport to the CBD is the quickest and cheapest option. Sydney is a walkable city, and with the new Tram service running from Town Hall to Circular Quay, getting around is easy!

    However, parking in Sydney is difficult and expensive, so jump in a taxi or UBER for short jaunts outside the CBD. When it comes to travelling further afield in Sydney, there’s more thought required. Although key hubs in Sydney are relatively well-serviced by public transport, distance from public transport, wait times for ride services and costs can make this a time consuming and expensive option.

    If you need to make multiple stops or visits, a rental is more convenient and cost effective- even factoring in parking costs. However, just make sure to order a GPS.  Sydney roads are undergoing a major upheaval at the moment and these units have been programmed with the latest maps, so there are no nasty surprises.

    Car share is available in Sydney, however it tends to be centred within the inner city. All Sydney car share operators are point to point, so you will need to return your vehicle to the location you collected it from. Costs vary and operators generally require you to sign up for a plan, which you can find information on their websites.

    Thrifty has numerous corporate clients and can offer great account deals- not to mention, our small business packages  give you 12% off every rental combined with a host of hotel discounts.

    For more details, head to our website – happy travelling!

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  • PIRATE SHIPS & KANGAROOS at South West Rocks BIG 4!
    15 February 2020
  • 10 Incredible Spots Not To Miss On New Zealand’s South Island
    15 February 2020

    New Zealand’s South Island is an incredible holiday destination for travellers of all types. From stunning turquoise lakes and snow capped mountains, to lush forests and ancient glaciers, the island has everything a nature lover could ever want. Your only challenge will be choosing which of these incredible locations to visit! To make your decision …

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    13 February 2020

    Look out – here are the best things to do in Melbourne at night! So far on the blog, I’ve covered free things to do in Melbourne, the most fun things to do in Melbourne, and now we’re onto the best things to do in Melbourne at night! From the best attractions to my favourite […]

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    If you’re looking for the most fun things to do in Melbourne, this former local has got you covered! I previously wrote about the best free things to do in Melbourne. Now, it’s time to focus on the most fun things to do in Melbourne in general, so there are some overlaps. One of the […]

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    13 February 2020

    Here’s everything you need to know before visiting and travelling around Australia.  After travelling through so many European countries recently, I’ve been comparing my adventures to travelling around Australia. From entering the country to transport and climate, I think travel in Australia is a totally different, but totally awesome experience. If you’re travelling to my […]

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    Here are my favourite places to visit along the Sunshine Coast – an area I’ve been visiting for over 20 years! If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should be), you may have seen I visited the Sunshine Coast back in June. I was there to attend my friend from uni’s wedding near […]

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Europe Travel blog

19 February 2020

Europe Travel blog
  • Summer holidays in Yerevan and Tbilisi
    19 February 2020

    Summer in the South Caucasus is an amazing season: the nature is bright and lush, the shelves are full of juicy fruits, and in the […]

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  • 5 Least Crowded European Cities In Summer That You Cannot Miss
    19 February 2020

    Summers usually mean tourists thronging to European countries to visit the most famous places when the weather is being kind and explorable. But did you know not all of Europe experiences maddening crowds and long queues outside popular tourist attractions? Well if you did then I’m here to change that notion and show you 5 […]

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  • 7 rather unusual things to do in Dublin
    18 February 2020
    “A good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub.”
    — James Joyce

    Spending some quality time with James Joyce in Dublin

    If you are headed to Ireland, chances are you will be landing in Dublin. And while you are there, I highly recommend you stay a few days and enjoy this remarkable, colorful, historical, delightful city.

    You will likely visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral, enjoy a pint in the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse, tour Dublin Castle, and walk shoulder to shoulder through cobbled streets in lively Temple Bar. I highly endorse each one of these activities!

    But you may want to dive a little deeper and explore some more options. The following are just a few of our recommendations. If you would like suggestions specific to you, your plans and your travel companions, let us help you out with a custom itinerary, or allow us to provide personal recommendations through our coaching service. 

    Unusual Things to Do in Dublin

    Dublin is a unique and unusual city, and not just on St. Patrick’s Day. The language is colorful, the culture is rich, the history runs deeps and the people are as nice as they come, especially if you can understand their fabulous accent! So, in this exceptional city, it feels right to see all the items on your “must do” list, as well as enjoy a few treasures that are unique to this Irish capital.

    Dublin Hidden Gems Literary Pub Crawl

    Ireland has produced some real giants in the literary world, including James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, CS Lewis, George Bernard Shaw and many more. Why not celebrate some of this genius while you are in Dublin? It’s an experience that can add to your understanding and appreciation of Ireland and all it has contributed to the world stage.

    A memorial to Samuel Beckett near where he used to live and write.

    Why is Irish literature so good? The country has an incredibly deep cultural heritage. Over the centuries, the Irish have been dominated by many different invaders from the Celts to the Vikings. The English added their oppression as well, and this has all produced a history has been intense and turbulent.

    Somehow, the struggles faced by the Irish people have contributed to making them terrific storytellers. A drop or two of Guinness or Irish whisky hasn’t hurt either.

    Celebrating the list of novelists, playwrights and poets in Dublin can be an amazing experience that not every visitor takes advantage of. On the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, actors take you on a “quirky, book-themed pub tour following famous writers’ footsteps through Dublin’s cobbled streets.” It’s entertaining, informative, and fun - and you get to duck into some Irish pubs! What more could you ask for in this hidden gem?

    Traditional Irish Music pub crawl

    As Greg is a jazz musician, I thought he would know plenty about traditional Irish music. I was wrong! He really had to learn a lot when he brought students to Ireland to study this distinctive and wonderful form of music.

    It’s an awesome experience to be in a pub when a session is going on. When we did a Workaway near Kilkenny last year, our host took us to a few pubs where she played the button accordion with her friends who she said were the “real musicians”. They were absolutely incredible. Watching them play and listening to the sounds they produced was mesmerizing. They really play for each other, not for the audience. They even face each other while they are playing. I can see why they say music is a universal language. The feeling produced by this musical storytelling can be deep and profound.

    The first stop on the Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl

    It seems like it would be easy to grab a pint, prop yourself by the bar, and just enjoy the music. I mean, it is easy – and you can do it all over Ireland; but just like most things, if you know a little bit about the subject, the experience becomes even better.

    In Dublin, you can attend a Traditional Irish Musical Pub Crawl. Now you have to understand, Greg, being a musician, is rather picky about these kinds of things. He was a bit tentative about going on this activity the first time – he thought it would be too elementary or maybe the musicians wouldn’t be that good. But they are fantastic!! Even Greg was impressed!

    An evening on this pub crawl is like joining a moving concert. You go to two different pubs, and the hosts tell stories, talk about Irish music and they sing and play! It is a really fun evening and we highly recommend it. It will make the rest of the sessions you attend all over Ireland, even more fun.

    History and Guinness tour

    When we were in Dublin recently, we stayed in an Airbnb, and received an offer for a discount on one of their “experiences.” We saw one called “History and Pints” and were intrigued. We have been to the Guinness Storehouse many times and it is a lot of fun – but unbelievably crowded, especially during the week before St. Patrick’s Day. But to honor “the black stuff” AND learn some more Irish history, we decided to give this experience a go.

    It was fantastic! We loved it! Nils was our host – a young entrepreneur in his mid-twenties who does a similar tour in Berlin (with German beer, of course). The tour is now run by his friend and former classmate who is a history graduate of Trinity College and a Guinness connoisseur.

    Our History and Pints Tour with Nils was fantastic! Oscar Wilde looks on in the background.

    When we took our tour, it was a dreary, rainy day, but he kept us fully entertained as we walked through our Dublin history lesson and then ducked into a pub for a pint to learn about Guinness. It was an immersive experience. If you have a chance to take a History and Pints tour, do it. I think it really is a hidden gem in this great city.

    Other non-touristy things to do in Dublin Go see a show!

    In a country with great artists, musicians and playwrights, you know there will be great theater. Of course, Dublin has venues with blockbuster musicals and great Riverdance performances, but why not try to also see something a little different than the mainstream? We recommend going to a production that is maybe a bit avant-garde. See a show that perhaps you’ve never even heard of before!

    The Abbey Theatre is the national theatre of Ireland and regularly entertains audiences with first rate, innovative performances. The Smock Alley Theater is Dublin’s “oldest newest theatre” and is a lively center of art and creativity. Both are highly recommended.

    Go to pub and watch a horse race

    Molly Malone or “The Tart with the Cart” is now near O’Neil’s Pub.

    On one of our trips to Ireland, our guide convinced us to bet on a horse. We didn’t know anything about it and wouldn’t have even considered such a bet. We didn’t know the horse or the odds, but the suggested bet was €1 each, so it wasn’t too big a risk. We went for it, along with the other members of our group.

    We learned a little bit about horse racing in the time between placing the bet and the time of the race. We ended up going to O’Neil’s Pub in Dublin to watch. The place was packed! And it’s a big pub with all kinds of little nooks and crannies all over it. You could barely move in this place. I had no concept for how much Dubliners love a day at the races.

    There were big screens in different rooms, (also used for other kinds of sporting events, of course), a fantastic buffet for those who were hungry and pints of Guinness everywhere. When our race finally came on the screen, it was a riot to literally have a horse in the race. And guess what – our horse won! Lord Windermere won the race! We loved the experience of watching “our” horse while we were surrounded by locals and tourists alike, most who seemed like they knew what was going on better than we did. It was such a fun experience.

    Some important things to do (even though they may not be so unusual) Visit Trinity Library and the Book of Kells

    I love libraries, and Trinity Library is one of my all-time favorites. It is not off the beaten path. It really is a place you should not miss when you are in Dublin and lots of other people will be visiting with you.

    Do some research on the Book of Kells before you go, as this will truly enhance your experience. If you’d like to see these sights for half price or free (prices start at €11 per adult), there are two ways to do it. 

    1. Visit 30 minutes before the library closes. The library usually closes at 5:00 pm, but there are some exceptions. You can visit the official website for the latest opening times.

    2. You could also make friends with a student or an alumnus. Students and alumni receive lifetime access to the Old Library and the exhibition. They are allowed to take up to three friends with them. Maybe you’ll make a friend at the pub who can get you in for free!

     Learn Some Important History and Perspective

    The Great Famine, or The Great Hunger, occurred between 1845 – 1849. The vast majority of the Irish population was dependent on the potato at that time, and when the potato crop failed, there was mass starvation. During this period, 1/3 of the Irish population died, 1/3 emigrated, and 1/3 stayed in their homeland.

    Part of the Famine Memorial in Dublin

    The Jeanie Johnston is a replica of a famine ship where people hoping for something better sailed away from Ireland to the US and Canada. Visitors can learn about this dark time in Irish history when people were so desperate they had to risk their life on an overcrowded, under provisioned ship like this in order to escape death by starvation at home. The subject is treated with great sensitivity and respect.

    But because so much of Ireland’s population emigrated, the Irish influence is literally all over the world! EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum tells this story. This immersive museum offers visitors a chance to get hands on with Irish culture and its past. Discover the politicians, poets, artists, musicians, athletes, scientists and other great achievers whose roots are from this great island.

    So, when you are in Dublin, make sure to see all the famous spots you traveled so far to visit. But don’t miss the hidden gems. Go off the beaten track a bit and you will find even more to enjoy about Dublin.

    Would you like to visit this vibrant city? Where do your travel dreams take you? We can help with that! Remember that we are always available to you and your friends and family for custom trip planning to Italy, France, Ireland, the UK and all of Europe. We are experts in creating custom travel itineraries and leading small group trips to European destinations. We also book European cruises! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. — We’re always available to talk about travel!

    Betsy Ball – Betsy is co-founder and partner of Euro Travel Coach (ETC), which crafts custom European vacations for independent travelers and leads small group trips to Europe. She is a passionate and culturally curious traveler who thoroughly enjoys sharing her love for exploring Europe with ETC clients. Prior to founding ETC, Betsy taught International Business at Tarleton State University in Texas (part of the A & M System) where she led study abroad trips to multiple European countries and other worldwide destinations. She retired from teaching two and a half years ago and now travels 9 months of the year in Europe. She has a degree in hotel, restaurant management from Michigan State University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. She also holds a Level 3 certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust.


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  • Italian Magic at Lake Maggiore
    18 February 2020

    The Italian lakes stretch like Azurite gemstones, guarded by noble mountains in the southern frontier of the Alps. Everyone has their favourite. Some prefer the family-friendly Lake Garda, others the exclusivity of Lake Como, but British-based traveller Pete McDonnell fell in love with Lake Maggiore. Using its pleasant town of Stresa – The Pearl of Lake Maggiore – as a springboard, he discovers the majestic landscape of Italy and Switzerland by boat and train.

    By Pete McDonnell

    The Big Lake

    The lake was named Maximus (or Maggiore) by the ancient Romans, as it was the largest of the pre-Alpine lakes.  Its shoreline reaches the Swiss canton of Ticino as well as the Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy.

    Previous to our visit to Stresa (population 5.000), that sits a third of the way up Lake Maggiore on its west side, I had spent three days in Lezzeno on Lake Como with my mum, auntie and uncle.  All three are enthusiastic American travellers already thoroughly acquainted and in love with Italy, but this was my first time.

    In Lezzeno, and for many miles around, the steepness of the hills comes right up to the water’s edge so there was no spacious promenade or wide main road alongside the shore (our hired car constantly fretting with warning beeps every time another car drove past, the roads were that narrow).  The buildings were built on top of each other, with lots of stairs from place to place, and it rained while we were there too.  I am a person who has had a long journey with mental health issues and recovery and I felt just a bit claustrophobic at Lake Como, my anxiety played up a little.  It was charming and lovely, but where we were it was all a bit compressed.
    Lake Maggiore is well known for being Lake Como’s close companion, but in Stresa the hills don’t come as close to the shore.  She has about 400 metres of flat terrain between the water’s edge and the hills/mountains.

    After the 90 minute drive from our compact corner of Lake Como, Lake Maggiore was a real gift; a vista of sky, mountains and water that went on for a good twenty miles as the car began its descent from the hilltop to the shore.  The sunshine was back and my first look, a bright blue gem, as brightly blue as I had seen on TV or in any photographs, was Lake Maggiore.  Residents must feel as if they are living in a work of art.

    Stresa is 35 km from Milan Malpensa airport and is the main tourist resort on the lake, nicknamed “The Pearl of Lake Maggiore”. Our hotel, the Hotel Italie Et Suisse had three stars and was nicely situated front and centre of the best part of Stresa, just across the road from the water and the ferry terminal.  Double rooms cost from 95 to 115 Euro, double rooms with lake views cost from 105 to 135 Euro.  That includes breakfast, service and taxes.

    Stresa’s spacious shoreline promenade

    This stretch of spacious promenade alongside the shore for about a mile was a good place to spend an afternoon, for free, just walking and watching.  There were also luxury hotels like the Grand Hotel Bristol and the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees (where American author Ernest Hemingway stayed for a period doing a spot of writing) and I’ve never seen hotel settings like them.  Impressive to look at just in passing, every window and balcony over flowing with Impatiens and other flowers, reds, pinks and blues that the greens of the gardens were humbled by.  The gardens had water fountains and statues too, and though I’m not an horticulturalist, I was impressed.

    On my first afternoon in Stresa, after we dropped off our baggage, I went for a walk along this blue mile promenade.  It was a sensation of perfect relaxation, honestly.  With my slight anxiety at Lake Como having all this space at Stresa was so welcome, and I stayed in that slightly euphoric mood for the entire time.  I am remembering it so positively because it really was rather nice.  On the one side were the buildings of Stresa, majestic architecture and on my other side was the water, small ships bobbing about stationary waiting for their next trip and others motoring across the blue.  And the towns on the other side of the lake, with the mountains behind them.

    The sun was up, flower arrangements next to benches beside me, so I sat down for a bit and looked more closely at the towns on the opposite shore through my little binoculars.  The benches along the promenade were surely put here by the creator of Italy itself, or at least by the most expert of bench situators.  For people on a budget, it is an inexpensive activity just to sit watching, drinking it all in perhaps with a sandwich and a following Limoncello.  I was hoping Stresa would be good for my anxieties and it was.  There were no stressors here and my mind felt free in every way, happy to be on a natural high.

    The hills are alive with..

    After an hour of lake gazing I walked further along the shore. “Hey look – shops,” I said to myself. The rest of the party had opted for a left turn from the hotel to see the gardens more closely, I turned right.  I browsed a clothes shops, then a golf shop, thinking: “What a nice little addition to the lakefront, but surely there are no golf courses closeby, not with these hills.”  The hills to the North of Lake Maggiore are home to three of Europe’s top predators: Wolves, Lynx and even Bears.  Rare, but there.

    I loved the theatre of it.  The excited thoughts of what it would be like, the big vista from five miles away from high up that was the definition of the word ‘beckoning’ and the shoreline gardens, hotels, flowers – the aesthetic blueness in the air that said: “Welcome, you are here. Dive in and enjoy.”  It was emotionally musical.

    The meat of my first day was simple relaxation and it fell right off the bone.  No planning or effort at all. For the flowers and gardens it is best to go in June but they were still at near full effect in early September.

    Dining “al fresco“

    In the evening we ambled to the small square behind the hotel for dinner, a hub with about ten restaurants and some tourist shops.  The outside seating for all the restaurants was a collective, come together as one in the square’s centre and the various restaurants on the perimeter brought the food to the middle.  It was cute and very socially sharey.  There was no competition for our business, just an agreement by the staff to give us lucky tourists a real taste of Stresa.  The food was pretty standard Italian as well as Pesce Persica; a variety of perch from the lake, Cinghiale; Wild Boar, Toma and Bettelmatt cheeses and wines from nearby Piemonte.

    After our meal and another Limoncello (those little shots of lemon liqueur were just Italy in a glass) I went back to my bench on the shore a one minute walk away and watched the sunset over the hills, golden yellow, watching as the lights of the towns across the lake came on and most of Lake Maggiore fell asleep, the rest of it switching to whispered conversations.

    Boat trip to Switzerland

    Next morning the hotel buffet breakfast was tasty and sufficient.  Sadly no Limoncello offered, though.  Then up and at them for a 30 metre walk to the ferry terminal for the Lago Maggiore Express – three hours on the boat north to Locarno, Switzerland, then the Cento Valli scenic train west to Domodossola, then a regular train south back to Stresa.  The Lago Maggiore Express is the name for the entire journey and one ticket, 34€, is very reasonable for these 3 trips.  It also includes a large 3-course lunch on the boat.  The boat had four decks including an open air, not all that popular today, it was a bit wet and windy.  It was not busy, carrying between 60 and 70 people.  We sat down on deck three and had a coffee, and it was ciao for now, Stresa.

    We went to deck two for our reserved lunch table.  I was wearing a t shirt, jumper and jacket, but felt a bit chilly throughout lunch.  If sunshine is not predicted, wear a winter coat, the windows and walls of the boat were thin and the cold got in a bit easily.  Our table was set before we got there with the usual choice of both still and sparkling water, eight small bottles.  The Italian waitresses (who are always rather lovely) wheeled in large trolleys of food from the ship’s lift in the centre of the deck.  The only choice at lunch was either trout or pork, the rest of it was from a set menu, but it was very plentiful.  After waiting for our turn, we were served Risotto from the trolley, cheesy and herby.  Then the next trolley arrived 20 minutes later. delivering Penne Pasta with tomato sauce.  Both very commendable, cooked in large batches.  We cleaned our plates with me thinking that was it, but then she came round again and offered fish or pork with roasted carrots and potatoes, as well as green beans.  I’m sure we had dessert too, and I think it was Tiramisu but to be honest I don’t remember it.  Then we had coffee.

    Train Trip of 100 Valleys

    We were seated at the window, but skies were grey and there was little to see…such a shame.  The mist blocked much of the landscape.  We got to Locarno in Ticino, Switzerland, weather still grey but not raining.  Our Cento Valli train was ready in an hour so we didn’t have long, but Locarno is a great place to buy some chocolates, a Rolex and if you are inclined towards it, a cuckoo clock.  It wasn’t cheap though, I bought some chocs and noted that a Big Mac in McDonald’s cost 10 Swiss Francs, about 9 Euros.  The train station was a five minute walk from the ferry terminal and easy to find.

    On we hopped, the train had big windows but no seating with tables.  The trip to Domodossola was 1,5 hour and snacks were available.  It was clean and comfortable, warm, and quite exciting.  As we pulled out of the station, the sun returned.  The Cento Valli – meaning 100 valleys – has 83 daring bridges, but despite my dislike of heights, the excitement didn’t turn into fear.  I was a touch worried about that one…

    The remote valleys had views of grandeur aplenty with waterfalls, meadows, vineyards, chestnut forests and the best bit, small Swiss villages on slopes, with colourful houses and train stations, clinging on to the inclined landscape.  We soared loftily from village to village, crossing great highs, seeing rainbows and bright greenery.  Those small villages with the little houses were the tops when it came to charm, and pulling into each one was like a cheek kiss and a handshake from Switzerland.  At one stage my uncle was certain he saw Julie Andrews bottle feeding some cows.

    From Domodossola we trained it back to Stresa on a regular Italian train.

    That was it this time round, it was just a short stop at The Pearl of Lake Maggiore.  The next morning we returned the VW Golf estate to the hire company at Milan Malpensa airport.  At the outset, I was hoping to be included on the insurance for the VW so I could drive it too, but it was over 100 Euro so be wary that it can be expensive to have two named drivers on the paperwork.  Then we started queueing for our baggage drop off for our flight at 12.30 with British Airways direct to Heathrow London.

    We got there at 9.30 with a huge queue and were there for two hours.  We had checked in online but be aware that checking in online does not excuse one from joining the check in queue simply to drop off one’s suitcases.

    More info
    About Pete McDonnell

    Pete McDonnell is born and bred in Basingstoke, Great Britain and writes about travel and mental health on his blog He has developed a love for travelling and is rather upset about Brexit, wanting to promote togetherness and solidarity in Europe. Pete can now include Lake Maggiore, alongside Edinburgh and Tuscany, as his favourite place in Europe.

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  • Croatia’s Surprising Vintages and Earthy, Fresh Cuisine
    18 February 2020

    Raise your glass and raise your fork to Croatia’s fertile and prolific vineyards and farms.

    Raise Your Glass!

    Many travelers think of Croatia as a smaller version of Italy, right across the Adriatic. To be sure, this makes for similarly dreamy landscapes. It also means that the climate and earth of Croatia produce similarly dreamy vintages. Not to be left behind its vinicultural neighbor across the sea, Croatia boasts more than 300 demarcated wine districts.

    Central and South Dalmatia. The hugely popular Zinfandel is descended from a grape grown here, the Plavac Mali.

    North Dalmatia. This region is famous for the Babić grape, a native Croatian varietal that produces inky red wine of considerable tannin and strength. The grape is also found on the island of Korcula.

    Istria. In the hillsides and valleys of Istria, Moscato, Trebbiano and Verduzzo grapes flourish.

    Slavonia. This is the epicenter of Croatia’s most widely planted vine, the native Grasevina. This fresh, lightly aromatic white wine – sometimes aged in oak casks carved from native oak forests – is reminiscent of a Chardonnay.

    Plesivica.  On the steep, rocky slopes of this area, native vines produce Riesling and Chardonnay grapes.

    Raise Your Fork!

    We said earlier that Italy lies west across the Adriatic Sea from Croatia. Indeed, they share a lot in common, including a homegrown mix of agriculture, mari-culture, and viniculture that combine into a fresh farm-to-table cuisine. On land, fertile farms never stop yielding their bounty … by sea, the country’s fishing villages have long hauled in a generous and delicious catch. Here are some of our favorite Croatian dishes.

    Gridele. The “straight off the gridele” preparation of oily Adriatic fish is simply divine. The fish is grilled with olive oil and fresh Mediterranean herbs over the wood from old grapevines or olive trees, for a deeply flavored dish.

    Brodet. This light Croatian fish soup imparts the flavors of whichever catch of the day is used to make it – perhaps a whitefish like flounder, John Dory or red scorpionfish, or crab and shrimp. Polenta is often served on the side.

    Pasticada. This Dalmatian specialty beef stew is seasoned with bacon and a sauce of herbs and vegetables. Potatoes, gnocchi, pasta, or rice and Swiss chard are often served on the side.

    Fuži. Truffles are native to the Istrian peninsula, a luxurious addition to many Croatian dishes. They add a deep earthy flavor to pasta dishes and are wonderfully complemented by local parmigiano cheese.

    Zganci. This polenta-like side dish is made from maize, wheat or buckwheat flour. Cooked zganci is crumbled on a plate and served with milk, yogurt, honey, or even the cracklings from bacon.

    Scampi Buzara. This common dish from the north Adriatic is simple to cook and messy to eat. Unshelled shrimps are tossed in a light tomato sauce with shallots, garlic, wine and parsley. Grilled bread sops up any leftover sauce.

    Prsut. This air-cured ham in Croatia is similar to Italian prosciutto. It makes for a light appetizer or a flavorful enhancement to main dishes.

    Istarska Jota. Also known as Istrian stew, this dish gets its heartiness from beans and sauerkraut and showcases the surprising influence of Austria on Croatia’s cuisine.

    Pod Pekom. Sometimes referred to as “under the bell” cooking, this traditional method of slow-roasting meat is used in many homes. Poultry, lamb, veal, or octopus is placed atop chopped potatoes and drizzled with various Mediterranean spices and olive oil. Then a sacz, or steel dome lid, is placed over it all so that the ingredients cook in their own juices. It makes for an incredibly tender and flavorful meal.

    Zelena Menestra. Dubrovnik’s traditional green stew is mentioned in writings as far back as 1480. This rich and hearty dish is prepared with lots of bacon, sausage, ham hock, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables.

    Palacinke. These thin pancakes are stuffed with different sweet fillings.

    Fritule. These donut-like fried pastries are a popular sweet, flavored with brandy, raisins, and citrus zest, and dusted with powdered sugar.

  • The Best Places to Celebrate Carnival in Europe
    17 February 2020

    If you’re new to the concept of Carnival in Europe, here’s a quick breakdown. It’s a popular event that takes place each year before the season of Lent, which usually falls somewhere between February and March. Carnival typically involves extravagant public parades and riotous celebrations. You may feel as if you’ve stepped into the weird child of a wild circus and a victory parade. People line the streets wearing masks and costumes, often eat and drink copious amounts of local food and liquor, engage in unusual local customs, and generally band together to have a truly unique and pretty infectious few days. Sound like something you could get into?

    Carnival in Europe 1. Cologne, Germany

    Speak to any German about Carnival, and they’ll likely tell you to hop on the train to Cologne. Few German cities take Carnival as seriously as this place. The “crazy days” festivities kick off on Weiberfastnacht, six days before Ash Wednesday. Bars and restaurants stay open all hours of the day and night, people don their best costumes and masks, and traditional parades and celebrations take over the streets for the whole week.

    2020 dates: February 20 – 26.

    How to get there by train: Cologne is an easily accessible rail hub in Germany. There are regular trains from throughout the country.

    2. Venice, Italy

    The Carnival celebration in Venice is perhaps one of the most famous in the world. It also has history on its side, dating back to the 15th century. Many say that the tradition of wearing masks over Carnival began here as a way for the city’s noble participants to protect their identities as they mixed freely with the commoners. The days building up to Carnival in Venice are packed full of street performances, balls, parades, costumes, and masks. You’ll find celebrations taking place throughout most of the city, but the epicentre of the action is in St Mark’s Square.

    2020 dates: February 8 – 25.

    How to get there by train: There are regular trains to Venice from throughout Italy. If you’re staying on the island, make sure you head to Venice Santa Lucia Train Station.

    3. Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona isn’t one to be left out of any major celebration. You can expect traditional Spanish flare to dominate the city’s Carnival events. Expect several food-based fairs including tortillas and spicy sausages, as well as more traditional parades and celebrations. If possible, time your visit around Gran Rua de Carnaval, which takes place on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday. This climax of Carnival in Barcelona features hundreds of participants on foot and in wooden carriages making their way through the city streets.

    2020 dates: February 20 – 26.

    How to get there by train: Barcelona is an accessible rail hub in Spain with regular trains from throughout the country. There are also regular long distance trains from neighboring France.

    4. Nice, France

    There are records that indicate the southern French city of Nice celebrated Carnival as far back as the late 13th century, making it one of the oldest iterations of the event on the continent. Carnival in Nice runs for 10 days and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Much of the focus is on flowers, and there are daily flower parades and impressively decorated floats. Participants on the floats also throw out an estimated 100,000 flowers to spectators, so be sure to grab a place close to the front. The 10 days of celebrations end with the Grande Parade, where fireworks and a bonfire light up the night sky.

    A photo posted by Instagramers Nice (@igersnice) on Mar 3, 2016 at 11:34pm PST

    2020 dates: February 15 – 29.

    How to get there by train: There are regular TGV trains to Nice Train Station from across the country, including Lyon, Paris, Cannes and Marseille.

    5. Binche, Belgium

    The town of Binche, a short trip away from Brussels, may just hold the record for kicking off the Carnival celebrations earlier than most. The event officially begins 49 days before Lent. But if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the real action, plan to get there in the final three days. Men and boys dressed in red and black, with masks and ostrich feather hats, walk the streets throughout the season, lending the town an air of the surreal. Fat Sunday’s parade brings with it a popular confetti battle. The festival draws to a close on Fat Tuesday after more street parades and an epic fireworks display.

    A post shared by Bokrijk (@bokrijk) on Feb 7, 2016 at 2:31am PST

    2020 dates: February 23 – 25.

    How to get there by train: Binche is an easy 90 minute train ride away from Brussels.

    6. Ivrea, Italy

    If you have a thing for food fights then head to the small northern Italian town of Ivrea, not too far from Turin. This town has put a unique spin on Carnival celebrations which dates back to medieval times. Each year, organizers ship in hundreds of crates of oranges, and from Sunday through Tuesday they launch these into the crowds. You can opt out of the action by wearing a red hat, but chances are you’ll get splattered anyway. So you may as well embrace the food-fueled action right through until the burning of Scarlo pole signals the end of the festivities.

    2020 dates: February 22 – 25.

    How to get there by train: Ivera is just an hour’s train ride north of the Italian city of Turin.

    If you’re planning on taking a Eurail journey this February, make sure you experience Carnival in Europe. Whether you’re looking for a classic street parade or an all-night party, chances are one of these will have you covered.

    If reading about Carnival has got you into a festive mood, check out some of Europe’s other top events:

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  • Gatherings of love, unity, change: BEST EUROPEAN ALTERNATIVE EVENTS 2020
    17 February 2020

    It’s time!

    And it’s the third year in a row that Indie Voyager is preparing the list of festivals and events the alternative community in Europe might find inspiring. Last year we went to the Moon, this one – we’re gonna take it slowly… And discover the new horizons of the inner self.

    With that in mind, and given the fact that Indie Voyager is an alternative travel and art community-oriented online magazine, this year’s list won’t include bigger festivals that you saw in earlier years.

    It’s time only to support dozens of small stories from across our continent in their efforts to organize these amazing festivals and events, these gatherings of love, unity and change.

    The list will get longer as soon as a few more festivals announce their dates for 2020, or small new ones contact us. We are here for you!

    The list of Best European Alternative Music and Art Events 2020:



    A celebration of reggae music and caribbean culture showcasing different musical styles from rocksteady and ska to roots, dub and dancehall, plus rum & cocktail bar, the Jamaican grill and a market in the yard.

    Location: Gianpula Village, Malta

    Find out more



    Meadows is all about intimacy, atmosphere, diversity, culture and community. We strive to provide a platform for up and coming unsigned acts/DJs, curating our line-up this way rather than cramming the list with headliners.

    Location: Polkovnik Serafimovo village, Bulgaria

    Find out more



    Agni Spirit Festival is a co-creative gathering that celebrates mindful living; yoga, arts, creativity and conscious community in a beautiful land north of Barcelona.

    Location: Baldellou, Spain

    Find out more



    Berlin Yoga Conference has educational goals in mind, encouraging high quality content pertaining to various yoga methodologies, practices, and topics, with a special emphasis on scientific research and modern yoga philosophy.

    Location: Villa Elisabeth in the heart of Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany

    Find out more



    Mystic Mountain is a small, cozy and intimate psychedelic gathering located in the Camp Velebit, Baške Oštarije, Velebit Nature Park, Croatia, special in many ways. It’s not a non stop party site, but a magical place where things are balanced and where guests really open their ways to their true Self; enjoy and celebrate life in a healthy way.

    Location: Camp Velebit, Baške Oštarije, Velebit Nature Park, Croatia

    Find out more



    Every year the organizers look for a new and picturesque place in the wild; a place necessarily unknown by tourists so that almost all of the guests get to see some of the most charming places in this region of Europe.

    Location: Comuna Bisoca, a commune in the north of Buzău county, Romania

    Find out more



    Arsenal Festival is “one of the most interesting, most relevant and most perspective open-air summer festivals in Serbia and this part of Europe” that annually brings together carefully selected line-up of performers in an original and stunning setting.

    Location: Kragujevac, Serbia

    Find out more



    Yoga Mela is a vivid blend of Yoga, Sacred Music and life wisdom. An inspiration to be part of a living spirituality. The 8-day festival is both grounded and celestial – full of playfulness – allowing beautiful jewels of awakening consciousness to arise.

    Location: Divinya, Eslöv, Sweden

    Find out more



    Gathering and socialization of young people through the Afro-Reggae music which is exclusively based on the principles of love and peace and which advocates a serious and caring attitude towards nature in which we all live; restoring human nature and the strengthening of its basic needs for the preservation of the environment…

    Location: Ždreban, Grabovica, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

    Find out more



    Spreading the peace of yoga by celebrating, dancing, playing together for 3 days. Contributing to open humanity has another vision of the world...Free spirit beeing!!

    Location: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

    Find out more



    Dance has always been a part of human culture, as a ritual and celebration. By dancing we connect to our soul, and in that way it can express itself freely. Join Awake Dance Celebration team in these four days with different styles of dance, they have Biodanza, Trance, 5 Rhythms, as well as Ecstatic… and a few other surprises.

    Location: Moinho Rocha, 8500 Mexilhoeira Grande, Faro, Portugal

    Find out more



    The Living Village is an experimental festival in The Netherlands – an experiential happening, a happy village and flow-town, aiming to bring into existence a new, clean and happy future; driven by awareness and consciousness...

    Location: Dalfsen, The Netherlands

    Find out more



    Presenting all of the bass music and promoting sound system culture, Seasplash has been more than a decade a real treat for all reggae, dub, drum’n’bass, dancehall, ska, and other related electronic music lovers.

    Location: Martinska, Šibenik, Croatia

    Find out more



    Situated in a fort, some 270 meters above sea level, on the top of the hill that dominates Mirna river valley, Motovun is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Istria – and a perfect set for this unique and must-visit film festival.

    Location: Motovun, Istria region, Croatia

    Find out more



    Allow yourselves to immerse into this place of sandy Earth, where the Water is fine, the Air is clear and energy is on Fire, all balanced in the infinity of Aether. Prepare your mind and soul for Elysium Island Festival 2020!

    Location: Koh Chang Island, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

    Find out more



    Nestled in a beautiful place between lakes, meadows, forests, hills and a majestic view of the Velebit mountains – in a place where Nikola Tesla spent part of his childhood, with many accompanying activities such as art workshops, movie theater under the stars, family camps and workshops for the youngest, Dragon’s QUEST is a small & cozy, psy/chill/dub festival that’s inviting all party people, free spirits, artists and creative minds who are eager to experience something different and unforgettable!

    Location: Tomingaj, Gračac, Croatia

    Find out more



    The festival highlights musicians that have pushed boundaries of popular music and provides the island’s audience, nestled in the south-east Mediterranean region, with a window into the international music scene, simultaneously immersing local and tourist festival-goers and performers alike in traditional Cypriot heritage...

    Location: Kato Drys, Cyprus

    Find out more



    Prestoso Fest is a small, independent music festival located in the spectacular nature/rural surroundings of south-western Asturias and this year this awesome combo of music, art, gastronomy and nature takes place from August 06-09, 2020 in Gédrez, Asturias, Spain…

    Location: Gédrez, Asturias, Spain

    Find out more



    Ypsigrock Festival is a pocket sized event turned out to be the benchmark for addicted indie-rock lovers that mixes up several charming aspects of a music festival with beautiful location and its stunning stages located all around the picturesque Sicilian mountain town of Castelbuono...

    Location: Castelbuono, Italy

    Find out more



    From the massive main stage all the way to intimate workshops, some of the finest and most diverse yoga teachers & musicians, it’s an inspirational and authentic experience that is all about yoga, live music, meditation, dancing, swimming and community…

    Location: Borovets, Bulgaria

    Find out more



    “As we develop and emancipate, our spirit evolves. In gamma edition we are celebrating personal and collective transformation through the symbol of Venus: she who sacrificed innocence for wisdom and returned from the underworld rebirthed. Freemental is an attitude: to grow we have to face our darkness and sacrifice old patterns.”

    Location: Tarej, Island Cres, Croatia

    Find out more



    Featuring ambient, house music, jazz, rock, techno, painting, yoga, light shows, mapping, dancing and acrobatics – Château Perché is a nomad multidisciplinary festival taking place every year in a new, unique and spectacular location…

    Location: Château d’Avrilly, France

    Find out more



    AWAKE is aimed at open minds and souls through music and complementary arts, eclectic cultural and sports activities and many other memorable surprises. Taking place in the heart of Transylvania, it is surrounded by the perfect setting for those planning a perfect 2020 European escape bathed in nature, art and culture!

    Location: Teleki Estate, Gornești, Mureș, Romania

    Find out more



    Situated in the amazingly beautiful valley of Soča river in Slovenia, actually quite close to Italy and Austria, the festival offers 4 days of the best roots reggae, dancehall, irie… music, events and activities, free camping (the camping spot is included in the price of the festival ticket), yummy food and only the best vibe.

    Location: Sotočje, Tolmin, Slovenia

    Find out more

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  • Secluded hotels in Europe for a peaceful retreat
    15 February 2020

    Off-grid for on-the-ball travellers: these remote destination hotels are the perfect excuse to drop all responsibility for some much-needed you-time.

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  • Latest Rhodope Mountains fallow deer release enhances local circle of life
    15 February 2020
    As part of the long-term restoration of deer populations in the Rhodope Mountains, the latest reintroduction will further support the area's endangered vulture species - as well as other scavengers and carnivores - by revitalising food chains and creating a healthier, more naturally balanced ecosystem.


  • Terni, Italy: The birthplace of Saint Valentine
    15 February 2020

    Every year, a substantial part of the world and the...

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Dubai Travel Blogs

19 February 2020

Dubai Travel Blogs
  • Dubai Miracle Garden — Indulge in The Enchantment of Colorful Floral Wonders and Fragrances
    19 February 2020

    Flowers. Everywhere. In jungles, woods and bushes. They’re there. Even in the house. They beautify, set apart and make appealing. They’re colorful, magical… whatnot.

    Dubai‘s home to many architectural wonders. It boasts the world’s tallest building and fountain, the world’s most luxurious hotel, some of the world’s largest artificial archipelagoes (Palm Islands and World Islands), the world’s Largest Picture Frame etc. As though these aren’t enough, this dynamic city boasts a magical flower park, Dubai Miracle Garden (DMG), and this is the nub of the article.

    Dubai Miracle Garden Proper

    Launched on 2013’s Valentine’s Day, the 72,000 sqm floral park packed with a variety of over 50 million outstanding flowers in astounding colorful designs, patterns and shapes is a perfect hideout for the individual seeking to be free from life’s bustle and hassles, an ideal tryst for lovers and a soothing destination for the whole family.

    Given its expansive size, its enchanting fragrance and powerful blooms plus many other provisions, the sublime flower park is one of Dubai’s most magnificent family-friendly destinations. Upon its launching, the flower wonderland crushed the Guinness World Record of being the largest vertical garden. And in 2016, it surmounted the Guinness World Record of boasting the world’s largest floral sculpture forming the shape of an airbus.

    Opened to the public only from about mid-November to about mid-May every year, the park gets meticulous care. Its seasonal opening is in order to protect its plants and flowers from the region’s excessive summer heat.

    Sequel to that, it has the tradition of reinventing itself. As example, designers come yearly from around the world to concoct new concepts and labyrinth of intricate designs with the flowers. This way, visitors, even repeat visitors, don’t get disappointed, bored or jaded. To push the example a little further, in 2016, it marked the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse by unveiling an 18-meter floral structure of the iconic Disney character. And this earned it its third Guinness World Records Title on 25th Februrary, 2018. The super Mickey Mouse sculpture is made from almost 100,000 plants and flowers, and weighs almost 35tons.

    As one of Dubai’s favorite attractions for vacationers, it receives more than 1.5 million visitors every year, making it one of Dubai’s most popular places to visit. The garden’s aerial floating lady dressed in exotic flowers, its all-new 400m walking track and some of its 3D flowery cartoon characters are good attractions for Instagram, Pinterest and selfies.

    From the gigantic Floral Airbus A380 through other stunning 3D Floral Sculptures, the Hearts Passage, the Floral Castle, the Lost Paradise to the Hill Top and from the Lake Park to the Dubai Butterfly Garden, you’d definitely find the floral wonder-park astounding.

    Address: Al Barsha South 3, Dubai, UAE. Landmark: Mall of the Emirates
    Official Website:
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Phone: +971 4 422 8902
    Parking: There’s open parking and VIP parking.
    Operating Hours:
    9.00am – 9.00pm on Sundays – Thursdays (weekdays)
    9.00am – 10.00pm on Saturdays
    9.00am – 11.00pm on Fridays
    Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for group booking which is available from 09:00am – 06:00pm, from Sunday – Thursday.
    Special occasions such as birthdays, corporate meetings, weddings and team buildings are welcomed in the park with great packages and rates. For this, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Dubai Miracle Garden usually opens from mid-November to mid-May yearly.
    Entrance gate closes 30 minutes before the park’s closing.

    Tickets (all rates include VAT):
    Adult (12 years old above): AED55
    Children (3 years – 12 years) AED40
    People with disabilities and Children below 3 years old: Free of Charge

    How To Get There
    • To get to the Dubai Miracle Garden, take the Dubai Metro (Red line) and stop at the MOE (Mall of the Emirates metro station).
    • Take RTA Bus No. 105 and it will take you directly to Dubai Miracle Garden in 15-20 minute ride. It should cost AED5.
    • Taxi is also available in case public transportation is not convenient for you.
    Things To Do at Dubai Miracle Garden

    The things to do in the Dubai Miracle Garden (DMG) are primarily sightseeing given its themes. Other things include dining and entertainment such as weekly live shows.

    The Dubai Butterfly Garden

    Holding about 15,000 butterflies of about 26 kinds and having 10 domes, the Dubai Butterfly Garden, a relatively recent addition to the park, claims to be the world’s largest butterfly garden. Size is not so significant. What makes the Butterfly Garden a truly enchanting experience is the number of the butterflies, their colors and their varieties. These make it a perfect thing to do alone, with a lover, a kid or a larger family.

    An indoor park with designated assistant, the butterflies’ park helps you to understand how these creatures evolve through their different stages. But above that, you get to see and appreciate an unparalleled beauty of the wonderful creatures and interact intimately with them. Quite sadly, entrance into the butterfly park requires a separate entrance ticket of AED55 for adults and children 3 or older. Children younger than 3 and people with disabilities get in free. This sub-section is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

    The Floral Castle Credit:

    The Dubai Miracle Garden boasts many components. But the Floral Castle is the point you feel you’re in some fairyland. The flowery castle is clad in millions of flowers and, in it, are sitting and dining facilities. Much can be said about it, but the exact beauty of it can’t be captured in writing. It is visual and should be explored by the eyes. Go see for yourself. Cheers!

    The Emirates A380 – Floral Airplane Credit:

    Thanks to Emirates Airline, Dubai Miracle Garden boasts the world’s largest floral installation, a life-size version of the Emirates A380 covered in more than 500,000 fresh flowers and living plants. This installation is the largest structure ever in the Garden. As a matter of fact, this feat, given its size, earned the Garden the Guinness World Record of having the World’s Largest Flower Structure. You can’t miss it.

    The Hill Top Credit:

    From a parallel surface, the view of the flowers is amazing. An elevated surface then would gives an even more amazing view. This is what your get at the Hill Top, an unparalleled view of flowers running from bottom to top of the Hill. You get to the Hill Top through a stunning passage boasting colorful flowers on both sides. At the Hill Top, you get the impression of being at the valley of the Dubai Miracle Garden surrounded by colorful flowers, floral themes and trees. Also there are several coffee shops and an ice cream bar. Enjoy!

    The Lost Paradise Credit:

    Adequately named for a component of an open park, the Lost Paradise is a 20-feet depressed area with different ‘scintillating’ flowers, intricately patterned. On the paradise also are trees and floral houses. Flowers go down the base of it on different layers. To get to the base, you’d need the Paradise’s stairway flanked by railings and flowers. You shouldn’t miss the Lost Paradise as its ambiance is unique.

    The Lake Park Credit:

    Indulge in the refreshing watch at the thrilling Lake Park. As with other parts of the floral park, the Lake Park is decorated with different beautiful flowers but unlike other parts, it boasts a water fountain. You should find this lake really astonishing as it has been creatively created and integrated into the park. The Lake features a large 3D female sculpture, swans and a wrecked ship. Slouch at the lake for true relaxation.

    Wonderful Paths

    The Garden has some really lovable and lovely paths, sweet for lovers’ and family strolls. Of them, two are truly remarkable, the Hearts Passage and the Butterfly Passage.

    The Hearts Passage Credit:

    Given its beauty, the Hearts Passage is the most featured attraction at the Dubai Miracle Garden. The passage boasting dozens of walk-through hearts created out of different kinds of flowers of different colors, the Passage is the best place for a lovers’ stroll. You can’t not be immersed in its powerful fragrance.

    The Butterfly Passage Credit:

    Designs informed by the butterfly, this path feature shapes of a giant butterfly. Virtually everyone has seen a butterfly, but not everyone has seen a giant butterfly. The Butterfly Passage gives you the opportunity to experience what a giant butterfly might be like. But more importantly is the beauty and peace that can’t be missed.

    The Floral Clock Credit:

    In the spirit to poleaxe everyone, the rare Garden features a floral clock, 15 meters large. Significantly, the clock is there as an evidence of the time you’d have spent there as, given the garden’s air of insouciance, time in the garden flies by quickly. The stunning Creation was made out of real plants and flowers with designs altering seasonally. The mechanical parts of it were imported from the US and its design was created by Miracle Garden Landscaping, the garden’s in-house landscaping company.

    3D Floral Sculptures Credit:

    Dotting Dubai Miracle Garden are a number of state-of-the-art 3D Floral Sculptures. These display the futuristic power of the human imagination yet. From the mighty 18-meter tall Disney’s Mickey Mouse to Big Teddy Bear, and from the Floral Castle to the Floral Airplane you are sure to be stunned.

    Others Credit:

    The park boasts a giant Mickey Mouse which got for it a Guinness World Record, as has been said before. Standing 18 meters tall, Mickey is very tall dwarfing visitors who are hardly as tall as its feet. Similar to the giant Mouse is the Big Teddy Bear bearing ‘love’ at its legs. At the entrance of Dubai Miracle Garden, you’d find the thrilling Giant Tortoise.

    Should you get tired, you might find the many cabanas in the park felicitous. The cabanas boast billowing drapes and floor cushions. Experience the Hawaiian ambiance here.

    Also felicitous are the park’s sitting areas, prayer room, toilet blocks, ablution facility, security room, first aid room, carts for handicapped visitors, souvenir shops, retails and commercial kiosk and all other related services.

    For your memory, you’d find the Photo booth useful. Apart from claiming pictures of you there, you can get at it other imaging solutions such photography, and green screen technologies.

    Dining Credit:

    Getting through the park, lolling, slouching and roving in it can well take a whole day. Such a place as this should have a place where edibles can be gotten. DMG doesn’t have just one but plenty, where more than 30 food and beverages are sold. The park boasts cafes, coffee shops, candy stores and kiosks.

    At the DMG’s cafes like Hardees, Azrat Lebnan, Bhoujan Restaurants, Pizza Hut, Terrible Internet, Mohammad Kurdi, Krispy Kreme, Meat & Eat, Candy Shops, Cool & Cool, Raspberry Yoghurt and the available kiosks, you can get edibles such as sandwiches, Arabic shawarma, Indian foods, pizza, chicken, pasta, American burger, Arabic fatayer, doughnuts, sweets, coolers, fresh juices, Karak tea, ice creams, pop corns, grilled corns and nuts.

  • 10 Popular Free Family Activities to do in Dubai
    18 February 2020

    These are 10 interesting activities that can be done for free with family in Dubai. It is not always true that you have to spend an arm and a leg for a luxurious stay out there in Dubai. In fact, you can go through oodles of fun and activities without costing you a dirham. So that’s …

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  • Turkish Night at Aseelah in Radisson Blu Deira Creek
    17 February 2020

    We had a superb dinner at Aseelah Restaurant in Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek. Aseelah is a signature restaurant of the hotel which serves Emirati/Middle Eastern/Arabic cuisine. We dropped by on a Thursday evening and were able to sample their Turkish Night. We have dined in Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek a few times already […]

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  • 11 Best Places to Visit near Abu Dhabi Airport during Layover in 2020
    14 February 2020

    You are planning to visit the UAE and you want to experience things beyond just the tall skyscrapers of Dubai. But you don’t really know which place to go to. Abu Dhabi is the place! Located just 65 miles away from Dubai, this is a city where modern culture seamlessly blends with traditional Arabian culture. …

    The post 11 Best Places to Visit near Abu Dhabi Airport during Layover in 2020 appeared first on City Tour in Dubai.

  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood (Dubai)
    10 February 2020

    The historical neighbourhood of Al Fahidi, Dubai is a journey back in time offering you a glimpse into how life used to be in Dubai. It’s an escape from the humdrum of Dubai’s city life and its tall skyscrapers. As you walk through the maze of the narrow lanes lined by over 50 houses that …

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  • Valentine’s Day Offer at Hyatt Place Dubai
    10 February 2020

    Hyatt Place, the upscale select-service brand of Hyatt, invites couples to celebrate an idyllic Valentine’s Day in one of its three Dubai based Hyatt Place properties. Celebrate your bond with a buffet dinner at Focus Glocal Dining, featuring a rich spread of sumptuous Valentine’s dishes. The venue’s contemporary décor will have you in romantic spirits […]

    The post Valentine’s Day Offer at Hyatt Place Dubai appeared first on Dubai Travel Blog.

  • Why Dubai’s Infrastructure is Right for Your Business
    06 February 2020
    Credit: Pexels

    The Dubai government’s current and ongoing focus on supporting companies and entrepreneurialism creates a perfect environment for new enterprises opening a business in UAE.

    Dubai is building and maintaining a strong, regulated, economic infrastructure that draws business to the region, while encouraging investment and growth. It ensures the process of company setup in Dubai is smooth and hassle-free.

    What are some ways Dubai’s infrastructure makes opening a business in UAE easier than ever?

    A wide array of business license options.

    Those interested in opening a business in UAE can choose between obtaining a mainland business license in Dubai or choose a Dubai free zone license, depending on their growth goals.

    Overall, if you’re new to business, consider setting up in one of the free zone areas in Dubai to limit your initial costs and take advantage of industry-specific markets in designated jurisdictions.

    Free zone areas in Dubai are specifically demarcated zones with separately established rules but they still enjoy Dubai’s supportive infrastructure that helps new businesses get off the ground.

    However, if a company wants to tender for government contracts or conduct business throughout the country, then a mainland business license in Dubai could be a better option.

    A general trading license in Dubai is a good license option to start off your business in Dubai. It allows you to trade up to 10 related or unrelated goods in the UAE market.

    Accessible residency visas.

    A residency visa through a free zone company setup is valid for three years and allows entrepreneurs to run their business whilst living and working in the city.

    Business owners are also permitted to hire both local and foreign national staff, and provisions exist for applying for and successfully securing visas for employees.

    There are also special visa options for freelancers who prefer a consultancy work model.

    Conduct your business from abroad.

    If you’re thinking of starting a company in your home country but aren’t satisfied with the market, consider opening a business in UAE.

    Dubai allows owners and investors to conduct business remotely from abroad. There are 650 business centres across 45 countries and 85 cities across the world, from where you can set up, and run your company virtually in Dubai.

    This opens up a range of business opportunities for entrepreneurs, from anywhere in the world. 

    Explore Expo 2020.

    The Expo 2020 exhibition scheduled for October this year, is further proof of Dubai’s commitment to economic growth through social entrepreneurialism. This is an opportunity to witness strides the region is undertaking, in linking technological and digital innovation to business, art and the environment.

    All of this not only builds upon the existing Dubai infrastructure but also symbolises the direction the city continues to take in creating a vibrant economic space that welcomes diverse global investors.

    If you’re choosing to set up a business in UAE, get in touch with our trusted consultants at Decisive Zone to help guide you through the process, from business ideas to compliance with regulations.

  • Valentine’s Dinner at Flavours in Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham JBR
    06 February 2020

    Valentine’s is just around the corner and Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham JBR is hosting a romantic dinner for couples on 13th and 14th February 2020. For only AED 169, you and your partner can enjoy live BBQ, unlimited soft beverages, karaoke, couple games, rose for ladies, welcome drink and romantic decorations adorning your […]

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  • Exciting Things to do in Dubai on Valentine’s Day
    04 February 2020
    Credit: Pexels

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's that time of the year when you want to plan something extraordinary to treat your loved ones. If you are in Dubai, then you have plenty of options to spoil your significant other with the most romantic things.

    Whether it's an elaborate Valentine's themed dinner or a cute couple's activity, here are some of the best ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in Dubai.

    Treat Your Partner with a Helicopter Ride

    Credit: Viator

    A Helicopter Tour above Dubai is yet another mind-blowing way to spend your Valentine's Day. Enjoy the most incredible sights of Dubai's glittering skyline, including bird’s eye views of the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm, and Burj Khalifa.

    Enjoy Movie, Shopping, and Dining at JBR

    Going for a movie with some stints of shopping throwing in and ending with a dinner date is also a great way to celebrate the day. Visit the open-air cinema at JBR and dine at an array of restaurants and lounges located at the sun-soaked Cove Beach for a cosy, intimate V day.

    Explore the Dubai Skies in a Hot Air Balloon

    Credit: Viator

    Glide over Dubai with your beloved for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a luxurious hot-air balloon ride. You can enjoy views of the desert in the backdrop of the Hajar Mountains. As you gently float above the clouds, experience a perfect blend of serenity and adventure.

    Spend Evening at the Opera

    Have a soul-stirring time at the Dubai Opera, situated in the new Opera District. With some enticing song performances by Charles Aznavour, the popular French-Armenian singer-songwriter on Valentine’s Day. Music-aficionados will cherish the spectacular performance.

    Dinner at Quirky Venues

    How about an extravagant three-course meal at one of the most unusual restaurants in the world? Spend time at Dinner In The Sky for a totally unique dining experience. It's an incredible way to spend Valentine's evening in Dubai, high above the ground where you can catch a glimpse of the Dubai Marina.

  • Best Time to Visit Dubai in 2020
    31 January 2020

    Not sure what is the best time to go to Dubai? Here you can find about the best and the cheapest time to visit Dubai with your friends and family. Dubai is one of the best places to visit in the world. If you have visited some other countries or if this is your first …

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Asia Travel Blog

19 February 2020

Asia Travel Blog
  • Top 20 Spiritual Retreats Around the World
    19 February 2020

    7 ViewsA fast-paced life surely fetches you a fortune and a good life, but realize the cost of it. You put your mental health, physical stamina and sanity at stake. The body suffers a great deal, your gut is compromised and if it is really that bad then rest assured you are about to join […]

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  • Padmanabhaswamy: Myths and Treasures of India’s Most Mysterious Temple
    19 February 2020
    February 19, 2020
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  • Top 12 Monsoon Holiday Destination in South India
    18 February 2020

    10 ViewsThe spirit of monsoons has been perfectly captured in movies, literature, and paintings. The first drops of rain are always the most special, and the most awaited. The sight of a paper boat negotiating its way through flooded streets conjures memories of childhood. Come monsoons, and India is swept by a wave of unprecedented […]

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  • Surf, Sand, and Secrets on Siarago
    17 February 2020
    Jay Tindall
    February 17, 2020
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  • Why is Bhutan so expensive to travel to and is it worth The Price?
    17 February 2020

    Why is Bhutan so expensive and is Bhutan worth visiting despite a hefty price tag? What is the destination that emphasizes low volume and high impact of tourists really like? Read this and more about our experience in Bhutan in November in this post!

    Why is Bhutan so expensive?

    Visiting Bhutan is not cheap – unless you’re from SAARC counties (India, Bangladesh and some other counties), you need to buy a tour to visit Bhutan. The government set a minimum daily fee for a tour – $200 per during a low season and $250 during the high season.

    So why is Bhutan so expensive? Well, it’s honestly the decision of the government – they don’t want a high volume of tourists that would change the lifestyle of the country. They want a few high paying tourists and setting a minimum tour fee is a perfect way to reach that. Bhutan emphasizes the quality of the tourists and not the quantity and the high price of the tours ensure that people coming are interested in the country.

    However, you aren’t just paying $200-$250 per person per day for nothing – you get a very good tour car, a guide and a driver, all meals and all hotels included. If you don’t buy souvenirs and don’t tip anyone, you can leave the country without spending a cent more!

    However, there is an additional charge for couples and solo travellers Bhutan prefers groups and people coming alone or as a couple need to pay more. That’s something I don’t understand.

    So is Bhutan worth the price?

    Because of the relatively high price (unless you work in Silicon Valley and $200 per person per day is nothing for you), Bhutan can be considered a luxury destination. Most people choose 4-5 day tours that cover most of the highlights in the country like Paro, Punakha and Dochula Pass.

    Moreover, flights to Bhutan are also expensive. We flew from Kathmandu and returned to Dhaka and paid over $800 for both of us. The flights were very short (1 – 1.5 hours) and for this money, you can fly Business class in Europe or fly 10 times from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong.

    All that adds up and makes Bhutan expensive. But is it worth the price?

    Well, depends what you’re looking for. If you’re curious about the country and interested in its history and traditions, then definitely yes. If you like “hidden gems” and lesser-known places, you will love Bhutan. If you’re looking for some life-changing experience and very beautiful nature, then probably you need to lower your expectations.

    What is Bhutan like?

    There isn’t that much information about Bhutan online and most of these articles about “20 facts about Bhutan” are half-true. Bhutan is just a normal country with normal people, there is nothing mystical about it. Like everywhere else people live in cities and the capital, Thimphu, has a lot of cafes, karaoke bars and snooker bars for locals to go out to. There are plenty of shops including Korean stores, as Korean soap operas and K-pop is also popular there. Many people wear traditional outfits but many others wear jeans and padded jackets.

    Bhutan is a developing country, so don’t expect the best roads, fastest internet and luxury hotels. When you pay the standard fee, you usually get 3* hotels included and they are just normal standard hotels you find anywhere in the world.

    If you want to experience better hotels and perhaps always have hot water in your room and even heating (it gets to -7C at night in Paro in December and most 3* hotels only have tiny portable heaters), you’ll have to pay for the upgrade.

    beautiful sunrise in PunakhaHow crowded in Bhutan? Are there many tourists?

    I also thought (for some reason) that visiting Bhutan would be very exclusive and we will be on our own in most locations, however, most of the touristic hotspots are quite crowded. As I mentioned before, Bhutan is free to visit for the tourists from the SAARC countries and 80% of the tourists come from India and Bangladesh and many travel around in large tour buses. So yes, while it’s not as crowded as Louvre, it’s still quite busy. Especially when a couple of these buses arrive. The hike to Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest was probably the busiest out of all the attractions.

    Summary of our trip to Bhutan: was it worth it?

    My ultimate target is to visit as many counties as possible in a lifetime and visiting Bhutan and seeing what is it like was very interesting! I (personally) prefer travelling without organised tours and deciding on the places I want to visit myself, but unfortunately, in Bhutan, it’s not possible (unless you’re from India or Bangladesh). I found $560 per day (250×2 plus couples fee of 30×2 ) a bit too much for the hotels we stayed at (we had an issue in one of the hotels, I don’t think it should host any guests in the wintertime).

    Our itinerary was also very laid-back – most of the time, we only had 2-3 spots in the itinerary and were at the hotel by 5 pm. With no good internet or no places to go to, there was absolutely nothing to do at the hotels in the evening. We also didn’t walk much and I felt like I desperately needed some walking or sport (apart from the last day, when we hiked to the Tiger’s Nest).

    However, as an independent traveller, I’m a bit biased. If you like organised laid-back tours and itineraries where everything is decided for you, you will love your trip to Bhutan!

    Overall, as I mentioned before, I’m very happy I had a chance to visit Bhutan and saw all these amazing places with my own eyes! I don’t think I will return, but it was a great experience.

    If you want to read more about our itinerary for 4 days in Bhutan, head to this post.

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    How to visit Seychelles on a budget?

    4 days in Kathmandu Valley

    4-day road trip in Oman

    12 hours in Dhaka, Bangladesh – what to do during an interchange

    5-day self-drive itinerary for Sri Lanka

    The post Why is Bhutan so expensive to travel to and is it worth The Price? appeared first on Tripsget Travel Blog.

  • North Vietnam 10 Day itinerary
    16 February 2020

    Vietnamese Luxury Travel
    North Vietnam 10 Day itinerary

    Explore vibrant Hanoi, stay on board the luxury junk cruise in Halong Bay, Tour Sapa, the alpine of Vietnam, get a glimpse into countryside and visit Ninh Binh

    North Vietnam 10 Day itinerary

  • Top 20 Most Beautiful Hill Stations in India
    15 February 2020

    7 ViewsEvery man jack is Philomath. The world is a pedagogue and we are its sophomores, not by arm-twisting but by choice. We all get a bang out of learning new languages, different cultures, traditions, places, edibles and different ways of life. The globe is our varsity, and we can swear to it, it will […]

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  • 10 Amazing Yoga Destinations Around the World
    15 February 2020
    We are less than 2 months into 2020 and I’m already feeling burnt out – who’s with me?! I’ve been finding myself browsing for my next Yoga-centred getaway, and am yearning to take some time to fill my own cup. It feels about time to explore a new part of the world, be a part […]
  • Charm Of The Soan Valley Attracts More Tourists
    15 February 2020
    Charm Of The Soan Valley Attracts More Tourists

    The Soan Valley located in the northwestern part of Khushab in central Punjab is not a tourist destination of international importance. The number of tourists visiting unique areas has increased over the years.

    The panoramic views of the valleys, waterfalls, springs and lakes make up its unique beauty. It has three lakes called Uchali, Khabikki and Jahlar. In addition, Lake Uchali covers 943 acres.

    Importantly, lush green springs and mountains add beauty to the archaeological landscape and attract visitors from different regions. Amb Shareef s castle is known for the ruins of two temples in the Salt Ring Mountains.

    In 1986, the area was included in a fishery protection area, and in 1996 it was considered an international wetland in Ramsar. In 1986, it was recognized internationally as a wild animal and plant protection area.

    According to international records, there are 56 species of birds around Lake Uchali, aged 437 years.

    Moreover, Khabikki Lake covers 283 acres. In 1976, it was recognized as the first Ramsar site in Pakistan. A total of 50 species of birds have been found here.

    Places to Visit in Soan Valley

    Lake Jahlar is the third lake in Soan Valley. This lake is famous for fishing and beauty. 45 species of birds have been found in the area. It covers an area of ​​17 hectares and was recognized as the Ramsar site in 1996. The lake is 400 years old.

    Also, Soan Valley Tourism Project was launched in 2015 to provide basic facilities for tourist areas.

    Furthermore, Kanhati Garden, another tourist attraction in the area, has beautiful waterfalls, playgrounds, lounges, camps, mosques, canteens, parking lots and visitor lounges.

    Locals say it is necessary to build a border wall along with power supply available in the rest of the house. Facilities on Lake Khabikki are also provided as part of the tourism project, but travellers need more facilities.

    Lake Uchali also needs many facilities, including a mosque, public toilets and parking. Tulajha Castle needs to be preserved by the archaeological department and included in the list of protected sites.

    However, experts say Soan Valley must implement a ten-year ban on wildlife hunting and logging. Road connections need to be improved. The construction of the lounges in Nowshera and Sodhi must be completed, and trained tourist guides must be provided for tourists.

    Soan Valley is a land of lush green mountains, landscapes, waterfalls and lakes. It is necessary to take measures to ensure this beautiful tourist destination and its marketing as an international tourist destination.

    By taking these measures, not only will the government collect millions of rupees of income, but the residents of the area will also prosper. It has been reported that no major plan has been formulated in this regard for the past four years.

    The post Charm Of The Soan Valley Attracts More Tourists appeared first on See Pakistan Tours.

  • Inside Pickyourtrail’s proud partnership with Madame Tussauds in unveiling Kajal Aggarwal’s wax statue
    15 February 2020

    For the first time ever, Pickyourtrail partners with Madame Tussauds, Singapore in unveiling the wax statue of the talented South Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal. Kajal was present in the event with her family and couldn’t stop smiling as she posed with her reel version on February 5, 2020.

    Did you miss the event? Here you go, you can catch it right here!
    Fans experience ‘triple vision’ as Kajal Aggarwal is immortalized in more than wax at Madame Tussauds Singapore

    Watch Kajal Aggarwal launch her wax statue at Madame Tussauds Singapore in association with Pickyourtrail LIVE here! #PYTmeetsMadameTussauds #StrikeAPoseWithKajal

    Pickyourtrail यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, ४ फेब्रुवारी, २०२०

    An awestruck Kajal, at the honour of standing alongside legendary actors such as Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi.

    Not only was Pickyourtrail the launch partner of this dazzling event, but also the official travel partner of Kajal and her family.

    Are you planning a trip to Singapore? Don’t forget to strike a pose with Kajal Aggarwal’s shimmering wax statue at Madame Tussauds, Singapore!

    For holidays that are crafted your way, go Pickyourtrail!

    The post Inside Pickyourtrail’s proud partnership with Madame Tussauds in unveiling Kajal Aggarwal’s wax statue appeared first on Pickyourtrail Travel Blog.

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