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Wedding Blogs

23 January 2021

Wedding Blogs Wedding Blogs
  • Esther & Geoffrey’s Elegant Engagement Session At The National Arboretum
    23 January 2021

    Esther & Geoffrey

    Today’s engagement session is an utter, utter delight.

    Esther and Geoffrey, who had one of those serendipitous moments, meeting one another randomly at a bus stop, decided there was no better way to celebrate their vow filled engagement than with a session at the National Arboretum with HPW Photography. “She took images as we did the natural things we always do: hugging, holding hands, looking into each others eyes and just talking.”

    These are photos that are going to fill you with joy, friends, so grab your favourite drink and settle in for the story!

  • Elizabeth & Eleanor’s Rustic Healesville Sanctuary Wedding
    23 January 2021

    Elizabeth & Eleanor

    It was always meant to be for Eleanor and Elizabeth – these two, who met a just age fifteen turned out to be high school sweethearts and now newlyweds! Their wedding,(at a zoo!), complete with animals!) was so beautifully captured by Smith + Archer and perfectly reflected their life together. Family-friendly, their lunchtime celebration was toddler friendly, the pair embracing the stage of their lives that involves tiny tots and welcoming kids into their day, alongside a few unexpected four-legged creatures.

  • A Tour of Brisbane’s Roma Street Park Wedding Lawns
    23 January 2021

    The beautiful Roma Street Parkland in Brisbane is a feast for the eyes and the soul, conveniently located in the heart of the city. Today, we’re saving you the leg work and taking you on a guided tour of the Roma Street Park wedding lawns.

    The parkland offers a variety of immaculately maintained wedding lawns for couples to choose from, along with several unique perks like onsite parking for guests and vehicle access for the arrival of the wedding car.

  • A Round Up of 3 Cocktails That Spell Summer
    23 January 2021

    Happy New Year, Dotties! I hope you have had a marvellous break and love is in the summer air. How is it almost February? To me, summer means cocktails. Lots of cocktails! And I can personally vouch for the following three summery, icy, colourful and fruity delights featured on our Cocktail Friday segment. These have been a Tweed family favourite. Enjoy x

    Frozen Passionfruit Margarita

    Frozen Prosecco

    Aperol Spritz


  • Friday Roundup
    23 January 2021

    Photo by Pierre Toussaint via Expert Interview with Megan Ziems of Grace Loves Lace

    Happy Friday Dotties! We are getting closer and closer to our relaunch and it’s SO exciting (but also a bit bonkers). We’re a little quieter around these parts while we get everything ready but been with that, the past week has been full of beautiful wedding inspiration, handy tips and so much more. So let’s round it up!

  • Esther & Geoffrey’s Elegant Engagement Session At The National Arboretum
    23 January 2021

    Esther & Geoffrey

    Today’s engagement session is an utter, utter delight.

    Esther and Geoffrey, who had one of those serendipitous moments, meeting one another randomly at a bus stop, decided there was no better way to celebrate their vow filled engagement than with a session at the National Arboretum with HPW Photography. “She took images as we did the natural things we always do: hugging, holding hands, looking into each others eyes and just talking.”

    These are photos that are going to fill you with joy, friends, so grab your favourite drink and settle in for the story!

  • Elizabeth & Eleanor’s Rustic Healesville Sanctuary Wedding
    23 January 2021

    Elizabeth & Eleanor

    It was always meant to be for Eleanor and Elizabeth – these two, who met a just age fifteen turned out to be high school sweethearts and now newlyweds! Their wedding,(at a zoo!), complete with animals!) was so beautifully captured by Smith + Archer and perfectly reflected their life together. Family-friendly, their lunchtime celebration was toddler friendly, the pair embracing the stage of their lives that involves tiny tots and welcoming kids into their day, alongside a few unexpected four-legged creatures.

  • A Tour of Brisbane’s Roma Street Park Wedding Lawns
    23 January 2021

    The beautiful Roma Street Parkland in Brisbane is a feast for the eyes and the soul, conveniently located in the heart of the city. Today, we’re saving you the leg work and taking you on a guided tour of the Roma Street Park wedding lawns.

    The parkland offers a variety of immaculately maintained wedding lawns for couples to choose from, along with several unique perks like onsite parking for guests and vehicle access for the arrival of the wedding car.

  • A Round Up of 3 Cocktails That Spell Summer
    23 January 2021

    Happy New Year, Dotties! I hope you have had a marvellous break and love is in the summer air. How is it almost February? To me, summer means cocktails. Lots of cocktails! And I can personally vouch for the following three summery, icy, colourful and fruity delights featured on our Cocktail Friday segment. These have been a Tweed family favourite. Enjoy x

    Frozen Passionfruit Margarita

    Frozen Prosecco

    Aperol Spritz


  • Friday Roundup
    23 January 2021

    Photo by Pierre Toussaint via Expert Interview with Megan Ziems of Grace Loves Lace

    Happy Friday Dotties! We are getting closer and closer to our relaunch and it’s SO exciting (but also a bit bonkers). We’re a little quieter around these parts while we get everything ready but been with that, the past week has been full of beautiful wedding inspiration, handy tips and so much more. So let’s round it up!

Wedding Photography Blogs

23 January 2021

Wedding Photography Blogs Wedding Photography Blogs
  • Destination Weddings and Why South Florida is a Prime Location
    22 January 2021

    Destination weddings are often thought of as weddings in some far off romantically exotic island. But that’s not true. Here in the United States, there are some really amazing locations for perfect destination weddings.

    One such place for an epic destination wedding is South Florida. In this post, I will blow the lid off why South Florida is a prime location for your destination wedding. So, hold on to your love, and let’s jump in.

    Destination Weddings Explain

    Ok! Before we dive deep into why South Florida is a prime location for destination weddings, let’s dissect what exactly qualifies as a destination wedding. In general, our destination wedding ideas are visions of tropical islands with miles of manicured beaches with palm trees waving gently at the emerald green sea, right?

    We also think of places where the food is tantalizingly delicious, and the cocktails are volcanically wicked, not to mention a wild pulsating nightlife. And you know what? We wouldn’t be wrong for having such an understanding of destination weddings. However, many millennials couples today have a much broader interpretation of destination weddings.

    Millennial couples today are choosing destination wedding locations that are special to them. Therefore a destination wedding location in the tropics may not be an option for millennials. Their selected areas could be snowy, mountainous, desert, a college town, vineyards, or something else. It doesn’t have to be abroad to be a destination wedding. The bottom line is that today’s destination weddings in locations that are special to the couple and is not where they currently live.

    Why is South Florida a Prime Location for Destination Weddings?

    Here is the thing. Even though many millennials are choosing none tropical locations for their destination weddings, many are still looking for that tropical vibe without traveling abroad. South Florida has a tropical climate year-round and provides easy access if you live in the US. You don’t need a passport and visa to travel to South Florida.

    Where is South Florida Located?

    There is no official South Florida designation. So, let me get you acquainted with the region of Florida that I am referring to when speaking of South Florida. The area I am referring to as South Florida ran from the City of Palm Beach on the east Atlantic coast and continued south through Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, and Miami Beach down to Key West. From the west coast, starting with Cape Coral’s city in Fort Myers and continuing south to Naples and the Sanibel and Marco islands off Naples’ coast.

    Is South Florida in The Caribbean?

    Now, are you ready for this? South Florida, particularly Miami, is not the Caribbean or even part of the Caribbean. South Florida is said to be the northern boundary of the Caribbean. Yet, it is easy to see how one may consider South Florida as the Caribbean.

    South Florida is known for its many miles of coral sand beaches, emerald blue water, and swaying coconut palms. Furthermore, South Florida is deeply steeped in Caribbean and South American Cultures, with Miami been a mega metropolitan city.

    The Bahamian islands, which are not officially in the Caribbean but are considered Caribbean islands because of their strong Caribbean culture, is only 50 miles east of Miami by boat. The island of Cuba is only 90 miles south of Key West, and the island of Jamaica is an hour and thirty-five minutes flight from Miami.

    Why Have Your Destination Wedding in South Florida Instead of The Caribbean?

    When your ideal destination wedding is a tropical paradise with all the Caribbean trappings without the cost and hassle of traveling abroad, you can’t choose a better location than South Florida. Yes, there is such a thing as Florida destination weddings. However, trust me, if a tropical experience is what you are after, you will need to do South Florida. Let me break it down for you!

    Destination Wedding Cost

    Planning a destination wedding in South Florida could be less costly than, say, a Jamaica destination wedding or any other Caribbean wedding. This is especially true if you are located within driving distance to South Florida. For example, if you live anywhere on the eastern seaboard, say Georgia, Virginia, or the Carolinas, you could save a lot in traveling costs by driving to South Florida for your wedding.

    Destination weddings abroad are typically smaller because some family and some friends will not attend due to travel and accommodation expenses, plus travel documents. Having your destination wedding in South Florida could reduce travel and accommodation expenses for your guests who live here in the US.

    Reduced Stress

    Planning a destination wedding abroad takes guts. It is not for the faint at heart or the indecisive worrywart. No really! Think about it. Getting married abroad means you will be celebrating your love and commitment with just a few of the people closest to you. Still, more importantly, you will be doing so in a foreign environment: different cultures, people, food, and entertainment, which you may not have any control over.

    Although Miami is so culturally diverse, you are not bound to the Caribbean or Latin American cultures if you plan to get married in Miami. You can still have your destination wedding with a tropical experience in an American environment here in South Florida.

    Wedding & Honeymoon In The Same Location

    It is common for couples getting married in the US to jet off on their honeymoon a day or two after their wedding. But how convenient it would be if you could have your wedding and honeymoon in the same location?

    South Florida offers a ton of really cool vacation spots. If your wedding and honeymoon dreams are of tropical air with ocean mist on your face and sand between your toes, South Florida have you covered. From posh high rise on Miami Beach to boutique hotels, South Florida accommodations, hosting, and hospitality will not disappoint.

    To sum it up! If you are about to start planning a gorgeous wedding that best reflects your Caribbean vibes, but you don’t want to travel to the Caribbean, consider a South Florida destination wedding.

    Have questions? Let’s connect here.

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  • St Helen’s Wheathampstead Wedding
    22 January 2021
  • Gillespie Conference Center Wedding : Katie & Brad
    22 January 2021

  • London wedding photography – An intimate London wedding at Marylebone Town Hall
    22 January 2021

    An intimate London wedding at Marylebone Town Hall When Madeleine and Sam first got in touch with me about their intimate London wedding, I was so happy – they were planning a stylish city wedding with an intimate ceremony and very special meal for their reception. We chatted for ages about what they wanted for […]

    The post London wedding photography – An intimate London wedding at Marylebone Town Hall appeared first on Fiona Kelly.

  • Asheville Engagement Featuring Liz & Eddie’s New Wedding Venue
    22 January 2021

    You may recognize Liz and Eddie from their rooftop engagement shoot in Miami. In case you don’t, here’s a little refresher. Originally they were planning to get married in Napa, California herunterladen. But, due to the conditions in California recently from wild fires, they changed plans and set their hearts on getting married in Asheville, NC. Liz & Eddie’s Engagement: TAKE TWO Asheville, NC Once in Asheville, we decided the best way to find a...

    The post Asheville Engagement Featuring Liz & Eddie’s New Wedding Venue appeared first on Orlando Wedding Photographer : Kristen Weaver Photography.

  • Seattle Senior Photography Session at UW Campus
    22 January 2021
    Gunnar’s Senior Photography Session at the UW Campus

    On a semi-sunny fall afternoon I met with Lake Washington High School senior Gunnar at the University of Washington campus for his senior photo session. This is a great location for almost any kind of photo session,  a really beautiful campus with lots of locations that are great for photos.

    But I’ve never been on the UW campus before with so few people present.  With Covid restrictions, there are very few (if any) classes being held in person on campus, which means that instead of the usual 30,000+ undergrads on campus, the campus is almost eerily empty.  I have been on the campus at many different times of the year, including during vacation periods when no classes were in session.  But there were far fewer people on campus than I have ever seen; or I guess the better wording is than I have ever NOT seen.  Red Square will normally have dozens of people there (at least) on the quietest of days, and hundreds when classes are in session, but I counted 4 besides us while we crossed the square.

    At any rate, we sure did not have to worry about photo bombers!  We spent time in what would normally be the busiest parts of the campus and had no difficulty taking photos without any interruptions.

    Gunnar had never been to the UW campus before but I know it pretty well, first as a student when I was there for an MBA years ago, and also because I have been there many times since on various photo shoots.  The cherry trees there are incredible every spring, and are a popular place for engagement photos.  This time of the year they are pretty bare, but they still made for some fun possibilities for photos when we explored the groves.

    Here are a few photos from the session, I hope that you like them.




    The post Seattle Senior Photography Session at UW Campus first appeared on Tom Ellis Photography.

  • West Hartford Connecticut Wedding: Claire and Jason
    21 January 2021

    Enthusiasm is the word that comes to my mind when I think of Claire. Jason keeps it chill from what we could tell on the wedding day, and Claire brings the energy. A winning combo eh? One detail I adored about the day was the casual vibe. Her dress was flowy and free which I felt went well with the general feel of the day… which was both of those two things: flowy and free.

    Together, Claire and I waited in a horse barn, for her walk down the aisle. Then we played as a quad in a pasture and then with some horses. What more could you ask for really? COVID threw a wrench in plans for everyone, and Claire and Jason found a way to make it work beautifully.

  • Chic Hamptons Wedding at Bridgehampton Inn
    21 January 2021

    Tatiana and Matthew had the most beautiful Hamptons wedding and the sweetest story behind why having their wedding by the water was so important to them both! Tatiana grew up sailing and spent as much time as possible on, in, and near the water. She met Matthew, a yacht captain from the Outer Banks, dockside beneath the glow of a lighthouse on a balmy Montauk night and in only a few weeks she was swept away by this man from the sea!

    When Matthew proposed Tatiana knew she wanted to reference the place where it all began and their shared love of the ocean.Anna Moore of Prim + Pretty Prints used the reference of the lighthouse in a custom stationery suite. Their chic Fall wedding date allowed for moody neutral tones and sandy, muted accents.  Sybille van Kempen, owner of The Bridgehampton Inn and Anastasia Casale of Sag Harbor Florist embraced their taste and created an embiance of deep plums, fresh figs, and luscious dahlias.

  • Boris Optics 2021 Review: Filters, Presets & Special Effects for Photographers
    21 January 2021

    There was a time not so long ago when a photograph was appreciated for the purity of the photographer’s vision of reality. Then digital imaging happened and photography morphed into the vision that a photographer’s mind could imagine. Now, from weddings, fashion and senior portrait shoots to commercial advertising, photography is, in many ways, only the starting point to the creation of very unique images of reality not far removed from the video and motion picture realm.
    For photographers and their clients who appreciate this mindset,
    Boris Optics 2021 provides the tools for them to bring imagination to life.

    Boris Optics 2021 is the creation of Boris FX, a Boston-based company highly regarded for its visual effects contributions to motion picture and television special effects. With the acquisition of Los Angeles-based Digital Film Tools (which itself acquired Tiffen Dfx), Boris FX created an amazing set of visual effects for photographers. Boris Optics includes the best of the effects in Digital Film Tools (including EZ Mask, my all-time favorite masking tool), Tiffen Dfx, and its own Sapphire effects library. Optics is available on Mac and Windows platforms for $149, which includes the standalone version and plug-ins for Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Classic. Also available is a yearly subscription for $99 or a monthly subscription for $9. (While I worked primarily with the standalone version, accessing Optics from Photoshop overcomes a major shortcoming in the standalone and Lightroom versions as I discuss below.)

    [Read: DXO’s Nik Software Celebrates 25 Years With 25 Presets]

    Before (top) and after (above): The S_LightLeak filter (S for Silhouette) renders abstract patterns of color that simulate light leaking through gaps in a camera body. The light leak consists of three distinct elements which can be adjusted individually. (Courtesy of Boris FX)Boris Optics 2021: What’s New

    In this initial release, Boris Optics 2021 includes 160 filters in 9 categories, including 75 Emmy-award winning Boris Sapphire Hollywood effects-style filters. Filter options include optical glass filters, film stocks, lens flare, glows, lighting effects, lightning effects, diffusion, gobos, and many others. Each filter that I tried offers a bunch of presets and includes a set of customizing parameters, that is some cases, such as the lens flare effect, offers 50 slider options. No question that you can create (and save) an effect that will be unique to your vision and not available on Instagram. It is unlikely that you could investigate all of the possibilities in one lifetime.

    Choosing an effects category such as Light>S_Lens Flare opens up a panel on the right with the many Sapphire lens flare presets. Photo © Stan Sholik User Friendliness and Navigability

    As complex as Boris Optics must be under the surface in order to provide the range of presets and parameters it contains, it is incredibly easy to use. The user interface has the modern medium gray, dark gray, black look, the type is white and highly legible, and the layout is logical. The left panel shows your layers, the center panel the working preview, and on the right is the presets/parameters panel. Running along the bottom are tabs for the nine categories of effects. Clicking on a panel heading displays your preview image with the default setting of each of the effects options. I especially like the ability to not only examine full camera EXIF data, but also to view and edit some basic document information. All of these panels and more can be displayed or hidden using the View menu. There are some very useful tutorials on the website if you need a quick start or a deeper plunge into the program.

    While there is no way to customize the keyboard shortcuts, I found that most of the time, a Photoshop keyboard shortcut worked as I expected. However, I do wish that the Tab key worked to close all of the panels other than the preview window.

    The Color Correct presets in the Color effects category are named after well-know motion pictures. Photo © Stan Sholik

    With 160 different filters, naming conventions can be an issue. I enjoyed the choices that were made, particularly those found in the Color>Color Correct set, where movie titles are assigned to the various presets—Clash of the Titans, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Cocoon are just a few of the many examples.

    Boris Optics 2021: Presets and More

    With the history brought to Boris Optics by Digital Film Tools and Tiffen Dfx as well as Boris FX people and software, it should be no surprise that everything works and works exceptionally well for an initial release. I have been a fan and user of Digital Film Tool’s EZ Mask since I reviewed it in 2013. It’s been emulated by other imaging software companies (unfortunately not Adobe), but EZ Mask remains one of the quickest and most sensitive masking tools available. Its implementation in Optics is excellent. Once created, a mask can be dragged from one layer to another and inverted in the new layer if desired. The mask also remains fully editable in the new layer.

    Optics adds the effect you select over the original image, but masking is easy using EZ Mask or other masking options. Photo © Stan SholikOnly very rough outlining allows EZ Mask to create a very accurate mask.

    The ability to preview each preset effect as a thumbnail rather than just a random name in the Presets window is definitely a plus. Selecting one displays it immediately on the full image in the preview window. Find several that might work? Giving them a “star” adds them to your Favorites. Opening the Favorites tab allows you to quickly look at each one and choose the one you want. From there you can customize it with the various parameters and also save it as a custom preset.

    You can add layer onto layer, with masks and inverse masks, to create whatever final image you may desire, or keep creating until you find something you like. There seems to be no end to the possibilities. And Optics had no problem working with my Nikon raw files including the Z 6 and
    the Z 6II.

    Features That Need Improvement

    Whether you use Optics as a standalone or as a Lightroom or Photoshop plug-in, the interface is identical. However, when using the standalone or Lightroom, clicking the gear icon to save your edits flattens the layers and the sequence of edits is lost. While this might be acceptable for quick editing in Lightroom, I would hope for a non-destructive save in a future version of the standalone Optics. The workaround is to convert the original to a Smart Object in Photoshop before opening it in Boris Optics. This allows you to return to Optics at a later time and reedit.

    Finding a filter or a preset within a filter can be a daunting task given the large number of available options. There is a Search tool that allows you to find filters and presets by name. However, to find the Kodachrome presets nothing comes up when you type “Kodachrome” into either the Filters or the Presets search boxes. Even when selecting the Film Lab tab, neither search will find the Kodachrome options. Only after selecting “Film Stocks” in the Film Lab will a preset search for Kodachrome give you results. A single all-inclusive search tool is needed to simplify finding an effect.

    How Boris Optics 2021 Compares to its Competitors

    Honestly, there is no program to compare with Boris Optics 2021. For one thing, Optics isn’t trying to be another Lightroom, or Bridge, or Photoshop or any of the many programs with presets tacked on. It plays nicely with Adobe programs, but seems happy at this point to be the most complete preset program I have ever seen. And the cost for the non-subscription program with a year of updates compares favorably to some preset add-ons with just a few prebuilt presets. Optics is worth the price alone for access to EZ Mask. If you are using presets to create unique images for yourself, social media, or your portrait, wedding, fashion, or commercial business, Boris Optics 2021 is the best option available. A trial version is available for download at

    View all of Stan Sholik’s recent software reviews here.

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  • Eye-Catching Portraits and Photos of the Week
    21 January 2021

    This month, we are celebrating eye-catching portraits and photos that were awarded inWPPI’s Second Half competition. Discover the entire gallery of winners, and take a look at our weekly featured photo series.

    Martina Warenfeldt, a fine-art portrait photographer based in Sweden, saw a special spark in the girl in her photograph, titled “Autumn,” when she and her family had come in for portraits back in 2019. Warenfeldt was moved to switch into fine-art mode and do a little something extra for their session, with permission from the family. She got a few extra frames out of it, one of which Warenfeldt submitted to WPPI’s The Annual 16 x 20 print competition. At WPPI’s live judging event in Las Vegas last February, she won her first gold award. “As I have worked so hard to get that gold, it was a very special moment sitting in the judging room finally earning it.”

    [Read: Why Enter WPPI’s Photo Competitions? Susan Stripling Explains]

    In September 2020, the family returned to Warenfeldt’s studio for another family session. “I happened to have a basket of apples in my studio that was just used for an outdoor session, and on my morning walk, I collected some weed from the side of the road thinking I might be able to do something cool with it,” the photographer explains. She brought the sweater from home and draped brown fabric around her for the skirt. Warenfeldt wanted the girl’s posture to be strong and her hands delicate. “I threw together a crown of weed and leaves, putting an apple or two in there as well,” Warenfeldt says. “The backdrop is an actual piece of wood that I found once beside the road and even though it is bent, and has a hole in it, it is beautiful and I use it a lot. I think the wood gave the whole image that rustic feeling I was going for.”

    She used a Canon 5D Mark III and 24-70mm lens at f/5, 1/125 sec. and ISO 100, along with Profoto flashes—a 3 x 4 softbox set up feathered at camera right as her main light, and a large octa softbox placed up high on camera left and spreading fill light on the scene. She submitted “Autumn” to WPPI’s Second Half competition and won third place in the Chidren + Teenager category. “I’m so very grateful to have such inspiring clients that during a normal family session, we can get to this,” Warenfeldt says. “That just fills my heart with love and joy.”

    [Read: The Rule of Thirds—How to Use It and When to Break It]

    Chan Kin Lok of Cooper Chan Photography, a fine-art wedding photographer based in Hong Kong, wanted to go the extra mile for a bride and groom as they left their hotel room for the wedding banquet hall downstairs. He wanted to “make use of the geometry of the building interior” in this photo, which was awarded second place in the “Couple Together: Wedding Day” category for WPPI’s Second Half competition.

    “I used an off-camera flash to outline the couple, as well as that particular part of the corridor to draw attention to the subject,” Chan says. “The difficulty in taking this photo was to compose and shoot in an instant, so I had to study the environment and decide on the composition in advance. I tested the lighting ahead of time and had my lighting assistant wait at the end of the corridor. When the couple left the hotel room, I was all set and just waited for the right moment to press my shutter as they walked down the corridor.” He photographed it with a Nikon D5 and 16-35mm f/4 lens at 30mm, f/6.3 and 1/160 sec., along with his Profoto B10 lighting setup.

    One of the bridesmaids walked behind the couple with a red umbrella for the bride. “In ancient times, it was a red cloth on the bride’s head,” Chan explains. “It is now replaced by a red umbrella. There are different sayings about this tradition, and one of them is to protect the bride from evils on her wedding day.”

    See other honorable mentions for this week in the gallery above: Haoze Tan, who won third place for “Exotic planet” in the “Couple Together: Non-Wedding Day” category; Kirsten Summers, who won first place in Photojournalism for “Mum & dad and their beautiful daughter”; and Charles Mitri, who was awarded third place in Boudoir for “Fierce and Feminine.”

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Destination Wedding Blogs

23 January 2021

Destination Wedding Blogs Destination Wedding Blogs
  • Trash-The-Dress Photos
    23 January 2021


    Trash-the-dress photos give you a lovely time away from the excitement of your wedding day to capture special moments with your partner and family. If you’d like the opportunity to be a little more adventurous while capturing amazing professional photos, including aerial shots from one of our FAA-certified drone pilots, then a trash-the-dress photo shoot may be perfect for you. This 2-hour photo session would take place on a day soon after your wedding day, and we can provide suggestions for stunning locations, whether a deserted beach or a calm sea. You’ll receive a curated album including 100 gallery quality digital images and 8-10 drone photos. Here are some examples from the recent trash-the-dress photo shoot of Natashia & Patrick:

    We helped Natashia & Patrick choose a location that suited their vision for their day.


    Natashia & Patrick are expecting, and were able to use their trash-the-dress photos to get some breathtaking maternity pictures as well.


    This gorgeous drone photo shows Natashia & Patrick walking into the sea for an adventurous photo session.


    Just like Natashia & Patrick, it is perfectly okay for an outfit change or two to create different looks for your photos.


    Finally, this steamy photo, captured by one of our FAA-certified drone pilots, is just an example of what a trash-the-dress photo shoot can produce.

    If you want to know more about our packages, pricing and locations, please fill out our contact form. We would love to help!

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  • World-Class Food At An Exciting Destination Wedding
    22 January 2021

    Get your appetite ready. Perhaps the biggest problem while choosing your destination wedding menu is deciding which all-inclusive cuisine fits your ceremony the best. It’s a fun problem to have right? At every Destify Top Resort, you’ll find cocktail hour canapés to full reception courses that’ll have your guests raving for years. Without further ado, let’s visit some of our top recommendations on what to serve at your destination wedding.

    What is the best food to serve at a wedding?

    From plated dinners to food stations, destination wedding weddings can feature the finest dishes, all with their own regional flair. Take a look at some choices available for Royalton Negril’s all-inclusive cocktail hour wedding menu:

    Cocktail Hour
    Cold Canapés
    Melon prosciutto brochette
    Seafood ceviche
    Smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls
    Mini crab tartlets
    Brie cheese canapes
    Mini caprese salads
    Classic tahini and pita bread
    Tuna tartar with sesame oil
    Hot Canapés
    Tempura shrimps
    Ham croquettes
    Teriyaki beef brochettes
    Coconut fish fingers
    Chicken satay
    Classic spring rolls
    Spinach and cheese quiches
    Argentinean empanadas

    After a dazzling cocktail hour filled with delectable canapes, we move to the reception menu. Here’s a sample menu of enticing reception catering options:

    Hors D’oeuvres
    Seafood vol au vent served with chipotle pepper and tequila sauce
    Fresh salmon with avocado and passion fruit sauce
    Chicken quesadillas Vallarta style
    Mini potato tostadas served with pearls of calamari ink
    Roasted pear salad with candied walnuts, bleu cheese, and balsamic reduction
    Grilled sea scallops over toasted bread, bacon, anchovies dip, and coriander vinaigrette
    Cold cantaloupe soup with prosciutto and green cantaloupe pearls
    Main Course
    Surf and sky: chicken breast with shrimp, gratin potato, vegetables with star anise, orange liqueur, served over choron sauce
    Surf and turf: beef filet and shrimp, broccoli mousse, foie grass butter, vegetables, served with red and white wine sauce
    Chocolate mousse with puff pastry and red fruit soup
    Opera cake with coffee sauce, Oreo cookies, and chocolate How much does food cost at a wedding?

    According to the Knot, “The average wedding catering cost was $9,170 (or, on average, $70 per head).” However, many couples deem food (and professional catering) a worthy expense. 56% of couples listed a destination wedding menu and beverage service as the most important priorities while wedding planning.

    What is the cheapest food to serve at a wedding?

    If you’re looking to save a few more bucks here and there, consider hosting a semi-private reception rather than private after your ceremony. In fact, it may be included as part of your destination wedding menu package. You’ll only have to worry about paying for finger foods at the cocktail hour should you choose any. You also have the option to continue the night at on-site nightclubs or lounges afterward.

    Still interested in serving more substantial plates? Limit your reception meals to food stations or heavier appetizers. With themed areas such as prime rib cutting stations or expanded salad bars, you can still offer delectable options with a luxurious flair.

    Destination wedding catering will elevate your cocktail hour and reception. With mouthwatering options available via all-inclusive packages, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to serve the best cuisine. The only “problem” you’ll have is choosing between Beef Wellington and grilled mahi-mahi or even open bar and closed bar. No matter what you choose to serve at your destination wedding, you’re set up for success!

    Want to learn more about how to plan your dream reception? Follow the button below to discover the best destination wedding receptions:

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  • Real Cancun Destination Wedding
    22 January 2021

    Having families in two different countries didn’t stop Lupita and Jason from actualizing the wedding of their dreams when they chose to travel to the warm beaches of Punta Venado, Mexico to get married.

    Hosting a destination wedding in Mexico was an easy decision for the two when they realized that in order for many of the bride's family to attend the wedding, it couldn’t be held where they live in California due to visa restrictions. The bride knew that if they had a wedding in the United States, some of her family simply wouldn’t be able to join.

    “Had we not chosen a destination wedding, not all my family would've been there and I wouldn't be able to afford the activities we did prior our wedding like a visit to the Tulum ruins or the rehearsal dinner by the beach,” the bride says.

    The couple didn’t dwell on the idea of not having the wedding close to home and instead made the best of marrying in a place they both love.

    “We both love the Riviera Maya so we wanted to get married in Tulum. We knew that the Riviera Maya has all the accommodations any tourist would want; from luxury hotels to hostels, Mayan ruins, cenotes and theme parks so everyone had something they could enjoy there,” the bride says.

    With the location picked, the planning began and Lupita and Jason’s dream wedding slowly became a reality. Though the location did not have a Catholic church near, the couples wedding planner, Tailor Made Dreams, helped to hire vendors so that a symbolic ceremony could be held for the couple.

    “Catholic weddings need to be performed in a Church in order to be valid so we did that in California and then had a symbolic ceremony in Mexico,” the bride says.

    Family and friends started to gather for the big day staying in and around the Punta Venado Beach Club where the wedding ceremony would take place.

    Bridesmaids in dresses designed by BHLDN and groomsmen in suits by Men’s Warehouse awaited the bride and groom. A pink and white rose altar stood at the end of a white walkway on the sun-warmed beach.

    As the sun set and the moonlight illuminated the ocean the party of friends and family moved to a straw topped gazebo lit by glittering strands of lights.

    Lupita and Jason, in a beautiful mixture of culture and tradition, had their dream wedding in a place where both families were able to celebrate their love.

    Vendors: Photographer: Fer de la Rosa; Wedding Planner: Tailor Made Dreams; Ceremony/Reception Site: Punta Venado Beach Club; Florist: Mandarinna Studio; Makeup: Susana Venavides; Hair Styling: Gamaliel Alvarez; Bridal Gown & Bridesmaids’ Dresses Designer: BHLDN; Groom’s Clothing Designer: ​Men's Wearhouse

  • Wedding Planning Around COVID-19
    21 January 2021
    Tips From The Pros

    Under normal circumstances, planning can be tricky and planning a destination wedding during a global pandemic can be downright anxiety-inducing. So we pulled some sage advice from some of the wedding industry’s finest to help you navigate yourself down the aisle with ease.

    Engage with your wedding vendors.

    “A lot more people will be looking closely at their wedding contracts and deposits they have paid. I do think it’s a time for couples to engage with all their wedding vendors, no matter what stage in the planning process they are at.” — Tara Fay, Tara Fay Events

    Call your venue first.

    Venues are doing their best to work with couples to make sure their events can happen when they want. “We are being very flexible with our policies, helping clients to find the perfect date to reschedule within the year with no extra charge to change. Basically, their wedding is still exactly as they dreamed it, just on a different date.” — Ana Tiznado, Wedding Specialist at Velas Resorts

    Do your gown shopping from home.

    Many companies have try-at-home programs for brides. “Ladies can try-on different styles and sizes before ordering their dress from home. Otherwise, our online assortment of bridesmaid and wedding dresses on are returnable and if a style does not work – the customer can return and/or exchange for a different style.”— Jennette Kruszka, Kleinfeld Bridal

    Stream your wedding.

    “We know the hardest part of planning your wedding during COVID-19 is choosing between getting married and not having some very important people in your lives there due to pre-existing conditions or being high risk. One solution we’ve found is streaming the event to loved ones back home so they can feel involved.” — Aimee Monihan, Founder of Tropical Occasions and Mountain Occasions

    Think outside the box with invitations.

    In addition to your printed invites, safeguard yourself by creating a digital version that can change in case of emergency. “Have your stationer also prepare a digital graphic that you can share with guests via email, text or social. As for a PNG or JPEG file, they are easy to send and show quickly in any mobile or web browser.” — Kaleigh Wiese, MELDEEN

    Book your vendors ASAP.

    “Regardless if you’re planning now or if you had to postpone your wedding to 2021, book your vendors right now or at least six months out. If you wait too long to reserve your hair and make up artists, florists, photographers, planners etc., there won’t be many qualified artists left.” — Katelyn McCullough, Elwynn + Cass

    Create a “COVID Comfort Station.”

    “Having a ‘COVID Comfort Station’ has been a huge hit. As guests arrive we have a station with masks for all, hand sanitizer and a collection of bracelets that are different colors. Each bracelet color indicates the guests comfort level. One bracelet color might indicate they are okay with hugs and sharing space, where another shows they are keeping their distance.” — Aimee Monihan, Tropical Occasions and Mountain Occasions

    Want a big wedding? Push your date as far as possible.

    If you have your heart set on a large event, that’s okay. Just make sure you set your dates for as far out as possible to ensure you won’t have to postpone anything. You’re probably safe to go for late 2021 or early 2022. The bonus? You have a lot of time to plan and save.” — Jennifer Stein, Destination I Do Magazine

    Play up your décor.

    “People often believe that because they are traveling somewhere for their wedding or because the guest list is more intimate they feel their event doesn’t necessarily need to be designed. I love when my destination clients have a cohesive vision and we can create something really layered and experiential.” — Michelle Durpetti, Michelle Durpetti Events

    Cross items off your wedding “to-do” list.

    “Work on your song list for your DJ or band and your shot list for your photographer. These items always come up quickly, so it’s a great idea to start working on them now while you have more time at home together.” — Ali Phillips, Engaging Events by Ali

    Double-check your contracts. When it comes to downsizing your guest list, make sure you know how it affects your budget. “With a smaller guest list, you should have many expenses that are lower, due to a smaller guest count. Certain costs (flowers, food & beverage) will be substantially lower if your guest count has shrunk. Other costs, however, (your planner, venue, photographer) may stay the same regardless of your wedding size. Take a look at your contracts and talk to your creative team to learn how their fees might adjust based on a more intimate celebration.” — Amy Nichols, Amy Nichols Special Events and Intimate I Dos

    Get your group tested. “Request that all your guests get tested before attending your event as it is a great safety measure. It will put you at ease knowing your guests are not at risk of spreading the virus at your event. A bonus: you can hug the people you love on this incredibly important day.” — Aimee Monihan, Tropical Occasions and Mountain Occasions

    The above photos are courtesy of Gertrude & Mable and designed by Amy Nichols. This article first appeared in Destination I Do's Special Digital Edition 2020

  • Need to Know: Beach Wedding Bridesmaids
    21 January 2021

    Having your friends stand by you on your wedding day is more than just a tradition. It’s a friend’s way of saying, “I love you, I support you in your marriage, and I’ve got your back.” And choosing your beach wedding bridesmaids is just as important as choosing where you will get married…in this case, […]

    The post Need to Know: Beach Wedding Bridesmaids appeared first on Florida Beach Weddings.

  • Real Puerto Vallarta Wedding
    21 January 2021

    Mexico is the perfect place for couples looking to have a relaxing getaway complete with sand, seawater, and sunshine. Zach and Mai have been vacationing in Mexico together for years. But on one special trip, they packed a white gown and a gray suit along with their beach attire, making their favorite vacation spot the place where they exchanged their vows.

    “We have always had a love and passion for traveling and have taken on many adventures together throughout our relationship,” the couple says. “When we think about our favorite vacations, it has always been us somewhere relaxing on a beach. Therefore, we felt it was only fitting to have a wedding on a beach.”

    Both coming from a small city, Zach and Mai felt that their wedding venue options were limited at home and decided to expand their search. It was the all-inclusive package offered by the beautiful resort Hyatt Ziva that made them certain Puerto Vallarta was the perfect location for their wedding.

    However, COVID-19 presented an obstacle. “It was very difficult being a COVID bride in the midst of a pandemic because the resort was closed over the summer, which meant we were not able to meet up with our vendor in-person months prior to our wedding like we had wished for,” Mai says.

    But their worries quickly dissolved as they communicated with their wedding coordinator, Esman Mora, through phone, email, and a special portal provided by the resort. They were also able to send photos of what they wanted and receive photos of different options offered by the resort, too!

    In the end, the resort’s wedding team made sure the couple received exactly what they had wished for. Mai and Zach could not have been happier!

    “The beauty of having a destination wedding at one of the resorts was that everything was through the one single vendor and details were planned through one single individual, our wedding coordinator. We were able to eliminate the stress of having to communicate with multiple vendors,” the couple says.

    They even added a few personal touches to their wedding decor, bringing along cherished photos of themselves, as well as a guest book and a special “Welcome to Our Wedding” sign.

    Zach and Mai’s friends and family came from all over to attend the ceremony, and they were married on a pristine beach adorned with yellow flowers and smiling faces.

    The couple advises others looking to tie the knot to visit their vendors months in advance if possible and to factor in hurricane season when deciding on a date for a beach wedding. They also recommend having a travel agent to communicate with the resort and smoothly set up rooms for guests.

    “If there is one thing to take away from all of this, it’s that if you’re on the fence about having a destination wedding, DO IT! We look back at our special day and how much fun we had with our friends and family all the time, how beautiful our photos turned out (not only because of how amazing our photographer is) thanks to a gorgeous natural backdrop, we would do it the exact same way again in a heartbeat,” the couple says.


    Vendors: Photographer: Lara Catherine Photography; Wedding Planner: Esman Mora with Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta; Event Venue: Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta; Hair & Makeup: VitaMar Spa; Stationery: Zola; Groom & Groomsmen's Attire: Mens Wearhouse; Gown Designer: Val Stefani Couture; Bridesmaids' Dresses: Birdy Grey & Lulus; Bride's Jewelry: Olive + Piper

  • How Much is a Destination Wedding in Mexico?
    21 January 2021

    It’s time to get into one of the most important parts of destination wedding planning. No, not which wine to serve. While that’s also crucial, many couples seeking a destination wedding in Mexico might wonder how much a ceremony and wedding week could cost. Here are some quick answers to shed some light on what kind of budget to consider while coordinating your dream celebration:

    Is it cheaper to get married in Mexico?

    Short answer? It largely depends on which resort you get married in. In recent years, Mexico has developed into one of the most popular global wedding destinations. Accommodating the influx of tourists and wedding parties, hundreds of coastline resorts offer packages best suited for a variety of budgets.

    Mexico destination weddings are doable no matter how much money you have to work with. For instance, many five-star resorts provide complimentary wedding packages teeming with similar amenities and add-ons that you’ll find in more expensive bundles. So, regardless of whether you’re staying in the Cancun Hotel Zone or in a secluded boutique property, there’s a Mexico wedding package for everyone’s financial situation.

    Where is the cheapest place to have a beach wedding?

    Beach weddings are a hot commodity nowadays, which is great news for you and your bank account. Many all-inclusive resorts have private beaches attached to the property, often promoting oceanfront venues in their complimentary packages.

    Our suggestion: look for the one that’s right for you. Whether you’re gracing the sands of RIU Santa Fe or Royalton Riviera Cancun, you’ll discover beautiful ceremony spaces infused with natural beauty and affordable inclusions.

    How much is a destination wedding in Cancun vs. Cabo?

    The Hotel Zone or Medano Beach? Both charming coastal hubs are at the forefront of modern tourism. With seemingly endless options to choose from, where should you go to save the most money? Let’s break down the tropical paradises:

    Wedding Packages (Prices vary depending on wedding package)

    Cancun: Free – $11,999; based on a compilation of various resort wedding packages

    Cabo: Free – $11,150; based on a compilation of various resort wedding packages

    Resort Costs (Prices vary depending on suite type)

    Cancun: $160-$310 price per person per night

    Cabo: $110-$270 price per person per night


    Cancun: The Hotel Zone, Maya ruins, snorkeling, scuba diving

    Cabo: Medano Beach, world-renowned nightlife, zip-lining, ATV courses

    While there are some differences between Cancun and Cabo, there actually isn’t too much contrast money-wise. Realistically, you’ll find cheaper resort options in each city. It all comes down to which wedding packages catch your eye more, as well as which excursions you want to include in your itinerary (these are optional for guests of course).

    In comparison to other popular destinations such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, Mexico showcases similar wedding options, but with more flight options from across the United States. Although some accommodations may range in price, Mexico destination weddings are quite cost-effective, featuring quotes perfect for your preferred budget. So whether you’re seeking a majestic oceanside ceremony or a lush garden wedding, Mexico will deliver an unforgettable experience at digestible prices.

    Want to learn more about our top Mexico wedding resorts? Follow the button below to discover majestic five-star properties:

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  • A Romantic Union at Château Le Buisson Garembourg
    21 January 2021

    The post A Romantic Union at Château Le Buisson Garembourg appeared first on French Wedding Style.

    Wedding planners and designers Anthony Beltran and Oriane Desloges are excited to share with us today this romantic, authentic and intimate styled photo shoot that took place at Le Buisson Garembourg inGuichainville, France… “Located in Evreux, the castle “Le Buisson Garembourg” is an ideal place to celebrate your wedding in an intimate and romantic atmosphere. […]

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  • The Latest, from Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc.
    20 January 2021

    Saludos all, and feliz año nuevo!

    It’s 2021, and I hope that this message finds you all well! I write this with the same thoughts I’m sure many of you have. We’re happy to see the end of 2020, yet not quite sure what the upcoming year holds. While we’re wishing that things were a little bit more ‘back to normal’, we’re happy we’ve stayed safe and healthy and we know we have a good and proven process for whatever we must face.

    We’ve planned and performed dozens of weddings since the pandemic began, under changing conditions and regulations. We’ve worked with couples downsizing their wedding day, but still seeking something beautiful and memorable. We’ve married long-term couples who needed to make it legal for health insurance purposes. We’ve provided amazing wedding experiences for folks on vacation needing something beautiful and special in their lives. Whatever the circumstances, we want to be a part of your special day!

    Read on to learn more about our last wedding of the year, at The Ring at our hacienda, the perfect, stunning, private, open-air plan A OR plan B wedding location. Lauren & Chris originally planned a wedding on the beach, though they shared at the end of the wedding day that they were so happy that the universe conspired to change their plans! We also include some fun facts about a Puerto Rican tradition, as well as some updates to the legal requirements to be married in Puerto Rico.

    Let us know how we can help you or a loved one get married in Puerto Rico, and, as always, stay safe and healthy!


    Zoom In: 
    The Wedding of Lauren & Chris


    Click above to see Lauren & Chris’s stunning wedding video.


    Lauren & Chris, along with their lovely family and friends, had a beautiful wedding celebration to close out 2020 with a flourish. Their guests sat on white picnic blankets as Lauren walked down the aisle to The Ring with a breathtaking ocean view as a backdrop.



    After the ceremony, the wedding party enjoyed a dinner celebration while the sun set and the full moon rose, simultaneously. Their meal included delicious local fish and steak, with elevated Puerto Rican side dishes and fresh-squeezed passionfruit mojitos.


     The kids all had a blast meeting all the animals at The Hacienda as the band played their favorite tunes in the background.


    Felicidades to the happy family!


    Fun Fact: The Puerto Rican Cuatro


    Lauren & Chris’s wedding ceremony was accompanied by the sounds of a Puerto Rican cuatro, the national instrument of Puerto Rico. This violin-shaped traditional instrument is played the same way as a guitar. The historic Puerto Rican cuatro is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and was even featured in the hit single “Despacito”.


    New Marriage Requirements In Puerto Rico


    As experts in the process to be legally married in Puerto Rico, we are committed to keeping our couples updated with any and all requirements from the Puerto Rican government. Read all about the latest changes, and our revised process, in our recent blog post.



    Questions? We have answers!

    Check out our FAQ’s or fill out our contact form.

    Finally, are you looking for 
    some wedding inspiration?

    Our couples love binge-watching the happy couples and stunning locations on our YouTube channel

    Photography: AJR Photo Studio

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  • Elegant Wedding at Chateau d’Azy
    20 January 2021

    The post Elegant Wedding at Chateau d’Azy appeared first on French Wedding Style.

    With the gorgeous Chateau d’Azy as the beautiful backdrop for this special day, photographer Pascal Vointroduces us to real-life couple Florence and Mikaël and tells the story of their elegant and chic wedding day through his photographs… “Today I would like to introduce you the elegant wedding of Florence and Mikaël at Chateau d’Azy. This beautiful […]

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Luxury Wedding Blogs

23 January 2021

Luxury Wedding Blogs Luxury Wedding Blogs

Indian Wedding Blogs

23 January 2021

Indian Wedding Blogs Indian Wedding Blogs
  • All About Natasha Dalal & Varun Dhawan’s Wedding Venue
    23 January 2021

    As the wedding gets closer, so are the details about Varun Dhawan’s wedding. And we’ve found out the details about Varun Dhawan’s wedding venue. The Bollywood star is set to be married on 24th January, to his long-time girlfriend Natasha Dalal, who’s a fashion designer. The duo had kept their relationship a secret for a very long time from the public. Varun Dhawan had very recently admitted to his relationship with Natasha Dalal and soon after surprised his fans with his wedding news.

    Book your wedding dates in 2021 right away.

    We honestly cannot keep calm with the first celebrity wedding of the year getting closer and closer.

    Let’s Take A Look At Varun Dhawan’s Wedding Venue In Alibaug And More About It-

    The wedding festivities are to take place in Alibaug at The Mansion House. The property is a lavish beach resort with luxurious interiors and exteriors. Varun Dhawan’s wedding venue is no doubt a gorgeous one.

    Image Source: The Mansion House Alibaug

    The Bollywood star was snapped as a happy dulha with his groomsmen.

    Save these fun and crazy groomsmen photoshoot ideas.

    We can’t hold in our excitement and are desperately looking forward to their wedding pictures. Since the guest list has been cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions, their wedding will be an intimate affair with close family members and friends. We’re still expecting to see a lot of B-Town glitz and glamour.

    Stay tuned with ShaadiWish for more celebrity wedding updates.

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  • Get Along These High Demand Of Latest Blouses With Plunging Necklines This New Season Of Wedding!
    23 January 2021

    Everybody wants to follow the trend to make their looks stand out on the very ocassions specially like weddings or engagement ceremony so do our bride-to-be. Not only they are following the trends but now brides are creating and setting a benchmark of new trends be it about outfit or makeup or fashion. And trendy blouse designs are not a part of same trend. There a variety of designs in blouse designs for brides be it full-sleeved, halter neck, backless, or even off-shoulder to matching or pair it up with your beautiful outfit to get that more gracious look.But plunge neck blouse or commonly known as deep neck blouse pieces are such that can tickles your fashion sense the most. Deep neck blouses are gaining high popularity among the modern brides that they have become probably favourite for all this season aiding in fashion sense to the top notch creating a sensation. So all the brides gear up this new season of 2021 bring in demanding designs of deep necks to add in your wedding trousseau making your wedding-prep all set and the perfect one. Look at these designs that absolutely you will love to wear it. Get that best designs which you are looking for of these high in demand deep necks blouse designs. You are definitely going to look so stylish and beautiful on your big day.


    Shot by jjvalaya

    Outfit By Vani Vats

    Outfit By Jayanti Reddy

    Outfit By

    Outfit By Anita Dongre

    Outfit By debyaniandco

    Outfit By Sabyasachi

    Outfit By Sabyasachi

    Outfit By jiyabyveerdesign

    Outfit By Manish Malhotra

    Outfit By : houseofkashika

    Outfit By Pankaj And Nidhi

    Outfit By  Shreeradharani_Boutique

    Outfit By Rimple & Harpreet

    Outfit By Falguni Shane Peacock

    Outfit By Falguni Shane Peacock

    Checkout more links : This winter get Inspired From These Amazing Full Sleeve Blouse To Get That Perfect On Your Wedding!Different Shades Of Awesome Bridal Lehenga Bringing Elegancy In Your LookMostly Famous Designed Lehengas Of 2020 To Get Perfect Look On Your Special Day!|

  • Top 5 Bridal Lehenga Trends to Look Forward to in 2021!
    23 January 2021

    We’ve bid adieu to 2020, and along with that all the trends that defined the year. Now, as we step into 2021, it’s time to acquaint ourselves, and our wardrobe to what lies ahead. So if you’re going to be a resplendent bride this year, you need to know about getting your bridal lehenga on-point.

    So, here are the 5 bridal lehenga trends that are going to be all the rage this wedding season!
    Bridal Lehenga
    #1. Red Alert

    Last year, we saw brides’ veer towards light pastels and soft, dreamy hues when it came to bridalwear. But with the Big Fat Indian Wedding, nothing can keep the reds away for long, and this year they have again fought their way to the forefront. But their new avatar is brighter, bolder, and a lot more fun. 

    The designer to get inspired from: Tarun Tahiliani, in a recent interview, said that red was a trend he was looking forward to in 2020. And if his stunning bridal lehenga collection is anything to go by, you know there won’t be a dearth of this fiery hue.

    Red Alert Bridal Lehenga Trend
    #2. Ballroom Ready?

    If you’re getting married this year, be rest assured that your wedding trousseau just cannot be complete without a floor-length, head-turning gown, because 2020 simply won’t allow it. Priyanka Chopra added fuel to this trend with her fairytale sweeping train, and every bride has got to hop on board. 

    The designer to get inspired from: Who better than Gaurav Gupta, the master of Indian wedding gowns, to look at for inspiration? From sari gowns and bridal lehenga gowns to just gowns, his is a collection that just completely defines this trend. 

    Ballroom Ready
    #3. The Modern Quest

    Taking a detour from the pure traditional route, 2020 will see brides adopt a more contemporary approach to their wedding outfits. From geometric patterns to fabric manipulations, it’s all about giving a structured and sharp look to your ensemble. 

    The designer to get inspired from: Pankaj and Nidhi took this trend to an all-new level in their last collection. With sharp geometrics coming together beautifully with exaggerated sleeves, simple silhouettes, and contemporary detailing, the designs are stunning.

    The Modern Quest
    #4. Feather light 

    From blazing international runways to creating dreamy looks on Indian catwalks, feathers are not to be taken lightly this year! This whimsical, magical embellishment can go from subtle to dramatic based on usage. Also, designers have covered the spectrum with loads of options to choose from. 

    The designer to get inspired from: Shane & Falguni Peacock have embraced this bridal lehenga trend whole-heartedly. Their collection is just what you need if you want some feathery goodness in your bridal wardrobe.

    Feather Light Bridal Lehenga Trend
    #5. Take it from the top

    A big trend that carries forward into bridalwear 2020 is that of the standout blouse. From plunging necklines to exaggerated sleeves and dramatic simplicity, brides are looking to stand out with truly differentiated blouses and tops! 

    The designer to get inspired from: Shyamal & Bhumika took their choli-game to a whole other level with their last collection. From simple satins to bralettes and backless designs, they had it all. Look to the designers’ diverse blouse styles for some serious inspiration. 

    Take it from the Top

    So, here are our top picks. But what about yours? Let us know your favorite bridal lehenga from our list!

    Sign Up With Wedding Wishlist

    Image Credits: Vogue IN

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  • Gorgeous Marwari Bride In Red And Olive Green Lehenga
    23 January 2021

    “The heart wants what it wants”, Selena Gomez said that right. These lyrics are apt for our today’s couple, Mehandi and Shivam who first met at a club in London. Somehow they got into an argument so like a gentleman Shivam wanted to apologise to her and connect with her on Facebook. After chatting for a few months they lost touch for 4 years. In July 2019, he texted her again and they got talking. After chatting again for 4 months they knew they were fond of each other and then there was no looking back. There was no proposal as such as their hearts knew it was meant to be 4 years ago. She always wanted a homestyle Marwari wedding, so for them The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur was just perfect. Their wedding was nothing short of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie and the bride’s red and olive green lehenga was just wow.

    This Wedding Where The Bride Wore Red And Olive Green Lehenga Is Every Bit Royal: 1. Gaur Pooja

    Their wedding commenced with a traditional Rajasthani Gaur pooja ,which is performed by the brides’ family at their home.

    The bride wore a bright red saree paired with a diamond and emerald necklace.

    And the bride pops the champagne!

    2. Bhaat Ceremony

    The vibe of their bhaat ceremony was a summer boho theme. It had teepee tents, an entrance full of Turkish kilims, pampas grass, beige and ivory drapes, lots of macrame and rustic wooden furniture. The function started off with a traditional note but with a modern vibe and then followed by a champagne brunch.

    Mehandi kept her look very simple and we absolutely loved it. She wore a stunning scalloped saree by Anamika Khanna.

    In case you’re thinking about where to buy Anamika Khanna lehengas?

    Her glamorous floral blouse and her ponytail was just perfect.

    All smiles with the bride’s tribe.

    Kudos to these bridesmaids for wearing mismatched dresses.

    Dancing all the way!

    Shivam wore a white kurta pyjama paired with threadwork beige Nehru jacket.

    3. Sangeet 

    Before the sangeet ceremony they had a traditional Mudda ceremony.

    Stills from the Mudda ceremony.

    The couple wanted to keep the sangeet decor very cozy. So they incorporated foliage, Pampas grass and lanterns for the ceremony.

    Mehandi looked elegant in her bright pink brocade lehenga with contrasting floral dupatta paired with diamond jewellery.

    Don’t miss out on gorgeous brocade blouse designs.

    The groom was spotted in a classic black bandhgala sherwani, needless to say the couple is made for each other.

    How graceful this bridal dancing shot looks.

    Every dance performance is incomplete without some bhangra steps into it.

  • Brides Who Rocked Contrasting Lip Colors For Wedding Functions
    23 January 2021

    There’s a lot that goes into perfecting the bridal look for the wedding. There’s outfit, hairstyle, accessories, and most importantly the bridal makeup. Bridal makeup really holds the look together and it needs to be flawless. After all, all eyes are on you! And besides the eye makeup, the lip color is what really catches the eye. And we’ve seen all kinds of lip shades, from bold to nude. What caught our eyes were brides who adorned contrasting lip colors with their wedding outfits. A wrong lip shade could be a disaster and we all know that. But these ladies made a bold choice by opting for contrasting lip colors for their bridal look.

    Take Notes From These Brides Who Sported Contrasting Lip Colors For Their Wedding Functions- 1. You Know These Lips Don’t Lie

    Despite opting for soft pastel hues, these brides opted for contrasting red lips to elevate their bridal makeup. With the bridal lehenga in subtle pastel colors, the red lip color adds a pop to the whole bridal look.

    MUAH by Sakshi

    MUAH by Sakshi

    This bride opted for a contrasting lip color against her neutral outfit and jewelry tones for her engagement look.

    Amrit Kaur Artistry

    Top lipstick shades that every bride must consider for her D-day.

    2. Deep Nude Contrasting Lip Colors

    When the basic nude shade is too light but the bold red lips are too loud, going for a deep nude tone seems to be the right choice. Just like these brides chose a darker shade of nude lipstick and rocked their bridal makeup.

    Safarsaga Films

    Hitched & Clicked

    Check out these trendy lipsticks for different skin tones.

    3. Make It Pop!

    When your bridal outfit is loud enough to do all the talking, then your bridal makeup can take a backseat. This means you don’t need to opt for a bold makeup look. If your outfit is loud, keep your makeup subtle and add a little tint of color with your lipstick.

    Hitched & Clicked

    Vivek Krishnan Photography

    Here’s everything you need to know about HD bridal makeup.

    4. Making A Bold Statement With Contrasting Lip Colors

    We love how these brides opted for the good old bold red lips to contrast with their neutral bridal outfits. You can’t deny the fact that those red lips really bring your eye to their face. That’s the power of a bold red lip shade.

    Shweta Ambari Soni

    Studio Elan

    The Wedding Papparazzi

    5. How The Tables Have Turned

    While we saw brides who opted for red lip shades to make a bold statement, these brides kinda went in a different direction. With classic red bridal lehengas, these brides opted for nude lip shades to contrast their bridal looks. Isn’t this just awesome?

    Amrit Kaur Artistry

    Aquarius Art 81

    Studio Elan

    Get inspired by these best bridal makeup looks spotted by us.

    For the best bridal makeup service don’t miss out on ShaadiWish approved bridal makeup artists.

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  • Brit Milah Ceremony | San Francisco Club Lounge
    23 January 2021

    Today we are posting a different type of ceremony. It is not a wedding, and to be forewarned, it is graphic. It is a traditional Jewish male Circumcision ceremony known as a “Brit Milah”.

    The Brit Milah ceremony is performed on the infant on the eighth day after its birth. It is performed by a “Mohel” who is someone (usually also a Rabi) who is versed in performing circumcisions. This one had done hundreds he told me.

    Brit Milah means “covenant of circumcision”. It is said to be a symbol of the covenant that God made with Abraham. At the Brit Milah the friends and family gather, the circumcision is performed and a celebratory feast known as “seudat mitzvah” takes place.

    This young family booked the Club Lounge on the top floor of this San Francisco high-rise for the venue of their event. It was a spectacular view from every angle on this sunny San Francisco Day.

    When the couple booked this event, we did not know the exact day of the event, as it always has to happen on the eighth day, so we basically found out, the day after she delivered the baby, what the actual day of this event would be.

    The reason why I wanted to take this event and the reason why I am posting is is important to me so I want to explain further.

    To me, photography is really about learning and experiencing new things to become more knowledgeable about the world around me. As someone who has a passion for learning about different cultures, ceremonies, rituals, and traditions, I wanted to capture this event and tell the story of it in a way that had a documentary feeling, yet was artistic and beautiful.

    Photography gives one the honor to be invited to another’s “tribe” so to speak. To be allowed inside to witness things that maybe some will never experience. Not being Jewish myself, in many ways I am an outsider, yet because of body of work I have and the comfortability I have with my clients, they invited me in to capture this event and tell the story through my lens, with my vision. This fresh perspective I bring also benefits my client, because I don’t take any of it for granted. I document it all in every detail, with multiple angles, being calculated and composed, yet involved, a part of it.

    Being a part of someone’s life is the most special thing we as photographers receive from our clients.

    I am sharing it here because it is different from our other work. With so many weddings on our calendar every year, one may think we don’t shoot anything else. Our company name is Wedding Documentary after all! However, we do shoot several things other than weddings and I want people to know that we cover all types of ceremonies, for all religions, and that we like to be out of comfort zone to grow and experience new things as artists and as people!

    Being someone who gets a little “queasy” when it comes to blood and pain, I wanted to face my fears. Not that I was really afraid or anything, but I typically don’t like seeing anyone in pain or bleeding! From what I understand, the baby barely feels a thing, and in a matter of like 2 weeks, it is basically completely healed. He was actually super chill just a few minutes later. This ritual has been performed for thousands of years and so I appreciate all the historical and traditional significance of it.

    So with that, scroll through to see our first Brit Milah ceremony and thanks for reading!


  • Nida + Mueen | Valima Sheraton Cerritos, CA
    23 January 2021

    Here is the fourth and final blog post from this beautiful Pakistani wedding that took us all the way from the Bay Area to Southern California! Here we are at the Sheraton Cerritos for the Valima (reception)!

    We drove down from the Bay and made a little trip of it, hitting Disneyland for two days before! That was fun because we had not been there in over 10 years or so!

    The reception started with the bride and groom getting ready in the same room, which was really convenient! While together, Mueen even steamed Nida’s dress and Nida helped Mueen put on his jacket.

    Out front of the venue was a nice area for photos with white roses and a cool tile wall. We used off camera flash to bring out the detail in sky and keep great exposure on the bride and groom.

    The event started with grand entrances of the two families, readings from the Koran, and speeches from their friends and family. After dinner there was open dancing and we captured all the festivities before calling it a night!

    We enjoy these multi-day weddings because we get to know all the friends and family. We also get to shoot the couple in multiple outfits, in multiple places, or different days. Each event has its own vibe and schedule. For some events we can shoot one style, and for another event, we can change it up a bit.

    We hope you have enjoyed all the posts from this Pakistani Muslim wedding and scroll through some of our favorites below!

  • Nida + Mueen | Muslim Wedding at Fremont Marriott
    23 January 2021

    This is the third event of their four-day wedding and was the final event held in the Bay Area. The following weekend we went down to SoCal for their Valima!

    This event was held at the Fremont Marriott, which is a very popular venue in the Fremont area. Although we love what they did with the remodeling, there still are not that many places for a couple’s photoshoot, so after the bride and groom got ready, they met at a park for their “first look” and portraits. Fortunately, we had a beautiful sunset and got some wonderful shots before heading to the venue!

    Hundreds gathered to celebrate with the couple and their beautiful decor was the perfect backdrop for all the amazing photos we took on their stage. It was a very fun evening that ended with a sparkler sendoff Rukhsati.

    The next post will be their Valima so stay tuned and thanks for checking out this beautiful Shaadi!

    Hair and makeup by Martha Tafoya of Beauty Innovations.

  • Best Wedding Vendors In Ahmedabad to Book at SetMyWed Now
    23 January 2021

    Best wedding vendors are super hard to find especially, during the ongoing pandemic. So, we are here to help you in these uncertain times. We have got you a list of the best wedding vendors in Ahmedabad to make sure you have a flawless wedding. Also, we don’t want you to take any risk and go out to find the best wedding vendors. So, we make sure you get free quotes and best wedding vendors just by sitting at your home. So, if you are someone planning to tie the knot in Ahmedabad then, make sure to check out our list of best wedding vendors in Ahmedabad now. Also, don’t forget to book your favourite one from our list below.

    Best Wedding Vendors In Ahmedabad to Book Online Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Ahmedabad Rishu Tewani Makeovers Location:Sunshine Arcade Shop no 8 Tagore Garden Gandhidham, Ahmedabad-370201, India Starting Price: Rs 20k Book Here: Rishu Tewani Makeovers

    Rishu Tewani Makeovers is a leading bridal makeup artist located at Tagore Garden Gandhidham, Ahmedabad. Well, the bridal makeup artist makes sure to giver her brides the most satisfying makeover of their dreams. Rishu Tewani is known for her creative looks and friendly nature. Moreover, she offers various makeup services. Well, she offers services like Bridal Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Party Makeup (for family), and Engagement makeup. So, make sure to check out her portfolio at SetMyWed website and book her now.

    Bhumika Rajput Location: 176,Arti flats near Gauri Ngar kk nagar ghatlodia,Ahmedabad-380061,India Starting Price: On Request Book Here: Bhumika Rajput

    Bhumika Rajput is an Ahmedabad based celebrity makeup artist. She is one of the best bridal makeup artists in Ahmedabad. Well, her brides often recommend her to other brides-to-be. Moreover, she is well-known for her creative makeup looks and amazing talent for makeup. The makeup price also includes Hair Styling, Draping, Nail Polish Change, and Makeup. So, do make sure to book her for your bridal makeup now.

    Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Ahmedabad to Book Online Now

    Best Wedding Photographers/Videographers In Ahmedabad Priyanshu Video Location: Titanium City Center IOC Petrol Pump Satellite, Ahmedabad-380015, India Starting Price: On Request Book Here: Priyanshu video

    Priyanshu Video is of the most renowned wedding photographers located at Ahmedabad. They have a team full of skilled wedding photographers and have an experience of more than 3 years in wedding photography. Well, they are specialized in candid and traditional wedding photography. Moreover, they provide you with 500-700 processed pictures. Also, they travel to the destination as well to fulfil the needs of the clients. So, make sure to get in touch with them for your wedding photography now.

    Utsav Gajjar Photography Location: I-504, VRAJDHAM APTS PART 01, NR.JANTANAGAR CROSSING, GHATLODIA,Ahmedabad-380061,India Starting Price: On Request Book Here: Utsav Gajjar Photography

    The Ahmedabad based wedding photographers Utsav Gajjar Photography is a team of professional wedding photographers and videographers. Well, with an experience of more than 12 years, they are making sure to provide their clients with some of the most beautiful wedding videos. Also, they have a broad experience with the various tv channels like TV9, ETV etc. Moreover, they have expertise in Promos, Teasers & Short films. So, make sure to contact them now for your wedding videography.

    #ShaadiOnBudget: Top 6 Budget Wedding Photographers In Mumbai You Can Book Under 40k

    Best Floral Bridal Jewellery Vendors In Ahmedabad Florals by Shayoni Location: Near Shyamal Cross Roads, Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad-380015, India Starting Price: On Request Book Here: Florals by Shayoni

    Florals by Shayoni is one of the best floral bridal jewellery vendors in Ahmedabad. They offer handcrafted customized artificial flower jewellery for prewedding, as well as, wedding functions. Also, they provide customised Floral Kaleere and favours for the wedding. Well, we are in love with her beautifully crafted floral bridal jewellery. So, make sure to check out her profile now and get your floral jewellery from Florals by Shayoni.

    Best Wedding Planner In Ahmedabad 7X Weddings by Dev-Raj Location: A-205 Safal Pegasus, Opposite Shell Petrol Pump, 100 feet Ring road, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380015, Ahmedabad-380015, India Starting Price: On Request Book Here: 7X Weddings by Dev-Raj

    7x Weddings by Dev-Raj is located at Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad. Well, they have experience of wedding planning in different cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Dubai, and Macau. Also, they are exclusive in terms of decor and experiment with florals. Moreover, their creative team have unique ideas for themes and set up. So, make sure to contact them for your wedding planning now.

    #BeachWeddingLookbook: Here’s A Goa Wedding Lookbook You Need to Check Right Away

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  • Republic Day
    22 January 2021

    Every year Republic Day is celebrated in India on 26th January with grandeur.This year India will be celebrating its 72nd Republic Day on the 26th of January.

    After gaining independence from the British rule, the new constitution was drafted by the drafting committee helmed by Dr.BR Ambedkar. The Indian Constitution came into effect on26 January 1950, which affirmed India’s existence as an independent republic. January 26th was chosen as the date because on this day in 1930, the Indian National Congress proclaimed Purna Swaraj, the declaration of India’s independence from the colonial rule.

    “A thousand salutes to the great nation of ours. May it become even more prosperous.”

    26 January is celebrated as Republic Day with great fervor and respect throughout the country. This is the day when the Republic and the Constitution came into force in India. This is the reason that this day is also associated with the self-respect and honor of our country. On this day many programs are organized all over the country and it is celebrated with great pomp, especially in schools and government offices.

    Let us take a pledge that we would not let the efforts of our brave freedom fighters go in vain. We would strive to make our country the best in the world.


    After independence, a drafting committee was asked to prepare a draft of the permanent constitution of India at a meeting on 28 August 1947. On 4 November 1947, the draft of the Constitution of India was placed in the House under the chairmanship of Dr. BR Ambedkar. The constitution was prepared in 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days. The wait finally ended on 26 January 1950 with its introduction. At the same time, the pledge of Purna Swaraj was also respected.

    Parade at Red Fort

    The Government of India organizes an event every year in the national capital, New Delhi in which a special parade is organized at India Gate. People start gathering at Rajpath in the morning to see this great program. In this, the three armies start their parade from Vijay Chowk, in which weapons are also displayed and cultures of different states are being displayed.


    Freedom in mind, Faith in our heart, Memories in our souls. Let’s salute the Nation on Republic Day

    The Constitutional commitment is the most profound and enabling feature of the Indian Republic. Lets celebrate the day of its declaration with heart and soul.
    Happy Republic Day dear fellow Indians.
    Lets vow to respect and care for each other once again.

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Wedding Invitation Blogs

23 January 2021

Wedding Invitation Blogs Wedding Invitation Blogs
  • Style Story: Summer Garden
    23 January 2021
    Fall has taken over the spot as the most popular season for weddings, but my favorite – by far –...
    23 January 2021

    Hello Friends And Happy New Year! We are looking ahead to a brighter 2021! There’s simply no choice but to kick it off by celebrating one of our all time favorite couples, Emilee & Ben. I will never forget our first consultation with the bride, Emilee. Devonna and I were playing around with a brand new look- mixing vellum and cardstock with chic paperclips as a fun way to layer info for Save the Dates. In the midst of our creative chaos, Emilee came in for her appointment with her fabulous Mamma aka her #mobcrew. We showed her what we were experimenting with and without skipping a beat she looked at us and said that’s EXACTLY what I want for my Save the Date- no question. It was in that moment we knew we had made another perfect match with our bride. The design process was seamless- Emilee actually works in branding so she was already speaking our language. She was on board with executing a cohesive design from start to finish. She gave us room to experiment & do our thing but also provided important vision and direction along the way which is key. From the foil stamped gift bags to the crisp deckled and gold foiled invites the results are pure magic. Classic colors and modern calligraphy with some fun twists along the way- we couldn’t be happier with how it all came together. And with the team at Alicia Lucia & Co behind the photography helm, we knew we could expect the VERY BEST in terms of the photography and we were so right. Relive this amazing day with us in stunning detail and get your scroll on below!

    All photos of stationery and day of items shown above were photographed on site at the Funky Olive Invitations & Stationery Studio by our team. The rest of the photos were taken by the wonderful and beyond amazing Alicia Lucia & Co Team!

    You must admire a woman that can pull off Nikes AND a fierce pair of strappy high heels!

  • Best of 2021 – Wedding Invitations – Time to VOTE!
    23 January 2021

    It’s that time again and I need your vote. Nebraska Wedding Day’s Best of Contest is on and I’d love to go back-to-back as Nebraska’s Best of Wedding Invitations!

    It’s super easy to vote and there are no lines and hopefully no controversy

    Click on this link to Nebraska Wedding Day’s Contest

    Go through and list your favorite wedding vendors in Nebraska. Make sure to vote for Dana Osborne Design for invitations!

    That’s it. Super easy. And voting ends February 28th so don’t delay!

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  • How to Choose Wedding Invitation for Your Banquet Hall Wedding
    21 January 2021

    When choosing your wedding invitation, the first thing is to make sure that the invitation fits right with the wedding theme. Clearly we know that wedding venue plays a defining role in wedding theme, especially when it comes to a banque hall or a similar location. So how could a new couple choose their wedding invitation when their big day is in a banque hall?  Check our invitation guidence below for inspiration. These guides will also help you communicate more effectively with your wedding invitation designers.

    1. Know Your Wedding Styles and Colors

    Banque hall/ ballroom are well-known as traditional/classic wedding venues, as a result, a great number of couples are opt for  a classic wedding theme, and so do their wedding invitations. Therefore, traditional/classic and glamour invitation styles in soft neutral colors become the best choices for banque hall weddings. While for some trend hunters,  they might prefer to a mixed wedding theme like modern and classic, boho and glamour, and etc,. The following are some inspiration for each style.

    Classic Wedding Invitations

    To ensure your wedding invitation matches well with a classic wedding style, just remember keep your card elegant and class too.  Among many types of wedding invitations, laser cut wrap has stand out and captured many new couples’ eyeballs  with their delicate details and ability to be customized.

    Glam and Glittery Invitations

    Glamorous and classy becomes a easy combination when you have decided to have a shimmery or gold foil stamped laser cut wedding invitation. Why? just check out some gorgeous & glitzy laser cut wedding invitations below. These invitations look glamous with their glittery packages, and full of elegance with its elegant details like soft ribbon bow, lace similar design and neutral color.

    Invitations in A Mix of Style

    Laser cut design is not the best choice for a modern wedding style. But thanks to the hard effort of invitation designers, they are now able to work out several creative designs meeting the needs of modern brides. We have the modernized wedding invitations in vellum and laser cut combination, different color palette and even more you could never see in the past.

    -Modern and Classic-

    Traditional Designs in Modern Acrylic Material

    2. Get Inspiration from Your Wedding Decoration

    Once you have decided the style of your wedding invitation, the next step is to choose the card design. Your ceremony and reception could be a good place for inspiration. For example, couples can pick a cool acrylic wedding invitation card  if they have planned to use plenty of acrylic/lucite in their modern banquet hall wedding. Moreover, you can even settled down your wedding signs in the same material and design, which will make your wedding planning easier and smoother.

    Elegant Wedding Invites now provides free customization service for various types of wedding signs from welcome sign, table no card, seating chart and so on. We can customize according to any of your requirements, whether you want them to be the same design with your invitation or different. Please feel free to contact and tell us your needs.

    (A White and Greenery Indoor Wedding with Acrylic Decoration from glass candle lights holders, acrylic signs to wedding invitations)



    3. Bear Your Wedding Budget in Mind

    Always Bear your budget in mind when choosing your invitations. The printing method, extra adornments, outer pockets and paper material will have an impact on the final costs of your wedding invitation. To meet brides’ diferent budgets, Elegant Wedding Invites offers a big variety of wedding invitations with prices range from low to high.

    Invitations from $ 1.00 to $2.00 per piece >>

    (Including double layerd wedding invitations and other affordable invitations in flat printing)

    Invitations from $ 2.00 to $3.00 per piece >>

    (Most wedding invitations from Elegant Wedding Invites are at this price level, including laser cut wrap,  vellum paper card and foil printing )

  • regina customization: nautical baby announcements
    21 January 2021

    We decided to put a nautical twist on our Regina baby announcement design. Elements of both navy and white enriched with a touch of bronze shine lend to this timeless design for your little one to come. We finished this set off by pairing it with a striped envelope liner to emphasize the overall nautical aesthetic.

    letterpress ink: navy | foil: bronze shine | font: made canvas +
    brandon | paper: white | invite size: A-6 | liner: sea stripes in
    bronze shine foil on blue text | original design by Sierra Detrick | customization by alyssa tidd

    Water | Room | Baby

  • Dark and Moody Invitations: Omaha Styled Shoot
    21 January 2021

    Styled shoots really give me a chance to take a vibe and run.

    Hayley Dolson reached out to me on Instagram to see if I wanted to be a part of a styled shoot she was doing this summer. She shot a wedding of mine last Fall and knocked it out of the park with the flat lay of the invites, so it was a no brainer.

    Dark, moody, mauve, black….I knew the direction I wanted to take these invites. I kept it simple with the scripty large names on the invite and used a real looking watercolor floral along with details card + envelope liner. Pairing this with a black envelope was an easy decision and this suite came together perfectly.

    Check out some of the images from this styled shoot and the amazing vendors that came together to make it happen.

    Styled Shoot Planning, Photographer & Creative Director:Hayley Dolson Photography
    Styled Shoot Planning: Why Knot Larson Events
    Event Designer + Stylist: Rachel J Events
    Decor +Rentals: Rachel J EventsAAA Rents & Event ServicesNostalgia Rentals 
    Venue: The Omar
    Model: Hannah Vejvoda
    Floral: ETHEREAL  
    Makeup: @Keeley Dennis
    Hair: @hairgonewollam
    Cake: Cake Creations Omaha 
    Dress: Willow by Watters from Rhylan Lang Bridal 
    Rings: RAW by Olivia Mar
    Invites: Dana Osborne Design
    Hair Accessories: Garter and Veil
    Custom Jacket: Gypstitch Embroidery
    Signage: Mulberry Market Designs
    Cake Topper: Laser Focus Design
    Catering: Attitude on Food

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  • Lincoln, Nebraska Classic Wedding at the Embassy Suites
    21 January 2021

    Black, white and gold. When you put these combination of colors together, you know you’re working with something classic, timeless and beautiful. Callie and Dalton created this amazing vibe at their July wedding in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Embassy Suites.

    This couple wanted it all and wanted it all to coordinate as well, which is music to this designer’s ears. We started with the Save the Date which featured them in one of their favorite places, Colorado.

    The invitations were something that came together so well. Gold and black on white with a vellum belly band + gold wax seal. I think my favorite part was the monogram I created for Callie & Dalton. We could tone anything down but when that logo was in use…it took things to a new level.

    For their wedding day we created gold foil programs, koozies, menus with gold wax seals, signs and a welcome mirror that stopped traffic.

    When I think back to each couple I design for, there is something that always stands out. Besides the fabulous style, I know I’ll remember this couple for the decisions they had to make about wedding day. When every other summer wedding was being postponed in 2020, these two stuck it out. And it worked. I know I didn’t want to reprint these invitations (I’m sure they didn’t either), so I was one of the many who was rooting for them to have their July wedding as planned.

    Congrats to this fantastic couple and wishing you two a lifetime of love.

    Callie + Dalton
    July 25, 2020

    Ceremony: St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center
    Reception: Embassy Suites Lincoln
    Photographer: Brett Brooner
    Videographer: Love and Light Productions (wedding day), Glory Visuals (love story)
    Floral: Hillis & Company
    Cake: Cake Gallery
    Wedding Dress: Pronovias x Kleinfeld from Kleinfeld Bridal NYC
    Bridesmaid Dresses: Likely NYC
    Transportation: Luxury Limousine
    Band: James Lee Band
    Rings: Borsheims

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  • 2021 Wedding Color Trends
    21 January 2021

    This is one of my favorite blog posts to do every year – the wedding color trends for 2021! Last year I would say my color trends were right on of what I was seeing from a majority of my Midwest couples.

    This year’s colors aren’t MUCH different, but I have a few new ones in there that I got a peek of last year. Plus I have one color trend I’ve heard from a few of my 2021 couples and I also did a styled shoot with these colors a few months back.

    So here we go, my 2021 wedding color trends!

    Classic Black and White

    I can not stop seeing couples come to me wanting something classic, elegant and timeless. They want black and white and bring in all the gold and we got ourselves something beautiful. I literally can not get enough of it! I of course had to add it to my list this year.

    If you need more, check out these weddings I blogged about who incorporated this look. You do not want to miss their timeless styles.

    Mallory & Zach’s August 2020 Wedding

    Taylor & Angel’s August 2020 Wedding

    Callie & Dalton’s July 2020 Wedding

    Mauves & Pinks

    It was one on my list last year and I know I’m going to see more of it for 2021. And even more for 2021, we’re going to see more of other muted tones with mauve. So think not so much blush and gold, but mauve, grays and sage working all together beautifully.

    These weddings from incorporated this wedding color trend so check them out:

    Molly & Nick’s June 2020 wedding

    Lauryn & Ben’s June 2020 wedding

    Hannah & Joe’s August 2019 wedding

    Dark & Burgundy

    Black wedding invitations are something that has been gaining so much traction in the past year. And I’m going to see more and more in 2021. I love black invitations with a classic black and white style, but I love seeing them incorporate other dark and moody tones like burgundy and forest green.

    Check out Jill & Nathan’s 2019 wedding that I blogged about last year who kicked off this trend for me. And watch for my future blog about Kaitlin & Paxton who made these colors amazing in 2020.

    Sage & Terracotta

    Last but not least is a color trend that I know will come across my desk in 2021. Muted sage, terracotta and burnt orange working together to create a natural and organic look is hot. I’ve been seeing this trend come alive (of course on the coasts) for the last year plus, but I finally get to see a few couples embrace this in the Midwest.

    Watch for my future blog on a styled shoot I designed for where these colors came to life.

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  • Classy, simple and elegant family wedding in Huron, South Dakota
    21 January 2021

    I don’t think anyone can argue that a good ol’ fashioned family wedding is fun. You get to see relatives you haven’t seen forever. You get to see young cousins grown up. And you get to drink and dance and eat cake and who can complain about that?

    But family weddings are even more fun when you get to be involved. Like, designing wedding invitations involved. When my cousin (technically second cousin) Taylar asked me to help with the paper goods for her marriage to Zach in June of 2020, I was beyond psyched. I love helping out behind the scenes of a wedding and with this one, I would be there in person to see it all together.

    Little did we know when we were going over all the paper options at my Uncle’s birthday party the summer prior, that we would be navigating a COVID wedding together. Her, like me, had no clue how to do this. But we figured it out. We sent out invitations. And then we sent out change the dates. We sent out NEW invitations! And we moved that June wedding to August in Huron, South Dakota and it was gorgeous.

    I helped Taylar and Zach create Save the Dates, invitations (two rounds as mentioned), ceremony programs, signs, koozies, a black acrylic welcome sign, bridesmaid gifts, napkins, holiday thank you cards and so much more I’m probably forgetting.

    Not only was the wedding and all the pieces we designed gorgeous…the day itself was unforgettable for me. I designed for my brother’s wedding a few years ago and that was so fulfilling. And that feeling was there again this past August. My role is to not only make beautiful things, but to help people feel calm, taken care of and happy. And when you do that for someone you love, the reward is so much greater.

    The day was so much fun for me and my family. We drank, we danced, we ate cake (cookies) and celebrated the Hebberts.

    Thanks, cuz for trusting me on your wedding day. I can not wait to see you guys grow together. And thanks for the referral too…I’m excited to design for your big sis’s wedding this September

    Taylar & Zach

    Ceremony: Holy Trinity Catholic Parish
    Reception: Crossroads Hotel & Event Center
    Photographer: Joshua Wilcoxon
    Videographer: Complete Weddings + Events
    Floral & Event Designer: Country Classics Floral Shoppe
    Cake/Desserts: Sweet Grass Bakery & The Cake Lady
    Wedding Dress: Annika Bridal Boutique (L’amour Calla Blanche)
    Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu
    Men’s Wear: David Jones Fashion
    Hair: Kira Lenocker
    Makeup: Amelia Rogers

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  • Black and White Wedding at The Omar in Omaha
    21 January 2021

    Life gets a bit overwhelming after you have a baby. And after baby #3, you think I would have that figured out. But a new baby at the start of wedding season had me frazzled and I had to make some decisions.

    One was finding a nanny to care for my newborn while I could get a few hours of interrupted work. Mallory was one of the people we interviewed and she was sweet and energetic. But the thing that sealed the deal to hire Mallory was her followup. Again, life gets a bit overwhelming after you have a baby. So when she sent me a message a week or two after I interviewed her, asking if we made a decision and she was super interested in helping us out….hired. Thank you for getting in front of me and making my scattered mind make a decision.

    As she held Beckett, changed diapers and helped out with housework, I worked. And it was what this business owner with a newborn needed. Help. I needed help. And she delivered with no issues, no problems and with the most God-loving heart. We were all in good hands with Mallory.

    Mallory would care for all our kids throughout the years and I would always see what she’s up to on social media. So when this guy named Zach entered the picture, I knew this guy had to be special. And when he proposed, I knew I had to be a part of this wedding day.

    On the most beautiful August day, Mallory and Zach got married at CityLight Church with their reception at The Omar.

    And let’s talk about gorgeous. Their wedding hit all current trends and style with simple black and white invitations. Their invites were simple, gorgeous and made a statement.

    I loved the gray envelope we paired with their invitation suite, which worked perfectly. Wedding day items included ceremony programs, custom signs, a welcome sign and in true 2020 style, “wear your mask” signs.

    My husband and I got know Zach and Mallory as a couple this fall when they took our Financial Peace University class we taught. You wanna talk about a couple who is on the right track? This one, right here. Their faith, their love and their future is solid. And I couldn’t be more proud and happy for them.

    Congrats, you guys. I can’t wait to see where God takes you and we’ll be one of your biggest cheerleaders throughout it all.

    Mallory & Zach
    August 8, 2020

    Ceremony: Citylight Midtown Church, Omaha
    Reception: The Omar
    Photographer: Linden McKay
    Videographer: A Final Take Films
    Floral: Voilà! Blooms
    Cake: Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop
    Wedding Dress: Ready or Knot
    Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
    Men’s Wear: Men’s Wearhouse
    Caterer: Attitude on Food
    Officiant: Sam Reece
    Transportation: VIP Sedan & Limousine
    Rentals: AAA Rents & Event Services
    Hair & Makeup: SC Bridal Artistry

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