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Wedding Blogs

03 April 2020

Wedding Blogs
  • Quirky Yet Glam Wedding Inspiration at The Hotel at Lafayette in Buffalo, NY: Grace + TJ
    02 April 2020
  • 5 Reasons for a First Look
    02 April 2020

    By Monica Mendoza with MJ Mendoza Photography

    There are so many decisions to be made while wedding planning, and we know the excitement at the moment your partner sees you for the very first time. The feelings, the reactions, and all the excitement and emotions that come with it!

    More and more couples are opting to go with a “First Look” before the ceremony and it might be something worth debating. Here are five reasons why a First Look is so worth it and why it should be considered!

    It’s the only alone time during the wedding day.
    You’re spending the morning with best friends and family, everyone except your partner. You’re both surrounded by people all day long. Once the ceremony is finished, it’s immediately off for portraits with family, the bridal party, and finally your new spouse. Phew! Then to the reception to mingle and greet all the guests. It’s a long day full of joy and fun, and at the end of the very it, finally time to be alone together. A First Look offers that special time to take in the precious moment.

    Grooms can express their emotions more freely.
    While some brides want “tradition,” what they all REALLY want is their grooms to have a priceless reaction to seeing them in their dress for the first time. When waiting until the ceremony, the groom is standing in front of 150+ guests, all looking at him to react. He might be nervous, and he might not want to cry in front of everyone. But during a First Look it’s just you and him. You’re the person who can calm him down the best to make the nerves disappear. He’s ableto express his emotions much more freely and without restraint since it’s an intimate moment. He can cry and you can be embraced, kissed, and told exactly how gorgeous you look in that moment! And don’t worry brides, most grooms who cry during their First Look, cry again when they see you walking down the aisle!

    MORE portraits.
    Logistics wise, a First Look is AMAZING because the photographer gets to take care of all the pictures before the ceremony even starts! After the First Look, most photographers go right into the bride and groom portraits and then grab the bridal party for the fun!

    If families are already there, then those can be finished before the ceremony begins too. The majority are already knocked off before even saying, “I Do,” leaving more time to party or just relax.

    Enjoy cocktail hour.
    You chose the details and appetizers and maybe even created signature drinks. Now that the hour after the ceremony isn’t spent cramming in all those portraits, there is time to enjoy one of those cocktails, eat some hors d’oeuvres and mingle.

    The day is more relaxed.
    After the First Look, those nerves can fly out the window as there were a few moments spent with just each other. Your groom got to express how beautiful you look. There was crying and laughing together and now relaxation!

    First Looks have gotten so popular and for good reason. Wedding days can be nerve-wracking but choosing to spend most of the day with your best friend and sharing a quiet moment will not be a choice regretted.

    Monica Mendoza is the owner and lead photographer at MJ Mendoza Photography. From her first wedding in 2015, Monica loves to capture and celebrate joyful & genuine couples in love with a bright and colorful photography style. You can reach her online at All photos courtesy of MJ Mendoza Photography.

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  • I Do! Wedding Soiree: Recap + Photos
    02 April 2020

    The 2020 I Do! Wedding Soiree on February 25th was definitely a night to remember! We’re so grateful to our official Soiree photographer, Civic Photos and videographer, Meant To Be Films, for beautifully capturing The I Do! Wedding Soiree at the Corinthian Houston. We’re equally grateful to the awesome Houston wedding vendors who helped make Click here to read the rest of this post » [...]


    The post I Do! Wedding Soiree: Recap + Photos appeared first on Houston Wedding Blog.

  • The Couple Challenge – How To Survive Quarantine Together
    02 April 2020

    During Covid-19, you'll be spending a lot of additional time with your partner! We have a guide to help you and your partner survive quarantine together.

    The post The Couple Challenge – How To Survive Quarantine Together appeared first on Modern Wedding.

  • How to Celebrate Your Anniversary at Home
    02 April 2020

    We don’t really have to say it because everybody already knows- life is well, different right now. COVID-19 has turned everything topsy-turvy. However, that doesn’t mean that all celebrations have to be put on hold! For those of you celebrating major milestones during this time, we’ve got your back! Birthday, first anniversary, 10th anniversary… whatever it is, we’re challenging you to enjoy the time together at home.

    See the rest of this post →

    The post How to Celebrate Your Anniversary at Home appeared first on Green Wedding Shoes.

  • 2020 Autumn/Winter Trends in Bridesmaid Dresses
    02 April 2020

    When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, 2019 was all about staying fresh and transitioning summer pastels and vibrant patterns into the cooler season. However, 2020 showcases a more traditional variety of winter eveningwear. We can expect to see a lot of rustic colours from mustards to oranges, along with deep reds and stunning sapphires. This season, bridesmaids are swaying away from the puffy styled skirts and embellished lace tops and are opting for a simple sheath style gown made from a gorgeous plain fabric.

  • Cocktail Friday: The Isolation Compilation – Polka Dot Made’s 5 Favourite Cocktails For Big Nights In
    02 April 2020

    Being at home at the moment means nights out at trendy bars are off the cards for a while. So this Cocktail Friday, rather than bringing you a tantalising creation from one of our county’s finest cocktail bars or eateries (that we cannot wait to get back to!) we have put together a round up of Polka Dot Made’s five favourite cocktails to enjoy at home. We call it the Isolation Compilation.

    Shake it, stir it, pour it, and jump online for a virtual night out with the girls. 

  • Friday Roundup
    02 April 2020

    Photo by  Everly Studios via Kavisha & Hamish’s Romantic Central Park Elopement in New York City

    We’re saying a fond farewell to The Bridesmaid issue today, the month where everything changed and the world felt slightly off its axis. We, as a team are thankful to be attuned to working at home – we’ve always worked this way and we’re old pros. We’ve all been joined by husbands and children and family members as we bunker down together.

  • 2020 Autumn/Winter Trends in Bridesmaid Dresses
    02 April 2020

    When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, 2019 was all about staying fresh and transitioning summer pastels and vibrant patterns into the cooler season. However, 2020 showcases a more traditional variety of winter eveningwear. We can expect to see a lot of rustic colours from mustards to oranges, along with deep reds and stunning sapphires. This season, bridesmaids are swaying away from the puffy styled skirts and embellished lace tops and are opting for a simple sheath style gown made from a gorgeous plain fabric.

  • Cocktail Friday: The Isolation Compilation – Polka Dot Made’s 5 Favourite Cocktails For Big Nights In
    02 April 2020

    Being at home at the moment means nights out at trendy bars are off the cards for a while. So this Cocktail Friday, rather than bringing you a tantalising creation from one of our county’s finest cocktail bars or eateries (that we cannot wait to get back to!) we have put together a round up of Polka Dot Made’s five favourite cocktails to enjoy at home. We call it the Isolation Compilation.

    Shake it, stir it, pour it, and jump online for a virtual night out with the girls. 

Wedding Photography Blogs

03 April 2020

Wedding Photography Blogs
  • A Photographer’s Guide to Navigating the Stimulus Bill, Cancellations and More
    02 April 2020

    As we all continue to self-isolate and socially distance ourselves from each other, this is hardly the time to feel like we can’t do more than just sit home biding our time. Quite the contrary, since the ramifications and long-term financial and economic effects of this pandemic is staggering, to say the least. This is a fluid situation with lots of moving parts, which means that every day, more advice, resources and information is being dispensed at an incredibly rapid pace and it can be overwhelming to try to keep up with all of it.

    As photographers, you are facing a slew of postponed and canceled events and assignments that will affect you through to the end of the year (or even longer), and many are having to shutter their studios completely. The good news is, help is out there for you.

    Deciphering the CARES Act Bill and
    Other Relief

    To help you navigate your way through an incredibly stressful time, Rangefinder has compiled as many resources here as possible to help you break down and process all of the information that is out there right now, the most impactful being the groundbreaking  $2.2 trillion stimulus package that the U.S. government recently passed—The CARES Act—that provides for direct payments to taxpayers, small business loans, enhancement of unemployment benefits, loans for hard-hit industries, provides funds for states and municipalities, business tax provisions, and funding for medical facilities. The CARES Act specifically allocates $350 billion to assist small businesses like yours. (Photographers with small business in the U.S who are seeking financial relief can find vital information here.)

    In addition, the Treasury Department just issued further information and guidance on the loan programs available to small businesses under the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) created to help businesses with expenses related to paid sick leave and family leave. The website provides information sheets for prospective borrowers and lenders, addressing various details of the PPP (i.e., SBA loan program) such as eligibility, application requirements, loan terms, and loan forgiveness. 

    As Shootproof director of product marketing, Rachel LaCour Niesen, points out in an extremely thorough and well-executed piece on Shootproof’s blog“Why Should Photographers Care about the Cares Act”— this act is “an unprecedented lifeline for your photography business.” The loan application for the Paycheck Protection Program can be filed starting on April 3 and ends on June 30, 2020.

    Also helpful right now, Professional Photographers of America published a guide for photographers and are updating it regularly. In it, among other things, you’ll find details about the federal relief packages and how to apply for benefits, including: how to apply for a COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (click here), and information on the Express Bridge Loan Pilot Program, which allows small businesses who currently have a business relationship with an SBA Express Lender to access up to $25,000 with less paperwork. These loans are set up to provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing and can be a term loans or used to bridge the gap while applying for a direct SBA Economic Injury Disaster loan.

    According to the Freelancers Union, all self-employed workers, contractors, government employees, individuals seeking part-time work, and workers who quit their job or can’t reach their place of work as a result of COVID-19 are among those eligible for unemployment benefits. Read more here.

    To learn how to file for unemployment benefits in your state, click here.

    Navigating Photo Contracts Amid Event and Other Job Cancellations

    It’s doubtful that anyone would dispute how hard figuring out a client contract can be at times; now it’s even harder. Photo organizations like Professional Photographers of America (PPA), American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), American Photographic Artists (APA) and others help guide and advise its members with webinars on contracts, and have many helpful documents on the site for photographers to reference, including ASMP’s mid-March webinar with its General Counsel Thomas Maddrey entitled “Potential Business Ramifications of Coronavirus (COVID-19).” Maddrey covered a variety of topics, including cancellation clauses in photographer contracts, which are still relevant and helpful as the pandemic continues on. See the webinar here.

    Lawyer Aaron M. Arce Stark, who has written a legal column for Rangefinder for the past couple of years, recently posted very helpful contract information as well, including the following articles: COVID-19: 3 Things to Do Now for Your Photo Business and Legal Take: Wedding Cancellations During the Outbreak.

    Further Help & Resources

    The popular online portfolio platform, Format, has set up The Photographer Fund to help photographers impacted by COVID-19. The company has set aside $25,000 to help photographers in desperate need of financial support.

    Details on the Format website are as follows: Self-employed photographers from anywhere in the world are invited to apply for financial support. “You are not required to be a Format customer in order to apply, and at present, up to $500 will be given to those who are selected for financial help. Format acknowledges that up to $500 isn’t a huge amount, but our hope is that this helps independent photographers stay on their feet.”

    Format advises that photographers start the process as soon as possible, as there’s a limited amount of people the company can support. You can visit Format‘s website for full details and to submit your application.

    For more advice, insight and references, or to read how photographers are coping right now, check out the article links from Rangefinder, Photo Shelter, Lensrentals and more:

    The post A Photographer’s Guide to Navigating the Stimulus Bill, Cancellations and More appeared first on Rangefinder.

  • Doddington Hall Wedding Photos – Chelsea & Nathan
    02 April 2020

    Chelsea and Nathan wanted some great Doddington Hall wedding photos. So I was really honoured when they chose me to be their wedding photographer.

    When they were putting together their guest list for their wedding, they certainly did not expect to have one extra special guest.  Their baby daughter!  Scarlett made an appearance a month before their wedding date.  And I tell you something!  She was the best behaved guest ever.

    Doddington Hall is such a grand building and the gardens at the front are stunning.  Perfect for capturing amazing photos for the bride & groom.  Once the ceremony was over, it started raining but thankfully it stopped after a few minutes.  So we managed to use the front for a dew simple portraits.

    The wedding speeches were very emotional.  So many guests were wiping away tears.  Even the groom, Nathan was struggling.  Thankfully the bride, Chelsea stepped in and together they finished the speech.

    After the first dance in the coach house, we took a short stroll to the fields and there we were rewarded with one of the best sunsets of the year.

    I had an absolutely wonderful time at Chelsea & Nathan’s wedding.  Below are just a few of my favourite photos.  Hope you like them.



    The post Doddington Hall Wedding Photos – Chelsea & Nathan appeared first on Wedding Photographer Nottingham, Derby.

  • Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Messina on Capturing Love with Sensitivity
    02 April 2020

    After losing everything in a fire, wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina built her brand on love, emotion and empathy.

    Elizabeth Messina identifies as an emotional and affectionate person, two qualities that make her seek out human connections in both her personal and professional life. The photographer, who is based out of southern California, has a husband and three kids, and makes no clear separation between her work and personal life; she applies learnings from one to fulfill the responsibilities of the other. 

    Born in New York City, Messina studied at the San Francisco Art Institute before returning to the East Coast in the early ’90s where she started her career in photography. Then, a life-changing apartment fire destroyed everything she owned. “I was flooded with a mixture of fear and gratitude,” she recalls. “The fire was devastating, but I was eternally grateful for having survived it.” Prior to the fire, Messina had a dream of being a traveling photographer but was too nervous to take steps towards realizing it. The fire made her realize how precious and fleeting life was, so she left the country and photographed throughout India for six months. “That experience helped me grow both as a woman and as an artist,” she says.

    Upon returning to the United States and after having her first child, Messina was hired by a friend to shoot her first wedding. Messina’s one-month-old and mother came with her and the photographer took breaks throughout the day to nurse. “I fell into weddings without fully understanding what an incredible journey it would take me on,” she says. Enamored by the beautiful lights, the displays of emotions, and the intimate moments between the couple and their families, Messina came to see weddings as magical events.

    Messina’s children are the greatest source of motivation and inspiration in her life. Her photography business was born out of her desire to be a good mother, she explains; motherhood and photography are therefore intrinsically connected in her eyes. “Motherhood is the most glorious kind of love,” she says, and “it is that love that fuels me as I navigate the unpredictable twists and turns of being self-employed.”

    Being a mother has opened her up to learning about other people’s insecurities and love stories, which Messina believes has enhanced her ability to create authentic and meaningful images. Newborn photography makes up a good portion of her business, and she makes deep connections with the women she photographs. “My own experiences and vulnerabilities help me be a more empathetic artist,” she says.

    But weddings carry the bulk of responsibility. To do each one justice, Messina’s process starts long before the wedding day as she tries to understand the priorities of the couple and logistics of their nuptials. It is essential to her that the couple is fully present with their family and friends, and that they feel confident that she has their best interests at heart as she navigates the festivities. Since no two couples display their love in the same way, Messina encourages them to express themselves naturally. Depending on the couple, the setting and the variables of the day, she is at times a quiet and unobtrusive observer, and for others, more immersed. “I get to witness such a special time in people’s lives,” she says. “That’s an honor and a responsibility.”

    Through her work, Messina has learned to embrace her sensitivities. She has come to see that while being emotional can sometimes be overwhelming, it can also help her navigate life as an artist and create meaningful images for other people. She feels that her biggest responsibility as a photographer is to be authentic and to respectfully and artfully capture the stories that she has the honor of witnessing. “My hope is that my photographs touch people,” she says. “I hope to make images that people share with their families for generations to come.”

    Sponsored by Fujifilm. For a chance to be featured on Rangefinder’s social media, share a photograph on your Instagram with #MyFujifilmLegacy.

    The post Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Messina on Capturing Love with Sensitivity appeared first on Rangefinder.

  • Happy Anniversary Brandie and Greg Seattle wedding
    02 April 2020
    Happy Anniversary Brandie and Greg!

    I’d like to send Happy Anniversary wishes to Brandie and Greg, who were married on March 24, 2018 at the amazing Ray’s Boathouse. OK, I’m a little bit late but all this Coronavirus business has slowed me down a bit on my blog postings.  I’ll try to get back onto my regular blogging schedule ASAP.

    Like a lot of spring weddings, this was put together fairly quickly, over the space of a couple of months rather than a year or more.  I was the photographer at Greg’s brother Mathew’s wedding about a year earlier (you can see the photos of Colleen and Mathew’s wedding at Golden Gardens at this link), and Greg contacted me about a month before his wedding date to see if I was available to be his photographer too.

    This was a really typical early spring wedding in Seattle with respect to the weather.  It had actually snowed a couple of inches in parts of Seattle the night before, and as I was getting ready that morning in was quite cloudy, cold and breezy. But by the time I arrived at Ray’s in the mid-afternoon the clouds were breaking and things just kept getting better from there.

    I’m not going to rehash the entire wedding since I already did that in my original blog posting, and if you’d like to read about it (as well as see a lot more photos) I’d encourage you to visit the post by clicking on the link.


    I really enjoyed working with Brandie, Greg and their families.  It was a lot of fun to catch up with many of the people I had worked with at Colleen and Mathew’s wedding as well as getting to know Brandie and her family.  And I always enjoy weddings at Ray’s.  This is one of my favorite venues ANYWHERE, not just in Seattle, and I am always excited to have the opportunity to work there.

    Thanks for reading my blog, and I’ll be back with more soon.


  • Your photographer in Italy
    02 April 2020

    Choosing the best Photographer Italy is definitely a tough decision as a couple. There are so many great photographers all around Italy and it’s not easy to find the right choice.


    We want to make sure that we are able to offer you the absolute best photography in Italy to tell your love story here in this historical and unique nation. 

    Feel free to scroll down, see more images, visit their websites and make sure to contact them. 

    If you are constantly looking for amazing photographer in Italy you might be interested in our creative and fine-art photography, our goal is capture your true emotions during your special moments here in Italy.


    Just have a look at our pictures and gallery to check our style. 

    Super easy and super helpful if you don’t want to spend countless hours browsing the web to find what you are looking for. 

    Feel free to also check out our CB PHOTOGRAPHER Instagram account constantly updated.


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    CB Photographer in Italy consists of over 10k couple pictures all around Italy.

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  • Wedding Photographers at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
    02 April 2020

    Wedding Photographer Nelson and assistant Julissa had a great time capturing the wedding of Alyssa and Shane at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando! Nelson started their wedding day capturing Alyssa’s bridal details, getting her hair done by Anita from iStudioSalons and makeup by Gilded Beauty by Sonia! While she was finishing up, we visited Shane’s groom suite to capture some prep shots and portraits of him and his groomsmen.  Before we headed to the ceremony location, we captured Alyssa’s mother helping Alyssa into her gorgeous wedding dress, such a sweet moment!  We then headed outside for formal portraits of Alyssa and her bridal party, and then it was time to head over to their outdoor wedding ceremony location!

    The ceremony was held at the Cypress Pointe at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. Officiated by Katherine Imundi, Shane waited in anticipation for Alyssa as she walked down the aisle with her father! But before Alyssa’s dad gave her away to Shane, he made sure everyone’s hands were sanitized with some hand sanitizer, and then gave her away, so funny!!! The couple then held a hand-fasting ceremony which was then followed by the rings, a pinky-swear promise, vows, and then, of course, the kiss to end the ceremony!  After the wedding ceremony, we captured a few family portraits and finished the session taking Alyssa and Shane throughout the hotel for their portraits, including a picture with Merlot, the infamous Scarlet Macaw that greets guest every day at the hotel!  As soon as we were done, it was time for their wedding reception!

    The reception was held at La Coquina ballroom, which was beautifully decorated by the team at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress while the table had lovely floral centerpieces by Raining Roses!  As the wedding party made their way into the reception, David Paige Music did a great job with introductions, which was then followed by a special choreographed first dance!  This was followed by the speeches and the rest of the first dances!  Before the guests danced the night away, it was time to enjoy the great tasting food, drinks, and a delicious piece of wedding cake from the catering team at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress! After the cake cutting, we headed outside for a few extra sunset portraits with Hyatt in the background! After some fun dancing time on the dance floor, it was time to say goodbye to Alyssa and Shane!  Danielle from Just Marry was such a great help throughout the wedding day, making sure everything ran perfectly smooth, but also helped us coordinate the sparkler sendoff as the couple made their exit!  This was such a fun day, and we wish them SO MUCH happiness in their future together!  Thank you guys for letting us share it with you!


  • An Anniversary Portrait Shoot for Couple Without Wedding-Day Photos
    02 April 2020

    Jessika Christine Hill, a wedding and boudoir photographer based in Kansas City, Missouri, was hired by a couple who look, by this photo, like they were getting married when, in fact, they had been married for a year already. They didn’t get wedding photos taken on their wedding day, so when their one-year anniversary approached, they decided to finally get some portraits.

    Earlier in the day it had begun to rain, which might have deterred some couples, but not these guys, Hill says. “They decided to continue with the session, which I absolutely loved!”

    Hill came prepared with two clear umbrellas that could keep them dry and could be used as interesting elements in the shoot. “It felt like we were in the Pacific Northwest,” Hill reflects. “They loved the moody look, so the rain was perfect!”

    The photographer already knew she wanted to photograph the couple near this wall of stacked logs—a sort of cozy cabin motif that reflected that “PNW look,” she says. “Originally, they each had an umbrella, but I loved the idea of them closer and snuggling together so we switched to one.”

    (Shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV and 35mm f/1.4 lens at f/2 and 1/400 sec.)

    Check out more Photos of the Day, and email submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    The post An Anniversary Portrait Shoot for Couple Without Wedding-Day Photos appeared first on Rangefinder.

  • Wedding at Deer Creek Country Club | Ashley + Eric
    02 April 2020

    On Thursday, August 30, 2018, we got engaged on the Carnival Conquest cruise ship! Eric fooled Ashley by saying they won a raffle for a free sunset photoshoot and needed to be ready by 7:15pm (silly Ashley for not questioning that they didn’t enter anything!) They met up with the photographer at that time and she began taking beautiful photos on the top of the ship, with the sunset in the background. Towards the middle of the shoot, the photographer told Ashley to stand in front of Eric, so she can capture moments of him looking at her. When Ashley turned around, she was so surprised to see he was on his knee! He asked Ashley to marry him and with no hesitation, she said YES!

    Ashley and Eric met in November 2016 by the modern way of Jswipe – the Jewish Tinder app. It truly was love at first sight and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They are excited to make wedding plans and enjoy starting the rest of lives together!

    Hair & Makeup: Asteria Beauty  Caterer: Deer Creek Golf and Country Club Cake: Edda’s Cake Designs  Florist: Dalsimer Atlas  DJ: Eddie B & Company (DJ Ray)  Officiant: Rabbi Jonathan Kaplan – Wedding Dress: Boca Raton Bridal  Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie  


  • Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Venue Guide
    01 April 2020

    In February, before we were all on lockdown or aware of what was ahead of us, I visited Luttrellstown Castle as my next featured venue in my series of venue visits. At each venue visit I take my Instagram viewers on a tour of the very best wedding venues and highlight all the key photo locations for morning prep, on-site ceremonies, receptions, and small details. After each visit all the information is compiled in a PDF with photos as a guide for your wedding day.

    If you don’t follow me on Instagram don’t worry! You can catch the full story now on my YouTube page or view it below. If you are getting married at Luttrellstown Castle and would like a copy of the venue guide do get in touch.

    Be sure to watch out for my next venue visit which will most likely be towards the end of 2020. Have any favourite venue you’d like to see me feature next? Let me know!

  • Date Night Ideas To Keep The Adventure Alive (When You Can’t Leave The House)
    01 April 2020

    There's nothing worse than being stuck at home and indoors when there are so many amazing things to do outside. But sometimes we simply can't just drop everything and go on an adventure. But if you're stuck at home right now and can't get outside, don't worry! I've found some amazing ways to bring the adventure to you. So you and your partner can have an adventure-filled date night from the comfort of your own home.

    The post Date Night Ideas To Keep The Adventure Alive (When You Can’t Leave The House) appeared first on Wild Connections Photography.

Destination Wedding Blogs

03 April 2020

Destination Wedding Blogs
  • Collared Shirts Adapted for Disabilities
    03 April 2020

    Deciding what to wear on your wedding day is a monumental decision. For the thousands of people with disabilities, it can be an impossible choice because most stores do not carry stylish, on-trend adaptive clothing. One fashion innovator is using magnets to transform classic men’s attire and adapt it for people with limited mobility and dexterity. Her goal – to make adaptive fashion available to everyone who needs it for any occasion.

    When Maura Horton first came up with the idea for MagnaReady®, a patented magnetic closure system, she was not designing with a wedding in mind. Her husband Don was battling Parkinson’s disease and one day he returned home from work and shared a story with her that changed everything. A college football coach, Don was trying to get ready to return home after a game, but he found himself unable to button his dress shirt in the locker room. A player came to his assistance, but upon hearing that story Maura knew she needed to find dress shirts that Don could button without assistance. 

    When she could not find a shirt that looked professional and stylish, Maura got creative, took Don’s existing shirts and experimented with replacing the buttons with magnets. The idea not only worked for Don, but it has also changed the lives of thousands of people.

    “No one should be denied the ability to perform the daily task of dressing independently that most of us take for granted," Maura says, “simply because designers and retailers have historically not addressed the fashion needs of people with disabilities. They especially should not have their fashion choices limited on one of the most important and memorable days of their lives.” 

    MagnaReady dress shirts look like your typical dress shirt that can be found in any department store or men’s suit shop. The magnetic power is hidden within. Behind the buttons on the front placket of the shirt, cuffs and collar, magnets are sewn between the layers of fabric. So, buttoning the shirt becomes as simple as lining up the two sides of the shirt or cuff and with a click, the magnets will secure the shirt closed.

    Available in a variety of colors and patterns, including classic and crisp white, MagnaReady shirts are perfect for grooms, fathers of the bride or groom, wedding parties and guests. Additionally, MagnaReady has women's and boy's lines for mothers-of-the-brides and ring bearers to feel as comfortable as possible on your special day.

    Just recently, Maura had a customer send her a note expressing her joy at discovering the shirts for her husband. “Customer stories always make me smile and warm my heart,” Maura says “This message was particularly touching. The mother of the groom purchased a shirt for her husband who had arthritis because she knew with the craziness of the wedding day, she would not have the time to help her husband dress. The shirt not only gave him independence, but it also gave her the opportunity to spend precious moments with her son and daughter-in-law. Stories like this are so meaningful and it is impactful to know that a shirt I created for my husband is making a difference in other people’s lives on days they will remember forever, and just every day.”

  • What would your wedding on a boat be like? Discover it here!
    02 April 2020

    To get married there are farms, castles, palaces, gardens … but also boats! why not? If you have come this far, it is because you want to know what your wedding on a boat would be like.

    In this post, you will discover types of boats, the variety of budgets, the number of guests you can host, the most suitable foods and restaurants after disembarking, and small details “the sea” of specials.

    Keep reading! Because as they say … for all evil, the sea, for all good!

    A wedding to come to fruition

    And it is that this option is chosen by the most adventurous and fun, since it is an opportunity to live with your partner and your loved ones on an exciting day, even more so.

    An occasion to get out of the ordinary, surprise everyone and take a very special memory as well as peculiar of the most important day of your life.

    Boats and budgets for all tastes and budgets

    As in most cases, there are different price options, what you want to spend! but generally, it will depend on the number of guests you take, since you will need a boat of greater or lesser capacity, also on exclusivity, etc.

    Sailboat, catamaran, schooner, yacht, historic boat or even a ferry, all these boats are valid to ride your guests and say “yes I want”.

    And without the limit of guests!

    The good thing about having different types of boats and capacities is that you can choose the one that has room for all your guests.

    A boat wedding allows you to perform from an intimate wedding with few guests or up to a large mass wedding of hundreds of guests.

    In the latter case, ships usually have a cabin that allows the bride to dress in privacy and then change into the second dress. Good idea, right?

    Cocktail with music and DJ onboard

    Before heading to your restaurant, you can celebrate the cocktail on the boat itself, you just have to get a cocktail bar, a few drinks to savor, and lots of music to dance, you can even have a DJ on the high seas!

    It will be a very fun time before the big feast begins. And finally, at the end of the party, you can end the great day bathing all in the sea!

    A feast with the gastronomy of the sea

    Fish, seafood, rice … all the flavors of the Mediterranean in your treatment, what dishes are better for your wedding after getting off a boat? At Perfect Venue, we have all you can imagine!

    The Belvedere restaurant in Benidorm, the Nacarum restaurant in Cádiz, the Sa Cala Rotja estate in Palma de Mallorca, the ME Ibiza, the Spa in Malaga, We also have a boat for 65 people

    A nod to the sea with marine details

    An onboard wedding is already unforgettable, but it will be even more so if you have special details on the high seas such as decoration between white fabrics, shells, anchors or even messages in bottles, original as well as romantic!

    In addition, you can mark a dress code so that all your guests are in tune with the environment: with gondolier hats, suits with knots, with stripes, in blue tones and knots

    Gifts to the guests can also be in this theme, through shell pendants, sea bow ties, bottle openers in the shape of an anchor, etc. Everything you can think of!

    The wedding night, with the rocking of the waves

    It is also viable! To end the day as you started it, with the rocking of the sea, you can stay overnight in one of the cabins that many ships have, and thus begin your first day of marriage seeing the sunrise and its sun reflected on the horizon. Is there anything more romantic?

    You can now send your DIY sailor-style invitations showing the port, the shipping time and the date to board.

    If you like the idea, inform us of everything in Perfect Venue, we have a lot of spaces throughout the Spanish geography, and raise anchors!


    Photo1: Gregory Maingret, Photo2: Joy Deneen, Photo3: Katelyn James

    boda en un barcoElopementexclusive venuevenuewedding on a boatwedding venueсвадьба на яхте

    Сообщение What would your wedding on a boat be like? Discover it here! появились сначала на Perfect Venue Manager.

  • Destination Wedding Decor: Choosing Perfect Pieces
    02 April 2020

    Destination weddings capture the hearts of couples every year. It’s romantic to go somewhere new with breathtaking scenery and everyone you love. You may have a destination in mind and count down the days until your flight out of town, but there are many decisions you’ll need to make to plan the celebration of your dreams. You’ll find a few different ways to approach destination wedding planning compared to using a venue in town. One element you’ll have to consider is how to decorate the place, which is where things can get complicated. Make your wedding planning easy by reading about how to choose the perfect destination wedding decor. With the right tips, you’ll pull everything together and have plenty of time left to daydream about your big day.

    Find Local Vendors

    You may have a few vendors in mind or businesses your planner has worked with before. They might be near where you live, which makes it easy to drop by for cake tastings and sampling their products.

    If your vendors aren’t already at the destination, however, you’ll have to pay hefty fees for shipping. It may be more expensive than you were planning, which is why often times, brides and grooms look for options near the venue. By skipping the national or international shipping costs, you’ll have more money to spend on festivities.

    Pick Destination Wedding Decor that Will Ship

    There may be a few things here and there you can’t find around your venue. When you have to ship your decor, go with supplies that will last. Your favorite florist could have a centerpiece arrangement you’re in love with, but will it wilt by the time it arrives?

    Pick items such as faux flowers and greenery, instead of living arrangements, if possible. Don’t ship anything too fragile or items that could get lost in transportation, and keep your heirlooms back home.

    Explore the Culture

    Your wedding destination may be in another country, which presents a unique opportunity to explore the surrounding culture. Take a vacation to the city before your wedding and learn about local traditions you may want in your ceremony. If you’re planning to head to Mexico, for example, you could offer up tequila cocktails and dance to the tune of a mariachi band. On the island of Jamaica, however, you may choose to serve rum punch and jerk chicken.

    You could also value your heritage and include some of your ancestors’ traditions in your festivities. It all depends on what fits your personality and your wedding vision.

    Remember the Season

    If you’ve set a date, you know what time of year you’ll get married. The season is something that influences much of a celebration’s decor. In the summer, for instance, you could easily enhance your wedding with sea glass or sparklers. Perhaps you’ll add seashells to your reception area or bright flowers to each table.

    Even if it’s spring or fall, summer decor can perfectly complement the right destination, such as a tropical beach.

    Keep It Simple

    It’s easy to get caught up in the endless decor available online and in boutiques. If you feel like you’re overwhelmed by your options, keep it simple. You can let your venue shine when you opt for items like balloons and greenery as your destination wedding decor. As long as your choices match your theme and the time of year, you’ll pick the right decorations to make your wedding beautiful.

    Take Your Time When Planning Destination Wedding Decor

    Take as much time as you can to plan your wedding. You can flip through pictures of what you like, browse decor in person, and see how everything looks when put together. Planning your destination wedding decor doesn’t have to stressful!

    How will you decorate your destination wedding?

    The post Destination Wedding Decor: Choosing Perfect Pieces appeared first on The Destination Wedding Blog - Jet Fete by Bridal Bar.

  • Bride Caroline – Update on planning a wedding in France
    02 April 2020

    The post Bride Caroline – Update on planning a wedding in France appeared first on French Wedding Style.

    Today we are catching up with our real bride Caroline planning their June wedding in France.  At this current time, things are changing everyday with Coronavirus, which means the post Caroline is sharing was up to date when writing.   However, like many of you, will be changing daily.   If you are planning your wedding in […]

    The post Bride Caroline – Update on planning a wedding in France appeared first on French Wedding Style.

  • Remote Italy Real Wedding
    01 April 2020

    "From the onset, we were overwhelmed at the thought of a big wedding in Chicago or our hometown of St. Louis. We visited venues in both cities, but nothing clicked. We began to think a destination wedding would be a great option," Claire and Brad say. Bride, Claire had visited Italy years ago and fallen in love with the idea of an intimate Italian wedding with friends and family. 

    Luckily, the couple's families were extremely supportive once Claire and Brad explained their discomfort with a big wedding, they understood why the couple decided to look abroad. The idea was to take the budget for one day and, instead, create a multi-day experience with friends and family away from home. "We knew we would never get that opportunity again," the couple says.

    Early on, Claire and Brad connected with Lisa Jaroscak at Storybook Weddings & Events. At the start, they met with Lisa, explained their vision for an outdoors Italian countryside wedding in the late fall. Lisa steered the couple to the Puglia region of southern Italy and proposed several venues. "We eventually arrived at Masseria IL Frantoio for its charm, setting, and reputation of exquisite cuisine," the two explain.

    Their planner worked with her Italian counterpart, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to make the couple's dream a reality. In addition to introducing them to a dreamy venue, the planners connected the couple with their florist, Bird and Bumble – who they say were instrumental in establishing the aesthetics of the celebration – and their photographer, Bonphotage – who elevated every precious memory. Additionally, Lisa and Lucy not only kept in close contact with the couple in the year leading up to their wedding, but they were also able to travel to the Masseria to taste the menu, survey the grounds and experience the accommodations.

    “This was single-handedly the biggest advantage of having a wedding planner – Lisa and her Italian counterpart, Lucy, handled all the communication between the Masseria and the Italian-speaking vendors,” Claire and Brad say.

    As helpful as their planners were, the couple did take a few items into their own hands. Brad is a graphic designer, so he worked long and hard to design everything from the invites and menus to the welcome bags and itinerary cards. "We made a concerted effort to draw a connection to the region and chose a typeface designed by an Italian type foundry," Brad says.

    Thankfully, planning challenges were few and far between for the couple. While the Masseria's remote location added its own challenges for transportation, it was this remoteness that built the allure. Brad and Claire wanted to make sure their guests would be taken care of after all of their effort to arrive at the remote location. So, they ended up spending more than they’d budgeted in order to subsidize their guests’ rooms and a group excursion to the neighboring towns of Alberobello, Polignano a Mare and Ostuni.

    In the end, although not everyone they’d hope for could attend, the two say that is a reality they were willing to face in order to make their destination wedding dreams come true.


  • Wedding Resort Spotlight: Le Blanc Los Cabos
    01 April 2020

    Resort: Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos
    Location: Los Cabos, Mexico
    Resort Group: Palace Resorts
    Opened: 2018
    Package Costs: Free-$3999
    Venues: 5

    Today we’re featuring Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos in the bustling oceanfront city of Los Cabos, Mexico. Offering a variety of customizable wedding packages with gorgeous venue vistas, Palace Resorts opened this luxury adults-only haven in 2018.

    One of the most luxurious properties in Los Cabos, Le Blanc Spa Resort is situated perfectly on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. Because of its idyllic location, wedding parties are constantly treated to a selection of sea and flora-infused backdrops. Featuring 5 stunning spaces capable of accommodating anywhere between 200 to 800 guests, the property thrives while hosting large destination weddings.

    Whether you’re walking the aisle on the golden sands of Blanc Beach or hosting a cocktail hour on the breezy Blanc Terrace, Le Blanc’s natural beauty and impeccable on-site wedding department will instantly elevate your wedding experience. Additionally, the hotel will host no more than 1 Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos wedding per day, ensuring that wedding parties do not overlap or interfere.

    Accompanying its stellar wedding services, Le Blanc also garners an impressive selection of exciting activities and excursions ranging from on-site water sports to off-site nightlife. Recognized for its world-class spa, the hotel offers an array of whole-body treatments designed to accentuate your Zen levels throughout your busy wedding week.

    Just minutes from downtown Los Cabos, wedding parties can coordinate dazzling after-party events at the vibrant city center’s lively night clubs and karaoke bars. For travelers desiring a more active wedding getaway, guests can immerse themselves in Los Cabos’ surrounding nature while on a guided ATV desert tour, or explore the cerulean waters for captivating marine fauna via snorkeling.

    At a lavish $280-$400 average price per person per night, Le Blanc Los Cabos is ideal for large destination wedding parties with big budgets. Featuring elegant suites with exclusive accommodations, rooms include a balcony, air conditioning, butler service, comfort menu, wifi, Bvlgari bath amenities, pedestal tub and rain shower, and a daily restocked minibar.

    To see more of our partnered wedding resorts, click the button below:

    The post Wedding Resort Spotlight: Le Blanc Los Cabos appeared first on DESTIFY.

  • Tarissa & Jonathan’s Real Wedding in the Riviera Maya, Mexico
    01 April 2020

    About the Couple

    Bride:  Tarissa

    Groom:  Jonathan

    Occupations:  Yoga & meditation instructor, and Financial wholesaler

    How they met:  At an Art gallery hip-hop event!

    What attracted him to her: Her smile.

    What attracted her to him: His sense of style, and warm personality 

    What was the best advice you received as a bride/groom?  Remain present and take in every moment.

    Engagement story:  We went to Italy for a friends wedding. After the wedding, we rented a car and road tripped through Chianti, Tuscany country side. We stayed at a beautiful bed & breakfast, and in the morning after breakfast we went for a walk in the vineyards, and that’s when Jon got on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

    The Wedding Day

    Wedding date:  November 6, 2019

    Number of guests:  52

    Wedding colours:  Ivory

    Her most memorable moment: Walking down the aisle to see Jon waiting for me.

    His most memorable moment:  When Tarissa  started walking down the aisle like a queen standing before us. (LOL)

    Advice to others: Don’t stress about the small details, enjoy the planning process, take in every moment.

    Favourite wedding detail:  The simplicity of the decor at the ceremony. We really only had a small amount of greenery on the gazebo, and that’s all we needed. The ocean back drop was more than enough.

    Most unexpected moment:  The wind making my cathedral veil fly everywhere. Which in the end, turned out amazing for pictures.

    Most romantic moment:  Exchanging vows.

    Honeymoon:  BALI!

    The day in three words: Elegant, joy, and FUN.

    Ceremony location:  Sky Deck at the Azul Fives Playa Del Carmen

    Reception location:  Wine Room at the Azul Fives Playa Del Carmen

    Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  I chose this location because of the fantastic reviews. They did an AMAZING job accommodating and making the wedding day perfect, the food was incredible, and over all great location.

    Bride’s gown:  Sophia Tolle Australia

    Bride’s shoes:  Tony Bianco

    Groom’s outfit:  Eph Apparel

    Type of rings:  Rose Gold diamond wrapped band for hers, and titanium with rose gold inside for his

    Jewellery: Joanna Bisley Earrings

    Bridesmaids dresses: Amsale

    Groomsmen attire:  Eph Apparel

    Wedding song:  Best Part- H.E.R ft. Daniel Cesar

    Signature drink:  Coconut Martini.

    Favours:  Don Julio Tequila

    Music:  Hiphop & Reggae

    Photographer: Hugh Whitaker

    Hair: Tiana Drabble

    Makeup: Sara Tamargo Hair & Make Up

    Stationery/Invitations: JustJurf Designs.

    Catering: Azul Fives.

  • Grasse Provence wedding inspiration
    01 April 2020

    The post Grasse Provence wedding inspiration appeared first on French Wedding Style.

    Grab a glass of something cool and join us for some Grasse Provence wedding inspiration! From our brides exquisite sequin gown to the romantic olive grove setting this love story told by wedding stylist & planner Natalia of My Riviera Weddings will certainly inspire your French Riviera wedding plans! There to capture the essence of the shoot was […]

    The post Grasse Provence wedding inspiration appeared first on French Wedding Style.

  • New name, more space, same magical Bali venue
    01 April 2020

    If you’re searching for an exceptional Balinese estate, the new name to remember is The Surga Villa Estate. This luxurious beachfront property (previously known as Sinaran Surga) is located on the wildly beautiful Bukit Peninsula — and can now host up to 120 lucky wedding guests!

    The cliff-edge estate offers glorious sea views and direct access to the crystalline waters and soft sands of Melasti Beach via private stairs. For your destination wedding support crew, you’ll find six elegant bedrooms at the clifftop Villa Surga One and seven in the new ocean-view Villa Surga Two.

    An incredible infinity pool spans the length of the property while multiple living areas allow everyone to gather for cocktails and chef-prepared cuisine or chill and enjoy the view in their own space.

    Celebrate a romantic ceremony and reception in the gorgeous grounds of the estate (their wedding menu is superb!) before relaxing into a few extra days with your nearest and dearest. You’ll be close to region’s bars, restaurants and beach clubs while still based in a completely private and luxurious retreat, right on one of the island’s most stunning beaches.

    Find out more here

    The post New name, more space, same magical Bali venue appeared first on Great Destination Weddings.

  • Perfect Your Destination Proposal
    31 March 2020

    There is no time like the present to begin dreaming of popping the question. How you're going to do it, where you're going to do it and when are all top of the list. If you were planning to do a destination proposal, currently your plans may need to be reimagined. But if you were planning for later this year, keep on dreaming of the where. While you figure out the best road forward, here are some ideas and tips for you to navigate the journey to "I do."  

    With endless options available for your proposal, it can seem hard to land on an idea that is unique, yet still very personal to you and your significant other. The way you propose will also depend greatly on you and your partners personalities. An intimate, at-home proposal is very different from an extravagant, public one -- ultimately it really just boils down to personal preference.

    But, no matter the type of proposal, popping the question at a fun destination not only adds another element of surprise, but sets you up for post-proposal celebrations! But, before you go throwing a dart at a map, make sure you have these three things covered.

    1. Secure the ring

    Before anything else, you want to make sure you have the engagement ring in-hand. This might seem like a silly first step, but the last thing you want is to plan and pay for an entire proposal trip just to find out that the ring couldn’t get to you on-time.

    If you’re buying a ring online, like so many people are these days, it’s important to look into their shipping, return, and resizing policies. That way, there are no surprises with the length of delivery time, if you have to return or exchange it, or if you missed the mark on the ring size. On average, you’ll likely want to allot a few weeks from the time you place your order to when you should expect to receive the ring in the mail. However, things happen and sometimes it’s out of our control. Which is why we suggest having the ring with you before spending any money on a trip. 

    Pro tip: when buying a ring, consider a lab-grown diamond engagement ring. They’re identical to mined diamonds but can be up to 40% less expensive. This could save you a great deal of money that you can then spend on your destination proposal!

    2. Insure the ring

    When you purchase your engagement ring, it will likely come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but not everyday insurance. However, there are three easy ways to insure this expensive and important piece of jewelry.

    Jewelry insurance: Some companies strictly insure jewelry, such as diamond engagement rings, and might end up being the most affordable option.

    Homeowners insurance: If you’re already covered by a homeowners policy, check with your agent to see if your jewelry is, as well.

    Renters insurance: Similar to homeowners insurance, you might be covered if you have a renters policy.

    No matter how you insure the ring, the important part is that it’s covered. Engagement rings are small, yet very valuable and extremely sentimental. Not to mention, if you’re taking the ring on a destination trip, you definitely want to feel safe and secure about carrying it with you. 

    3. Tour the ring

    So you’ve purchased and insured the ring and now it’s time to start planning. This is the fun part and probably our best tip of all: tell everyone you talk to that this is a destination proposal. 

    Why? Because people love, love! And oftentimes businesses will go out of their way to make a special trip even more incredible if they know about something like a proposal, wedding, or anniversary. 

    Booking an Airbnb? Mention in the notes that it is for a proposal. Scheduling a dinner? You could end up with a free bottle of champagne if you keep them in the loop. This will simply make the weekend that much more memorable and romantic.

    Destination proposals are a fun way to put a unique twist on your typical engagement. Not to mention, it gives you a chance to get away, spend time with the one you love, and celebrate properly after you propose! But, it’s important to be prepared! Follow these three tips to ensure the perfect destination proposal.

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Luxury Wedding Blog

03 April 2020

Luxury Wedding Blog

Indian Wedding Blogs

03 April 2020

Indian Wedding Blogs
  • Philadelphia, PA Indian Wedding by A.S. Nagpal Photography
    02 April 2020

    Welcome back, darlings! We are so glad you could join us at Swati & Samir's big wedding reception, and we hope you are ready to have some fun because it is time to celebrate! The halls of the Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall hosted this wedding reception, and we cannot think of a better place to have had this grand event as this venue offers so much beauty, amenities, and themes that made this closing gala a one of a kind! Once again, Kaleidoscope Weddings planned and executed this event with so much precision that it turned out to be amazing! And we cannot forget about the elegant and luxurious decor crafted by Papertini, which added an extra touch of traditional flair to the interiors of this venue, making it a dreamy setting to celebrate this life milestone. All the guests had the time of their lives dancing to the beats of DJ Shilpa and tasting the mouth-melting plates prepared by Brulee Catering. Hands down, they nailed a well-balanced combination between an unforgettable culinary experience and harmonious melodies, which are some of the things that we love the most about wedding receptions! If you want to relive this entire celebration, make sure to take a look at the incredible shots captured by A.S. Nagpal Photography in today's gallery! It is a compilation of visual masterpieces that will brighten up your day while leaving you with tons of inspiring ideas for you to start preparing the wedding of your dreams! So, make sure to check it out!

  • Plan your Dream Wedding with Ideas & Insights from Delhi Wedding Planner – Designer Events Inc.!
    02 April 2020

    You’re dreaming of your fairytale wedding coming true since ages… Here we’re talking to Delhi wedding planner Designer Events Inc. who reveal how dreams can become reality!

    From the stunning mandap and the breathtaking entryway to the colorful photo-booths and the regal dinner tables – everything needs to be perfect, isn’t it! How does it really happen? Delhi wedding planner Designer Events Inc is here to show and tell…

    How and when did wedding planning happen for you?

    Tying Knots

    After attending a chaotic wedding in 2014, we realized that a wedding must be the most stress-free and memorable event for not only the bride and groom but also their families. Designer Events Inc. has been planning weddings ever since then! We’re a boutique wedding planning firm and live by the philosophy that people might forget you – but will never forget how you made them feel!

    Blooming in White

    Our team was built by our founders – Kaveri Vij and Akshay Chopra (both from hospitality background) and we understand that magic lies in small details. Apart from them, our associate wedding planners and wedding designers work to create stories that reflect each couples’ personality and style at their wedding.

    How has the Indian wedding industry changed over the last 5 years? And what changes are here to stay?

    Wine & Dine

    The wedding market has gone through a 360 degree transformation in the last 5 years!

    • Personalization is key today. Five years ago, every wedding had a similar mood and look; now every wedding is unique in its own way!
    • The decision making has moved from the parents of the bride and groom to the bride and groom themselves.

    The Wedding Day

    • The average spend on a wedding has seen a tasteful transition – from spending mindlessly to spending on essentials which add more value.
    • The competition in the market has also evolved and emerged stronger and specialized in different fields.
    Where do you get your design inspirations from?

    Floral Beauty

    Inspirations come from everywhere. An open mind is a canvas for emerging inspirations.  An inquisitive soul is a land of imagination! From prints to fabrics, household items to props, coffee shops to fashion, movies to Pinterest, its all about adapting different elements into the wedding decor in new and different ways.

    Which decor elements or wedding themes are expected to be in trend this wedding season?

    Make your way

    Wedding trends change from season to season. Greens are very much in vogue these days, we have seen it from Virat and Anushka’s Reception stage to Priyanka and Nick’s Photo Ops. Foliage can be used as backdrops, photo booths, in centerpieces or in lounge hangings.

    A Feast to Eyes

    Apart from greens, using Indian elements like wicker baskets or handwoven durries in the decor is also trending. Also, promoting our country’s local artisans and their creative products would be a trend this season, and a way for wedding designers to give back to society.

    For a Happily Ever After

    A lot of couples are moving towards tropical weddings this season. It means using a lot of tropical greens and multi-colored flowers and tropical props like coconuts, flamingos and fruits.

    As Delhi wedding planners, what are the most important aspect you focus on during a wedding?

    A Pastel Affair

    From a wedding planning perspective, we feel it is extremely crucial to understand what the bride and groom actually want on their day. We start giving them ideas after understanding their vision and planning while keeping a check on the budget.


    The other most important part is to make the bride and groom comfortable with our team, we want to be their best friends and not just planners. A personalized professional approach is what we focus on. Paying attention to the smallest detail like what is the Pandit Ji wearing at the Mandap can also be important!

    What are the hottest wedding destinations this season?

    Vintage Vibe

    Hottest wedding destinations right now are Turkey, Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Cambodia, Seychelles,  Sri Lanka, Andaman, Kochi, Alibaug, Khajuraho and Jaisalmer.

    What should a person keep in mind while choosing their wedding venue?

    Hues of Pastel

    We would like to answer this question in two words – The Restrictions a venue gets along with it. A five-star hotel gives us a luxury venue but can have restrictions on alcohol timing, music playing timing, confetti blasts, rose petal shower or cold pyros. The next factor can be the taste of food and the flexibility a venue gets along with it.

    Heavenly Bliss

    Additionally,  it’s extremely important to decide venue depending on whether its a destination wedding or just a single wedding event. A destination wedding venue property must have different options for the various events.

    Can’t decide your Wedding Destiation? Here’s our list of Most Heavenly Spots in India!

    Top Wedding Destinations in India to get hitched-Decoded!

    What extra do you need to take care of when planning a destination wedding?
  • Dallas TX, Indian Fusion Wedding by Blomberg Wedding
    02 April 2020

    Welcome back, ladies! We are here, as promised, to bring you the beautiful outcome of Miriam & Renny's wedding celebration. To continue with this journey, we will take you to the exclusive Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas, the perfect venue chosen by our lovebirds to celebrate their eternal promise of love. Every guest admired the entrance from our lovely duo to the hall with their royal and elegant look. However, who stole the whole show was our gorgeous Maharani, who dazzled everyone with her presence. The makeup art and the hairstyle that Jtorry Makeup & Hair Artistry created for the beautiful bride was something out of this world, oh boy! And to add perfection, the draping style from JJ Drapes gave the final touch to highlight her natural beauty. The decoration crafted by Prashe Decor, the delicious food, the phenomenal music beats from DJ Yogi, and the live music from the tremendous saxophonist Marquise Jones were the perfect ingredients for a memorable celebration. Today, you are invited to relive this epic moment by visiting this breathtaking gallery. I bet you will love every single part of it, not to mention that you will get tons of inspiration!

  • Philadelphia, PA Indian Wedding by A.S. Nagpal Photography
    02 April 2020

    Hello there, beauty queens! The week is almost over, and we are here to give you an extra dose of inspiration for you to start getting ready for the weekend. So, sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy because Swati & Samir's wedding celebration packs tons of surprises, romance, and fun-loving moments that we are sure it is going to take your breath away! We are starting this grand event by taking a look at their magical wedding ceremony thoroughly planned by Kaleidoscope Weddings and fully decored by Papertini. And believe us, this ceremony is like no other you've seen in quite a while! In fact, it is so amazing that we had to divide it into two posts as one single post would not have made justice to all that there is to admire! So, get ready to dive yourself into a visual journey through this magnificent event, thanks to the amazing shots captured by A.S. Nagpal Photography. Every single shot is a masterpiece, and we so wish we would have been there as this grand event seems like taken out of the pages of a fairytale story. If you cannot wait for the second part of this enchanting event, make sure to take a look at the gallery that we have prepared for you today!

  • 10 Makeup Disasters You Generally Come Across
    02 April 2020

    A Makeup disaster refers to a makeup gone all wrong. There are times that many celebrities get makeup so outrageous that you either cringe at their look or laugh out loud. It’s not just with the celebrities but often many aunties you meet in social gathering have makeup so pathetically done that you just can’t... read more

    The post 10 Makeup Disasters You Generally Come Across appeared first on Wedamor.

  • Abhinav Mishra Launches Spring Summer 2020 “The Royals”
    02 April 2020

    There are a few days in a woman’s life that leaves an imprint on the recesses of her mind. One of those is the day her best friend, her counterpart in all of life’s adventures, gets married. Abhinav Mishra’s latest bridal collection, “The Royals” is the surreal interpretation of those moments that are grounded in love, in friendship and in unmatched joy!

    The Abhinav Mishra bride, the millennial bride that oozes confidence and forges her own path, is incomplete without her entourage of her best friends. The bridal collection is the exquisite representation of the eternal memories created, experiences shared, laughter rung and tears shed. The amalgamation of colours, textures, occasions and settings effortlessly transcends boundaries and lands you in a realm where love binds all.

    The campaign unfolds in four phases, that together form the seamless blend of modern elements of our millennial bride’s wedding along with her deep-rooted identity in Indian culture. Fusing the traditional with the contemporary effortlessly, the campaign features the idyllic settings of an enchanted picnic, a dreamy day time mehendi, a daawat and finally, the wedding itself.

    Sunflower It’s breezy, colourful and free, with spirits flying high and magically created. Vibrant splashes of colour and dramatic prints teamed with our signature mirror-work, amps up the glamour and sets the mood for a mystical and bohemian day time affair.

    Mausam Mastana  The idyllic Mehendi- a perfect morning, against the royal palace, elevated by a titillating breeze featuring our Abhinav Mishra millennial bride, a 21st-century woman with an affinity for all things timeless. 
Bright colours and bold patterns with our signature mirror-work creates a sparkling mood that balances her vibrant avatar with her vintage aura

    Tarana  A nawabi daawat, an affair fit for the royals, with a sedate colour palette yet a glamorous feel. Ivories and beiges, juxtaposed with our signature mirror-work create a night of Sufi enchantment and wonder.

    Retro Romance  The day of the wedding, the bride portraying the perfect balance of glamorously millennial and old-world charm. Surrounded by her best friends, she steps into the biggest day of her life with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. The mirror work reflects the morning sun and mirrors the twinkle in her eye. An aura of retro-glam, enhanced by vintage convertibles and ornate floral umbrellas, transcends time and lends timeless elegance to the day.

    About Abhinav Mishra

    Abhinav Mishra is one of India’s fastest-growing designer brands, and his designs are a reflection of the constantly evolving, dynamic and diverse India that we live in.  Launched in 2014, his eponymous label celebrates the complex relationship that fashion and the country’s rich crafts share, creating clothes for the young globally inclined Indian women, who are in tune with the international sensibilities of fashion and style while being honest to their own ethnic aesthetic.

    Today the Abhinav Mishra label is available across online portals and we supply across the world to over 45 countries, collections by the designer are also strategically placed in the best multi-designer physical stores across the globe.

    Abhinav Mishra’s ‘The Royals’ is now available in stores and on

    Checkout more links like this : Abhinav Mishra Launches ‘Love Stories By Abhinav Mishra’ Bridal Couture 2019 A Tale Of 3 Cities! | Pankaj And Nidhi Launch First Ever Couture Collection ‘MOSAIQ’ At India Couture Week! | The Celebratory Finale Of Abhinav Mishra’s ‘Wildflowers’ Spring Couture 2019! | Aavya – JADE by Monica & Karishma

  • Secret Life-Partner Fantasies Every Pisces Has!
    02 April 2020

    Sun-signs can tell a lot about an individual’s personality and way of life. If you’re a Pisces who’s wondering who could be the best match for your upcoming married life, look no further. If you’re in love with a Pisces, you’d get to unravel a lot about your would-be-spouse after reading this article. Checking your compatibility with your partner is a fun test, so you get to know what parts as a couple you could work on. Without much ado, let’s get to understanding who Pisces really are, and how they can be compatible with what other sun-sign-

    Who are Pisces?

    ‘Pisces are the kindest, good-hearted, considerate, empathetic, compassionate, and loving sign. They think with their heart’, say many. Pisces are run by emotions and are thus the upholder of the saying, ‘think with your heart, your mind will find a way to execute it’.

    Pisces are born between February 18th and March 20th and are referred to as ‘old souls’. They’re compassionate and romantic by birth and have really strong insights on a lot of deep matters of life. They’re knowledgeable and witty, yet loving to their cores. Pisces are empathetic and are thus the best healers through love. They have a very strong instinct for the broken and always ensure their way of action is calming, soothing and therapeutic. They’re funny, less impulsive and more thoughtful. They care and ensure that one knows they care. They’re gems to a world that’s emotionally so distorted with evolution. 

    What signs are Pisces most likely to be compatible with?

    The best match for a Pisces is ideally a Leo, a Virgo or a Scorpio.

    A Leo is generally an artist, so one may feel getting overwhelmed being the muse to their Leo partner. They may also get invested emotionally in their artistic lifestyle, and build their world around art.

    A Virgo is highly organised, logical and quite opposite to a Pisces. More often than never, a Pisces may feel themselves getting attracted to the opposite kind of a Virgo. The reverse also stands true. A Virgo may influence a Pisces to be more seamless and free-flowing in life. 

    A Scorpio and a Pisces can create magic when together. As mysterious as they are, together, they get comfortable by literally reading each other’s minds. Together, they do things to please each other, still enjoying every atom of it.

    Not that there exists any hard and fast rule that a Pisces can’t fall in love and have a successful marriage with another sun-sign but with compatible sun-signs, they’re the most comfortable. They may find themselves working harder on themselves and becoming better people altogether, or simply enjoying themselves the most. If you’re a believer, check signs of compatibility before you consider getting married to someone of a different sun-sign. Your house arrest can be fun if you spend time looking up and studying these. Stay in, stay safe!

    You May Also Like: Fantasy Room Decor For Millennial Brides: Stay At Home Edit

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  • Bookmark These Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In 2021
    02 April 2020

    With Coronavirus hitting the entire world, it’s better to push your wedding to the next year. So, block your calendar with the auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2021 because it’s definitely not a good year to get married with the entire world’s economies severely affected by the global pandemic. 

    So, while you are staying home in quarantine, make the most of your time by creating your ultimate wedding checklist and ticking off the first most important thing: your wedding dates.

    Have a look at these auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2021 Shubh Muhurats In January 2021

    Well, after a lot of postponed weddings in 2020, many hitched couples would be preferring to get married in January 2021. While this month has a limited number of auspicious marriage dates, there are still two sunday muhurats in January, making them the ideal dates for a weekend wedding!

    18th January 2021 (Monday) 

    20th January 2021 (Wednesday) 

    24th January 2021 (Sunday)

    31st January 2021 (Sunday)

    Image Source: Artfoto Studios

    Check Out These Best Farmhouses And Outdoor Wedding Venues In Delhi.

     Wedding Dates In February 2021

    The month of February is perfect to celebrate love and new beginnings. Many millennial couples choose a date from the week preceding Valentine’s Day. This gives them an opportunity to make their anniversary memorable for years to come. 

    P.S. you can plan to get married on Valentine’s Day in the year 2021 which is a weekend and make it a grand celebration for one and all.

    1st February 2021 (Monday) 

    7th February 2021 (Sunday) 

    14th February 2021 (Sunday) 

    15th February 2021 (Monday) 

    16th February 2021 (Tuesday) 

    21st February 2021 (Sunday) 

    28th February 2021 (Sunday)

    Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates 2021: March

    March is an ideal month to host weddings, courtesy pleasant weather conditions and a fun festive mood. Make a note of these best wedding dates in March and start preparing for your wedding already. 

    3rd March 2021 (Wednesday) 

    5th March 2021 (Friday) 

    8th March 2021 (Monday) 

    14th March 2021 (Sunday) 

    Image Source: Sutej Pannu

    Also, check out this Step to Step Guide To Postpone Your Wedding Due To Coronavirus.

    Hindu Wedding Dates In April 2021

    April calls for hosting some of the most beautiful summer weddings and why not. Also, it is the perfect time to flaunt those pretty pastels and flower print lehengas. Also, it is that time of the year when you can plan picturesque destination weddings at the hill stations. Check out all the auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2021 here.

    16th April 2021 (Friday) 

    17th April 2021 (Saturday)

    22nd April 2021 (Thursday)

    24th April 2021 (Saturday)

    25 April 2021  (Sunday) 

    26 April 2021  (Monday)

    27th April 2021 (Tuesday)

    28th April 2021 (Wednesday)

    29th April 2021 (Thursday)

    30th April 2021 (Friday)

    Check Out These Hill Station Venues For A Perfect Destination Wedding.

    Wedding Dates In May 2021

    The month of May has the highest number of muhurats in the year 2021. Therefore, we recommend you to start booking your venues already. Check these auspicious dates now!

    1st May 2021 (Saturday)

    2nd May 2021 (Sunday) 

    3rd May 2021 (Monday)

    7th May 2021 (Friday) 

    8th May 2021 (Saturday) 

    9th May 2021 (Sunday) 

    13th May 2021 (Thursday) 

    14th May 2021 (Friday) 

    21st May 2021 (Friday) 

    22nd May 2021 (Saturday) 

    23rd May 2021 (Sunday) 

    24th May 2021 (Monday)

    26th May 2021  (Wednesday)

    27th May 2021 (Thursday)

    28th May2021 (Friday)

    29th May 2021 (Saturday)

    30th May 2021 (Sunday)

    Image Source: Prakash Tilokani

    Also, check out Summer Wedding Decor Ideas To Quirk Up Your 2021 Weddings.

    Wedding Muhurats In June 2021

    Many people plan their summer weddings in the month of June, thanks to the summer vacations going on. With temperatures soaring up, it is recommended to either to book an indoor venue or plan a mountain destination wedding. Sounds fun? Well, let’s check out the dates.

    3rd June 2021 (Thursday) 

    4th June 2021 (Friday) 

    5th June 2021 (Saturday) 

    16th June 2021 (Wednesday) 

    19th June 2021 (Saturday) 

    20th June 2021 (Sunday) 

    21st June 2021 (Monday)

    22nd June 2021 (Tuesday)

    23rd June 2021 (Wednesday)

    24th June 2021 (Thursday)

    30th June 2021 (Wednesday)

    Shubh Muhrats In July 2021

    Woah! Finally some wedding dates for hosting monsoon weddings are here. Make sure you are choosing indoor wedding venues as nature can anytime bless you with unscheduled rains and can spoil your open venue weddings.

    1st July 2021 (Thursday)

    2nd July 2021 (Friday) 

    7th July 2021 (Wednesday) 

    13th July 2021 (Tuesday) 

    15th July 2021 (Thursday) 

    16th July 2021 (Friday) 

    Image Source: The Wedding Story

    Check out Monsoon Wedding Ideas For 2021 Weddings While You Are Quarantining.

    No Auspicious Dates In The Months of August, September And October 2021

    These four months fall under ‘no saya’ periods offering no wedding dates. However, these months are best suited for couples looking for budget-friendly weddings as they can get off-season discounts from the vendors for any date they choose. 

    Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In November 2021

    November brings the sizzling wedding industry back to life after a break of three months. It is that time of the year when destination weddings in Goa, Rajasthan and even Thailand are at their peak. While this month sees only 7 auspicious wedding dates, we recommend you to start researching the best wedding venues at your favorite destinations.

    15th November 2021 (Monday)

    16th November 2021 (Tuesday)

    20th November 2021 (Saturday)

    21st November 2021 (Sunday)

    28th November 2021 (Sunday)

    29th November 2021 (Monday)

    30th November 2021 (Tuesday)

    Image Source: Movieing Moments

    Best Wedding Dates In December 2021

    Well, we can never have enough of winter weddings. And, with December bringing together many holidays including the winter break and festive holidays, one should definitely plan their nuptials around Christmas. 

    P.S. don’t forget to plan your honeymoon around New Years! 

    1st December 2021 (Wednesday) 

    2nd December 2021 (Thursday)

    6th December 2021 (Monday)

    7th December 2021 (Tuesday) 

    8th December 2021 (Wednesday) 

    11th December 2021 (Saturday) 

    13th December 2021 (Monday)

    So, now that we have shared all the auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2021, it’s time you already start prepping for your big day by booking the vendors timely. 

    The post Bookmark These Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In 2021 appeared first on ShaadiWish.

  • Philadelphia, PA Indian Wedding by A.S. Nagpal Photography
    02 April 2020

    Hello there, beauty queens! The week is almost over, and we are here to give you an extra dose of inspiration for you to start getting ready for the weekend. So, sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy because Swati & Samir's wedding celebration packs tons of surprises, romance, and fun-loving moments that we are sure it is going to take your breath away! We are starting this grand event by taking a look at a Sangeet ceremony thoroughly orchestrated by Kaleidoscope Weddings, who is well-known for making fabulous and unforgettable events, and this time it was no exception. They delivered nothing but perfection, creating a majestic pre-wedding ceremony full of merriment and joy. To enhance the beauty of the scene, Papertini crafted a vivid decor filled with bright and bold colors, adding an extra touch of amazingness to this festive occasion. And we so wish we would have been there as it seems that everyone had tons of fun! Luckily for us, we can relive all the moments of this Sangeet ceremony by taking a look at the marvelous shots captured by A.S. Nagpal Photography. This photographic studio worked their magic to capture all the beauty surrounding this event in such a great way that we get to feel just as if we were there. So don't hesitate and head over to our gallery to enjoy this opening ceremony. You're going to be blown away by all the beauty and traditional flair!

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL Indian Fusion Wedding by Diego Stuart Films
    02 April 2020

    Good morning, Maharanis! The filmy time of the day is here, and you will love what we have prepared for you. We have the honor to present today the visual masterpiece from Diego Stuart Films, who capture every emotion and feeling from Sandy & Nibin's wedding festivities, creating a marvelous film that will fill you with tons of inspiration. The wedding ceremony was hosted at the spectacular Saint Bonaventure Catholic Church, where two different families celebrated the eternal love from our lovely duo. You will love the phenomenal makeup and hairstyle that Sandy, our gorgeous Maharani, showcased during the whole event. She trusted her beauty needs to Bridal Makeovers by Aradia, who made sure to deliver a unique style for her. Once the ceremony ended, all family and guests attended the wedding reception at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. The ideal decoration was crafted by Pavan Events, who also turned this gala into a phenomenal party with sensational well-selected music that made everyone dance the whole night. Everyone enjoyed every single detail from the night. So don't think twice and hit the play icon below! You'll be amazed!

Wedding Invitation Blogs

03 April 2020

Wedding Invitation Blogs
  • What Should You do When Postponing Your Wedding Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
    01 April 2020

    Because of corona-virus global pandemic, many couples who are getting married in spring and summer are forced to postpone and reschedule their weddings so as to move forward during this trying time. To help you with that, here’s something important need to know if you are about to postpone your wedding date.

    Postpone or Cancel?

    Financially we don’t recommend couples to cancel their events, that will rish a big lose for both the couple and the vendors who rely on the event for income. Instead, couples can work with their vendors to postpone it to a later date.The vendors are ready and willing to adapt and work with clients to postpone plans.

    Who should call for a postpone?

    According to public health officials, April, May, and June brides whose weddings are within 8-12 weeks are suggested to postpone their weddings.

    If your wedding is beyond 8-12 weeks out expect your suppliers to be resolving immediately due weddings in the first instance, and stay updated on government mandates that limit gatherings and how long they are projected.

    How to postpone your wedding? 1. Check your wedding insurance if you have one

    If you have insurance, Your first call should be to your insurance company to explore what your policy covers and what it means for your vendor relationships.

    Some items to look out  for include:

    • How much of the total wedding cost does your policy cover, and does it cover postponement or cancellation costs or change fees?
    • What circumstances are covered in the event your need to postpone or cancel?
    • What if the honeymoon needs to be canceled or postponed—will the insurance costs cover this?
    2. Talk to your wedding planner/venue coordinator/key vendors. 

    If you have a planner, this is the first person you should talk to about the possibility of postponement. They will be very helpful to help you navigate any of those changes along the way. If you don’t have a planner, speak with your venue or key vendor.

    The key to these conversations with your vendors is empathy. But it’s also important for you to have empathy for their situation, as well. Your vendors are probably dealing with an influx of calls just like yours, so try to be patient.

    Necessary steps you should do before reach out to your vendors/planners

    —Reread all contracts you have with vendors: understand your vendor contracts and postponement clauses, then check in with your vendors so you’re prepared either way.

    —Be ready for additional costs: Be mindful of the additional time and work when you make that change. Vendors are doing their best to work with couples changing their plans due to corona-virus, but they should be compensated in some way depending on the change or changes.

    -Be flexible when picking a new date: This will help increase the possibility of vendors and venues being available and help with some other costs you didn’t have locked in. And don’t wait too long to pick a new date. Many couples are in the same boat right now, looking to reschedule their events.

    ***It could be helpful to create a spreadsheet to track everything. Reach out to your venue first to see the dates that are viable for you there, and then send those out to photographer, videographer, and your other vendors who is most important to you. You’ll then be able to see what will work best right in front of you.

    3. Talk to your close family and wedding party.

    If you haven’t already, talk to your inner circle first to let them know you’re postponing. This includes both your immediate families and wedding party. You can use these important people in your life as a “working group” to come up with a new date, depending on when works best for everyone’s schedules.

    4. Let your guests know.

    Inform your guests as soon as you make a decision about you wedding so that guests can adjust their plans accordingly. Unlike a typical canceled or changed wedding, everyone knows what is going on here, and people have been extremely understanding.

    — If you’ve already sent out wedding invitations,  call or email your guests directly. Don’t post this on Facebook or Instagram, and assume they all saw it.

    –If you have a wedding website, update it with the postponed date and other information. A simple message that’s to-the-point is best.

    —It may even be worth pulling together an FAQ section on the website, as guests may have a lot of the same questions regarding a rescheduled date, how to handle canceling accommodations and more.

    5. Consider How You Can Help Your Guests

    When it comes to accommodations, we suggest the couple offer as much support to their guests as possible, as many of them may have booked airline travel and hotel rooms. We encourage couples to connect with their wedding planners, to help negotiate a cancellation or a full or partial refund to guests. Try to be as understanding as possible of your guest’s concerns and schedules without stressing yourself out more.

    6. Start rethink the Details

    Start rethink all small details that will be affected by postponig once everything is in place.

    Elegant Wedding Invites is here to help

    We want all of our customers to know that Elegant Wedding Invites is closely monitoring news reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about the COVID-19 virus and we are taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.

    We hope to help all of you a little bit during this difficult time.

    • All the new and current orders will be processed normally.
    • Free proof preview before ordering.
    • More rounds of free amendment on proofs.
    • Customized samples available for unlimited numbers.
    • Hold your orders for free if the date of marriage is uncertain.
    • Favorable discounts for reprint order.
    • Wording ink or paper colors customizable.
    • Some other supplier, such as masks and alcohol prep pads.
    • Feel free to contact us for any questions.
  • STYLED SHOOT // Hippy-Chic, Desert Vibes, Wedding Inspiration
    28 March 2020
    Hey there, FunkyOlive followers: It’s the perfect time for a blog post that puts a little pep in your step, and sunshine in your life!

    The only hard part is, where do we begin!?!? This delicious, desert shoot was STUNNING!!! Desert lovers wanted. Bold personalities welcome. Let your inner-hippy shine!

    We are totally here for the contrast of bold florals and invites, mixed with the soothing, mild, desert tones. The textures are absolutely mesmerizing and have us divinely delighted! Did you know that Place Cards can come in different shapes? Well hunny, ya do now. These diamonds are definitely our best friends!

    Try not to smile while these scroll by. From the adorable bus, to the plush boots, and delicate bouquet; we need these in our life now! And we couldn’t imagine a more perfect backdrop than the Albuquerque desert.

    Want to know more about our exclusive services? Click here to get the deets! 

    Thank you to these vivacious vendors for letting us take part in this styled shoot!

    Invitations, Paper & Signage - Yours Truly: Funky Olive Invitations + Stationery

    Photography: Cam Storie Photography

    Makeup: Betty Rose

    Florist: Bagels Florals

    Vehicle: The Pink Bus

    Models: Simply Eve Photography

    Dress: ASOS

    Boots: Steve Madden

    Ready to learn more about some paper magic of your own? Book your consultation with us below!

  • 10 Awesome Ideas to Rock a Chic Indoor Minimalist Greenery Wedding
    28 March 2020

    We all know that minimalist wedding has become such a major wedding style trend in recent years. It shows us a complete  beauty in simplicity that is complete opposite of plain and boring. From shapely greenery installations to artfully tiered cakes, there’s much to be said when it comes to creating the perfect minimalist wedding. Here are 12 awesome ideas to creat a perfect minimalist wedding of your dreams. Scroll on and get inspired!

    1.Simlifed but stylish wedding backdrops

    In a ceremony, a minimalist look points the attention right where it should be—on the two of you. A simple yet elegant backdrop accented with sand dollar eucalyptus and candles is all you need to make an intimate statement.

    Photo Credits:via SMP/via Martha Stewart Weddings/via Ellen Wedding/via Hey Wedding Lady/

    via Brides/via A Sweet Start/

    via Aisle Society

    2. Minimal wedding reception

    via Brides

    via Bride and Breakfast

    2. Eucalyptus greenery centerpieces

    Frame your ceremony with delicate strands of ivy or lay lush, leafy runners across the tables for a simple-yet-sophisticated look.

    Photo Credits:via Oh Best Day Ever/via A Spring Event/via The Bride Link/

    via Every Golden Detail

    via Southern Hospitality Weddings

    via Love Inc

    via Ruffled

    3. Simple wedding invitations for minimal weddings

    Skip the colorful embellishments—minimalist wedding stationery is all about simplified typography and neutral colors. See the list of our favorite modern minimalist wedding invites for more inspo.

    4.Unembellished wedding dress

    If you’re planning to wear a gown for your big day, you’re in luck, because minimalist wedding dresses are a huge trend right now. A pure white wedding dress with a modern silhouette is all you need to wed in serious style.

    5.Simple two-tier white wedding cakes

    While naked wedding cakes are a popular trend for minimal weddings, there’s nothing classier than a white wedding cake. Ask your caterer to keep the cake design simple with textured white frosting and have your florist decorate it the day of with a few floral sprigs.

    Photo Credits: via SMP/via Ruffled Blog/via Instagram/

    via Brides/via Rock My Wedding/

    via Brides

    6.  Pretty simple bridal bouquets

    If flowers and/or foliage is one of your must-haves, we recommend choosing just one understated bloom—like white rose arranged in large luxurious clusters or even single-stem bouquets

    Phot Credits: via Pinterest/via Green Wedding Shoes/via You and Your Weddings/

    via June Bug Weddings/via SMP/

    7. Fabric callgrtaphy wedding signs with eucalyptus leaves

    via Aisle Society

    8.Candles and green leaves paved wedding aisle

    9. Clear Wedding Chairs

    10. Modern minimal wedding color inspiration

    The minimalist style favors a neutral palette for a soft and airy look. But that’s not to say you can’t throw in a spot of color to create an unexpected and personalized twist. 

    Photo Credits:via A Sweet Start/via Martha Stewart Weddings/via Brides/via Pinterest/

    Elegant Invites from EWI/via A and Be Bridal/

  • 7 Metallic Wedding Color Templates That Will Add a Little Shine to Your Big Day
    27 March 2020

    Choosing your wedding’s color palette may be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding, but it’s along among the most important. Whether or not you already have your color scheme picked out, we highly suggest that you consider adding metallics to your list.

    Gold, silver, copper, rose gold, champagne— there are so many metallic wedding ideas to choose from. This striking, showstopping look is the perfect way to bring a bit of shimmer and shine to your reception or ceremony (or even your personal bridal style). Whether you want your wedding to dazzle like a disco ball or have the subtle glean of a starry night, there are countless ways to include this glimmering touch to maximum or minimum effect. These metallic wedding colors can add a hint of shine and serve as a focal point wherever you decide to use them. Because they come in many different forms and colorways, metals are extremely versatile—and can suit any wedding’s color palette, theme, and season. Want your wedding to sparkle and shine? Check out these metallic wedding ideas to add a glamorous twist to your big day.

    1. Champagne glitter and Neutral

    Neutral is one of my favorite colors. Champagne glitter and Neutral mix, natural and pure, is perfect for spring or summer wedding. Check out the following palette to get more inspirations.

    Via wilkieblog / heyweddinglady / Elegant Wedding Invites

    Via Elegant Wedding Invites  |  SKU CODE: EWWS299

    2. Rose gold glitter and Dusty blue

    Rose gold and dusty blue combos is perfect for spring and fall wedding. You can dress your girls in rose gold and some in dusty blue bridesmaid dresses while decorating your flowers, tables, desserts, and cakes in the 2 colors. You will get more clues after clicking on the image below.

    Via Etsy

    Via Elegant Wedding Invites  |  SKU CODE: EWWS277

    3.Copper metallic and Greenery

    Copper metallic and greenery color palette is soft and elegant and perfect for fall wedding. It’s so pretty to have a copper and greenery bouquet or wedding arch or other reception table setting.


    Via confettisweetheartsmarthastewartweddings / Dreams Riviera Cancun / emmalovesweddings 

    Via Stylish Wedd | SKU CODE: SWFI018

    4.Gold glitter and Black

    So you love the color gold and you know this will be one of your wedding colors but you’re not sure about the others?Here I want to share gold and black wedding color palette along with some decor ideas especially for choosing a great companion color for gold glittery.

    Via junebugweddings / jamilaree / Etsy / confettidaydreams / Elegant Wedding Invites

    Via Elegant Wedding Invites  |  SKU CODE: EWWS276

    5. Rose gold glitter and Blush

    For some glittering shade to a rose gold wedding, blush will never let you down. Blush will also conveys brightness to the soft color of Rose gold. More ideas on this color scheme in terms of wedding earrings, shoes, invites,cake, biscuits,table decorations etc. will come to your mind after you click on the image below.

    Via lenzo / Instagram / rentals.oohevents / inspiredbythisElegant Wedding Invites

    Via Elegant Wedding Invites  |  SKU CODE: EWWS240

    6. Rose gold glitter and Cream

    Cream is such a tender and soft color . Rose gold bridesmaid dresses, cream bridesmaid dresses and a white bridal gown are a great and elegant match. Rose gold and cream wedding invitations are also cool! Rose gold wedding shoes and rings looks magnificent.

    via April Maura / Instagram /  The Wedding Pin /  Hi Miss Puff / Elegant Wedding Invites

    Via Elegant Wedding Invites  |  SKU CODE: EWTS038

    7. Silver glitter and Navy blue

    Silver is considered to be one of best colors for winter wedding as it gives the best result when combined with cooler color. Silver is perfectly accented with the cooler color navy blue. From wedding party dresses to the decorations, invitations, cakes, the combination is a visual treat for sure.Get some inspirations for this palette after clicking on the image below.

    Via quinceanera / theknot / claritynco / fearonmayevents / Etsy / Elegant Wedding Invites

    Via Elegant Wedding Invites  |  EWWS278


  • We'll be back soon!
    26 March 2020
    With heavy hearts we are sad to announce that the studio is now temporarily closed due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

    We need to put our health and the health of others first by closing the studio. Any outstanding orders will still be printed and dispatched, but we will not be taking on any new orders for the foreseeable future. Any orders placed on our website during this time will be processed once we reopen.

    If you are an existing client and have already sent out or have had your invitations printed and need to postpone your wedding, please get in touch and we will provide you with a digital version of your invite with your new wedding date.

    We hope to be back soon, doing what we love and making wedding stationery for lots of excited couples. Stay safe and take care!

    Kerry & Becky xx

  • Wedding Postponements
    26 March 2020

    As we all know, and that it’s the only news we ever see these few days, Covid 19 is a new virus that can cause respiratory disease and it can be spread easily person-to-person. Because of this, everyone has been asked to practice social distancing and couples are left with hard decisions regarding postponing or cancelling their wedding. 

    We strongly advise postponing your wedding rather than cancelling your big day. Not only does this decision mean you do not lose your deposit and the time you spent to secure your wedding and team, it also means that you are keeping your wedding suppliers in business.

    Over the next couple of months the wedding industry and all its vendors (yes that’s us too!) will be facing some of the toughest conditions of any sector, with bans on gatherings coming in worldwide. We do know that this will pass, and love will conquer. The health and safety of you and your loved ones is far more important and it is strongly recommended that weddings that are within eight weeks are postponed or cancelled until further notice. So, how do you communicate with your guests about the postponement?

    The first step is to make sure you maintain a clear and frequent communication with your guest. This is a stressful time for everyone, some more than others and it helps to stay positive, if we stick together and work for the greater good life can again take on some normality.

    • Ensure that you have all your guests’ current contact details, this could be a good time to update all addresses in your Paperlust address book.
    • You may consider starting a social media group or chat group using whatsapp/facebook where guests can be kept up to date.
    Suggested wording to announce your wedding postponement to your guest

    If you already decided the new date

    I hope this email finds you well, and that you and your loved ones are safe during this difficult time. The current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by The World Health Organization. (Insert partner’s name) and I agreed that our guests’ safety is the utmost priority this time around, therefore we’ve decided to postpone our wedding date to (insert new wedding date). Thank you for all your love and we look forward to celebrating with you in (insert month)! 

    If you haven’t decided the new date

    I hope this email finds you well, and that you and your loved ones are safe during this difficult time. As the world is now facing a global pandemic of COVID-19, it has been a hard time for everyone. In light of the situation, we have made the tough decision to change our date so we can celebrate safely. We are currently working to secure a new date and will be in touch with you as soon as it is finalized. 

    We hope for nothing but the safety of all our beloved guests. Please contact us directly with any questions. Thank you for all your love. 

    • Not all guests have access to a computer or mobile so you may consider mailing a printed postponement card to them once the details of your postponed wedding has been confirmed.
    • With Joy is a wedding website (and paperlust partner) that can help communicate your new wedding plans as smoothly as possible with tools such as announcement banners, E-Cards, Live streaming, live photo albums and hide the date function.
    Other considerations

    As most people are having the same concern over safety in this period, please keep in mind that your wedding is not the only one being postponed. There is a high volume of weddings which are being rescheduled to late 2020, resulting in some venues not being able to accommodate new weddings during the weekend. It might be worth considering rescheduling your wedding to an off-peak day, such as Monday to Thursday. The most important thing is initiating a discussion with your vendors about the available options for a new date. 

    Another thing to consider is we know that some plans are not meant to be delayed. Postponing a wedding is a hard pill to swallow and that is totally okay for you to feel that way. You can choose to elope for now and have your reception at a later date when the world starts to calm down. An elopement announcement at this time of the year can be a good news among all the bad. Any of our invitation designs can be modified to an elopement announcement, so if you need any assistance in doing this, we are here to help!

    It will be a bumpy road ahead of all of us but there is no need to panic. In times such as now, the most important thing is your own safety. Take this time as a way to reconnect with your beloved ones at home and take good care of each other. 

    Our team at Paperlust will still be around to help you walk through your plans. The wedding might be postponed, but the plans are still there. Our website is accessible 24/7 so you can always customise any designs and place your order without having your date finalised. 

    We are also offering existing customers free digital postponement cards (with pretty designs and fonts) to share with your guests by email or text if you need a way to tell them about the postponement. However if you have the same love of printed cards as we do, and would like a reprint of a previous order, we are also offering 40% off on any stationery that requires reprints due to the change of plans. 

    The post Wedding Postponements appeared first on Paperlust.

  • Throwing A Graduation Party? Check Out These Grad Party Invite Ideas And Tips
    24 March 2020

    Soon-to-be a graduate… Graduating from your high school or college certainly calls for some celebration with friends and families.
    It is one of those special moments of everyone’s life – a milestone. This once-in-a-lifetime event deserves a special party to celebrate your achievement and wish you all the luck for future endeavors.

    You can seek the help of your parents or kin when planning a graduation party. Ask yourself – how do you want to celebrate this milestone? Do you want a small gathering or perhaps just close friends and families only? Do you want to throw a huge party? If yes, you will have to plan it accordingly. For example, the venue! Do you want a themed party? If yes, you will have to explore trending grad party themes and then make arrangements for the same.

    Once you plan when, where, and how to throw a grad party, the next step would be to search for graduation party invitations and announcements. If you are a parent, looking to throw a surprise grad party for your soon-to-be graduate kid, you can get surprise party invitation cards designed for breaking the news of the party to the anticipated guests.

    Unique Graduation party invitation card ideas:

    Graduation seems like the end of an era for you. Despite being a nerve-wracking experience, it is the perfect opportunity to seal these moments and capture them in your heart forever. And what’s a celebration without friends and families?

    As you plan your grad party, you must steer clear of the difference between graduation invitation and graduation party invitation. While the former simply means that you are inviting people to attend your graduation ceremony – the convocation day; the latter is to invite people at your graduation party (something that happens once you receive your graduation degree). So, be careful to specify things properly.

    Next, decide who all do you want to invite to your grad party? Depending upon this list, you must get your grad party invites published. If you are a parent, get a graduation surprise party invitation card printed to surprise your kid.

    You must choose from different types of paper invite when searching for your graduation party invitation card.

    • Stone embellished grad party invites.
    • Laser-cut, embossed, or metallic invites.
    • Ribbons, tassels, and bow-embellished unique party invites.

    Your surprise invitation card should leave your guests mesmerized. And for you, it can always be stored as a keepsake of your graduation memory.

    Next, once you get the cards printed, you must start sending them out at least 4-6 weeks before the party. It will give ample time to your guests to help them prepare for the event.

    What to include in your grad party invite?

    Wording your grad party invitation card simply means including all the relevant information regarding the event.

    • Define who is sending the invite and who is graduating. If you are rolling out the invites for your own graduation party, then it must have your name.
    • Include the date, time, and venue of the event.
    • If there is a theme, let your guests know about it.
    • Include the RSVP information, so you can get an idea of how many people would be attending the party.

    Graduation is an exciting moment in your life. Express your joyfulness and sense of achievement with your friends and families by throwing a grad party. Explore exciting graduation party invitations online.

  • 2020 Decor Trends | 25 Fantastic Wedding Arch Ideas For You Say “I do”
    23 March 2020

    A wedding backdrop, arch or arbor is a very important thing because it will set the pitch of the ceremony. Wedding arches look great at any ceremony inside or out, and make a photo-worthy statement by framing the couple underneath. They come in many sizes, materials, and shapes that you can embellish with greenery, flowers, ribbons, and lights! Make your arch as simple or extravagant as you’d like by incorporating your colors, flowers, and personal touches. Here are some magical wedding arch ideas that will make say “I do” look as good as it feels!

    • Floral And Greenery Wedding Arch

    Floral wedding arches are the most popular ones because they are easy to make and look very romantic plus they fit any wedding style. It can be a square or a rounded arch, a wooden or a twig or even metal one, with florals and greenery or different kind, the colors of the blooms are up to your wedding color scheme or you just go bold!

    via Etsy

    Via pacoandbetty

    • Bohemian Pampas Grass Wedding Arch

    When it comes to wedding décor trends, pampas grass is a favorite of ours. It’s been trending for a couple of years now, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon! The tall, wheat-colored tufted grasses can often been seen growing along riverbanks and cliff sides, and have a soft, wispy quality that adds instant texture to anything from a bouquet to a ceremony arch.

    Via rosesandrings

    Via mydeerflowers

    Via oliviabossert

    • Wreath Wedding Ceremony Arch

    We love circular wedding arches that take center stage at a wedding ceremony. They are such a dramatic wedding decoration idea that really takes a wedding ceremony up a few notches. We also love that the circle symbolizes eternity, which goes with the idea of marriage lasting forever.

    Via Pinterest

    Via pretty my party 


    Via friedatheres

    • Boho Chic Triangle Wedding Arches

    Most of triangle wedding arches are boho ones, so if you are planning a boho wedding and want to make a special wedding arch, pay attention to triangles. To make your triangle arch boho chic, choose a wooden or a metal arch and decorate it with blooms that you’ve chosen the wedding decor, pampas grass, feathers and lots of greenery and foliage.

    Via weddingomania

    Via weddingomania

    Via weddingomania

    • Fashion-Forward Geometric Wedding Arches

    Geometry has become a huge trend, and you can see it everywhere including wedding decor. It fits many wedding decor styles: boho, modern, minimalist, glam and others, and if you are choosing some edgy geometric touches for your wedding decor, start with an arch.

    Via weddingomania

    Via aandbebridalshop


    Via weddingomania

    • Edgy Modern Wedding Arches

    Edgy modern wedding arches are eye-catching, chic and can be made of a plenty of materials and with lots of different looks to fit your wedding. Metal, wood, paper, cardboard and other materials are welcome to achieve the look you like, and you may make the arch yourself.

    Via mydeerflowers


    Via weddingomania

    Via weddingomania

    • Macrame Wedding Arches

    Take a usual arch and hang a macramé piece on it – here’s your arch ready! The macramé hanging can cover the whole arch or only part of it – it depends on the look you want to achieve. You may add some lush blooms and greenery on each corner, or only on one, on top of the arch or on top and one corner – there are lots of options to go for.

    Via wanderingweddings / weddingomania

    Via wanderingweddings

    Via letsfrolictogether

  • Message from the founders
    23 March 2020

    Firstly, I hope that you are your family are safe and staying healthy in the current climate. This is an unprecedented crisis in modern times and is unfolding so rapidly that it can be hard to know what will come next, but if we stick together and work for the greater good life can again take on some normality.

    I am writing to advise customers that as a result of measures taken by paperlust to ensure employee health, as well as directives from our local authorities, some of our services may experience disruptions over the coming weeks and months. As of today we are still operating our printing presses, and our suppliers are also operating. This may not always be possible going forward and may be subject to change at very short notice.

    I will keep this post updated with any news that may affect our ability to deliver your orders in our usual production periods, and if you have an order in process that may be affected, one of our staff members will be in touch with you directly.

    We are experiencing many customers who want to change the dates listed on their orders and we are here to assist with that. I commend those who in this troubled times are choosing to postpone and not cancel. At the moment the wedding and event industry is facing some of the toughest conditions of any sector, with bans on gatherings coming in worldwide. We do know that this will pass, and love will conquer. Please speak to your vendors about moving your event dates to the end of 2020 and early 2021. If you are a current customer we have discounts in place for any reprints required and can create for you free “change the date” e-cards you can send to your guests. Please speak to our customer support team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will get back to you asap with options.

    Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

    James and Alexander Boston

    The post Message from the founders appeared first on Paperlust.

  • Change of Plans. Planning a wedding during a pandemic.
    21 March 2020

    I never thought something like this would affect our world the way it has, but here we are, quarantined in our homes and wondering when we will be allowed out again. At first I thought the threat would only affect April weddings which I fortunately do not have any April couples this year. Then the bans extended to 8 weeks, which might affect all of my May couples. (insert heartbreak here) I sent an email out to those affected couples, but I wanted to share with you all my words of reassurance and how I plan to navigate the uncharted waters that lie ahead.

    I am doing everything I can to help those couples affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need advice or formal printed cards, please just send me an email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    My plan is as follows:

    Working remotely, connecting digitally: I am continuing to work normal business hours in my home office as I have the resources and tools I need to complete my jobs right here at home. I am still hustling and here to support you with the best-in-class service you’ve come to expect.

    Since my wedding service is not event based, my schedule is flexible enough to accommodate unexpected situations such as this. Should you need to reprint your wedding invitations, there is no need to be concerned if my printing schedule can handle it. I will do everything in my power to make the process smooth should you need to postpone and/or reschedule your big day.

    Safeguarding your invitations: Every invitation order moving forward will include a glue stick to seal your envelopes as the CDC recommends not licking envelopes.

    Offer support and guidance: As we all continue to navigate the unexpected that is coming with the coronavirus in the next couple months, I am here to offer you advice with invitation etiquette should you need to postpone and/or reschedule your wedding. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to do either of these, I am offering a few things to help things run smoothly.

    1. Free digital graphic

    This offer is for any couple, regardless if you are a current client of mine or not. If your wedding needs to be postponed and/or rescheduled I will create a digital graphic that compliments your wedding invitation design to send to your family and friends electronically.

    2. Free postponement postcards

    If you are a current client and have already sent out your wedding invitations, I’m offering formal postponement postcards at no charge. These cards will be 4 x 6 in size and match your wedding invitation design.

    3. Discount on reprinting

    If your wedding invitations have already been printed, I am offering 15% off the reprint of your wedding invitations once you decide on your new wedding date.

    In addition to these steps, I will be monitoring the latest information including recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization and doing my part to stop the spread of this disease. I will continue to keep an eye on the situation and make further adjustments to my action plan if and when necessary. The health and well-being of my clients and community are of utmost importance.

    I’m here for you.

    COVID-19 has affected all of us in some way. For the couples who are cancelling or postponing their weddings, my heart breaks for you. As a wedding vendor, I can tell you that the wedding community has been uniting and brainstorming the very best ways we can help. If plans for your big day have been changed due to the virus, please email me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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