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Wedding Blogs

11 July 2020

Wedding Blogs
  • 365 Happiness Project 2020 – Quote 166
    11 July 2020




    The post 365 Happiness Project 2020 – Quote 166 appeared first on Boho Wedding Blog.

  • Sarah & Lito's Hunters Yard Wedding Film by ER Films | One Fab Day
    11 July 2020
    An international celebration at Mount Juliet
  • You’ll Love This Unique Solution For Planning A Multicultural Wedding
    11 July 2020
    Stumped on how to plan a multicultural wedding? For Anu and David, the answer was simple. They decided to host two ceremonies, two cocktail hours, and one ridiculously romantic reception all in one magical day! Blush Events Planning & Design took to blending both Hindu and Russian Jewish cultures in the most beautiful of ways. With the help of A. Morgan Event Floral Design, organic floral arrangements gave the fusion wedding the perfect touch of romanticism. Nicole Cowell Photography captured all the picture-perfect moments. Head to the full gallery to revel in all the lovely little details.
  • Romantic Sunset Boise Engagement
    11 July 2020
    Idaho Engagement The Couple

    Amber + Aaron

    These sun-kissed engagement photos were taken in Boise, Idaho by Redbar Photography and we are swooning. Amber + Aaron’s chemistry is evident through these photos that we can’t wait to see how beautiful their big day will be!

    Love Story

    It was March 2019, Aaron and I had been together just shy of five years, so we had already discussed getting married and what the future held for our relationship, but that didn’t keep me from being completely surprised the day he proposed.

    We were off the coast of Roatan, Honduras on a cruise ship with a big group for a friend’s 40th birthday and he mentioned to me that the rest of the group wanted to take some couples pictures and a group picture at sunset on the deck. It seemed like a great idea so we started getting ready in our room for the evening. While we were getting dressed, a romantic love song came on, and I caught him looking at me with the sweetest, purest love in his eyes. It’s something I will remember forever. Thinking back now, I should have known then he was up to something.

    We finished getting ready and headed down to the deck of the ship to see a few couples were already taking individual photos with the beautiful sunset backdrop. Once the rest of the group arrived, he said “let’s get a photo of just us.” As we posed for the camera, he dropped to his knee and out of shock I immediately cried out “Oh no!” and my eyes suddenly started to well with tears. He pulled a stunning engagement ring out from his pocket and said “I love you and can’t imagine my life without you. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”.  I said “yes!”, of course. We spent the next few minutes being embraced with lots of hugs from our family and friends. It was a very joyful moment.

    Shortly after, just the two of us went to the nearest bar to have a celebratory drink and I had to make sure to clarify the he wanted to get married and not just spend the rest of our lives together. He didn’t recall that during his nervous proposal he had forgotten to actually ask me to marry him. He made sure to say it then though. He told me that he had been holding onto the ring for months and that it had been a struggle to make sure I didn’t find it in our house or in our room on the cruise ship before he found the right time to make it happen. I think it was definitely worth the wait.

    Over the next few days, we had an amazing time snorkeling and enjoying the beaches of Roatan, zip lining and tubing through the caves of Belize and exploring the beaches and beautiful city of Cozumel. The rest of the cruise felt like a celebration of us and it’s such an amazing memory to look back on.

    – Bride to Be, Amber

  • Globe Guest Book and Rustic Ceremony At Sustainable Wedding in Jersey
    11 July 2020

    A super relaxed wedding in Jersey for this travel-loving couple, with a globe guest book and a map seating chart! Wanting the feel of an intimate elopement, this couple chose to tie the knot in a remote coastal location in Jersey, made even more special by the fact it was the grooms childhood home! Wanting to make sure the decor was recycled and sustainable, so focused on making a lot of the pieces themselves, such as the ceremony arch, the place names and growing their own flowers whilst also making hundreds out of paper! There was also a very special guest, their beloved pet dog, who had a key role in the ceremony as the ring bearer!


    “Both the ceremony and celebrations were held at the grooms childhood home and most of the decorations, games and features were made by the bride and groom, family and friends. The civil ceremony was a truly personal reflection of our beliefs and commitment to each other.” – Ana & Sam

    Globe Guest Book

    The adventurous couple wanted to bring their love of traveling to the wedding, so the globe guest book was a great alternative to the traditional kind, along with the map seating chart that pinned their favourite destinations. The rustic vibe was carried through into the bride and grooms outfits, the bride chose a low back lace sleeved wedding dress finished with a flower crown, while the groom kept it simple with a brown waistcoat and white shirt.


    “A relaxed day without any formality with our close family and friends. We were inspired by recycling anything and everything and creating as much as we could ourselves, from the arch to place name holders, growing real flowers to making a thousand out of paper.” – Ana & Sam

    If you are thinking about an elopement or small intimate wedding, then we have done a whole round up of how to have an elopement in the UK which you can check out right here! We also have plenty of beautiful elopement inspiration for you in our real weddings section too!

    The post Globe Guest Book and Rustic Ceremony At Sustainable Wedding in Jersey appeared first on ROCK MY WEDDING | UK WEDDING PLANNING & DIRECTORY.

  • Weddings Trends Post-COVID-19
    11 July 2020


    En masse, weddings have been dramatically downsized, postponed, or canceled. Look trends for 2020 and 2021

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  • Successful Event Planner checklist
    11 July 2020


    Learn To Pick Wisely

    The post Successful Event Planner checklist appeared first on .

  • Birthday celebration history
    11 July 2020


    The history of birthday parties was not always such a jovial occasion

    The post Birthday celebration history appeared first on .

  • How to choose your wedding photographer
    11 July 2020


    Photographs are your lasting reminder of your wedding day.

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  • Balvenie Scotch Whisky
    11 July 2020


    Regional categorisation is a vexed issue in whisky

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Wedding Photography Blogs

11 July 2020

Wedding Photography Blogs
  • Narrows of Harpeth Engagement Shoot | Casie + Wes
    11 July 2020

    Casie + Wes

  • What to wear on an Engagement Shoot
    11 July 2020

  • Family Photos on the Wedding Day
    11 July 2020

  • Bride and Groom’s Private ‘First Dance’ at Sunset Portrait Session
    10 July 2020

    A sunset portrait of a bride and groom will win almost every time. A private “first dance” before the real thing? Even better.

    Wedding photographer Carla Towill of The Unbridled, based in the UK, had a moment with these two after their ceremony to enjoy the setting sun at Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset. “A sunset portrait session is somethingI love to do. The light provides an atmosphere like nothing else,” Towill notes.

    Basking in the sunset before joining the party at the reception, Towill says she asked the couple “to have a secret first dance here before they went in to do their official one with their guests. I saw the low light coming in through the trees and knew this was the spot. It was a wonderfully intimate moment to witness—the calm before the storm.”

    Photographed on a Canon 6D with a Sigma Art 35mm lens at f/1.4, 1/4000 sec. and ISO 100. 

    Check out more Photos of the Day, and email submissions to RF’s senior editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    The post Bride and Groom’s Private ‘First Dance’ at Sunset Portrait Session appeared first on Rangefinder.

  • How Wedding Filmmakers Can Grow Business, Skills From Home
    10 July 2020

    “I’ll just take the summer off,” no self-respecting wedding videographer or photographer said ever. I did say, “2020 will be the year I work less and spend more time with my family!”—but I didn’tactually mean for it to be taken so literally.

    After relocating from the UK to Wengen, a tiny Swiss ski and hiking resort in the Jungfrau Region of the Swiss Alps, almost four years ago, I’d been establishing myself as a luxury destination wedding filmmaker. My mind is drifting between Malibu and Sorrento in Italy, Lake Magorie in Switzerland, the South of France and New York—just some of the wedding locations where I filmed in 2019, and some of those already commissioned for 2020 under my business, Story Of Your Day. My efforts were finally starting to pay off and I was at last being recognized as â€œone of Europe’s leading female wedding videographers.” I was even featured right here in Rangefinder alongside two amazing U.S.-based filmmakers, in an article called â€˜The Future of Filmmaking is Female’ (read the online version here).

    The promo video for Story of Your Day.

    2020 had been touted to be the biggest year in weddings; the year has a nice symmetrical ring to it, don’t you think? It denotes perfect vision. It just sounds right. Rolls off the tongue. But it has developed into being a year with hardly any weddings to capture at all.

    A recent favorite video of mine.

    My corporate promotions company has suffered, too. Under The Story Creatives, I had corporate commissions, with travel and tourism companies all over Switzerland, simply called off overnight. And my annual appearance at the UK Photography/Video Show was cancelled at the last minute. Later, I had to do the same, letting down the expectant and excited attendees of my videography workshop in London.

    [Read the 9 ways to keep your photo business afloat.]

    Working locally in a bar or restaurant or hotel wasn’t an option. Apart from the fact that Wengen isn’t very “open” right now, I am yet to master German, let alone Schweizerdeutsch, the Swiss-German dialect with more regional versions than Swiss cheese varieties.

    I had to think laterally: What could I do to keep me sane and keep me earning? I needed to do something that, in essence, could achieve a balance of family life, personal gratification and business success.

    I briefly looked at my bucket list of things I’d always wanted to do:

    “Run a marathon.” Not in these mountains!  

    “Write a book.” That sounds like too much work.

    “Run a successful business.” Oh, wait…

    But one thing I’d wanted to do was write an online course, sharing my videography skills and expertise with others.  In this year of incredible uncertainty, I decided to bring my Evolve Videography Training online: into the locked-down homes, studios and offices of wedding videographers. I am passionate about inspiring and empowering others. Given the difficult times we’re all facing, I had to bring this vision into reality.

    The promo video for my Evolve Videography Training course.

    I set to work, but I also had something else on my mind.  Not only did I not know anything about actually writing an online course but, putting myself in the shoes of other videographers, I couldn’t think of anything worse than being a slave to a “death by Powerpoint” class. So, I had to come up with a plan to make it different.

    I signed up for Jeanine Blackwell’s “7 Steps to Creating and Launching Your Online Course,” on online course to learn about writing an online course (of course I did)! It was a worthwhile investment, both of my time and money, because it taught me how to structure, write and produce an effective and engaging online course and how to share my skills, experience and expertise.  In effect, I was on a learning curve, too.

    By June 1, The Wedding Film Academy for Female Filmmakers was online. I had three weeks of modules completely in the bag, with the other four modules all planned but not written or recorded (who doesn’t like a bit of pressure?). It’s immersive and hands-on and enables filmmakers to improve their filmmaking and storytelling skills, upgrade their packages and pricing, promote themselves in a highly competitive market, and gain confidence with access to my knowledge, skills and industry insight.

    Those on the course feel part of a proper training program rather than just a viewer. In every module, “students” are expected to take part with tasks and homework and then be accountable in the Facebook group community, as well as attend regular webinar sessions so we could chat and have coffee, or, in my case, a large glass of vino.

    Being a Women Who Photo & Film ambassador meant the obvious choice was for me to launch the first course with women in mind, but I hate to leave anyone out and am mindful of exclusion, so I’ve succumbed to demands to open up another course welcoming all on board. The Film Academy for Wedding Videographers is up and in full swing.

    Lockdown has been tough, the last four months hard to deal with, but it’s been good to have a focus. Get yourself one—they’re completely free of charge.

    Regrets? I have a few. I sometimes think that if I’d known what I was getting myself into, I would have never have started it. There’s a saying: Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. I’m a Capricorn, a perfectionist, so that took all of my energy.  I’ve worked harder in the last few months than I have in a long time, and my reward now is to take the rest of the summer off with my family—with a small caveat: It depends what else comes up!

    How Photographers and Videographers Are Branching Out in Different Ways During the Pandemic Photographer → Baker
    Ryan Browne Photography

    I’ve worked with Ryan Browne on several occasions at weddings, and I always found it fascinating that as well as being an awesome wedding photographer, he’s also a highly respected sports photographer. 

    Ryan Browne, who shoots sports photography in addition to wedding photography, on the sidelines in a sports arena with his mask (some of his sporting contracts have begun again since the spread of the virus). © Ryan Browne

    But when it comes to being flexible, well, he’s your man. When all his work stopped, he took a job at a bakery.

    Ryan Browne at work at his new job. © Ryan Browne

    “I first worked in a bakery when I was 17,” he told me. “ I had never imagined I would ever be doing it again, but when it was announced that we were going into lockdown, I realized that all my work would quickly stop. Rather than sitting on my backside and moaning about the situation, I decided to do something about it.  I was back in the bakery within seven days, and earning again.”

    [Check out how photographers are pivoting amid the global pandemic.]

    He’s going to keep on working there, even though some of his sporting contracts have slowly started again. “When you have a family, you have to support them in whatever way you can,” he says. “Although I have been a pro photographer since 1997, at the end of the day, it’s a job. I love being a photographer, but during this difficult time, pride cannot come into it.”

    Photographer → Craftsperson
    Claire Penn (a Rangefinder 30 Rising Star of 2014) Claire Penn with her camera. © Verity Westcott Photography

    Claire Penn has taken a different path and dealt with the last few months in a unique way—she may just have found herself another career path to complement her existing photography business.

    “During the first four-to-six weeks of lockdown,” she says, “I was in a state of shock.  I cried a lot. I drank a lot of wine.” In order to stay sane, she bought a jigsaw and a macramé kit to give herself something to do and take her mind off everything.

    [Read about what photographers are discovering as creative motivation during stay-at-home orders.]

    She got the bug for macramé, bought a how-to book, made a few pieces and shared them on her personal Instagram. It wasn’t long before people were commissioning her to make them.  She now has her own online shop for her new business, Knot & Twig.

    One of wedding photographer Claire Penn’s macramé pieces. © Claire Penn

    “Macramé has given me an outlet for my creativity and given me some of my drive back when I thought nothing could!” she told me.

    Suffice it to say, the jigsaw she bought is still in the box.

    Videographer → Inventor
    Reece Iveson Videography Filmmaker Reece Iveson with his ND filters, created in lockdown. © Reece Iveson

    Look out for a new product on the market from Reece Iveson, who has been designing ND filters during the pandemic. “I’m not someone who can sit through Netflix boxsets all day,” he confesses. “I’d prefer to be working towards something.”

    [Discover the ways that photographers are prioritizing work and creative projects amid the pandemic.]

    He has always wanted to design something, Iveson told me, and as a professional filmmaker, he had realized that perfecting the image in-camera beats trying to improve it in post, hands down. “This is exactly what the filter does, as well as being perfect for creative portrait shots, long exposure shots and so much more,” he says. “If the venture is successful, then this lockdown will be even more memorable!”  

    The ND filters are in production already, so watch this space.

    8 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Business Growing During the Pandemic 1. Perfect or finesse your skills.

    Now is the time to invest in you and your business. I can guarantee that 2021 will be busy with all those postponements from this year, so my advice is to look at what areas of your business need work. Filming, editing, workflow, marketing, branding—the time to do this is now so you’re ready for next year.

    2. Think about where your current skill set might be developed out of wedding filmmaking.

    Have you ever considered corporate work or promos? Perhaps suppliers near you are looking for branding films. Reach out to them and see if you can make them a promotional film. This works especially in areas where lockdown is easing but weddings are still not viable for videography.

    3. Make a new offer.

    Consider offering a bespoke service that normally wouldn’t work for you but at the moment would give you an income stream. While weddings are now permitted with limited guests, have you considered offering a streaming service or a limited service just for filming the ceremony so that clients can share part of their days with friends and family?

    4. Revisit existing clients.

    Contact clients from weddings you’ve filmed and offer them additional upgrades to what they have commissioned already. Perhaps they’d like their ceremony or speeches in full, a FOMO edit, or even just their raw footage. This is all work you can do in the comfort of your locked-down home!

    5. Stay motivated and fit for work.

    I am hearing all the time from photographers and videographers who are petrified about returning to weddings because they feel out of practice. Pick up your camera, stay motivated and shoot anything you can. This is also why an online course is perfect; it keeps you practicing your skills.

    6. Reach out and network.

    Have you considered doing some styled shoots? Perhaps you didn’t have the time before or you don’t want to do anything for free. This is probably the only time that I would consider a styled shoot. I highly recommend it so you can pick up your camera again, get to filming and make new connections for the future.

    7. Learn a new skill.

    I have many students on my course coming into videography from photography. One student used to be a family photographer specializing in studio shoots with newborns. Now she wants to film instead, and she has found that all of her clients are interested. While she learns and perfects her new skills with me, she’s doing discounted offers to build her portfolio.

    8. Get interested in something else.

    Even if you don’t fancy staying within the wedding industry or learning a new skill within it, think about other passions and projects you could follow that could complement any return to work, or be something completely new for your future.

    Be safe, and stay motivated.

    (This article is a tribute to Harry the Hound, 2003-2020.
    I couldn’t have made it through lockdown without him.)

    Emma Wilson is an audiovisual storyteller and the Creative Director at Story of Your Day, an internationally renowned, luxury wedding and event film brand. She also runs corporate production company, The Story Creatives.

    The post How Wedding Filmmakers Can Grow Business, Skills From Home appeared first on Rangefinder.

  • Canon’s EOS R5 & R6 Full Frame Mirrorless and More
    10 July 2020

    Canon hosted a virtual product launch eventon July 9 to announce a slew of new products, including the 45-megapixel EOS R5 and the 20-megapixel EOS R6 full-frame mirrorless cameras that the company says reaffirms its commitment to equip users with the best in high-quality, cutting-edge gear. Drumroll please…

    Canon Steps Up Their Full-Frame, Mirrorless Line-up

    With impressive specs and accolades from the Canon Explorers of Light (including Vanessa Joy and Roberto Valenzuela) who spent time shooting with these two new models, the 45-megapixel EOS R5 and the 20-megapixel EOS R6 may give a much-needed boost to the photo industry during these tough times.

    Vanessa Joy, a Canon Explorer of Light, goes hands-on with the Canon EOS R6.

    Both cameras have a lot in common including in body image stabilization (IBIS) that not only works with RF image stabilized lenses but also promises up to 8 stops of compensation. These cameras are also the first to use Canon’s advanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF II for about 100 percent coverage of the AF area.

    Canon Explorer of Light Roberto Valenzuela and the EOS R5.

    The R5 and R6 are equipped with 1,053 automatically selected AF zones. Additionally, you’ll get eye, face or head detection for humans and for animals. Reports are that they all work exceptionally well and the latter will be especially effective for wildlife and bird photographers.

    Performance is said to be excellent as well, utilizing the same DIGIC X image processor as the 1D X Mark III. Both cameras are capable of shooting up to 12 frames per second with the mechanical shutter and 20fps in silent shutter mode.

    A Deeper Dive: The Canon EOS R5
    The 45-megapixel EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless.

    The higher end EOS R5 offers great video features including both 4K and 8K RAW video up to 29.97 fps, which can be recorded internally. In DCI modes, 4K and 8K can be recorded uncropped. And, Dual Pixel COOS AF II can be utilized in all 8K and 4K recording modes.

    In the EOS R5, you’ll also find dual card slots: one CFexpress and one SD UHS-ii, a 0.5 inch OLED EVF and a 3.2-inch vari-angle LCD touch screen. Built-in Wi-Fi (5GHz/2.4GHz) and Bluetooth are available; an optional WFT-R10A wireless file transmitter can be purchased. Its ISO range of 100-51,200 is expandable to 102,400.

    Weatherproofing is the same as the EOS 5D series and the EOS R5 offers the ability to voice tag photos and videos.

    The EOS R5 will be available at the end of July for $3,899 (body only); $4,999 with the RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens kit.

    More Specifics on The Canon EOS R6
    The 20-megapixel EOS R6.

    The more affordable EOS R6’s 20-megapixel sensor is based on the EOS-1D X Mark ii’s sensor (the sensor is manufactured by Canon). The camera offers dual UHS-II SD card slots, a 0.5-inch OLED EVF, and a 3-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD. Built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) and Bluetooth are available and the R6’s weatherproofing is equivalent to that of the EOS 6D series. The R6’s native ISO ranges from 100-102,400 but is expandable to 204,800.

    Although there’s no 8K video recording, the R6 is capable of capturing 4K video up to 59.94fps internally. You’ll also be able to capture 1080p video up to 119.8 fps. HDR video capture is also available.

    The EOS R6 is slated to ship at the end of August for $2899 (body only). Two kits will also be available: R6 with the RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM lens kit ($2899); R6 with the RF 24-105mm f/1 L IS USM lens kit.

    New Canon Lenses, Launch Dates

    In addition to the two, full-frame mirrorless EOS R5 and R6 cameras, Canon announced several other products and their launch dates:

    -Canon’s RF100-500mm f/4.5-7.1 L IS USM (above, $2,699, September)

    -Canon’s RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM ($600, October)

    -Canon’s RF 600mm and 800mm f/11 IS STM—both are extremely affordable ($700 and $900, respectively) and lightweight (2.05 and 2.78 pounds, respectively) and will be available at the end of July.

    -RF Lens Extenders: 1.4x ($500); 2x ($600); available at the end of July

    Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Printer

    This 13-inch printer utilizes 9 color LUCIA inks and a chrome optimizer. There’s a new matte black ink and Canon promises improved black density. In addition to standard print sizes, the new model can print images up to 39-inches long.

    In addition to a larger 3-inch LCD, the new printer offers a couple of features that will make your life easier. One automatically straightens paper that might have been fed askew. The nozzle feature helps prevent clogging.

    There’s new Professional Print and Layout software that looks full of features (including a B&W photo mode) and easy to use.

    The printer should be available later in July for a price of $900.

    For more information on all these products and more, please visit:

    The post Canon’s EOS R5 & R6 Full Frame Mirrorless and More appeared first on Rangefinder.

  • Laavanya & Varun’s Wedding at The Hindu Temple Canton MI
    10 July 2020

    Love in the Time of covid-19… It persists and thrives. We got a phone call from the bride a couple of weeks before the event wondering if we could photograph her micro wedding at the Hindu Temple of Canton MI. It was a wonderful conversation and we took on the project. The idea was to spend 2 or 3 hours covering just the primary service. Typically we get hired for multi-day events by the Indian community. In today’s world that’s all on hold. Our goal and challenge was to capture something absolutely stunning with what was happening in a condensed and small environment. The Hindu Temple of Canton has a room in the back dedicated for a smaller wedding. We arrived early in the morning for a few photos of the couple before the service began. We worked around the outside of the building and in front. It’s a beautiful Temple. We found some very nice spots and didn’t have to travel far.


    We started out with a pre-service ceremony with the bride and groom in the Main Prayer Hall but the majority of the service took place under the Hindu traditional mandap set up in the room. We have worked with priest Shri Prasad Ishwara before and he is fantastic! The main service commenced and the traditional Hindu service was underway. Photographing the Hindu services is absolutely gorgeous for us. There is so much rich tradition that goes on and though most of it is spoken in the ancient Sanskrit language and we don’t understand a lot of the nuance, our goal is to watch and record the various things as they unfold.

    About halfway through the priest broke away and the bride changed outfits. The second half of the service commenced. After the completion of the service we took our family photos.  Though we only showed a few of the family photos we took numerous groupings of the immediate family & friends who were in attendance. The bride and groom shared some wedding cake then we processed back into the Main Prayer Hall for the final blessing.

    Some Thoughts…

    We absolutely enjoy photographing Hindu services and have some additional photos at this link. They are so full of rich traditions; it would be very interesting to have a translator give a recorded commentary of the various parts of the service as they unfolded. I think the onlookers would get a great deal out of knowing the behind the scenes of these ancient traditions.

    We wish the couple all the best in life endeavors. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this event. Who says a micro wedding can’t be over-the-top beautiful!

    Wedding: The Hindu Temple Canton MI
    Reception: none
    Photographer:  Patrick A.
  • Carly, Woody and their Family Photoshoot
    10 July 2020

    We really love everything about summer !! As professional photographers we know that light is everything and in this period of the year everything is beautiful.

    Carly, Woody and their beautiful children decided to hire Cb Photographer for their family photo shoot in Venice.

    For us it was an honor to meet and be with them, accompanying them in the most beautiful areas of Venice.

    The energy and sweetness of their children gave to the family photos a joy and expressions that will remain forever in our hearts.

    We wish this incredible family lot of happiness and joy

    Let's talk about your family photoshoot...

    The Privacy Policy applies.

    Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

  • Yorkshire Wedding Barn – the story behind the NineDots winning image (part two)
    10 July 2020

    You might see me on a wedding day runningover to a couple and excitedly telling them it’s on! I am not sure that other people feel the same way about a sunset as I do. But there is something quite magical, karmic even. Almost as though things have cosmically aligned. In his book, A Brief History of Everything, the writer Bill Bryson outlines the amazing chance that any one individual is alive today. All the elements that had to come to together for that person to be alive and that specific point in time. He describes in simple, yet great detail, from the Earth being in the goldilocks zone, to the atmosphere, the place on the planet. That moment in history, the fact that generations of people met and had subsequent generations to have you reading his book.

    The beautiful improbability of every wedding day

    “Not one of your pertinent ancestors was squashed, devoured, drowned, starved, stranded, stuck fast, untimely wounded, or otherwise deflected from its life’s quest of delivering a tiny charge of genetic material to the right partner at the right moment in order to perpetuate the only possible sequence of hereditary combinations that could result — eventually, astoundingly, and all too briefly — in you.” Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything. In many ways a wedding day is also so improbable. You happened to meet this wonderful person you are marrying and fell in love. They just happened to meet you and fell in love with you and said yes or perhaps they asked you. The odds, if you ever care to think about the, are eye watering. Furthermore, you chose this venue, on this day and we all turn up and the sunset chooses to be magical – see I told you I take this seriously – I mean what are the odds?

    Relaxed wedding photography all through the day

    So, on your wedding day, if I excitedly start to ramble on about there being a nice sunset outside please humour me. Couples sometimes, quite rightly, choose to stay inside and enjoy the party. I just want to give our couples the opportunity to have nice relaxing walk as the sun sets. This relaxed walk then allows me to capture some really special moments of them bathed in beautiful, fading light. But, this isn’t for every couple, so sometimes the sun sets and everyone stays inside – and so do I, capturing whatever action unfolds. It’s never my place to impose on a couple’s wedding plans. My approach is relaxed and allows couples to enjoy their day as they planned it. And if that means missing out on a sunset, then so be it!

    Like photographing a painting

    However on this particular day at the Yorkshire Wedding Barn, I knew how much Joanna and Stephen wanted to have some images as the sun set. They had talked about it earlier with Patrick and I. We knew from checking our weather apps that the weather was going to be kind but even then, we were unsure if the clouds and the sun would deliver the sunset all were hoping for. So we were excited when we glimpsed the reddening sky through the windows as the wedding speeches took place. We could see something quite spectacular was afoot. The sky was turning a deep, deep red, like some kind of end of days scene from an apocalyptic movie. Or perhaps a Caspar David Friedrich painting. It was unworldly and almost surreal. Though we knew they wanted some sunset images, Joanna and Stephen might still have been a little sceptical when Patrick and I suggested they might leave the warmth and fun of the party to enjoy a walk outside. Speech givers were all sitting back to soak in the post-performance afterglow of absolutely nailing their public speaking debuts. However, when we stepped outside, Joanna and Stephen didn’t need convincing. In fact, we had quite a job keeping up with them. They took off towards the beautiful red sky. The colours now resembled a Van Gogh painting with the palette restricted to only flame like hues. They set off bewitched by the spectacular display. 

    Choosing the right lens for every scene

    As they walked – almost running – ahead of us, Stephen and Joanna asked what they should do. I simply said as I always do: ignore our cameras, enjoy the moment, be yourselves. That was the limit of our guidance and influence on the shoot. I quickly switched to a telephoto zoom, my trusty 70 to 200mm Tamron f2.8, lens (mounted on my Nikon D4s camera) – I also had my D750 and 85mm prime. I did this for several reasons, firstly I knew Patrick was on a wider focal lengths (Patrick has won a Masters Of Wedding Photography award for one of his shots of this stunning sunset). This is one of the advantages of having a second photographer. We can both record a scene or moment from not only a different viewpoint but also with very different lenses, enabling us to capture wide views or tightly cropped images. If I was on my own, I would have stayed with the wider focal length, more normally used when shooting a landscape view. However, shooting with a telephoto lens allows me to fill the frame with a subject for a more striking composition, it allows the photographer to pick a distant subject out. Telephoto lenses also flatten perspective, meaning all focus falls directly on your subject and backgrounds can be used as a dramatic compositional device.

    Unobtrusive couple shots

    The other reason I chose the lens was to keep up with a rapidly disappearing couple who seemed intent on disappearing over the horizon.  With a Telephoto lens, a couple can feel quite relaxed and alone with each other without a camera in their face. Our style is to be as unobtrusive as possible when shooting. However, in this instance we couldn’t have directed the couple had we wanted to. They were simply too far away. We were also fighting the fading of the light; this was a genuine race against time. Joanna was charging up the hillside, at quite a gradient, in wedding dress and heels. Patrick was also very far away from me, but I found myself talking to my camera imploring Joanna and Stephen to make the top of the hill before the sunset faded. I began to make series of frantic hand signals to Patrick, I think I was trying to let him know what lens I was using, but they must have been fairly unintelligible and we both turned our attention to capturing the most we could out of this scene.

    Risk taking wedding photography

    Our style of photography could be described as risky. Not in a dangerous sense – like a surfer searching for the perfect wave – but in the sense that we don’t set shots up, we don’t pose our couples. So, it’s a risk in the sense that we truly and genuinely record what our couples do. We don’t create or fake any moments. So, when Joanna and Stephen set off for the hills and began to hug and kiss all of their own accord, because they were genuinely enjoying the moment together as a couple, we were able to capture these images. It is for moments like these you will find me checking the weather forecast and staring out of the window. Always seeking that perfect moment.

    Why this image works

    However, for this NineDots award winning shot, the moment captured is before the kiss. It shows Joanna and Stephen at the top of their ascent, just as they reach the point they might seemingly touch the sky. They hold hands, they are connected. There is an urgency to how they move. It’s this tension and the fact that this is a real moment caught in time that really helps make this image special. Also, the image is cropped in. That blood red sky is real as is the moment. But often, an image can be improved in processing, just with a slight crop. For this image, Hollie – who leads on all our editing with such skill – has accentuated the sky with her choice of crop. There is just a slither of horizon remaining and then all that red space. The eye goes to the sky, all the wonderful texture – then to the couple and the moment. I’m not sure I will ever find that perfect sunset, that perfect moment, but this sunset was like no other and really does stand out in my portfolio of images. Thanks so much to the NineDots judging for giving me the award. Bigger thanks go to Joanna and Stephen for stepping outside that cold autumn night to experience this near perfect sky with us.

    Choosing M and G Wedding Photography as your photographers

    If you’re interested in our sunset chasing, relaxed photography style, please get in touch. We would love to hear about all your wedding plans. We don’t charge for travel for any UK wedding, so wherever you are getting married we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch here to check our availability.

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  • Yorkshire Wedding Barn – the story behind the NineDots winning image (part one)
    10 July 2020

    In this blog I look back at my recent NineDots award winning image, captured at Yorkshire Wedding Barn in Richmond. Joanna and Stephen’s wedding is one I keep coming back to. Not only was it a fantastic day overall full of so many lovely moments, it delivered one of the most awe inspiring sunsets ever. Below you will find the story behind the image. Also, I look in depth at my love of sunsets and my approach to photographing weddings as a whole. An epic sunset deserves an epic blog and that is what I have delivered! Also, I think I may be the only wedding photographer to link a Patrick Swayze character to his methods. I may be prouder of that than winning the award…

    Dreaming about the light

    In the days leading up to a wedding you will oftenfind me looking at my iPhone. Whilst I am as guilty as the next person of the modern affliction of staring too often at my black mirror, it is usually with an actual purpose and not just scrolling infinitely through my Instagram thread. OK perhaps that is happening a little! But generally I am doing one thing – checking the weather. Or perhaps that should be dreaming about the light. I am now a fully-fledged devotee of the Apple weather app (other apps are available) – this simple tool is unerringly accurate(ish). The days of not knowing what the elements might throw at you are happily now a distant memory.

    Predicting the weather for the perfect photography

    I however remember Michael Fish in 1987 infamously dismissing the possibility of a hurricane (I was only 7, but it’s one of those memories that sticks). Then famously the world awoke to a find quite the opposite had occurred. These days of inaccuracy seem long gone in our metric obsessed and data rich world. Growing up, and for an unreasonable amount of my adult life, I feel we simply didn’t really know what we would face when stepping out of the door. The British climate is not renowned for being spectacularly reliable or kind. However, we can now predict with alarming accuracy when the weather will favour us. Which, as a wedding photographer, comes in very handy. I have unbridled respect for my photography forerunners – shooting on film, having no clue what the weather would hold. We digital natives are truly not worthy!

    Golden hour wedding photography

    Whilst I am in the mood for praising apps, I also use the free version of SunSurveyor lite, a wonderfully simple, but again indispensable, tool that I spend an inordinate amount of time staring at. This handy tool will track the path of the sun based on your location and give you an illustrated timeline of its path. It will also give you the exact timing for ‘golden hour’. This is a time of day we photographers crave. To ‘normal people’, it’s that hour before sunset when the light looks, well, quite nice.  To me, it can be the best part of any day and the time I long for. 

    One eye on the sunset

    On a wedding day I will be keeping one eye on the sunset, or rather the possibility of a sunset. As sunsets are not reliable beasts. All manner of atmospheric issues can affect the result. Sometimes a gloriously sunny day can change and fade at just the wrong moment, heavy clouds roll in and spoil the sunset only to depart moments later to leave skies clear again. Of course, the tricky part is that you actually need clouds. Unless it is a glorious expansive sky, I often feel clouds are needed for composition, for a point of interest or scale. For a dramatic sunset, I won’t go into the science here (My grade B GCSE suggests this is wise), but you need the light to be dispersed through clouds for a truly dramatic sunset. Phenomena such as Crepuscular rays, sunbeams to most of us, are a favourite of mine. This is the effect when the light can be seen breaking through clouds in bold shafts of light. â€œDon’t forget: Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.” – Paulo Coelho

    Discovering the link between Patrick Swayze and wedding photography!

    Then there are the colours. All manner of colours created by the light dispersing through the atmosphere and clouds and different angles, densities and a load of variables I won’t pretend to understand. Reds, oranges, pinks and purples. A stunning gamut of colours can be captured. And for me the exciting element is the fleeting, ephemeral nature of it. It is a race against time and a search for the perfect sunset. Something like Patrick Swayze’s character Bodhi in the action film Point Break. Bodhi is always seeking the perfect wave – If a Point Break reference is too much, I should point out a guilty love of this admittedly cheesy early 90’s classic.  A sunset, like a wave is a brief yet thrilling ride.

    Part two of this Yorkshire Wedding Barn blog

    To read Part Two of this blog please click here.

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Destination Wedding Blogs

11 July 2020

Destination Wedding Blogs
  • Top 5 Things to Avoid the Week Before Your Wedding
    11 July 2020

    It's almost here. The day you've been waiting for! Your wedding day on a Florida beach! And although it's tempting to squeeze in those last few to-do's or shed those last few pre-wedding pounds, be careful with any drastic changes the week before your wedding. It's tempting to hit the spa, salon, or gym to get ready for the big day. But don't push it and end up with wedding regrets that include a bad haircut or sports injury.

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  • Top Five Things We Missed While Under Coronavirus Lockdown
    11 July 2020
    For today’s Friday Five, we’d like to reflect for a moment about how happy we are to be doing weddings again … lots of them! Enjoy our top Five Things We Missed While Under Coronavirus Lockdown, and how happy we are to be “back in the game”!
    5. Working with our patient and flexible couples. People love to ask us aboutbridezilla stories, and we’re so happy to say we have almost none to share, even in today’s days of changed and alternate plans. Erika & Sam were our last wedding before our world changed, only two days before our lockdown was announced. While their honeymoon and trip in Puerto Rico wasn’t exactly what they planned, their plan B is to come back and enjoy it all over again!

    4. Our team – simply the best. We love everyone we work with! As a team, and indeed, a family, we’ve worked hundreds of weddings together; even our couples have commented how efficient and collaborative we are, creating stress-free wedding experiences where we solve anything that comes up without our couple even realizing there was a hiccup. We didn’t realize just how much we missed our team until we didn’t see everyone’s smiling and hard-working faces all the time!

    3. Being outside in such beautiful environments. We’ve said it a million times, but we love our ‘offices’, whether our own cliffside open-air facilities, The Ruins of Aguadilla, the old sugarcane train tunnel at Guajataca, or the pirate’s lair at Puerto Hermina. It’s a privilege to call these stunning locations our workplaces, and isn’t it great that they are open-air and relatively safe in today’s Covid environment.

    2. Couples who become friends for life.We always seem to have the perfect couples for the perfect moments. Maddy & Jimmy, for instance, were our first wedding dinner at our office facilities (stay tuned for more information about that!). Their gang had a blast among their relaxed luxe decor and yummy surf & turf dinner, and we all truly seemed like one big family!

    1. All the possibilities to come … Yes, we are optimistic about the future! We’ve been doing small weddings and elopements long before any global pandemic, and we’re delighted to continue to provide this vital and happy service, for all of our wonderful couples!

    Want more information about having your wedding with Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc.? Please fill out our contact form and we’ll send you information about our wedding packages! 

    Photo: AJR Photo Studio

    Check out some of our recent Friday Fives: Five Wedding Reading We Love, Top Five Unique Wedding Venues in Puerto Rico, Top Five Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

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  • Luxe Neutrals Wedding Inspiration Board
    11 July 2020

    Our latest design vision board was inspired by the gorgeous wedding of Michelle & Tony. A stunning combination of luxe neutrals, like champagne, taupe and ivory. Paired with some glam flowers like orchids, this is the perfect color scheme for an elegant celebration in paradise!

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  • Intricate Maui Real Wedding
    10 July 2020

    Hosting a wedding away can be the perfect opportunity for couples to enjoy the presence of their closest friends and family as they commit to forever. Choosing a destination wedding doesn’t come without its challenges. Jing and Ilya gladly faced the hurdles in order to host an intimate wedding in Maui, Hawaii with those closest to them.

    “The decision inspired a sea of mixed feelings and excitement,” Ilya says. Some guests who are avid travelers were absolutely thrilled, while the remote location and costs of the trip presented insurmountable challenges for others. But nothing could beat saying “I do” in the verdant Hawaiian countryside.

    “For us, it is a state that offers unparalleled variety in just about everything,” the couple says. “There are different styles of islands to travel to, some are relaxing, some are better for adventure and thrill-seekers, etc. And, it is not just the islands, but also the iconic culture and history.”

    When the couple discovered Olowalu Plantation House, they knew it would be the perfect venue to incorporate some of Hawaii’s best elements into their wedding.

    “I loved having the ocean view without getting any sand in my hair, the ancient trees which gave me a magical feeling, the mountains behind, the cute plantation house…it was just perfect,” Jing says.

    Although planning a wedding away wasn’t a piece of cake for Jing and Ilya, relying on their wonderful team of professional wedding planners offered peace of mind. With their help, the couple could focus on how to blend their Jewish and Chinese heritages with the Hawaiian culture.

    The Hawaiian sunset made for a breathtaking scene on the evening of the ceremony. “Jing met me at the Chuppah, walked by both of her parents to the traditional, nostalgic melody of Mendelssohn’s march,” Ilya says.

    The magic of the day flowed into the night as Ilya serenaded Jing, playing a “A Whole New World” on the violin. After all the fun festivities of the reception, the couple ended the night with a special final dance: “мы желаем счастья вам”- a Russian classic, which was the final song at the groom’s parent’s wedding.

    When asked what their favorite part of the day was, the couple’s response brings tears to the eyes: “Everything! This is a day that we put so much heart into planning; almost every detail was customized and had a meaning behind it. It was full of culture, intimacy, and was gentle and romantic. And, it feels funny that we planned so long for that day, and when the day actually came, it went by faster than the blink of an eye.”

    The couple encourages others in the planning process to remember to look at your wedding as more than a celebration, but as a lifetime memory and reunion that will be reminisced about for years to come. 

    Vendors: Photography: Melia Lucida; Wedding Planner: Moana Belle Events; Ceremony/Reception Site: Olowalu Plantation House; Florist: Mandy Grace Designs; Stationery: The Writing Desk; Gown Designer: ShiniUni; Groom’s Clothing Designer: TOPZIO; Tableware: Set Collections; Linen: La Tavola Linen; Rentals: Inspiration Events Hawaii; Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty

  • Welcome Back to RIU and RIU Destination Weddings
    09 July 2020

    Our friends at RIU all-inclusive resorts, set amongst stunning locations in Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and many of the smaller Caribbean Islands are reopening for travelers once again. Right now, groups and weddings are at the resort, reveling in the delight of vacationing. But what’s it actually like to be at a resort now, with new safety protocols in place for COVID-19 and the pandemic? We’re lucky enough to have a promotional video showing just that, click the play button below:

    In Mexico we are working together; the hotel industry, wedding planners, and vendors to offer safe programs and protocols. We have a program named “Choose your venue in person” so you can come to stay with us for 2 nights and you can meet with your wedding specialist in person. you can also meet with the vendors, have a menu tasting, and check all our protocols so you and your wedding guests will feel comfortable to come.

    We’re ready to go! Click the button below to continue exploring RIU resorts and destination weddings:

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  • Thinking of a wedding in San Sebastián? Take note of these unique spaces to celebrate a wedding in the Gipuzkoan capital
    09 July 2020

    If you are looking for wedding venues in San Sebastián, you want to know what the gastronomy that the place offers, and the places to visit in the capital, this is your article.

    Why? Because below you will find a mini guide with all the opportunities that the city offers when it comes to celebrating your wedding.

    It is true that both in Donostia (San Sebastián), in the province of Guipúzcoa and even throughout the Basque Country (Basque Country), you can find many charming places to celebrate your wedding, but… these are the best!

    Put them all down, because they are all unique in their essence!

    Murguia Palace

    This space is unique, full of magic and charm, is located a few kilometers from Donosti, in Astigarraga. The Palacio de Murguía was originally the Tower-House of the lords of Murguía, and whose origins date back to the 11th century.

    Surely if you have been enraptured in front of this palace it is because you cannot resist the warm stone of a palace, the change of the colors of its gardens or the history of the palace thinking about every step you take through its halls and interior spaces.

    The palace also has an annexed church, that of Santa María de Murguía, with private access to the estate to celebrate, if desired, a religious ceremony. Civil ceremonies can also be performed, both in its gardens and in its interior rooms.

    Itxas Bide Igeldo

    We are facing the horizon that separates the sky from the sea, a space intended for all those who seek to be in contact with the waters of the Cantabrian Sea at their wedding.

    In the gardens of this farm you can see the sun hiding on the horizon, hear the soft sound of the waves and notice the sea breeze brushing the skin.

    Itxas Bide Igeldo becomes the ideal place also for the most special dinner of your life, they also have a dance floor with a disco service to make this an unforgettable night under the stars of Guipúzcoa.

    Hika Bodega (Hika Winery)

    Hika Bodega, twenty minutes from the center of Donostia-San Sebastián and 15 minutes from Tolosa, is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Guipúzcoa, since it has a modern design building and is located among beautiful vineyards.

    This is a private farm and exclusive estate with a comfortable location and idyllic setting of mountainous landscapes, vineyards and extensive gardens that makes the winery a perfect place for your wedding.

    During your big day, between the outdoor areas and the gardens that surround the vineyards, you will be enveloped in a unique, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Torre Satrustegui (Satrustegui Tower)

    Located on the slopes of Mount Igueldo, the Satrustegui Tower bathes Ondarreta beach and forms part of one of the most important areas of the Gipuzkoan capital.

    This space is surrounded by a garden with trees, roundabouts and pathways, originally designed by Ducassé, but without a doubt, the main charm lies in the access to it, which is carried out by the double staircase that ascends from the garden to the porch, on which the terrace joins the two towers.

    Inside the building you can find a distribution on the main floor that develops around the central stairwell, which is covered on the roof by a large skylight and where the flooring and paneling stands out.

    Bokado Mikel Santamaría

    This unique space offers the possibility of holding an outdoor wedding with a 360º panoramic view over the magical bay of La Concha.

    Nothing like a main dining room with a terrace and these fantastic views to taste the best flavors of the gastronomic proposals of Bokado Mikel Santamaría, which is also linked to the culinary roots of San Sebastían while still being a current and modern product.

    It takes very little to remember this wedding as an authentic event that was undoubtedly “up to the task”!

    Bodega Katxiña (Katxiña winery)

    The Weddings in wineries are one of our favorites, and there is nothing better than enjoying a good wine in the gardens of the Katxiña winery, while contemplating a beautiful landscape and whetting your appetite by seeing live how to make a good grilled fish through a show cooking barbeque.

    The Katxiña Winery is ideal for both the ceremony, the welcome or the treat. Combining good gastronomy with txakoli Katxiña, made in-house at the winery, is a real success.

    And then … everyone to the dance hall or the cool zone area to continue the party!

    Finca Bauskain (Bauskain farm)

    The Bauskain farmhouse, an old restored farmhouse from the 15th century with more than 900 useful square meters, belongs to the lands of the medieval Tower of Barroeta, which is half a kilometer away.

    This Tower already existed before 1350, and the granaries of the Bauskain farmhouse were conditioned in 1856, so they endow the place with history and culture to make the wedding a much more special moment.

    This space has 48 hectares of land, which are surrounded by native vegetation and large fenced meadows.

    For the most rustic and rural bride and groom!

    Casa Rual Larrakoetxea (Larrakoetxea Rural Cottage)

    The Casa Rural Larrakoetxea is located on a hill above the beautiful Bay of Plencia, in this Biscayan municipality with the same name. Built on the old farmhouse, with high quality materials and noble woods, the house has 6 luxurious double rooms, two spacious living rooms, a porch, a café-bar, a garden, outdoor terraces and surrounding fields.

    One of its great attractions is being located in front of the sea, surrounded by fields, trees and farmhouses. Nature and sea for the most special day of your lives.

    It also has an incredible restaurant that specializes in grilled meat and fish and typical homemade desserts.


    This farm located in Urrugne, just 20 kms from San Sebastián, has a magnificent 18th century farmhouse and old renovated stables perfect for any couple who dreams of a dream environment, in the midst of nature, under the watchful eye of horses and with spectacular views of the mountains for your wedding.

    Machoenia has a large flat land and manicured wooded gardens ideal for a ceremony and welcome cocktail outdoors.

    A unique environment and a professional sea team make this farm the ideal place for an unforgettable celebration, since the dining room can also be customized to suit the client.

    Hotel Maria Cristina

    Known for the golden age of San Sebastián, the Hotel María Cristina was inaugurated in 1912, with art details and suitable touches of decoration that combine comfort and discretion with a high level of elegance.

    The gastronomy shows, in its luxurious restaurant, a popular influx of people, since it presents regional dishes in a delicate way and in an exclusive and luxurious environment.

    This hotel, although it is more than a century old, still continues to house in its spaces the most important stars of the socialite, among which their rooms stand out, the best example of comfort and tranquility where rest is guaranteed.

    London Hotel

    The Hotel Londres in San Sebastián offers a classic setting with charm. This 19th century building is an icon of San Sebastián and Guipúzcoa and the decoration of its rooms give an atmosphere with an unforgettable style.

    In addition, all your guests will be able to enjoy stunning views of the famous bay of La Concha from their room and from the room during the banquet.

    A privileged venue for events with natural light and breathtaking views!

    Restaurant Arzak

    The history of the Arzak Restaurant begins in 1897, the year in which Juan Mari Arzak’s grandparents began the construction of this house, which to this day continues to have its original Restaurant.

    In the first place, it was a wine cellar and tavern, but later Juan Mari Arzak’s parents turned it into a food house of some relevance and refinement, where their stews and basic elaborations of the Basque and Donostiarran recipes stand out.

    Palace Arbaisenea

    Located in the heart of San Sebastián, in a bucolic landscape and thought to be the setting for a fairytale wedding, this palace was built in 1881, by order of the Duke of Sotomayor, Don Carlos Martínez de Irujo and del Alcázar.

    In a park of more than fifteen hectares of landscaped garden, surrounded by the region’s own trees and walks framed by hydrangea hedges, this place has always sought to be somewhat exotic and far from the bustle of the city, being exquisite and elegant in its set.

    Mirador de Ulía (Ulía viewpoint)

    With complete arrangement of all the facilities, the Mirador de Ulía stands out for its gardens, considered an authentic oasis in the heart of Mount Ulía.

    These are prepared to adapt to the needs of your wedding and thus offer a whole experience to your guests.

    In the gardens you can carry out the ceremony, the welcome cocktail, the banquet and even the after party.

    All the links in full and with the best views of San Sebastián!

    Mercure Monte Igueldo Hotel ( Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo)

    Located in an exceptional watchtower from which you can enjoy a spectacular view over the bay of the La Concha, the hotel has rooms from which you can see the sea, with panoramic facilities capable of hosting any event and with a splendid outdoor swimming pool .

    The Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo shares space with a beautiful amusement park that can be accessed through an old funicular from the beginning of the 20th century.

    Its gastronomy will also convince you

    Donostia cuisine is wide and varied, and the best thing is that it uses natural and local ingredients from both its Cantabrian Sea and its orchards and inland pastures, always using the best products, quality and seasonal, so that also remember your wedding day for the banquet.

    If your wedding is in summer, get ready to taste its famous pods, peppers, cod omelets, Ibarra chillies, tomatoes and sardines, while, if your wedding is in spring, your palate will hallucinate with anchovies and verdel, with Young broad beans, asparagus, artichoke, marmitako and green caviar.

    If, on the other hand, you are from colder climates, don’t worry! Because your treat will be filled in the autumn with sausages, mushrooms, zizas, perretxikos, cod with pil pil, roasted sea bream, black pudding and game products. And in winter it will be full of Tolosa beans, baked txangurro, hake kokotxas in sauce and elvers bathed in cider and txakoli.

    And yes, whatever the time of year it is … desserts are guaranteed! Like, for example, sheep’s milk curd, roasted or compote apples, walnuts with cheese or in intxaursaltsa, and even chestnuts!

    But how could we forget the greatest wealth of San Sebastian’s gastronomy? Those are its famous pintxos, the famous Basque tapas found in any bar or restaurant in San Sebastián, you can count on miniature haute cuisine creations for the starters of your treat!

    Take advantage of your wedding stay … and get to know the city!

    Because this place really is a real gem, not to be missed! So, if your wedding is in the city of San Sebastián, you can not stop enjoying it.

    How? Taking a dip with your partner in Playa de la Concha that, although the water is a little cold …, it will be an unforgettable memory! Otherwise, you can always go to the impressive La Perla Spa, built in the early 20th century and turned into the largest and most modern thermal center in the world. The highest European aristocracy came to him!

    The Miramar Palace is another of the most famous buildings in the city that you cannot miss, since it is the residence where the Spanish monarchy used to spend their summers in the past. Visiting it will make you feel like real kings!

    Touring the historic center of San Sebastián and its Calle Mayor (Kale Nagusia) is another of the obligatory activities, where you can also visit the Basilica of Santa María del Coro.

    Strolling along its incredible promenade and taking a photo among the famous and historic white fences is also a tradition, as well as walking to the end of the Bahía de la Concha, on Ondarreta Beach, and discovering another of the symbols of San Sebastian: the Peine del Viento, a set of sculptures by Eduardo Chillida.

    And finally … go up to the Mirador del Monte Igueldo! There are no excuses not to take the funicular and enjoy the spectacular views of the city. But that’s not all, because when you arrive you will find an old amusement park that still stands. Guaranteed fun!

    Any of the unique spaces we have collected, any of the dishes from San Sebastian or any of the places you visit in the area, will undoubtedly make celebrating your wedding here a success.

    You have already seen that the

  • From Hong Kong to Paris Engagement Shoot
    09 July 2020

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    Today we go back to our beloved Paris, and this time we will go all over the city. A lovely couple from Hong Kong traveled all the way to France to celebrate their engagement with a spectacular Paris Engagement Shoot. We absolutely love the pictures, and Wendy even does an outfit change. Going all over […]

    The post From Hong Kong to Paris Engagement Shoot appeared first on French Wedding Style.

  • The 3 key elements of a Tahitian Wedding
    09 July 2020
    There are 3 key elements in a Tahitian Traditional Wedding:

    Theauti, the plant sacred to Tahitians.  Water – taken from the ocean (moana), the greatest temple on earth. Tiare Tahiti – the wonderfully perfumed flower which symbolizes harmony & the sharing of all things.

    • A split leaf of “Auti” a scared plant is tied on the wrist of each person, this symbolizes the union between the two individuals.
    • The Water poured over their hands to symbolize the purification of the Union.
    • The exchange of flowers, commonly lays & crowns, a welcome sign in French Polynesia.
    The Auti

    In recognition of the marriage being sacred, the wedding is first blessed using auti:

    The sacred bond, the union of the two, is recognized by the tying of a strip taken from the back of the auti leaf which will call in good & protect the couple against evil. In ancient times Tahitians would tie the strips to the entrance to their fares (homes) to protect their privacy

    The Auti leaf

    The water marks the purification of the wedding

    The exchange of Tiare Tahiti – the leis have been given to the groom by the parents of the bride as a sign of his having been welcomed into the family as one with other family members. The Tiare Tahiti is the symbol of the love for one another.

    Wedding Bora Bora – Water blessing

    For the blessing

    the couple is then wrapped in a “Tifaifai” (a Tahitian Guilt) for the “Tahua” (non-denominational Tahitian Priest) to give them his benediction. red signifying royalty & love, being wrapped together to signify their union; the union given the benediction of the tahua

    Tahitian Blessing in Bora Bora

  • Swanky Swiss Honeymoon
    08 July 2020

    Seeking a European honeymoon that offers the peacefulness of nature, the fine dining of big cities and exotic spa experiences from around the world? Then book your honeymoon at the Giardino Group resorts in Switzerland and take a tour of one spectacular country.

    Touch down in Zurich (a non-stop destination from many major U.S. cities) and spend a few days exploring the sights. Dine on the world’s finest cheeses and experience the art (and deliciousness) of raclette or enjoy a romantic dinner of fondue before strolling along Lake Zurich. Shop in season at the world-famous Christmas Market or year-round for world-class chocolate at local artisanal chocolatiers. Explore the famous Great Minister church in Old Towne or hike up the hilltop of Uetliberg Mountain for panoramic views. Then retire at the base of the trail in the royal residence of Atlantis by Giardino, where you can take over the entire top floor when you stay in one of Europe’s largest hotel suites. With a shisha lounge, private chef and butler, hallways lined with bedrooms, and a terrace worthy of a wedding reception, you’ll feel like royalty (and sleep where some have).

    After getting a taste of the city sights, take the popular Swiss Railway to Ascona, a small lakeside village on the Swiss side of Lake Maggiore. Here you’ll check into Giardino Ascona for Ayurvedic-style cuisine and a bit of detox, if needed, to start your newly-wedded life out right. Opt into their Ayurvedic consultation and learn how to best treat your individual body. Indulgences such as sound massages, yoga in a heated outdoor tent, healthy cooking classes and swimming (indoors and out) show you the way at this peaceful paradise.

    For a little more action, grab a complimentary bike and head into town for cocktails in the grottos, a stroll through the local farmers market and views of the famous lake. If water sports are more your speed, spend a day on the hotel’s private yacht and anchor on Brissago Islands for a relaxing afternoon in the gardens of the botanical park and palazzo. Or take a cable car to the top of the nearby mountain to see Switzerland’s tallest peak and lowest point all at once. Then return to the lily pad-clad property and dine at Ecco, a two Michelin star restaurant with a delectable tasting menu designed for a romantic night out. Tour up the hillside in Ticino and stop at regional highlight, winery Cantina Helvetica di Daniel D'Andrea. One call from Giardino Ascona’s superb head concierge, Claudio Caser, and you just might dine on the family’s locally caught wild boar and homemade cheese while you taste their four varietals of delightful wines.

    If this honeymoon is part of a destination wedding in Switzerland, consider Giardino Lago for a rooftop deck ceremony overlooking the Italian and Swiss waters of Lake Maggiore, a reception in the popular Lago restaurant and a room block every guest will appreciate for the price. Just ten minutes from the center of Ascona you have two completely different experiences for a wedding and honeymoon and two fantastic options for all types of travelers in your group.

    And finally, if a ski season honeymoon has caught your eye, you could even add a few days at Hotel Giardino Mountain near St. Moritz and enjoy an adventurous vacation for two on the slopes.

    Switzerland’s natural beauty, charming towns, outdoor adventures and design-centric cities offer different cultural experiences in every region and the ease of a well-oiled transportation system between them. For a honeymoon experience that has it all, head to Switzerland and all of the Giardino resorts.


    This article first appeared in Destination I Do's Fall/Winter 2019 issue. 

    Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Giardino Ascona (1st & 2nd); Giardino Lago (3rd); Atlantis by Giardino (4th)

  • Island Update
    08 July 2020
    We are committed to keeping you up to date with the latest changes on the island and how they might affect your wedding and travel plans. Please check out the COVID-19 section of our website for everything you need to know about our company policies during the pandemic. You can also find our latest video update. 

    Please reach out with any questions or concerns you might have. We would love to help!


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Luxury Wedding Blog

11 July 2020

Luxury Wedding Blog
  • Wedding Photo Albums You Have To See
    11 July 2020

    While looking at some incredible photos, we kept track of the most breathtaking wedding albums and put them together for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy...

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  • Make Life Easier With These Wedding Hacks
    11 July 2020

    When it comes to your wedding, there are so many things to think about. We've put together some of favourite wedding hacks to make your life so much better!

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  • An Elegant Californian Garden
    10 July 2020

    Ortal and Shawn’s wedding day was nothing short of a garden dream! Lanterns paved the path to the beautiful altar adorned with white roses, lush greenery, and sheer white drapery that swayed in the wind. The reception had a modern yet romantic feel, complete with breathtaking crystal chandeliers, geometric gold accents and refined stationery details.

    10 July 2020
  • Traditional Ceremony + Glamorous Reception at Landmark Venue in New York City
    10 July 2020
    After Lukasz Skowronski proposed to Bianca Pappas at the same location of their first date, the New York couple had knew exactly what they wanted for their wed…
  • Say Yes to a Destination Wedding in Vienna
    10 July 2020

    One look at this stunning gallery captured by Nikol Bodnarova Photography and brides will be wanting to say yes to a destination wedding in Vienna. And why not? With a jewel such as the Schloss Hof castle with its baroque architecture as a backdrop it’s a modern day fairytale setting that has had countless I Do’s take place for decades. High Emotion Weddings gives a divine look at what a spring time nuptial exchange would look like with this dreamy interpretation. An A-list team of European professionals spanning from Austria to Slovakia came together to show the world how a perfectly a wedding day could be at this imperial Austrian residence. Let’s just say the results are more than swoon-worthy. Their talent is endless and the soft romantic colors flow together giving one romantic aesthetic that are completely steal-worthy too. What better place to showcase this gem than with us at Strictly Weddings, the global resource for luxury weddings. Get ready to be swept away!

    Say Yes to a Destination Wedding in Vienna

    On the outskirts of Vienna, right between Austria and Slovakia, this jewel of a baroque castle has been witness not only to countless I Do’s, but also to imperial celebrations in the 18th century, as it was owned by none other than Empress Maria Theresa.The palace with its vast domains and beautiful gardens seems like the perfect spot for couples coming from abroad to tie the knot in Austria, very close to the airport and Vienna. It offers the grandeur of a baroque palace combined with many outdoor possibilities for different festivities. One unique feature of this castle is the light-flooded, white ballroom which allows for any type of a color concept. Its Sala Terrena faces the interior gardens and fountains. High Emotion Weddings lead a highly talented team of wedding professionals from Austria and Slovakia, who were extremely passionate about showing the world how a perfectly styled wedding could look like at this imperial Austrian residence. They went with the color of the year, Ultra Violet, to add a pop of color and for on trend appeal. With amazing spring florals by Ponk Rentals and a gold-and-violet wedding cake fit for a king and queen, from the new luxury collection of cake designer Schabulerie every detail comes together seamlessly. Sticking with a very clean design concept, they underline the elegance and beauty of this imposing venue and of course, the embroidered lace dress by Crystal Designs, is more than show stopping for such a grand and opulent affair. Their motto for this elegance that will have brides wanting to say yes to a destination wedding in Vienna? “A wedding must be two things: classy and highly emotional.”

    The post Say Yes to a Destination Wedding in Vienna appeared first on Strictly Weddings.

  • Badgley Mischka Bride 2020 Collection
    10 July 2020

    We’re swooning over the latest Badgley Mischka Bride 2020 Collection. Here are just a few of our favorite lace numbers that are stunning for your special day!

    View the full 2020 Collection here!

    Dot Drop-dead gorgeous. This mermaid gown features Badgley Mischka’s beloved signature India beading embellishments as it gently lays on the bride’s décolleté creating a sultry keyhole effect with its plunging V-neckline. Regal lace cascades down as it turns to a mermaid skirt of soft, lush layers of tulle. Complete this look with detachable cape for a more dramatic look.Dolly Regal lace details are carefully placed over this jaw-dropping mermaid gown. A classic sweetheart neckline is enhanced with the most exquisite, jaw-dropping lace and tulle statement cape with long sleeves – sure to leave your wedding guests breathless for your walk down the aisle. Dessie Two looks in one gown. Take modern Hollywood glamour to the next level with the Dessie gown. This gorgeous, all-over lace mermaid gown features romantic, off-the-shoulder lace sleeves to accentuate the romantic sweetheart neckline, while a breathtaking, detachable A-line lace and tulle skirt is the perfect versatile feature atop the sleek mermaid silhouette.Demitra This full-length gown hits all the right notes with all-over, exquisite lace detailing and a classically romantic mermaid silhouette. Alluring, feminine touches are added with its strapless sweetheart neckline and the illusion lace bodice. Its jaw-dropping, grand lace and tulle train is sure to take breaths away.Darla Regal, floral lace paired with a tulle mermaid silhouette is sure to be a winning combination. A sultry waist-to-thigh lace illusion cut-out panel along with open V-back accentuates the figure. Complete with covered buttons and invisible zipper, this is sure to be a favorite. Darcy A classic, all-over lace mermaid gown with an enviable train. With a floral paisley-inspired lace twist, Darcy is a modern Badgley Mischka masterpiece. Gorgeous embellished straps turn into a dazzling lattice design on its low, open V-back. This look is complete with covered buttons and invisible back zipper closure.

    The post Badgley Mischka Bride 2020 Collection appeared first on Strictly Weddings.

  • Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Wedding Inspiration
    09 July 2020

    BLOVED Blog - Creative & Contemporary Wedding Inspiration for Stylish Brides in the UK and beyond

    You’ve probably heard the tradition of carrying “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” on your big day. If you’re looking for ways to add a modern twist to this wedding tradition, check out this blue wedding inspiration captured by Laura Jane Photography. Aside from being aesthetically gorgeous, this styled shoot features the... Read more »

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  • Texas Wedding Planner | Jena + Sameer's Stunning Nasher Sculpture Center Wedding
    09 July 2020

    Jena + Sameer were married on a beautiful day in September 2019 in front of their loved ones at the stunning Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas! When we say that every single detail was thought of, we really mean that every. single. detail. was thought of! Jena + Sameer wanted to create their dream of getting married in a romantic garden come true, and that they certainly did! Their beautiful fusion ceremony was one that brought tears to many eyes! It was just perfect for who they are as a couple & showed what truly means the most to them! It was wonderful to be a witness to their love coming together as Husband + Wife!

    The couple then celebrated their marriage at their Reception with their guests again outside under the beautiful trees and lights! From the meaningful speeches and dances, to the epic dance floor and the incredible grand exit, their evening just could not have gone any better! We are so honored to have been a part of making their dream day come true!!

    Thank you to the following vendors who were apart of Jena + Sameer’s Wedding Day:

  • Summer Orange Dallas Styled Shoot – The White Sparrow
    09 July 2020

    We’ve been up to some really exciting things here at Lavishly Lux Studio. Case in point: This rustic romance styled shoot! I recently teamed up with a few of my fav wedding industry professionals here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to create some serious bridal magic. Photographed by yours truly, with design and planning by Traveling Weddings with Taylor, co-planning by Rachel Rose Weddings and Events, and floral by Event Stems Floral, this shoot was truly a dream come true. Keep reading to discover more about the shoot and to scroll through some AMAZING photos from the day!

    The day began with everyone arriving at our venue for the shoot, The White Sparrow. The White Sparrow is a Dallas-Fort Worth wedding venue northeast of the city that is the epitome of rustic chic. There is a gorgeous all-white barn on-site (that was our venue of choice for the day), as well as acres upon acres of countryside surrounding it. 

    Once the scene was set up and our stunning model was ready to go, it was time for me to start capturing some dreamy wedding photos! There are so many aspects of this shoot that I loved. First, we chose a very bright and vibrant, summery color palette that would pop against the white walls. The tablescape was covered in purple velvet linens and was accented by gold tableware, candlesticks, and vases. Meanwhile, wooden chairs and white ceramic plates tied in with the rustic atmosphere of the venue. 

    Then there are the flowers, which definitely blew me away! They screamed summer romance and I wanted to take every last arrangement home with me. On the tablescape was the perfect bouquet of orange, blue, white, pink, and blue flowers. The color combination was divine, as were the flower choice – roses, peonies, sweet peas, and ranunculus (my personal favorite). The bridal bouquet was similar to the table arrangement, loose and organic, yet lively with a mix of greenery and colorful fresh cut flowers. The real show stopper was definitely the floral arch, which was the most stunning flower arch I’d ever seen. It was absolutely covered in vines and greenery, which trailed down to the floor and weaved their way into two larger floral arrangements on each side. Vibrant flowers were dotted throughout the greenery. 


    Last but not least, can we talk about the model’s orange gown? I am a huge fan of non-traditional wedding gowns and this one by Millia London ticked all the boxes for me. The pastel orange hue was soft, beautiful, and unique all at once. Our model was giving off major summer sunset vibes, especially when the dress was paired with a bold red lip and a smoky golden eye. 


    Overall, between the fiery tulle gown and the overflowing floral arch, this has to be one of my favorite styled shoots I’ve ever been a part of. A HUGE thank you to the other wonderfully talented vendors that brought this shoot to life at the White Sparrow.

Indian Wedding Blogs

11 July 2020

Indian Wedding Blogs
  • Influencers Every Bride-to-be Needs To Follow For Fashion & Makeup Tips!
    11 July 2020

    Thanks to the internet, everyone has access to great style and thanks to apps like Youtube and Instagram, we have access to people who inspire us to have great style. In the age of content creators and influencers, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused because one might relate to a lot of creators but feel lost by the magnanimity of it. Fashion tips and tricks are great when you have accessibility but who do you look at when you’re looking for some inspiration and relatability? Here’s our list of creators you should follow if you’re a makeup and fashion enthusiast who’s tying the knot this year.

    1. Shalini Mandal

    Shalini Mandal is a Youtuber from the city of Bhopal. Her makeup looks and video ideas are a breath of fresh air when it comes to ethnic looks. Shalini does a wonderful job at highlighting a city like Bhopal when it comes to street shopping and her video series on helping out a friend pick out an ideal bridal trousseau was informative and something we’ve never seen before. Check out her Youtube channel and subscribe!


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Shalini Mandal (@shalini0792) on May 24, 2020 at 4:57am PDT


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Shalini Mandal (@shalini0792) on Mar 25, 2020 at 10:14am PDT

    2. Shreya Jain

    Shreya Jain is infamous when it comes to creating looks that simply blow our minds. A self-taught artist Shreya has been one of the first few creators in the Indian market. Shreya talks a lot about the Indian handloom and her ethnic makeup looks on IGTV are a must if you’re deciding on an ideal wedding look. (Do check out her Brides of India series). You can subscribe to her Youtube channel for regular updates.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Shreya Jain (@shreyajain26) on Jun 25, 2020 at 6:56am PDT


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Shreya Jain (@shreyajain26) on Mar 4, 2020 at 5:53am PST

    3. Anindita Chakravarty

    Anindita is a certified MUA and does great product recommendations. (Bonus points if you’re a bride under a budget) From loose powders to highlighters, Anindita will recommend you the best of the best products required to build a bridal trousseau. Check out her Youtube Channel and you’re surely going to find a few hidden gems.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Anindita (@aninditachakravarty) on Nov 19, 2019 at 7:25am PST


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Anindita (@aninditachakravarty) on Oct 7, 2019 at 11:56pm PDT

    4. Kritika Khurana

    Kritika Khurana AKA ThatBohoGirl is synonymous with giving a shoutout to plenty of Indie brands who are just starting out and have a great collection when it comes to jewellery and ethnic wear. From styling videos to makeup inspiration, Kritika is someone you definitely cannot miss out on. 


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl) on Jun 16, 2020 at 9:56am PDT


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl) on Jun 12, 2020 at 9:53am PDT

    5. Malvika Sitlani Aryan

    Malvika Sitlani Aryan has not only been killing it when it comes to makeup looks that make us want to recreate them, she’s also got some wise words for you! From pep talks to the kind of kitchen tools she’s been using, Malvika has laid out her content for every single viewer out there. Not only this, but she also did her own makeup for her wedding and filmed the entire process. Have you checked out her Youtube channel yet? Go watch! 


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Malvika Sitlani Aryan (@malvikasitlaniofficial) on Apr 20, 2020 at 12:31am PDT


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Malvika Sitlani Aryan (@malvikasitlaniofficial) on Dec 11, 2019 at 8:06am PST

    6. Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan

    Shaurya is the epitome of cuteness and effortless style and she’s a brand owner herself! A lifestyle, fashion and beauty content creator, her style is extremely relatable. You can follow her page on Instagram for regular updates and support her brand as well.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan (@shauryasanadhya) on Jun 20, 2020 at 9:56am PDT


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan (@shauryasanadhya) on Apr 28, 2020 at 10:37pm PDT

    7. Masoom Minawala Mehta

    Masoom should definitely be your go-to person when it comes to getting some major inspiration when it comes to ethnic or Indian wear. Her Instagram page is a slice of heaven when it comes to finding the right look and she’s also created lots of styling videos and provided a platform for lesser-known brands which do some amazing work. Follow her on Instagram now!


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Masoom Minawala Mehta (@masoomminawala) on Jul 3, 2020 at 3:25am PDT


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Masoom Minawala Mehta (@masoomminawala) on Jun 19, 2020 at 3:04am PDT

    Who are you going to follow and subscribe to? Tell us in the comment section and also read: Brown, Bold & Beautiful Shaadi Looks By Fierce Instagram Creators!



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  • Astounding Baaju Bandh Designs For Brides Giving Stand Out Look On Special day!
    11 July 2020

    A smile on a bride’s face is the beautiful curve that defines her eternal beauty. After that whatever jewellery she wear just enhance her beauty more and more, adding elegance and some unique elements. Baaju bhandh is one of the important jewellery that keeps traditional significance and especially must to worn by South Indian brides,Baaju bands have been a mandate for bridal accessories in wedding in some states. There are variety of design and colorful baaju bandh to opt for as they are going to add a style statement to your bridal look that will make you feel stand out. As you feel confident internally, cheer on your face will automatically arise making you feel like a diva.

    You can have a look, scroll to see various option to choose your type of baaju bandh. Yes, at times you will get a little confused that you won’t want to refuse any of these bandh, made of diamonds or gold or different coloured stones. Also, there is special vanki design is available that looks so classy. But believe whatever you pick according to your outfit that will give you an extra ordinary, just pair these dainty baaju bandh with your outfit


    Photography By Roma Ganesh Photography

    Photography By Jeewan Wedding Art

    Photography By Screenastar Photography

    Photography By Vows By Siddhu Soma

    Photography By Jeewan Wedding Art

    Photography By Aishwarya Videos

    Photography By Vivaga Photography

    Photography By Vivaga Photography

    Photography By Jeewan Wedding Art

    heckout more links like this : Karan Johar Presents Tyaani Fine Jewellery : A Modern Take On Tradition | Grab This Golden Opportunity With Safegold’s Exclusive Offer! | 5 Life Saving Tips For Choosing Bridal Jewellery! | 5 Ways To Coordinate Your Jewellery With Your Outfit!

  • Top Makeup Artists Discuss Changes & Hygiene Practices They’re Following During Pandemic Weddings
    11 July 2020
    Image courtesy Vritti Pathanimua
    weddingsOnline team recently spoke to top makeup artists Vritti Pathanimua, Aradhana Khanna, and Manisha of Manisha’sMakeupZone to find out how they are adapting to the pandemic bridal makeup safety and hygiene norms.
    1) Have you done weddings during this pandemic?
    Says MUA Vritti Pathani
    I recently did bridal makeup which included the wedding and reception makeup. In my experience, while the spirit of looking one’s best is still there; people are extremely nervous about letting makeup artists touch them or come close to them. And I understand that that is very natural.
    We professionals also experience the same nervousness, yet we do our best and assure our clients that the staff is not infectious and that we haven’t contracted the illness. For this purpose, we also perform all requisite checks and maintain records that include the staff members’ daily temperature checks, travel history, etc.
    We are strictly using PPE kits and maintaining social distance. There are some practical difficulties in doing the makeup now with the PPE kits and gloves. It is rather difficult to freely move, bend, and work best with the gloved hands.
    Doing the client’s hair is really tedious-especially working with rollers, straighteners, etc. As we have mo options we have to do quite a bit of stuff using our bare hands. That is why; we take meticulous care through regular sanitization of equipment, stringent hand-washing and the use of alcohol-based sanitizers,, cleaning and wiping down the makeup area with disinfectants, and also sanitizing all makeup applicators and related materials.
    Thus, working through all these difficulties and using the utmost precaution, we ensure putting in all the efforts for dolling up our brides and making them look their best. The only way to keep oneself and one’s clients safe is to be proactive in maintaining hygiene, constantly sanitizing, and practicing social distancing to the highest levels possible.
    Says MUA Aradhana Khanna
    Yes, I have done weddings during these difficult times. I have to say it’s not the easiest process, as you are scared you might catch the virus, and you are scared that you shouldn’t transmit to your clients as well. So the team and I constantly sanitize our hands as well as all the products, tools, clothes, etc. We all wear a mask, a face shield and hand gloves. It is definitely risky but if you know you are not exposing yourself and taking all the right precautions then it’s alright, and after all, I purely love and live to see that smile on my brides face.
    2) What are the measures you have implemented as per government guidelines to ensure the safety of clients?
    Says Vritti Pathanimua
    Apart from the precautionary measures I have already explained above, we also take the following measures in the salon:
    • A signed self-declaration of medical and travel history by clients when entering the salon.
    • Full body sanitization of staff and clients upon their entry into the salon.
    • Clients are given one-time use – aprons and gowns before the service.
    • No contact temperature checks at salon entry for clients and staff.
    • Foot sanitization dispensers stands are placed at all locations of the salon.
    • Regular and frequent sanitization of the premises after every client service.
    • Use of PPE kits, gloves, and face shields while performing services, as far as possible.
    • Only allowing a restricted number of clients at any one time in the salon.
    • Sensitization of salon staff to maintain social distance at the salon and at home, educating them for maintaining self cleanliness, washing hands regularly, and using sanitizers.
    3) A makeup style you would suggest for brides considering the fact that most weddings would take place in their houses or in smaller halls?

    Says Aradhana Khanna

    I have always been a believer of less is more and with these times and the weddings becoming more intimate I would highly suggest natural, subtle looks with light foundations or BB creams and more emphasis on one feature in this case eyes and keeping flushed cheeks and lips depending on the outfits, yet not forgetting that it is the biggest day of her life and creating magic for her.

    Image: Vritti Pathani

    4) Do you think brides would still prefer Makeup artists from different cities or would they go in for local ones? Also, would you travel during this time to help brides get ready?

    Image: Aradhana Khanna

    Says Manisha

    I think that brides would prefer any makeup artist including those from another city provided that they ensure 100% safety and hygiene practices and standards. I am sure that all brides would expect their artists to follow all the necessary precautions and guidelines, maintain a safe distance, and also make use of PPE and other necessary equipment. I would certainly travel as soon as restrictions are lifted, naturally after taking all the precautionary measures.

    The post Top Makeup Artists Discuss Changes & Hygiene Practices They’re Following During Pandemic Weddings appeared first on India's Wedding Blog.

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  • The Complete Guide To a Wedding Gift Registry in 2020
    11 July 2020

    We all are quasi experts when it comes to wedding planning. It’s almost in the Indian DNA. Catering, makeup, decor, outfits… we’ve nailed it all. But if you’re still unaware of the wedding gift registry in 2020, you’re in desperate need of a wedding refresher course! Because this wedding must-have is fast moving up to become one of the first (and most important) aspects of planning the perfect wedding, especially during the corona pandemic. A norm in the West, and an essential in India now, the wedding gift registry helps couples get the most perfect, memorable wedding gifts. So you don’t just feel special for the 2 days of the celebration, but are loaded with memories you can carry and use for years to come!

    Gift RegistryRead on and get an answer to every question on your mind about a wedding gift registry! What is a wedding Gift Registry?

    A wedding gift registry is the smartest solution to unwanted gifts. By creating a gift registry, couples get the gifts that they actually like and will use. Couples create a list of gifts they would like to receive—gifts that will make them happy, and be used, instead of those that will be re-gifted or kept in storage! Once they create this list, they share it with their guests, who then know exactly what the couple wants and can buy or contribute towards a gift of their choice. Some companies take care of all the logistics and deliver directly to the couple, making the process super easy for everyone involved. Also, during the corona times, this is the best option for your loved ones to get you something memorable and useful!

    A gift registry platform offers the couple a wide range of gifts to choose from, including appliances, décor, personal care, experiences, gift cards, charities and more! In fact, now couples have the option of creating a cash registry or adding gifts from any online store to their registry. And this gives them innumerable choices to pick from. 

    Example of a Gift Registry Why Create a Wedding Gift Registry?
    #1. Your guests need not risk their safety!

    With COVID-19 taking over everyone’s lives, it’s important that you take your guests’ safety seriously. So by creating a wedding registry, you ensure that your guests need not step out of their home and even the ones taking part in your celebrations get to contribute something. Since the whole process is online, your guests can gift you something from the safety and comfort of their homes.

    #2. You get the gifts you actually want and will use!

    By creating a registry, you get the gifts you actually want and will use. Instead of getting a stockpile of gifts like clocks, lamps and Ganesha idols, you get the things you have hand-picked. It’s like handing Santa your Christmas list and having it come true! 

    #3. The guests get the satisfaction of gifting you something you love!

    We’re sure that your guests would like to gift you something meaningful. Mostly they just don’t know what that would be. So a gift registry gives the guests the satisfaction of knowing their money went towards something you’ll love. 

    #4. You don’t need to spend more money on the things that are necessary!

    After spending so much money on your wedding, it’s a given that you don’t want to spend more money setting up a new home. So, instead, let your guests help you out in this regard and make them a part of your new life!

    #5. The guests need not carry a huge gift box at your wedding!

    A gift registry eliminates the need to carry a huge gift box at your wedding. Your guests can walk in hands-free, and just enjoy the celebrations and have a great time. 

    #6. Contributes to a waste-free wedding!

    Since the gifts are something you’ve picked and will definitely use, it’s clear that nothing will go to waste or get stuck in the age-old re-gifting cycle. A waste-free wedding is the need of the hour that a gift registry will definitely help accomplish that.

    #7. Very easy for guests to purchase your gift!

    By doing a gift registry, you’re making life so easy for your guests! With just a few clicks they can purchase your gift without having to go shopping, wrapping and carrying. Easy peasy! 

    #8. Doorstep Delivery of Gifts

    The gifts are delivered when and where you want. You can ask for delivery of your gifts even after a few months if you’re in the process of shifting into a new home! So the entire hassle of managing, storing and transporting the gifts is gone! At Wedding Wishlist, we adhere to all safety precautions to keep everyone safe during the corona pandemic.

    How to Create a Gift Registry?

    Creating a wedding gift registry is really easy. In any platform these are the generic steps you follow to create a gift registry :

    1. Sign up and provide your wedding details. 
    2. Add a profile/background image if you want
    3. Browse through their collection and add gifts you like to your registry. 
    4. Share the registry with your guests!
    5. Wait for the best gifts ever to be delivered to your doorstep.
    Things You Can Add To Your Gift Registry

    Good wedding gift registries enable a couple to add gifts from different stores and platforms. Think of your registry as a board you create by adding different things you like online. So one could add products from fashion stores, marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart, furniture and décor brands, and so much more. Furthermore, it has the flexibility of adding innovative things like experiences, gift cards, cash and even charity. Below are some of the popular gift categories couples can choose from. 

    #1. Experiences: 

    For those couples who are moving into an already set-up home and don’t really need too many gifts, this is a great choice. Millennials love experiences and they make for highly memorable gifts. From weekend getaways to honeymoons, spa vouchers, dinner coupons and more… there are many options to choose from. 

    #2. Gifts

    This is the traditional choice for guests and couples—home décor, appliances, furniture, gadgets, silver, personal accessories, just about any product the couple wants can be added to their gift registry!

    #3. Charity

    An increasingly popular choice especially during the corona times. Couples who truly don’t want anything for their wedding can ask their guests to contribute to a charity of their choice. This is a great way to start one’s married life and really make a difference. 

    #4. Cash

    It is not uncommon for couples to ask for ‘no boxed gifts’ or indicate that they prefer cash, because it’s the most flexible gift they can ask for. With a gift registry, they can add a cash option, enabling their guests to directly transfer the money to their account. 

    What To Consider When Creating a Gift Registry?

    Even though a wedding gift registry is a fairly new concept in India, there are a few platforms offering the service. Below is a comparison of all major platforms. It contains the different features you should consider before creating your wedding gift registry. 

    Things to Consider Wedding Wishlist Zibonga Wishtry Pepperfry Amazon The Knot Zola
    Has a Wedding Theme
    Option to add from an external website
    Customisation available
    Available in India
    Cash registry 
    Charity registry 
    Option to Contribute 
    Option to gift as a group
    Free Delivery
    Gift Tracking Services
    Integration with international websites
    Option to integrate with wedding website
    Option to integrate with wedding App
    Thank you notes

    Manisha and Niranjan had created a gift registry with Wedding Wishlist and this what they had to say: 

    To know how to create a gift registry at Wedding Wishlist, click here!

    How To Share Your Wedding Gift Registry?

    Couples can sometimes find it awkward to share their registry with guests. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so. There are some simple and widely accepted rules of sharing your gift registry. 

    One can inform their inside circle about the gift registry, so if anyone asks the parents, close friends or siblings for wedding gift suggestions, they can just direct the guest to the registry. 

    Another great way of sharing the registry is to create a free wedding website for your big day, complete with details, pictures, maps and RSVP. And websites like Wedding Wishlist, Zola or The Knot offer you the option of integrating your registry within the wedding website. When presented beautifully with all other wedding details, the registry looks like yet another important piece of wedding information to make the guests’ experience easier. Some couples prefer to print their website link on your digital or printed invites so guests have access to all the information they need at a click. 

    When a couple creates a gift registry, they have the option of leaving a note for guests there. It’s important to make sure this is well worded and guests understand the intention for creating one. 

    Why Will Your Guests Appreciate You Creating a Gift Registry?

    Couples in the West will tell you that doing their wedding gift registry is literally the best and most fun part of their wedding. After all, who does not like to receive a 100 plus amazing gifts in a day? But when it comes to India, young couples are still hesitant as they worry about guest reactions (especially the elders) to “asking for gifts”. 

    But this fear is mostly in their minds, because wedding guests, whichever part of the world they’re from, LOVE the idea of a registry. Think about how easy it makes their life—they don’t have to do the guesswork and think of a gift the couple likes. They don’t have to spend hours shopping for the perfect gift. And most importantly, when they enter the wedding, they don’t have to awkwardly carry a big box with them, waiting to hand it to the couple. Also, with a gift registry, guests have the option of buying, contributing towards or group gifting anything, enabling them to stay exactly within their budget.

    Group Gifting:

    Group gifting allows groups of friends or cousins to get together and chip in for a gift, but without any IOUs. So each member of the group gets a link to pay their share and when the amount is complete, the gift is delivered to the couple!  

    Part Contribution:

    This is an amazing feature you get with your registry. When guests are looking for wedding gifts they generally have a fixed budget in mind and don’t always want to over-spend. On the other hand, a couple may want bigger gifts that don’t necessarily fit into one person’s budget. Both these features are designed to troubleshoot this pain point. 

    With the contribute option, guests can make a contribution of any amount they want towards a gift in the gift registry. When enough guests contribute and the amount is full, the couple gets the gift. If there aren’t enough contributions to complete the gift amount, the couple can either add the remaining amount themselves or choose to transfer that money to another gift of their choice.

    Refer a Couple
  • Kerala Christian Best Wedding Photos – Isha & Jacob
    11 July 2020
    [See image gallery at] Kerala Christian Best Wedding Photos – Isha & Jacob

    Weva Photography

  • Need to find this sherwani, any help?
    10 July 2020
  • Beauty Regime for your intimate wedding during Covid-19
    10 July 2020

    Every girl dreams of being a beautiful bride someday. To look glowing, and beautiful in a way that all eyes are on her. Well, if you didn’t get enough time and resources to take care of your skin during the COVID-19 lockdown, don’t worry. Here we have for you some easy to do things that will enhance your looks without taking a toll on your head. These are some tried and tested beauty hacks you can add to your skin-care routine. Look no further as we have curated an entire Beauty Regime for your intimate wedding during Covid-19.

    Read Here:

    submitted by /u/wishnwed
    [visit reddit] [comments]
  • Coronavirus: 'Big fat British Asian weddings' forced to slim down
    10 July 2020
  • Gorgeous And Pin-Worthy Sharara Designs Every Bride Must Consider
    10 July 2020

    Sharara is a traditional, elegant, classic and timeless bridal outfit. And now Sharara has made a huge comeback to the bridal trousseau, with a bang. So if you are a bride-to-be, looking for some gorgeous sharara designs, we have found the most pin worthy ones.

    The Sharara is a great silhouette which can easily be worn on smaller pre- wedding functions like mehendi or sangeet ceremony. We simply love how dressy and trendy Shararas with long suits or short suits look.

    We cannot stop drooling over these gorgeous sharara designs for brides-to-be! Who would not want to flaunt these at the upcoming wedding functions. These outfits are really comfy and we think you should absolutely consider them.

    Bookmark These Sharara Designs For Your Trendsetter Look At Upcoming Weddings – 1. The Beautiful Combination Of Green And Pink Is Just Too Pretty

    Totally adoring this stunning green and pink sharara with a beautiful anarkali top. Don’t you just adore this one?

    Image Source: Farah Talib Aziz

    2. How About This Extremely Gorgeous Bridal Sharara For Your Sangeet Ceremony?

    Currently crushing over this heavily embroidered bridal sharara that we surely cannot take our eyes off.

    Image Source: Laam Official

    3. Pin Down This Funky Sharara For A Unique Look At Your Mehendi Ceremony

    Love this unique and OTB sharara design that looks just perfect for a day mehendi ceremony.

    Image Source: Layla Chatoor

    Bookmark these labels where you can buy sharara suits from.

    4. Another One With A Pop Of Colors Is Too Stunning

    How about this sharara with a splash of colors? We are surely adoring this one, as your outfit will be the real show stealer.

    Image Source: Souch AJ

    5. There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Colors

    Another one who played with colors and looked extraordinary on her D-day. We just adore this one who wore three different colors in one outfit and set a new trend.

    Image Source: Laam Official

    6. For Those Simpler And Elegant Bridal Looks

    Adoring this bride with a simple and classy grey sharara. Cannot stop gushing over her choice of red velvet dupatta adding more charm to her bridal look.

    Image Source: Danish Bin Arif

    Incase you are looking for bridal lehengas with kurti for your glam bridal look.

    7. Truly An Epitome Of Beauty In This Gorgeous Bridal Outfit

    We are so loving this white chikankari sharara and we think this is truly the right pick for your mehendi ceremony. Don’t you just love it?

    Image Source: The Videographers

    Look out for the best labels from where you can buy Chikankari outfits.

    8. Pin Down These Sharara Designs For Your Stunner Bridal Look

    We are already huge suckers for white color outfits and this white sharara with gorgeous dupatta just made us fall in love withit even more.

    Image Source: Laam

    How beautiful does she look in this onion pink sharara, making her absolutely look like a diva on her d-day.

    Image Source: Sara Idrees portraits

    Bookmark these stunning Pakistani mehendi outfits for trendsetter brides.

    9. Some Offbeat Sharara Colors You Must Consider For Your Wedding

    Well, this exquisite sky blue sharara with off-shoulder sleeves is surely a trendsetter and we are so loving it.

    Image Source: Zuria Dor

    Another one that just took our heart away with its elegance and a royal charm for your glamorous bridal look.

    Image Source:  Zuria Dor

    10. Cannot Stop Crushing Over This Ravishing Sharara Outfit

    Did you notice the beautiful and colorful patch work on this sharara? Well, this sharara design  surely has our heart and we have already pinned it down for our wedding.

    Image Source: Sara Idrees portraits

    11. This One Surely Caught Our Attention And We Just Love It

    This mustard kurti and sharara will make heads turn with its simplicity and elegance. Just the perfect pick for intimate weddings.

    Image Source: Hussain Rehar

    12. How Can We Miss On Pernia Qureshi’s Wedding Sharara?

    Pernia Qureshi totally slayed her bridal look in a metallic grey sharara ditching the traditional red and we are all eyes for her attire.

    So, we think these absolutely stunning sharara designs are surely for your glamorous and exquisite bridal look. With these trendy outfits, your look surely is going to be one in a million and we just cannot stop adoring these beautiful bridal pieces. Pin down your favorite ones now for the upcoming weddings.

    Don’t miss out on ShaadiWish approved bridal wear for your big day.

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  • Beautiful Masks Designs to Keep Yourself Safe from Corona-virus in Style
    10 July 2020

    There were times when carrying your wallet, phone, and car keys seemed to be the most important thing of all. But now, during these times of global pandemic the only thing matters is a face mask. You can forget anything but carrying a face mask. It is an essential part to wear a face mask while stepping out of your house. Face masks are necessary not only to protect yourself but also to protect others. A number of scientists across the globe are claiming the presence of the virus in the air too. So, to make sure you keep yourself and your family safe, a face mask is not an option but a necessity.

    Well, it can be pretty tough to show off your style quotient when half of your face is covered with the mask. So, we have a solution that would keep you protected from the virus in style. If you are someone tired of wearing hose old and boring blue, white and black colored face masks then, this article would get you a break from those boring face masks. We have made a collection of designer face masks to match with every outfit you wear on every occasion. Not just that, we have some gorgeous masks for your little ones too, as we know, how difficult it would be to convince your kids to wear a mask. So, make sure to read the complete article and shop for your favorite design of face masks.

    • For The Love Funky Military Style

    If you are someone who loves to wear funky military prints in your regular days then, this is just the perfect mask for you. It comes with a 3 layer protection and is made of 100% cotton fabric. You can wash and use this mask up to 30 times and keep yourself protected from the virus. This mask comes with a unisex design and can be worn by both men and women. So, what are you waiting for? Clickhere to shop for this mask now.


    • A face Mask for Grocery Shopping

    Are you the only one in your family who goes for grocery shopping? Well, you must be bored of wearing the same old surgical mask to the store and you need a change in your style. So, here we are presenting to you the grocery shopping masks with beautiful block printed patterns. The masks are made of 100% cotton and are soft and breathable. You get 4 masks in one pack with different patterns. So, click here to check out more designs in the pack and buy it now.

    • For The Little Marvel Fans

    If your little ones are a big fan of marvel superheroes then, this pack of masks is for you. A digitally printed mask with iron man, hulk, and spiderman on them is all you need to convince your kids to ear a mask. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity and click here for more details.

    • For The Little Disney Princess Fans

    Well, we have something for the little ones who love to watch Disney princesses’ movies. A collection of masks that includes digitally printed figures of Disney princesses. It also includes the frozen sisters’ duo so, hurry up and click here to buy this pack now.

    • The Dashing Biker Look 

    A collection of masks for the bikers to amp up your dashing look. These leather touch masks are extremely comfortable and stylish to complement your biker look. Check out more details about this pack here.

    • Something To Pair With Your Ethnic Attire

    A beautifully printed maks made of cotton fabric is all you need to pair with your ethnic Kurtis and suits. It comes in different colours and patterns to give you a stylish look every day. So, click here now and buy this pack now.

    24+ Bridal Entry Pictures that Would Lift Up Your Mood in This Pandemic

    • Something Simple For Your office Look

    If you are looking for a decent mask but not the surgical ones for your office wear than these solid color masks are your go-to option. Check out the details here and get your pack of office masks now.

    • A Mask To Pair With Your Western Attire

    Something stylish to pair with your western outfit. These masks come in different prints that would complement your western outfits. So click here now and get your pair of stylish masks now.


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Wedding Invitation Blogs

11 July 2020

Wedding Invitation Blogs
    11 July 2020

    Thinking purple is your theme of choice when you tie the knot? Purple is one of the most amazing and beautiful colors existing in nature. The most common shades of purple are lilac, lavender, plum, eggplant, orchid, amethyst and others. In this post, we will show you 8amazing purple wedding color palettes with matching purple invitaitons from Elegant Wedding Invites! Take a look!

    1.Vltra Violet and Gold

    Via Two Pair Photography Katherine Ashdown Photography Hazelwood Photo / Kristyn Hogan /


    Via Elegant Wedding Invites | Shop The Style: EWUV022

    2. Shades of Plum

    Via sophieoldhamsteadphotography ruffledblog whitemag

    3.Berry and Neutrals

    Via Maria Mack Photography / Twisted Willow Flowers Nutmeg Cake Design BHLDN ruffledblog

    Via Elegant Wedding Invites | Shop The Style: EWWS056

    4. Mad for Mauve


    Via Natalie Bray StudiosJasmine Lee Abby Jiu Monocle Project

    5. Vibrant Purples and Terracotta

    Via wedluxe / thesoutherncaliforniabride / Teresa Marie Photography Frost It Cakery

    6.Whimsical Lavender and Grey

    Via whimsicalwonderlandweddings / colorswedding / ElegantWeddingInvites


    Via Elegant Wedding Invites | Shop The Style: EWWS124

    7.Dark Moody Romance

    Via Enchanted Wedding Photography Sarah Ryhanen / Green Wedding Shoes / amberandmuse Theweddingplaybook


    8. Lilac and Light Pink

    Via / colorswedding / ElegantWeddingInvites

    Via Elegant Wedding Invites | Shop The Style: EWWS202



  • Wedding Etiquette for Postponed Weddings due to Covid -19
    10 July 2020
    Cartalia in Your London Wedding Magazine
    We are so pleased to share with you our New Feature in Your London Wedding.
    Our Founder Domenica along side other LondonStationers speaks about the etiquette when it comes to invitations and new Save the Dates whether your wedding has been postponed or scaled back.  Its truly worth a read with great tips and options
    You can get the digital magazine totally FREE!




    Instagram - @cwm_wedding

    Facebook - @CountyWeddingMagazines @YourLondonWedding


  • 20 Best Rose Gold Engagement Rings on Trend
    08 July 2020

    Over the years, rose gold has consistently been the centerpiece for some trends, especially for an engagement ring. Rose gold engagement ring is a unique alternative to traditional metal ring options like classic white gold or yellow gold rings and the ideal choice for brides who wants to have a ring that is less conventional and unique. So ready to choose the very engagement ring for her? Read the post and get the inspiration!


    -Top 10- Diamond and Gemstone Shapes for Your Engagement Rings

  • 8 New Types of Modern Wedding Invitation Ideas for Every Cool Couple
    05 July 2020

    A nice wedding invitation card sets thetone for your wedding and gives your guests the first indication of what your celebration will be like! So if  you have your heart set on a modern event, you may be dreaming up for an invitation style that matches.From bold color choices, alternativve materials, to completely custom fun shapes, we go over our favorite trends for modern wedding invites. These invitations stay on theme and are more unique than ever before.

    Need some help designing your own unique invitation? Contact Elegaant Weddng Invtes now and let us help you bring your visions to life.

    1.Printed Vellum Gatefold Wrap

    The translucent vellum paper will continue to trend through 2020 and 2021. No matter your style or budget, this slightly-sheer paper is an easy way to add texture and visual interest to your wedding invitations such as these stylish printed vellum gatefold wrap.

    2. Vellum Overlay Invitations

    Vellum makes for a great overlay or wrap for your save-the-dates and wedding invitations. You can pick any design you want to show underneath your wedding invitation, from floral design, fun watercolor pattern to  your venue illustration.  Your vellum overlay invitation will looks more even chic when paired with practically all types of embellishments, from metallic ink to elegant wax seals, tassels and ribbons

    3. Geometric Shapes

    Invitations can’t get much more fun than these customized geometric shapes.

    4. Acrylic Wedding Stationery

    Don’t expect to see acrylic wedding invitations going away anytime soon.  This clear material is chic and sophisticated,  and it is perfect for making stationery for modern and minimalist weddings. You can easily personalize it by painting flowers or marbled colors around the text.

    5. Laser Cut Pocket with Geomteric Inner Card Design

    The intricate cut laser cut pocket paper can act as the inner envelope or a frame. Use them to hold your ceremony and reception details with the RSVP card.

    6. Minimalist Style

    These simple wedding invites are far from boring and your guests are sure to be seriously impressed by your simply elegant paper preference!

    7. Alternative Leather Material

    Consider an alternative paper such as acrylic, vellum or leather is quite an easy way to make your big-day invitation unique.

    8. Full-Color Stationery

  • How my story has inspired my design aesthetic
    03 July 2020

    I went to design school so that I could create art as a job. At the time I didn’t realize a lot of things. I didn’t realize that you can actually be an artist as a job, and I also didn’t realize that graphic design was not as glamorous as I thought… and actually would end up taking a bit of my soul, and push me in a new direction where nature inspires me to do my best work on a really old printing press… okay, so I’m being a bit vague here, so here’s the story of how and why it happened. 

    After going to design school (twice… once for a diploma and once for a degree), I landed a job in what I thought was a dream studio to work in! I HAD MADE IT! I was filled with so much hope that now was the chance for me to work with a wonderful team of creatives and to create designs that would make a meaningful impact. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

    I had never felt more misaligned in my entire life. I’d get that gut-wrenching pain in my stomach as I waited for the streetcar to take me to work. I knew that I’d feel like a mouse-pusher all day, and not that creative flow I was hoping for… that someone would make me feel awful for wanting to leave at the end of the day, (because 6 or 7 at night was still early). I would work long and hard, and inevitably someone would question my motivation when I needed to take a break to have some dinner. I also didn’t feel right about designing something that made people feel “less” because they didn’t have that “shiny new thing”. Know what I mean?

    You see a year before that (while I was at OCADU) I explored handmade design – I learned to letterpress print and fell in love with creating art that felt authentic and natural. It was perfect in its imperfections. Letterpress printing is only done with antique printing presses, and so when my course was over (which I aced, by the way 🙌 ) I thought that would be it for a long time. I hoped that perhaps one day I would find a letterpress of my own. But honestly didn’t expect it until I was retired from a life of graphic design work…. because it was what I chose after all… right? 

    And when stars align… 

    One day while I sneaked out of that design studio to get coffee. Out of the blue there it was… a letterpress the size of a baby elephant… on kijiji no less. I don’t even know what made me check that day. It was under 40 years of neglect. Ink was still on the rollers and at least 2 inches of dust. It needed to be cared for and fixed up. And without much hesitation my loving supportive husband Justin said; “Let’s do it! We’ll move. I’ll fix it up, no problem”… and I thought to myself I’ll be able to get a little bit of my soul back. He really does love me. 

    And at just about the same time I got out! Out of that design studio and into a design job that I loved. Not because it was immensely creative (it wasn’t)… but because I was surrounded by an incredible group of people that cared and supported each other. I worked at a university, where I designed books and collateral that was inspired by good and teaching the next generation of leaders and innovators. I could stand with that. So while I was working there I also had time to work on my letterpress. It took a lot of work to get back in shape, but with a little nudge from a friend who needed some wedding invitations (Thanks Sarah!) it got fixed up fairly quickly. Mostly done by Justin – without who this would never have been possible.

    So this all happened while we were still living in Toronto (pre-children). To get a break from the city vibes, we loved visiting Prince Edward County. There is so much natural beauty there that no wonder all the city-folk are moving there. My dear friend (and mentor) Susan and her husband Glen have the most amazing B&B there. (Away in the County) and we visited them there every so often. Having Susan in my life is another big part of why I’m able to live as an artist. She is inspiring in so many ways! (Just look at her gorgeous encaustic paintings, here!). Whenever I visited the county, I would feel so refreshed and inspired to create designs that had a natural undertone. I was just so inspired by the scenery. It wasn’t until our second little bundle was born that we decided it was time to move out of the city and closer to nature. 

    I’m inspired by the natural imperfections of nature in the same way as I’m in love with the imperfections of printing on a letterpress. There’s something so incredibly beautiful and authentic about it. 

    To create that perfect print with beautiful alignment and perfect impression, (here’s the secret), it cannot be rushed. It needs to be taken slowly, and calmly. I find peace when I’m letterpress printing. It’s similar to the feeling that I would get when walking through the woods or barefoot through the grass. The County has this sort of nature-vibe that spreads on everything… it’s natural, authentic and down to earth… and it inspires my work tremendously.

    I left the hustle of city living to live closer to nature, and now it inspires my design aesthetic – which tends to be minimal, a real gentle approach (especially when I’m letterpress printing) so that the quality of the print can speak for itself, with its deep impressions in soft cotton paper. It’s not overly fussy, it’s down-to-earth, and so meaningful for who I’m designing it for, because every bit of the design has come from a place of peace, and an imperfect beauty that is so personal and special. 

    …it fills my heart. 


  • Enjoy Your Special Day With Luxury & Custom Wedding Invitations From Dennis Wisser
    01 July 2020

    At Dennis Wisser, we specialize in gorgeous, hand-crafted custom wedding invitations. With our luxury invitations, you can put the finishing touch on your special day – and make sure that guests and attendees remember the event fondly for years to come. Read on to learn more about our luxury wedding invitations and custom wedding invitations.

    Take Your Event To The Next Level With Luxury Wedding Invitations


    Our luxury wedding invitations are second-to-none. We offer a huge variety of materials for both invitations and envelopes, including linen, velvet, acrylic, and even leather.


    We offer invitations, as well as wedding folios, boxes, drawstring bags, and so much more – you can mix-and-match our products to create a truly unique wedding invitation experience for your guests. Our products can be easily customized and monogrammed for your event.

    Work With Us For Custom Wedding Invitations – Create Your Dream Invitation!


    Thinking about creating a truly one-of-a-kind custom wedding invitation? We can work with you to create an invitation using any of the material and styles that we offer. We can use a design you provide yourself, or collaborate with you to develop a design that suits your needs.


    With completely customizable invitations at the best prices, you can trust us to make your special day completely unforgettable, so contact us now to get a quote for a custom invitation.


    Contact Us For More Information & To Get A Quote


    Whether you’re interested in pre-made luxury wedding invitations or creating your own custom wedding invitations, our team is always here to help you get the products you need at a reasonable price. To get started, click here to visit our shop, or feel free to contact us online – our team is always here to answer your questions and help you find what you need.

    Luxury boxed wedding invitation set in blush pink

    The post Enjoy Your Special Day With Luxury & Custom Wedding Invitations From Dennis Wisser appeared first on Wedding Planning, Invitations & Bag Wholesale.

  • Top 7 Creative Minimalist Vs Max Wedding ideas for your big day
    01 July 2020

    Nowadays the wedding themes are super fun and original, couples always have variety ideas for their own weddings.
    Some may like minimal wedding while still some other couples love the max luxury wedding ideas.
    No matter which one you prefer, definitely you will find some unique and helpful wedding ideas here for the special day.

    • Minimalist Wedding Idea
      The less-is-more trend has grown as a statement with a simplicity that elevates the wedding.
      There has always been an elegance to simplicity and there are many gorgeous wedding details that are both stunning and modern. Here are some creative minimal wedding ideas:
      1.Simple Wedding Cake

    Via style me pretty

    Via Pin

    2.Elegant Wedding Dress

    Via bhldn

    Via junebugweddings

    Via Pin

    3.Modern wedding Table Decorations

    Via Bruna Kitchen Photography

    Via Pin

    4.Minimal Wedding Bouquet

    Via rockmywedding / Pat Furey Photography

    Via Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

    5.Unique Wedding Invitation

    Via Stylish Wedd

    Via Stylish Wedd

    6.Special Wedding Arch

    Via Pin


    Via Bruna Kitchen Photography

    7.Vintage Wedding Hairstyle


    Via Pin

    • Max Wedding Ideas
      Max Luxury wedding decor ideas can be very different and require special attention. The best of them you will find here:

    1.Amazing Wedding Cake
    Add a glamorous touch to your max wedding reception with a lavish wedding cake

    Via lenovellecake

    Via lenovellecake
    2.Luxury Wedding Dress  Via Pin

    Via veaul 

    Via veaul 

    3.Extravagant Wedding Decor

    Via strictlyweddings

    Via Pin


    4.Beautiful Wedding Bouquet




    5.Elegant Wedding Invitations

    Via Elegant wedding invites

    Via Elegant wedding invites

    Via Stylish Wedd
    6. Unbelievable Wedding Arch



    Via Pin

    7.Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle

    Via Pin


    Via lovemydress

  • Decorating your wedding signs
    29 June 2020

    As your big day closes in and the bells are starting to ring, recheck your wedding to-do list and make sure wedding signage is on there! A wedding welcome sign is the first piece of decor your guest will see and it should offer a taste of what your guests expect from your big day. While Paperlust is taking care of the design and the printing on your signage, the final look is yours to decide. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your wedding sign to tie it all together.

    Add flowers

    Get your florist or get crafty and make a flower arrangement to adorn your wedding sign with. If you are making your own arrangement, the key is getting a stable oasis or bouquet holder and a lot of cable ties!

    Antique frame

    What’s old is new again with a modern wedding that reuses antique decor! Frame your welcome sign or seating chart in an antique frame with gold or copper finishes to bedazzle your guest back to an era of glamour and elegance. An important note: make sure you measure the inside area of your frame precisely.

    Hang in there!

    Another creative way to display your signage is by hanging them with a hanging stand instead of the classic easel. It’s modern, minimal and coming into trend. This sign can be easily built by using a narrow cheap clothes rack as the base (be sure that it’s not too big or your sign may look small overall), painting it to your desired color and source matching ties to hang your sign with. If DIY is not your thing, you could easily buy a hanging stand online. The other thing to note with the hanging frame is if you are placing the sign out doors, be sure that it’s idea heavy enough or has the option of being tied down so that the wind does not blow it away.

    Wedding Seating Arrangement cards

    Wedding seating arrangement cards sometimes referred to as escort cards or seating chart cards, are a fun way to get your guest mingling while finding their seating placement. These cards are either printed by table number or in alphabetical order and can be flexible to suit any decoration. You can string them up and peg them to any board, frame each card or even hang them!

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  • Trending -28 Breathtaking Acrylic or Lucite Wedding Ideas Your Shouldn’t Miss
    28 June 2020

    Reflective, transparent and stylish, acrylic and lucite wedding ideas has become a huge trend. It helps to add a touch of contemporary chic to any ceremony or reception, regardless ofwedding theme or style.  From crystal clear tent , clear wedding cake topper , to flickering candles with acrylic boxes on your reception tables and unique matching acrylic invitations, take a look at 28 amazing ideas  to use lucite or acrylic details on your wedding day, below!

    1.Rent a crystal clear tent for a tented wedding 

    If for an outdoor tented wedding or event venue, a crystal clear tent might be your best choice.  Part of the charm of a crystal clear tent is that it seamlessly complements any design or decor style – especially the natural background. For a chic and playful way to incorporate shine to the inside of your tent, you can decorate the tent with strands of assorted twinkle lights. The added feature will evoke romanticism and make for a soft ambiance.


    2.Acrylic and lucite wedding chuppahs

    Let your ceremony space shine with an acrylic structure. Place your favorite blooms on top to create a sense of space, and suspend glass orbs filled with candles from the top for a romantic ambience on your wedding day.

    3. Tall glass candle lights decoration

    4. Modern acrylic wedding invitations

    Set the tone for your wedding with Lucite invitations. Acrylic makes for a trendy alternative to paper—  for your save the dates and invitations, menus and escort cards.

    5. wedding signs


    6. wedding chair

    We also love Lucite chairs at a ceremony or reception—they simultaneously look mod and glam, while creating a spacious effect thanks to their translucence.

    7. Unique clear monogram letter wedding guestbook

  • Treat Your Special Guests with Beautiful Pocket Invitations
    27 June 2020

    Pocket Invitations are an interesting modish way to impress your guests with a handy pocket-fold invite that is more ordered, sleek, and contemporary in the style of presentation. It gets you an on-purpose easy handout look and a more organized style than anything conventional. It forms a great alliance with different types of events and occasions to make a great novel option for invitation serving the modern social trends.

    With that, a pocket-fold card offers you a great alternative for the customary invitations that least amuse and impress people nowadays.

    How Does a Pocket Invitation Card Differ in Appearance?

    As the name of the card suggests, it is created with folded panes and layers that work like pockets to the message insertions and greeting notes. With pocket invites you can choose to have more style options as these can be designed in many crafts, shapes, and patterns owing to their sectional and modular arrangement. This offers a lot of scope at design and creation, utilizing the various facets and folds of the card. Besides, it gets you to have more matter and work done on the invite as compared to the other formats of cards.

    These are the cards that can keep all the types of cards together. So, you don’t have to clutter the limited space of the conventional invites or do them separately. Like in the case of wedding, you can go with pocket wedding cards where you can put the RSVP card, save-the-date insertion, ceremonial invite, and the special messages together in one fuller and inclusive pocketed invitation theme.

    While planning for a pocket invitation card you can pick from these popular styles:

    Portable Pocket Invitation Cards

    This type of pocket invitation carries a minimal design and has a compact appearance. This can simply arrange all the card pullouts together closely in a dense layout to offer a reduced-in-shape handy invite. Portable pocket invitation cards are available in various cute and cool designs that can hold different facias, finishes, embellishments, trims, closures, and craft forms.

    There are limitless options to go with themes to fit in your purpose and idea of invitation. You can check the available designs online for DIY pocket invitations and get them created at home. For bulk invites you to have immersive options open with wedding card designers to help you go grand with your nifty piece of small invitation.

    Bi-Fold Pocket Invitation Cards

    When you have a more distinguished purpose in mind, maybe something related to the invitations for social ceremonies or wedding events – bi-fold cards get more relevant. As with them, you get a sizeable option that looks ideal for a formal family invite. This is where you get to feature comprehensive art options for a better choice of reception and visibility.

    This can be folded both vertically and horizontally as per the design and craft preferences. When designed as a pocket fold wedding invitation, this can hold the embellishments, foils, and accessorized arrangements better in combination with different fabric and material options.

    Tri-Fold Pocket Invitation Card

    A tri-fold card is split into three parts separated by two creases. The parts are folded one over the other to compress into a one-third arrangement of the whole card layout. These pocket invites are available in different sizes and fold options. You get a different way of presentation and design achieved with tri-fold cards.

    And there’s a lot of more space for messages and display arts to support different themes of pocket style wedding invitations with these cards. With more pocket options across the spread, it can hold a larger number of cards and insertions and can serve you with more open and abundant choices for a big wedding event.

    An All-purpose Invitation

    Pocket invitation cards are making quite a statement as a modern wedding invite nowadays. It is equally a good choice for small events and celebrations like birthdays, housewarming, and baby showers where photos and messages can be inserted with the invite.

    These are a great way to impress your guests with new choices for extending invitations. As these offer an unconventional option at art and design that is beyond the traditional invite options. Much relevant to the times these are more towards casual and purposeful designs and are being increasingly adopted by people at all arrays and extents of invitation.

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