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Wedding Blogs

19 February 2020

Wedding Blogs
  • A Rustic Wedding With Dark Winter Flowers and Irish Greenery
    19 February 2020

    "The wedding idea was a rustic style with dark winter flowers and Irish greenery."

  • 365 Happiness Project 2020 – Quote 43
    19 February 2020






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  • Real Wedding: Noelle & Colt
    19 February 2020

    Stunning bride Noelle married her best man Colt in a Halloween Chic wedding in Saltine Restaurant! Colt wore one of our popular style #LD3906 in black and she totally rocked it. We had the pleasure to take part in Noelle & Colt’s big day. Congratulations to this lovely couple! All photos were taken by RC Furlow Photography. Wedding Dress Style: #LD3906 Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs.? Don’t listen to anyone else’s idea of “TRADITION” you do you. Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? Goth chic. Q: Tell us your love story! Where & How did he propose? We met 7 years ago on a film set. Q: How would you define the message “Dare to Love”? Don’t be afraid to jump in. Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day? THE DRESS! Q: Where did you hear/find CocoMelody? I ordered my Bridesmaid dress for a friend’s wedding and i loved it. Q: What did you love most about your #CocoMelody dress (es)? EVERYTHING. The sizing, the color options, the speed of deliver, the QUALITY. I love my wedding dress!! Q: What do you think about CocoMelody and the customer service? I love CocoMelody. […]

    The post Real Wedding: Noelle & Colt appeared first on Cocomelody Mag.

  • How to Choose a Venue for Wedding Reception or Any Event in 19 Steps
    19 February 2020

    How to Choose a Venue for Wedding Reception or Any Event in 19 Steps

    Weddings are made up of different moving parts – the bride, the groom, the outfits, the food, the guests, the bridesmaids, and all that good stuff.  But there’s just one thing that brings all these different parts together, and that’s THE VENUE.   Even if you decide to wear ankara (instead of the usual white wedding […]

    The post How to Choose a Venue for Wedding Reception or Any Event in 19 Steps appeared first on NaijaGlamWedding.

  • My Wedding Style Reimagined with Charlie Brear
    19 February 2020

    I tell you something, being styled by celeb stylist and designer Charlie Brear is an absolute dream! No one knows how to transform an outfit with […]

    The post My Wedding Style Reimagined with Charlie Brear appeared first on Nu Bride.

  • Luxe Spring Tablescape for the Modern Bride in White and Lush Green
    19 February 2020

    BLOVED Blog - Creative & Contemporary Wedding Inspiration for Stylish Brides in the UK and beyond

    Absolutely loving the Spring wedding feels on the blog with this shoot by dream team: The Timeless Stylist and Sarah Harper Floral Design captured by Hannah Duffy Photography.  Amy, The Timeless Stylist, shares all the details and expert tips below: THE DECOR This tablescape was created as a series of three designs to showcase Sarah Harper Floral Design’s work for... Read more »

    The post Luxe Spring Tablescape for the Modern Bride in White and Lush Green appeared first on BLOVED Blog

  • Three Communication Tips to Improve Your Relationship
    19 February 2020

    Oh boy you are in for a treat today. I cannot wait to introduce you to this incredible duo and founders of The Love Brunch Monique and […]

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  • Christmas and Holiday Season Table Styling Tips
    19 February 2020

    Hello my love.  Interrupting your weekend for a clever little pre Crimbo and holiday season styling tips for you to tuck into if you and your beau […]

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  • DIY Beeswax Wraps with Free Printable + Editable Favor Labels
    19 February 2020

    DIY beeswax wraps make the perfect eco-friendly wedding favors!

    As more and more of us move away from single use plastic, the demand for eco-friendly alternatives has grown by leaps and bounds. Beeswax wraps are the perfect alternative to single use plastic wrap! Your guests will love these eco-friendly options, and you can feel good by promoting a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

    We used second-hand fabric to make these beeswax wraps even more environmentally friendly! Search second hand stores for cotton fabric that you can use for these favors.

    Tips for Making DIY Beeswax Wraps

    • We recommend using cotton fabric that has a pattern. We made a few beeswax wraps with solid colors and they did not turn out as well as they turned out ‘splotchy’. Cotton vintage bed sheets work perfectly!
    • If you are using a solid chunk of beeswax, place it in the freezer first so it is easier to grate.
    • If you can get your hands on a rotary cutter, it will make the process of cutting the fabric much quicker.
    • Keep beeswax wraps looking new by placing them in the oven at 150 degrees. Let wax melt and remove wraps from oven. Let cool on hard surface.
    • Do not use the wraps to cover meat. You don’t want any funky bacteria growing on your wraps.




    DIY Beeswax Wraps Recipe

    (Makes four sets of beeswax wraps)

    2 Cups  (150 grams) Shredded Beeswax or Beeswax Pellets

    12 tbsp (40 grams) Food Grade Pine Rosin

    60 ml Organic Jojoba Oil

    You will also need:

    An iron

    Parchment Paper

    Scissors or Rotary Cutter

    Cotton fabric

    DIY Beeswax Wraps Instructions

    Cut your fabric. If making groups of three, cut the following sizes:

    Small – 8 x 8 inches

    Medium – 11 x 11 inches

    Large – 14 x 14 inches

    Grate beeswax.

    Measure jojoba oil.

    Use a rolling pin to grind pine rosin into powder. The finer, the better!

    Place beeswax, jojoba oil and pine rosin in a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon.

    Place a piece of parchment paper below your fabric. Sprinkle mixture onto fabric.

    Place another piece parchment paper on top of fabric. Iron (on low) over your parchment paper until wax is melted. Add more wax mixture to fabric so that the fabric is evenly coated. You will only need to do this to one side of the fabric.

    Remove parchment paper and let cool.

    Leave to set for several hours before folding and adding your labels.

    Open the 3″ x 11″  DIY Beeswax Wraps Wedding Favor Labels in Canva.

    Click on File found on the status bar.

    Select Make a copy. This will open a new window with the copy of your design saved to your account.

    Now you can go ahead and edit the text in in Canva.


    Add label to beeswax wraps. Use two sided tape to adhere label.

    Now your wedding favors table will be ‘buzzing’ with happy wedding guests!

    *post includes affiliate links.

    The post DIY Beeswax Wraps with Free Printable + Editable Favor Labels appeared first on Intimate Weddings - Small Wedding Blog - DIY Wedding Ideas for Small and Intimate Weddings - Real Small Weddings.

  • Twinkling & Magical Rustic Barn Wedding
    19 February 2020

    Haughley Park Barn Wedding

    I was obsessed with WWW during the planning of our wedding (and let’s be honest here, even before we were engaged). I found so much DIY inspiration and loved seeing how other happy couples managed to inject their personalities into their big day. I think all the couples featured creating a wonderland of sorts for their own wedding days and it was really important to me that we tried to do the same but create a day that was very us!

    WWW readers Chrissy and Daryl

    Well isn’t that just the loveliest way to begin this real wedding feature? Its always so special to feature WWW reader weddings, I love it when we come full circle and then a couple features their day here and it all begins again. I am sure you are going to find Chrissy and Daryl’s wedding super inspirational, let me explain why.

    They chose 21st September 2019, a special weekend for them personally, to tie the knot and they fell for Haughley Park Barn in Suffolk which turned out to be the perfect choice for their celebrations. They decked the barns in fairy lights, greenery hoops and fabric for the ceremony and at the reception they added some lovely personal touches. Think Harry Potter confetti cones and film inspired table names, not to mention a selfie station and sweetie table too. It was all so glorious.

    Their romantic day also included stunning outfit choices, sensational flowers and a floral cake with wow factor!

    Him and Her Wedding Photography are behind these beautiful captures and I am so thankful to be sharing them today.

    Sponsored Ads

    The Proposal

    Daryl proposed whilst on holiday in Santorini! Although we had spoken about marriage, I did not see it coming at all. Daryl had arranged one evening for our hotel room and outdoor terrace to be decorated with flower petals, tealights and lanterns. It looked gorgeous! I didn’t realise that the bartender was trying to stall us on the way up to our room from the pool as everything was still being set up. When I got upstairs I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Daryl just passed it off as if it was a special treat for it being our first holiday abroad together but shortly after our private dinner on the terrace he got down on one knee! It was my dream proposal!

    The Vision

    We always knew we wanted a rustic barn wedding, with lots of twinkly fairy-lights, good food and some Greek dancing as my family is Greek Cypriot. Typically, Greek weddings are quite big but we both agreed that we wanted to be able to get around to talking to everyone and we wanted our guests to feel happy and relaxed!

    The Venue

    We got married at Haughley Park Barn in Suffolk. The venue was absolutely beautiful and less than a 10 minute drive..

Wedding Photography Blogs

19 February 2020

Wedding Photography Blogs
  • Stephen & Renee | Richmond Club Wedding
    19 February 2020
    19 February 2020

    Are you a photographer looking for some information about Italian Wedding traditions?

    Italy is well known for having a rich culture and a special tradition passed down from generation to generation, and their weddings are no different. Here we take a look at the best and most special Italian wedding traditions for you to remember as a wedding photographer

    1. Confetti
    Confetti is widely recognised worldwide as a coloured paper shape that is often hurled at the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. In Italian cuisine, confetti is a vibrant sugar-coated almond with a variety of colours and tastes.

    2. La Serenata
    In this intimate Italian wedding tradition, the groom organizes a serenade under the window of his bride, the night before the wedding. The groom then meets up with the band under the balcony of the bride and starts singing along with them.

    3. Bomboniere
    Bomboniere is an Italian wedding tradition that stands for gifts given to guests to thank them for their attendance at the wedding. Bomboniere usually contains a present, confetti, and printed ribbons.

    4. The bride’s dress
    The wedding dress has many superstitions, the major one being that the bride should not look into a mirror while wearing the wedding dress, before her big day. On the wedding day, only the bride should be in white for good fortune and blessings for the couple.

    5. The bridal bouquet
    For a perfect Italian wedding, the groom has to provide the bridal bouquet. This is considered as his final gift to his woman before they become a couple. The bride may be the one to choose the florals she wants, but the groom has to pay the bill.

    6. La Giarrettiera
    In the southern part of Italy, the cultural tradition is that the bride wears a garter that is thought to bring good luck to the bride. In a special moment at the end of the ceremony, the garden is stripped off by the groom and tossed to the guests.

    Bride wearing wedding garter on leg

    7. Engagement
    Engagement rings date back to the medieval ages and is now a common tradition all over the world. In the Italian culture, the man proposes to a woman, giving her a ring with a diamond representing love and a prosperous future together.

    8. Bachelorette parties
    In the Italian wedding tradition, these parties are an opportunity for family and friends to have fun. A night out with friends usually happens a weekend before the big day.

    9. Groom’s tie
    At the Italian wedding reception, the groom cuts his tie into many tiny pieces and offers it to the wedding guests for sale.

    10. First dance
    At the first dance, it’s an Italian wedding tradition for guests to hold streamers attached to the bride and groom’s hands as they waltz, and wrap them up.

    The post 10 UNIQUE ITALIAN WEDDING TRADITIONS IN SYDNEY appeared first on Wedding Photographer Sydney | Wedding Photography and Videography.

    19 February 2020

    Are you a wedding photographer looking for film Chinese wedding and want to know more about their customs?

    Chinese Australians are one of the largest groups of Overseas Chinese people, forming the largest Overseas Chinese community in Sydney. Per capita, Sydney has more people of Chinese ancestry than any country outside Asian city. Even modern-day wedding ceremonies, many of which were ancient rituals performed, Chinese wedding customs are still considered very significant. A few key ones are, however, passed on and incorporated into modern Chinese weddings. Still highly esteemed these traditions are very important parts of Chinese culture. Below are the five most important Chinese wedding traditions of which you should be aware.

    1. Chinese tea ceremony
    The tea ceremony is a traditional formal ceremony where both families are introduced together. They drink' Tsao Chun,' a Chinese tea, often sitting together, crossing arms, and ringing the couple's exchanges. The couple then receives what’s called ‘lai’, a red envelope representing good luck, and is often filled with money, jewelry, and expensive items. Only the family participates in this tradition and a feast is served with everyone invited once the wedding ceremony is over.

    2. Chinese wedding banquet
    The banquet usually features Chinese wedding decorations and is a luxurious and expensive ceremony. Guests must sign their names on a scroll to give their gifts to the couple upon arrival at the traditional Chinese wedding reception. In Chinese culture, the food served is considered symbolic, fish reflecting abundance and usually seeds of lotus for fertility. The banquet typically offers a minimum of 6-8 courses. You're expected to see luxury seafood such as abalone and lobsters in the meal.

    3. Chinese wedding invitations
    The typical Chinese wedding invitation is placed in a red envelope with gold sealing. The wording written on it is read from right to left with the information of the bride and groom in it. The invitation has in it the date for the banquet, names of parents, birth dates, the venue, and all other relevant information. The double happiness symbol is engraved in most but not all Chinese wedding invitations.

    4. Chinese wedding dress (Qipao)
    It’s a typical Chinese tradition for the bride to wear a special red dress called a Qipao. She also wears a red veil on the day to cover her face. In Chinese tradition, red symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. In modern Chinese weddings, the bride wears a white gown but some weddings like to stick to the traditional way. Another modern-day tradition is to change into 4 different dresses throughout the night.

    5. Post-wedding
    The day after the wedding festival, the bride has to prepare breakfast for family members. The couple also receives gifts that morning from the elders and the bride is formally introduced to the groom’s family. This is when she is formally given a formal title within the family. Three days after, the bride and groom visit the bride’s family and offer a roasted pig for them to enjoy with the rest of the family.

    6. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
    Unlike traditional western weddings, where couples usually have their photos taken on their wedding day, for Chinese people it is quite popular to have their day-long photo sessions way before their actual weddings. Sometimes it can be half a year or even a year in advance of the ceremony.Some couples even choose other countries for their pre-wedding sessions. Often for their photoshoots, couples go for traditionally romantic cities such as Sydney.

    The post Top 6 CHINESE WEDDING TRADITIONS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT appeared first on Wedding Photographer Sydney | Wedding Photography and Videography.

  • How I Stay Healthy during Wedding Season (+ a Free Guide!)
    19 February 2020

    If you’re a wedding photographer, chances are you’ve experienced the dreaded post-wedding hangover: that sore, achy feeling when you wake up the morning after a wedding feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck. That’s not to mention those double-header wedding weekends!

    I strongly believe that your health is one of the most important parts of your business to invest in – even if we don’t always see it that way. It might feel strange to invest in a really great office chair, a solid rolling camera bag, or a high-quality pair of insoles, but your health is priceless. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t get it back so easily!

    So, I’ve put together a free guide detailing the strategies I use to stay healthy during wedding seasons…and even when I’m just spending my day in front of my computer screen editing images or replying to emails. Just click below and you’ll get the whole guide delivered straight to your inbox!

    Here’s an overview of everything I cover in the guide – if you want the details, I’m sharing the full breakdown in the free guide. All you’ve got to do is click the button above, let me know where I should send the guide, and then check your inbox! I’m confident these tips and strategies will help you finish out your wedding days feeling less exhausted and more confident!

    The post How I Stay Healthy during Wedding Season (+ a Free Guide!) appeared first on Catherine Guidry Photography.

  • Brandon + Meghan | Engaged
    19 February 2020

    However, I’ve been married for almost ten years and so I guess it’s actually not that crazy that little Meghan Beasley is getting MARRIED! I’m just having a hard time wrapping my mind around how fast life is flying by! Michael and I couldn’t be more excited for  Brandon, Meghan and their entire family! We grew up being incredibly close to Meghan’s  parents. Todd and Laura are  like family to  us in so  many ways and  we’re  so happy for  them that they are gaining an amazing new “son” in Brandon. He’s kind, polite, he loves Meghan and he fits into the family beautifully!!

    During their shoot, we had moments of almost being up to our ankles in mud but it was worth trekking all over the farm. We used the wide open fields, a quaint (rickety) old bridge, silos, dead grass and more to make this shoot happen! I’m so proud of these wintery images and I cannot WAIT to photograph these two on their wedding day! Meghan, you’re going to be the most gorgeous bride!! That model face!! whew! Keep scrolling to see what I mean!!! ….

  • Iowa Wedding Venues
    19 February 2020
  • Courtnie & Michael: St. Paul Lutheran Trenton & Arnaldo’s Banquet Center Riverview MI
    19 February 2020

    Courtnie and Michael had a beautiful day for their wedding at St. Paul Lutheran in Trenton, and their reception at Arnaldo’s Banquet Center in Riverview. 

    They started out getting ready at the Hampton Inn, then after some shots with family they were off to St. Paul Lutheran for a picture perfect ceremony.  Elizabeth Park in Trenton was a beautiful backdrop for post ceremony shots of the happy couple, and then they were off to Arnaldo’s in Riverview for a fun party with family and friends.  Thanks so much to Courtnie and Michael for letting us be a part of your special day!

    We can’t wait to see your album design layout!

    Wedding: St. Paul Lutheran Trenton MI
    Reception: Arnaldo’s Wedding Banquet Center Riverview MI Park: Elizabeth Park Trenton MI
    Photographers:  Jennifer M.  &  Jennifer G.
  • Lauren & Zachary: Gesu Roman Catholic Church Detroit & Blossom Heath Inn St. Clair Shores
    19 February 2020

    A gorgeous wedding at Gesu Catholic Church on a gregarious day for Zachary & Lauren.  Starting off at Belle Isle for some shots before the wedding meant they could spend time with each other before the service when all the guests would be over whelming them with love and affection.  What a great way to start off the day!  After their beautiful ceremony they were off to Blossom Heath Inn in St. Clair Shores for the reception.  Congratulations to Lauren and Zachary, we wish you all the best!


    Wedding:  Gesu Roman Catholic Church Detroit
    Reception:  Blossom Heath Inn St. Clair Shores
    Photographers:  Sherry S.
  • Chicago Indian Fusion Wedding Photos : Aleena + Nick
    19 February 2020

    At last, a new blog post! My poor, neglected blog receives a well-overdue new post today, and it’s in the form of Aleena and Nick’s Indian Fusion wedding at Venue Six10. I’ve already shared a couple of my favorites from this wedding on my Insta, but I’m excited to share more of their day here.

    I started off my morning with Aleena as she got ready in her suite at the Hilton with friends and family.

    Nick was getting ready one floor away with his own squad.

    Back to Aleena as she put on her dress.

    We had a first look in the hotel before Nick headed over to Venue Six 10 for the barat.

    Immediately afterwards, Aleena’s family welcomed Nick to open the ceremony.

    We raced both sunset and a storm to get a few portraits outside at the Art Institute Gardens.

  • Best of 2019 \ Exquisite, Joy-Filled Wedding Photos by Lauren Fair Photography
    19 February 2020
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Luxury Wedding Blog

19 February 2020

Luxury Wedding Blog
  • Sydney Wedding Venues That Are Trending Right Now
    19 February 2020

    We've compiled a list of the most talked-about and trendy wedding venues in Sydney to help you pick the perfect spot for your special day!

    The post Sydney Wedding Venues That Are Trending Right Now appeared first on Modern Wedding.

  • Luxe Spring Tablescape for the Modern Bride in White and Lush Green
    19 February 2020

    BLOVED Blog - Creative & Contemporary Wedding Inspiration for Stylish Brides in the UK and beyond

    Absolutely loving the Spring wedding feels on the blog with this shoot by dream team: The Timeless Stylist and Sarah Harper Floral Design captured by Hannah Duffy Photography.  Amy, The Timeless Stylist, shares all the details and expert tips below: THE DECOR This tablescape was created as a series of three designs to showcase Sarah Harper Floral Design’s work for... Read more »

    The post Luxe Spring Tablescape for the Modern Bride in White and Lush Green appeared first on BLOVED Blog

  • Introducing The Olana Dallas Wedding Venue
    19 February 2020

    The Olana is the newest and most fabulous venue in the Dallas area. The mansion is built on a 40 acre estate and inspired by French baroque architecture. A homage to  Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte in Paris, the Olana features lush landscaping, a tea room modeled after New York’s Tavern on the Green, an indoor and outdoor pool, a tennis court, a bowling alley, a basketball court and private suites and more. A favorite detail of the mansion is the hand-carved spiral staircase. The venue has numerous ceremony locations. Our couple hosted their ceremony on the 3rd level of the Olana, a French room with beautiful mirrors and view of the interior balconies.The reception was held in the Solarium, a window beautiful room filled with natural light. The Solarium is perfect for any celebration.

    Wedding at The Olana

    Our couple’s choice to host their wedding at the Olana excited me to my core! They were a beautiful couple with the venue as their backdrop. Their classic celebration featured live music, black and white attire, a cocktail hour and dancing all night. We’re wishing these two a lifetime of happiness. – Lavishly Lux


  • 24K Magic
    18 February 2020

    Gilded glam is where it’s at for Raschelle and Chris’s wedding! The soft and feminine pink florals were a sight to behold, not to mention all the gold greenery, geometric altarpieces, and ornate goblets that totally tied the theme together. Alongside the four-tiered blush cake, Fruitilicous Cakes also prepared a sweets table that’s sure to make any dessert lover’s heart sing! See more gorgeous weddings like this in our Winter/Spring 2020 issue of WedLuxe Magazine (Toronto & Eastern Canada Edition).


  • Grace Loves Lace Are Reinventing Tradition With Their Latest Designs
    18 February 2020

    Grace Loves Lace is introducing game-changing dresses with stretch bustiers! The gowns you’ve been dreaming of are no longer a stretch of the imagination.

    The post Grace Loves Lace Are Reinventing Tradition With Their Latest Designs appeared first on Modern Wedding.

  • Arlington Hall
    17 February 2020
  • 5 Black Owned Wedding Venues You Should Consider On Your Big Day
    17 February 2020


    Wedding day is one of the most exclusive and beautiful days in everybody’s life. That’s why it’s advisable to make the day unique, amazing, and memorable. Every bride needs a venue that will bring her wedding fantasies to reality. Unfortunately, couples give serious attention to every aspect of their weddings except for the venue.


    Finding the perfect venue for your big day is as essential as every other aspect of the preparation. Do you know why? It’s because the venue you use for your wedding gives a lot of impression about your union. For this reason, we have come up with the top 5 black owned wedding venues that should be on your radar.


    It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a big wedding, a pre or post-nuptial gathering, your venue will make your special day outstanding. Without much ado, here are the top 5 black owned wedding venues. 

    Black Owned Wedding Venues in Texas Photo from . Not Property of Lavishly Lux StudioLuxmore Grande Estate


    If you want your wedding to have a luxurious feel, you should consider using the Luxmore Grande Estate located at Winter Springs, Florida. It’s a state of the heart facility that sits on 5 acres of land with gated access. 


    Furthermore, the Luxmore Grande Estate is available all year and can accommodate up to 200 wedding guests. It’s the perfect venue to make your big day memorable. Trust me, Luxmore Grande Estate is worth every dollar you spend in renting it. It’s an ideal venue choice if you have a taste for excellence. 


    The Loft at Castleberry Hill 


    If you want your wedding to be a phenomenon, the Loft at Castleberry Hill is the perfect venue to make it happen. The venue gives couples exceptional experience and features a loft-style architecture that will make a great impression.


    If having a great Atlanta wedding is one of your greatest fantasies, Loft at Castleberry Hill has the facilities to make your fantasies come true. One thing you will love about The Loft at Castleberry Hill is its versatility. The venue has three dynamic event spaces to choose from, and it can accommodate up to 350 guests on your wedding day. 


    Again, the venue features sleek lighting designs, dark woods, and vintage floors. People who have used this venue in the past confirmed that it’s a perfect definition of a modern wedding location.


    It may interest you to know that the venue is a few minutes away from Downtown Atlanta, it will give you an actual city experience. 


    The Cloth Mill at Eno River

    The Cloth Mill at Eno River is a top-notch wedding venue, located in Hillsborough, North Carolina. It’s an urban event space with exposed brick walls, massive windows, high ceilings, original wood beams, and an extraordinary courtyard. Trust me; it’s a perfect location to mark the beginning of your forever. 


    Again, the venue can accommodate about 500 people for a seated reception and 1000 people for standing reception. 

    Photo from . Not Property of Lavishly Lux StudioMaison Dupuy Hotel


    Maison Dupuy Hotel is another excellent location you can use as a wedding venue. It’s located in a peaceful residential section of the French Quarters, which is two blocks away from Bourbon Street. The hotel offers a New Orleans setting that’s perfect for a wedding reception. 


    The hotel features a courtyard with a secluded venue that can accommodate about 200 guests. Interestingly, the venue provides you with the option to add a custom tent; this gives your guest the ultimate outdoor experience. 


    Clevedale Historic Inn and Gardens


    The Clevedale Historic Inn and Gardens is a breathtaking wedding venue with state of the art infrastructures. It’s located in Spartanburg, North Carolina and gives your wedding a perfect celebration of elegance. 


    You will love the fact that this venue is versatile and you have the option to choose from six distinctly unique indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you are planning a small or large wedding, Clevedale Historic Inn and Gardens will create a good impression of your union to your guests. 


    These are the top 5 black owned wedding venues you should consider when planning your wedding. The venues have the facilities and resources to make your special day beautiful.  – Lavishly Lux


  • 9 Southern Black Female Wedding Photographers You’ll Swoon Over
    17 February 2020

    They say if you want something done, then ask a Southern woman. With that being said, we have 9 Southern Black Female Wedding Photographers to hire for your perfectly planned Southern wedding. Often heard saying  , “Y’all, “Where y’at”, “For y’alls information”, “Goodness gracious”,  Southern women are nothing less than spectacular.  She’s usually “just as sweet as pie”, unless you’re only serving unsweet tea at your wedding (Sweet tea is the official drink of the southern woman).

    A  Southern black woman is usually in a class of their own, captivating , good-humored, God-fearing,  polite, outspoken and immutable. She’s only helpless when her nail polish is drying,  She’s got a strong nature and great work effort, which was probably  taught by her Big Mamma or Nana , makes her undeniably a force to be reckoned with. So, in recognition of Black History Month I’ll take a few moment to “Let the cat out of the bag” and give you 9 of our favorite Southern Black Female Wedding Photographers.

    9 Southern Black Female Wedding Photographers
    1. Lauren – Harbor Grace Photography
    2. Kariss – Pharris Photos
    3. Ivy – Ivy Weddings
    4. Angela – Angela Lauren Company
    5. Lajoy – Lajoy Photography
    6. Jennifer – Jennifer Ryals Photography
    7. Elizabeth – Elizabeth Austin Photography
    8. Tyson – Tyson Pough Photography
    9. Misha – Lavishly Lux Studio (Of course, we’re included)

    As you’re planning your celebration, we hope you keep these ladies in mind. I guarantee, any of them will provide you stunning and timeless photos for  you to cherish for a lifetime.

    Lavishly Lux Studio is a team of African American wedding photographers, one thing we love more than telling love stories, is supporting or fellow female entrepreneurs. Our goal is to celebrate and uplift all women from all backgrounds. We would love to hear your feedback. Who’s your favorite?


  • A sophisticated blend of vintage & rustic wedding elements
    17 February 2020
  • How You Can Have a Stylish Sustainable Wedding
    17 February 2020

    BLOVED Blog - Creative & Contemporary Wedding Inspiration for Stylish Brides in the UK and beyond

    Meet BLOVED Edit Member Catherine, the wedding planner and stylist behind All Things Considered. She’s passionate about sustainable weddings which don’t need to compromise on style and we couldn’t wait to interview her to tell us more about her work, her take on the 2020 wedding trends – and of course her expert tips on sustainable weddings!... Read more »

    The post How You Can Have a Stylish Sustainable Wedding appeared first on BLOVED Blog

Indian Wedding Blogs

19 February 2020

Indian Wedding Blogs
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