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yoga blogs

08 April 2020

yoga blogs
  • 10 Habits Of Couples Who Stay Together Through Adversity, According To Research
    08 April 2020
    Social distancing with a partner comes with its own set of challenges.
  • Preparing for Postpartum During COVID-19 with Grace Veras Sealy
    08 April 2020

    Bringing home a baby during a pandemic has unique challenges. New parents can no longer rely on the help and support of family, friends, or a doula to share the workload and take the pressure off of learning how to care for a newborn. 

    For those expecting a baby during COVID-19, this special episode of Yoga| Birth|Babies may help ease your anxiety.  My guest, New York City based childbirth educator, postpartum doula and lactation counselor, Grace Veras Sealy, offers very solid and supportive ideas for how to navigate new parenthood with limited external help. Grace also provides wonderful questions new parents should ask their care providers and pediatricians before their birth.

    In this episode:

    • Learn about Grace and her work as a labor support and postpartum doula.
    • How Grace is supporting her clients during COVID-19. 
    • How to begin planning and preparing for your postpartum at this time.
    • Navigating postpartum during a pandemic without the extra hands of family, friends or a doula? 
    • Practical things parents should stock up on ahead of time. 
    • Warning signs new parents should know since they may not be able to easily see their care provider.
    • Questions parents should ask their pediatricians since they will have limited access. 
    • Telehealth Appointments, are they covered by your insurance? 
    • Finding out how long partners can stay in the hospital.
    •  How long birthing people will stay in the hospital after delivery?
    • Where to find Grace! 

    Additional Resources:

    About Grace:

    Grace Veras Sealy is a New York City based Childbirth Educator, Birth and Postpartum doula, lactation counselor and midwive’s assistant. She began working as a postpartum doula after the birth of her 2nd daughter, and over 10 years after starting to work as a birth doula. She currently teaches childbirth and breastfeeding classes at a local hospital, works with newborn families all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and parts of Queens and works as a birth assistant at the Brooklyn Birthing Center and with several home birth midwives.

    If you love what you’ve been listening to, please leave a rating and review! Yoga| Birth|Babies

  • Too experienced to risk an injury
    08 April 2020

    There is another yoga challenge by @cyogalife on Instagram. The April challenge is called #BackOnTrack. Carmen is a very advanced yogini. She practices yoga every day for 2 hours minimum. She is a teacher. Yoga is her life. It’s a very good idea to offer a challenge that speaks also to the advanced yoginis. I like challenges that deserve the name. She gives useful explanations. There are also alternate asanas that are easier to approach.

    Nevertheless I know my body and its possibilities. Maybe that sometimes more is possible than I think, but often my insights meet reality. I prefer a slow approach to the asanas I want to learn. The asana yesterday was a back bending asana. Here we go. When I tried to bend the stretched leg, my muscles cramped. This is not a nice feeling. I found a back bending asana that was possible for me. Even the easier asana was not possible for me. These challenges are made to explore new positions, new approaches. It’s not about performing everything as it’s proposed. Every practice is about finding the limits of a given day. One can push oneself, but never too much.

    Injuries are setbacks.

    It’s getting warmer here in Germany. I get up early as I don’t want to miss the sun rise. Best time for a yoga practice is the early morning. I got used again to practice before breakfast. I don’t feel hungry at all. When I start with the sun salutations, I focus on my breath. Every day is a good day when I practiced.

    Injuries happen easier after a break. A daily practice helps to avoid injuries. This is just a reminder.

    Being overambitious can be a danger, too. Yoginis don’t lose their cool. 😎 Nothing must be proved. The journey itself is the fun.

    After my so deserved breakfast I lied on my bed again and slept. At once.

  • Energizing Yoga Flow - 7 Poses to Wake Up
    08 April 2020

    A full body stretch yoga class is often times just what is needed to help wake you up! If you find yourself dragging your feet in the mornings, give an energizing practice a try.

    The 7 poses outlined below will take you just about 10 minutes of time on your mat.

    No props are needed for this practice.

    1. Mountain - Start standing at the front of your mat. Feet hip width distanceapart, with just a small bend in the knees, hips over heels. Relax the shoulders down away from the ears, hands at the sides, palms shining forward. Draw the low belly in, and reach up through the crown of the head.

    2. Lunges - Keep the gaze steady, and step the left foot back. Tuck the toes underneath, pressing back through the heel, and bending in to the right knee. Inhale hands up to the sky. As you exhale bend your back knee, tapping it to the ground. Simultaneously, sweep the arms down at the sides. Inhale to reach hands up and straighten the back leg. Repeat for a few rounds.

    3. Tilt Forward - Hold the left leg straight, kicking back through the left heel. As you exhale, sweep hands back at the sides and tilt forward. Coming in to one long line from the crown of the head all the way down through the back heel. Roll the shoulders down and away from the ears. Pull the belly in. After a few deep breaths here, lift the torso back up.

    4. Eagle - Bring your arms in front of you. Bending at the elbows, bring the left elbow under the right. Bind the arms once (hands back to back), or twice (palm to palm). Find a focal point. Step your left leg forward, crossing left thigh over the right. Bend into the knees, sinking the hips down. Maybe looping the left toes behind the standing leg.

    5. Warrior 3 - Bring the hands to the hips. Unwind the legs. Start to extend the left leg back behind you, hinging forward at the same angle. Bring the chest at most parallel to the ground. Keep the hips and shoulders square. Press back through the left heel, and keep the toes pointing down.

    Lift up and then repeat 2-5 through on the other side.

    6. Single Leg Seated Forward Fold - Come down to a seat. Extend the right leg out to the side. Bring the left foot to the inside of the right thigh, dropping the knee out to the side. Twist slightly towards the extended leg. Start to fold down towards the leg, leading with the heart. Hold for a moment and then roll up inch by inch.

    7. Baby Wild Thing - Bring your left hand down behind you. Push in to the right heel and left palm to lift the hips up. Reach the right arm up and over.  After a few breaths, lower the hips down.

    Repeat 6 and 7 through on the other side.

    Want more of these 10 minute morning yoga practices? Want to commit to 30 days in a row? Join the Morning Movement Challenge here!

    These 7 poses come from day 8 of the Morning Yoga Challenge. Practice with me in the video below.


    Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel

    ☮ Website:☮ Facebook:☮ Instagram: Yoga with Kassandra - Disclaimer Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By participating in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Yoga with Kassandra from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Yoga with Kassandra’s negligence.
  • 3 Breathing Techniques For Instant Calm When Things Get Chaotic
    08 April 2020
    Bookmark them for the next time you feel yourself getting worked up.
  • 8 Fun Yoga Poses for Children
    08 April 2020

    Thinking of ideas to keep the kids entertained at home can be a huge challenge. Since the schools have been shut, each day has taken a different shape for many of us. With less time and little space for parents it can be a challenge to even hop on the mat for a quick stretch & wiggle so why not let the kids join in and let your imagination run free at the same time!

    Including your children in your yoga practice can be a great way to bond, and help kids find calm. Here are our top tips for engaging children in a yoga practice and at the same time perhaps even seeing your own practice in a new light. 

    Tips for Children’s Yoga
    1. Choose to have fun! Create a story and use the poses to creatively improvise through the story with the little ones – getting your creative juices flowing will be just as beneficial for you as it will be for the kids
    2. Loose any attachment to the kids achieving a perfectly aligned yoga pose, let the intention of the practice be to just move with awareness
    3. Introduce sound and music to the practice to make it more engaging. Try movie soundtracks and cinematic music to really let the poses tell a story
    4. Cater for the children’s energy levels. If your little one is being short tempered perhaps the practice will involve a lot of stamping and shaking to release this energy, or if they are feeling quiet and sad perhaps some rolling on the floor with poses like Child’s Pose and Happy Baby would best fit. 
    5. Embrace being barefoot – let the kids feel their feet and hands with awareness to land back into their body 
    6. Use online resources. There are kids meditations on YouTube, check out New Horizon as well as some great Kids Yoga, check out Cosmic Kids. These are really useful if you would rather someone else teach the kids for a few moments of quiet time. 
    7. Improvise! Get creative, give poses fun names, connect through movement and enjoy that 5 minutes at the end of the practice 
    A short Children’s Yoga Practice and Story

    The Butterfly & The Treehouse 

    Child’s pose 

    A caterpillar in a cocoon

    The pose: Simply take the knees far apart and bring the big toes together, allow the chest to fold onto the mat. 

    The story: Let your little ones notice the feeling of cocooning in Child’ Pose. Bringing their attention to sensations of warmth, comfort, retreating. See if they can notice their breath moving their belly and hear their breath within this tiny cocoon. This pose is a great starting point, let your imagination run wild and bring your Child into an imaginary mystical woodland setting. 

    Cobbler’s Pose

    The Butterfly

    The pose: From Child’s Pose come to a seat. Bring the soles of the feet together and allow the knees to make a diamond shape. 

    The story: The knees can reflect a butterfly’s wings. Emerging from a caterpillar nestled in a cocoon and into a beautiful butterfly.  Let your little ones notice their seat, the middle of the butterfly and how the wings feel light and airy. Encourage them to breathe into their wings/hips so that eventually the butterfly has enough breath to rise up and fly. Allow some time for the little ones to fly around as a newly emerged butterfly. 

    Tree Pose

    The Tree House

    The pose: Come to stillness and allow the kids to find their balance on one leg. Take the raised leg and place the sole of the foot onto the side of the standing leg. Once balanced raise both arms up to the sky. 

    The story: Stay rooted like a tree through the soles of the feet. Wave from side to side and feel the wind within your branches/arms. At the top of your tree is a tree house where the butterfly is going to fly into. Notice the butterfly travelling from the feet all the way up to the fingertips to reach the treehouse. 

    Downward facing dog 

    The Steep Hill 

    The pose: Place hands shoulder width apart and walk feet back keeping them hip width apart. Bring the seat up towards the sky and bend the knees so the hill is long with no humps. 

    The story: The butterfly is at home in the tree house but it’s now time for the rest of the woodland creatures to come on up and join him. The body is now a path, a hill for the animals (squirrels, moles, rabbits and mice) to reach the treehouse. 

    Wheel Pose

    The Big Bridge

    The pose: From Downward Facing Dog come to lay on the back. Bring the heels close to the seat with the knees facing up towards the sky. Place hands behind head with elbows up and fingers facing towards feet. Lift hips and push the floor away lifting the head up off the mat. 

    The story: Continuing the path to the tree house, the woodland animals must now climb the steep bridge from the feet, all the way up the legs, past the belly, the chest and to the crown of the head. Use hands to mimic the movement for Children and encourage an awareness of the scoop and fluidity of their spine. 


    The Rainbow Slide

    The pose: After Upward Facing Dog lay onto the belly, then roll onto the back. Sit up and find the seat bones, from there bring the knees into the chest. Either holding the back of the thighs or coming into a banana shape (low boat shape) 

    The story: The woodland animals are almost at the treetop house to meet the butterfly. They must first roll down and up the rainbow slide. Starting from the crown of the head all the way down the path and then back up the hill to the feet. 

    Triangle Pose

    The Magic Ladder 

    The pose: After boat pose come into downward facing dog and bring one foot in between the hands. With both legs straight, bring one hand onto a brick and the other up to the sky.

    The story: This is the last bit of the journey for the animals to take to reach the tree house and meet the butterfly. Create a ladder using the bottom hand all the way to the top hand so the animals can climb, all the way up to the treehouse. They have made it!



    The pose: Come to lay onto the back with feet spread wide and palms facing up. Close the eyes. 

    The Story: The animals have made it! It’s time for everyone to relax. Lay down on your back and feel at home now you are at the treehouse with the rest of the animals and the butterfly, stay here for a few moments resting until morning comes and it’s time to play. 

    Featuring the Yogamatters Children’s Yoga Collection, available here. 

    The post 8 Fun Yoga Poses for Children appeared first on Yogamatters Blog.

  • ADAPTING TO COVID-19: Should I start teaching yoga online?
    08 April 2020

    Photo by Avrielle Suleiman on Unsplash

    “It’s not a matter of if you should do this. Listen to that voice that says “why don’t you……..””
    — Sophie Sanders

    Monday nights are never going to be the same again for me when I started teaching my very first Instagram Live class on Monday 23rd March 2020.

    Or rather we will never be the same again as we try to adapt to this new COVID-19 era of staying at home and not connecting to others. And the life of a yoga teacher now has to exist in the bright shiny digital world, which seemed busier than ever.

    As a student, I’m immensely overwhelmed by the influx of classes online - there’s so many options out there - when it used to simply be to stick to one studio, and you work the one schedule to your schedule, right?

    Now it’s a mess!! I don’t even know now who to follow or to do, when to do (though anytime is a right time) and is there such a thing as too much yoga?

    Over the weekend, I even practised yoga near midnight; some call it desperation and some call it dedication. I knew I wanted to be with my Baptiste community. And so I sat there with mixed feelings of:⠀

    • AWE of the immense power of community⠀

    • JOY at hearing almost 1000 yogis chiming in good morning onscreen⠀

    • FEAR that i’m screwing up my last 2 months efforts to get my sleep pattern right!⠀

    • WORRIED that i cant get to sleep⠀

    • EXCITED that I get to do Baron’s class after 2 years⠀

    • SAD coz I suddenly felt alone and like I don't belong⠀

    • SATISFACTION that I did it⠀

    And as I was deciding to teaching online - I was also battling the voices in my head that whispered….

    No one will come.

    Who am I?

    I don’t have space.

    My house is a mess.

    I can’t fit into my yoga pants.

    I’m fat.

    I should have started earlier. 

    What if I mess up?

    There are others who are better than me...

    All the fears, worries and……………..

    There are what they are ….. in that midnight practice, Baron ask that we set an intention for acceptance -

    Acceptance for what is and what it is not.

    Your fears, worries……… SO WHAT? 

    Can you accept your fears and worries as it is and as it is not? You know they are not real; can you accept that they are just thoughts and they are not real? Can you accept this new way of teaching? Accept that it’s not going to be perfect. Accept that you’re going to mess up. And you may not.

    I’m also getting present to the word - ESSENTIAL, which has a new deeper meaning for me.

    what is essential to you?

    We are all asked to stay home, and only go out for essential errands. Hanging out with friends when we are supposed to be social distancing is not. Going to the gym or yoga studio is not. This is a life and death situation, right?

    So, you are now at home - let me ask you, is it ESSENTIAL that you teach online?  If So, WHY do you want to teach online? WHAT IS POSSIBLE if you do it?

    (Note: These questions can apply to anything that you’re thinking of doing; just replace the word - “teach”, with the action or decision. Should I exercise? Should I start cooking? Should I learn something new? In fact, that’s too much thinking, just DO IT!)

    Teaching online is giving me

    • The opportunity to reach out to people who would not have come to my class otherwise - like my sisters, my old school mates, etc

    • Motivation to self-practice with power and vitality.

    • Space to share my love for Baptiste Yoga 

    • Access to be of service, to give back to the community

    • Training me to show up when I don’t feel like showing up. 

    “Stop Complaining and Be in the Doing!”
    — Sophie Sanders

    There are too many things going wrong in the world out there. Teaching online - it's one small thing. 

    It’s OKAY if you don’t want to teach online! Don’t beat yourself up over it.

    If you don’t want to teach online, DON'T. Don’t do it because everyone else is doing it. Don’t do it because of Ego. Do it because you want to serve. And because it ‘s ESSENTIAL for the greater good of your life and of others.

    And if you decide not to teach, you can be of service by supporting your other teacher friends, and practise with them, and share their classes with family and friends.

    If you want to teach, TEACH. Stop complaining, just teach! 

    And if it’s essential that you start teaching online because it’s your bread and butter, and you’re afraid, you’re feeling anxious………

    Start with one class a week

    Whether you decide to teach online or not, most importantly, do take care of yourself. 

    Do what you need to fill up your cup with joy - meditate, connect with others online, sleep well, eat well, move more, love more!!

    And I’d like to invite you to come practice with me. Please follow me @pocketsofjoyfulness to get updates when I go LIVE! I teach Mondays 7pm SGT and Thursdays 8am SGT.


    Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash


    Hey, I’ve listed below some questions that came up in my decision-making to teach online.


    Why not? Start with one class, and make a commitment to show up every week. It’s like going to the studio for your classes, only that you don’t have to get out of the house for this one.


    Facebook Live OR Instagram Live, which I feel is the simplest option. It has a 1 hour limit, and you can’t see your students. It’s like you’re looking in a mirror and teaching (and talking) to yourself. If you want to do both platforms, you’d need 2 phones.

    Zoom - Your students will need to register for a Zoom account and they can “attend” your class from the laptop/computer or from their phone (download the Zoom app). The free option has a limit of 40 mins and no recording capability. The paid version costs US$14.99 per month. With this, your students require a zoom link to enter your “class” and you can opt to set up a password to keep it inclusive, and this is what most studios, coaches teachers use for paid (and sometimes free) classes.

    Youtube - This will require more set up, time with the editing; and money, especially if you want to make it look professional with proper lights, camera and microphone. With this, your students will have access to you for life.

    There are many others, but so far this is commonly used.

    Currently I’m using IG live because it’s simple, and I ‘ve only have one phone. It’s easy to connect your AirPods or headsets via bluetooth, and maybe you don’t even need headsets. Plus you can save your video as well.


    You can.

    At the moment, my IG Live classes are free of charge. In these difficult times, it’s important for me to give back to the community, because I know some people can’t afford it, or may be overwhelmed by all the tech what with what’s going on with their lives.

    Right now, we need more kindness than ever. 

    So yes, for now, my classes are for free. 

    If you charging, and you want to know how much to charge - what I see is people charging between $5 - $25, or they do for charity classes.


    Does this sound familiar?

    I need the right mic, the right camera, the right space, the right body…


    I’m not good at this

    You will never start if you keep waiting for the right time. And you will never get good if you don’t get started.

    Keep it simple and build up from there.

    “Be willing to show up and suck until you can show up and shine!”
    — Baron Baptiste


    If this is important to you, YOU WILL FIND SPACE.


    You know how to teach. You have a 200hours YTT certification with Yoga Alliance. You can teach. You’ve taught before - maybe to your family or in a studio? Yes, you can teach.

    It’s the same thing, except you’re speaking to your phone. It’s really weird in the beginning, in fact, it doesn’t stop getting weird, but you’ll get used to it.


    Sure, it’s the same as teaching a normal class. So what do you usually do to prep? What’s your pre-class ritual?


    Abundant Yoga Teachers FB group by Amy McDonald

    Yoga Teacher Marketing Community FB group by Kelly McHugh of DIGITAL YOGA ACADEMY

    Francesca Cervero’s Teaching Yoga Online Resources

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  • The Beginning of Better
    08 April 2020

    This spring hasn’t gone the way anyone would like it to — literally anyone. If you’re still on the anxiety rollercoaster, know that you’re not alone.

    Part of surviving the current health situation is taking care of yourself mentally, not just physically. That can be a tall order if you allow news stations and social media feeds to take over your thoughts.

    Some days are better than others (yesterday was good; today was harder) and that’s OK. We knew this would be the darkest few weeks of U.S. news, but that doesn’t mean it will forever remain dark.

    When I notice pointless worry creeping in, I’m intentionally reminding myself of this reality:

    The beginning of “better” starts at the end of the worst.

    We’re fast approaching the beginning of “better” here in the States, so try to stay focused on that.

    Will the “better” feel as good as before COVID arrived? It won’t, at least not for a while. Will everything magically go back to normal overnight? No, it’ll take time and thoughtful planning. Will there be relapses? Likely, but we’ll be prepared to shut them down way faster.

    With the beginning of better coming up, take comfort in the fact that you will never feel as caught off guard, vulnerable, or scared as you did leading up to this point. That’s the powerful reality. Hold onto it.

    So while the next few weeks may feel like the worst, it means the beginning of “better” is right around the corner.

    Training your brain is key.

    There’s a lot that isn’t going well right now, no doubt about it. It can feel so overwhelming that you might forget that some things ARE okay. You might also forget that YOU are ok.

    This is a time that feels like all or nothing, but the rational part of your brain (which tries to pretend it’s on a permanent #coronacation) knows that’s simply not true.

    That’s why I’m training my brain not to use words like “everything,” “everyone,” “nothing,” or “never” anymore. Those are words anxiety likes to use to paralyze and frighten you. Heck, it doesn’t even make us feel better — so cut it out.

    When was the last time you asked yourself, “What’s the best case scenario?”

    This then that.

    Another trick our brains like to pull? If you start thinking about one thing that needs to change, your noggin tries to get you to think about ALL the things that need to change — and do it right now.

    Oh, hey, Brain Freeze. I know you.

    Instead, remind yourself to stay focused on the present and what you can do to keep yourself and others safe today. That’s it for now, your only job.

    Believing your brain when it tells you to wake up and start solving the global testing shortage or devise an economic recovery plan at 4 am isn’t helpful. (Unless you’re a scientist, doctor, or economist — in which case, please, hop to it!)

    For the rest of us, though, mentally churning through every BIG problem simultaneously isn’t a useful way to spend your time or energy. Those things will need to be dealt with, no question. Proper testing, tracking, and economic stability will impact how quickly we can return to a “new normal” and ensure the health of our friends and neighbors longterm.

    Over the next ten days, though, as we approach the beginning of better, stay right here, right now.

    Deal with this 24 hours, then we’ll deal with the next 24.

    (My mantra for this idea is “This Then That.”)

    Think about what you need to do today in your own home. Work on some small projects that help those closest to you, like sewing face masks for friends. Sign up for an online class or certification program that’ll help you professionally later.

    Or, spend your time applying for one of the new COVID support initiatives like the Paycheck Protection Program.

    And when you feel tired, rest for a bit. It’s ok. Be kind to yourself.

    What I’m focused on right now.

    You don’t have to pretend to feel ok when you don’t. On tougher mental days, however, you have to diligently feed your brain positive and hopeful thoughts instead of the “junk food” in the news or on Facebook.

    Remember, you are what you eat — errr, think.

    Here are some of the thoughts that are helping me:

    • The vast majority of people you know will be OK. In fact, 99% of people who get the virus, period, will still be ok. (This is not to downplay our losses, rather to underscore why we shouldn’t allow our brains to use words like “everything” or “everyone.”)
    • U.S. cases and deaths are projected to begin declining as soon as next week.
    • New York has already discharged 75% of its hospitalized COVID patients. That’s a lot of lives saved.
    • Many other states have already “peaked,” meaning they’re seeing progressively less hospitalizations and deaths.
    • We’ve seen hard-hit areas around the globe start to improve and recover.
    • Countries like New Zealand are learning from other’s responses (or lack thereof) and acting more quickly to contain the virus.
    • Social distancing and staying home is WORKING, and you ARE helping. Keep doing it even if your city/state hasn’t ordered it.
    • The more people who follow the rules, the more their state’s projections are improving. We’re not powerless over the “scary stats.” We can change them when we work together. (We’ve already reduced projected U.S. deaths by more than 13,000 in the past week alone.)
    • Distancing and remaining home is THE most effective way to keep your local medical staff and facilities at their best. Staying home helps our heroes be heroes.
    • People are learning and adapting more quickly than ever — including medical workers, scientists, and manufacturers around the world.
    • There’s more collective brain power working on this single issue than any in modern history. A massive global effort is underway to develop vaccines, improve testing, and produce more supplies. Not fast enough doesn’t mean not ever.
    • Improving one area cascades into improvements in other areas — and not just geographic areas. States that are already recovering are sharing supplies and lessons learned, scientific discoveries are jumpstarting new innovations, and critical gaps in our healthcare system and government have been exposed so more people are aware we need to fix them.
    • Once the worst has passed, which will be soon, there will be exponentially more things you can DO to make our better even better. Whether it’s being able to volunteer at your local food bank, checking on neighbors and friends in person, or making big life changes in your profession or education, doors will open (literally and figuratively).
    • Animals and nature are getting a much needed breather — literally. Pollution is at a record low while we stay home, and we’re seeing that it IS possible to combat climate change in big ways.
    • There have been pandemics in the past. This one will eventually be in our past, too.
    • The virus isn’t magical, and it has no agenda. It’s not “out to get us,” and it’s NOT invincible.
    • On the other hand, Dr. Fauci IS a superhero, and he’s on our side.
    • There’s a Presidential election this November. It’s never been clearer that voting has huge consequences. Make sure you’re registered, and let’s get the government we deserve.

    Here’s the bottom line…

    Hope is more contagious than this @#$*%& virus.

    This experience will change all of us. It will change us as individuals, towns, states, countries, and a global community. Do your part to make sure that change is for the better.

    Now more than ever, all forward motion counts. And we’re about to take some serious strides together.

    XO, Nicole

    Additional Resources: 

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  • Chakra Yoga Flow: Cleanse Your Sacral Chakra
    08 April 2020
  • How To Actually Enjoy Staying Home All The Time, From An Introvert
    08 April 2020
    We can learn a lot from introverts, who get their energy from time alone.
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